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Wolverine Has Washboard Abs

Wolverine Has Washboard Abs

Aussiewood star and father of two Hugh Jackman shows off his washboard abs – and so much more! – at a beach in Sydney, Australia on Sunday morning.

Sporting his Wolverine beard and the body of a superhero, Hugh, 39, took a break from filming X-Men Origins: Wolverine to spend some quality time with his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness and children — Oscar Maximillian, 7, and Ava Eliot, 2.

And check out Hugh‘s board shorts–they look just about ready to fall off into the ocean! Anybody up for a slice of Hugh Jackman in a pair of blue speedos?

20+ pictures inside of Wolverine’s washboard abs…

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hugh jackman washboard abs 01
hugh jackman washboard abs 02
hugh jackman washboard abs 03
hugh jackman washboard abs 04
hugh jackman washboard abs 05
hugh jackman washboard abs 06
hugh jackman washboard abs 07
hugh jackman washboard abs 08
hugh jackman washboard abs 09
hugh jackman washboard abs 10
hugh jackman washboard abs 11
hugh jackman washboard abs 12
hugh jackman washboard abs 13
hugh jackman washboard abs 14
hugh jackman washboard abs 15
hugh jackman washboard abs 16
hugh jackman washboard abs 17
hugh jackman washboard abs 18
hugh jackman washboard abs 19
hugh jackman washboard abs 20

Photos: Carlos Costas/
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  • menna

    wooo, hottie!

  • hotttttttttt

    omgggggggg hugh looks soooooooooooo good liiiiiiiiiiiiiick

  • Pleidiol wyf i’m gwlad


  • sarah

    wolwerine rocks!!

  • http://msn Lips,tits,ass and Hugh penis!!

    TAKE IT OFF.I want to see.

  • shayne moultrie


  • kezie

    he and his wife look like mother and son in the 4th pic

  • Didi

    how can a man be so beautiful

  • http://msn Lips,tits,ass and Hugh penis!!

    he and his wife look like mother and son in the 4th pic

    Mother and son?. Well i’ll be his MAMA, i want to SPANK hIm, because he’s a bad boy. I want to stip hin NAKED and SPANK him on his buttox!!

  • sienna

    OMG,OMG,OMG!!!!!! HOT! Hugh is gorgeous,perfect,but his wife is old,ugly,terrible…She could be his mother!!!!!!!

  • rory

    He really is something! :)

  • HF

    The carping by you harpies about Hugh’s wife is so boring and so predictable. Give it up – they have a great marriage and none of you stand a chance anyway.

  • rory

    and he looks like a great and caring dad.

  • lizz

    omg 8th

  • flower

    OMG!!OMG!! WOW…..what a body!! he is so beautiful,so hot, hot, hot!!!
    and he is so in love with his wife so give it up.and he is a great dad, he is just perfect!!

  • May

    He looks like a Greek God! Absolutely fab body! Wow….

    Who is the old lady with him? The nanny?

  • kezie

    lmao i dont want him
    dont find him attractive at all
    give me robbie williams anyday
    but to me .. they look like mother and son in these pics
    if older women float his boat.. no probs
    but thats how they look

  • jackwoman


  • http://ZZZZ pasta

    Shut up you haterz. He wouldn’t wanna date some nasty whores like you
    lol. would u prefer it if he were the dad and was married to a lil gurl ok whatever

  • Angi

    *drool* WOW! Talk about a body! DAMN! I would be very happy to dry him off…with my tongue!

  • lol

    *fans self* now he is sexy! His fatty wife sure is lucky to be hittin that every night. oh my.

  • levd

    his wife’s legs are so hairy and she looks twice his age.

  • http://msn Lips,tits,ass and Hugh penis!!

    Well she looks pretty damn good for someone her age. Hell, i’ll do her too, must be something special about her , why he loves her?!.

  • jocasta666

    I’ll just skip breakfast this morning…I’d like to have an order of Hugh Jackman for brunch.
    To go, please!

  • Hulla

    MY GOD!

    He’s sooooo hot and thank god for a little breast-hair!!

  • TAN

    Debra-Lee Furness = my personal idol

    The way Hugh speaks in the media he believes HE is the lucky one- which simply makes him all the more adorable! Hugh seems like a genuinely nice guy- which are few and far between in show biz. So why you haters need to dis his family?!

    I wish Jared would stop posting pics of the children though- all celebs children. I have 6 nieces, 11 years old and under and would be pretty pissed if someone did that to them. Jared- why not start a new trend and only post pics of the over 18′s?!

  • TAN

    Debra-Lee Furness = my idol The way Hugh speaks in the media he believes he is the lucky one- which makes him all the more adorable! Hugh seems like a genuinely nice guy- few and far between in his biz- so why you haters need to dis his family?! I wish Jared would stop posting pics of his children though- or anyone’s children for that matter. Is that necessary?

  • brenda

    Would love a little piece of that.

  • talula

    I’d love it if he comes out and be with an equally hot guy then we’d all be in hotness heaven. Come on, you know that his wife is a beard.

  • lola

    Oh, wow…drools…

    -read my blog at

  • choux

    WOW… I luv Hugh. Thanks Jared!!!

  • Sebastian

    gimme gimme gimmme…gimme gimme moAR!

  • lisset

    he can be my dad..
    but this man is on fiiiiya.
    i cant wait for the movie
    to come out. the xmen series
    wouldnt be anything w.o. hugh.

    && his wife’s legs are hairy!!!
    maybe he’s into that????
    lol. idk. but you can see how
    much they’re in love! go team jackman!

  • Ken

    Why does his wife has to conform to your fantasies of women? She is not a celebrity/actress. She is his wife, mother to his children and looks great for both roles. Let her be.

  • 008

    Good to see the celebrity stays human.

  • Francophile

    Damnn !!!!

    That man’s body is a crime against SANITY !

    I will get down on my knees, kneel around him like a hot feline while outering ….meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • buckeyegurl

    Wow, spectactular body!! I will definitely see Wolverine. He can bench-press me anytime ;)

  • Serissa

    OMG, he’s almost too much for me… how can anyone be soooo sexy! He leaves me breathless…
    And I am almost speachless because of some of the comments here! Maybe this would stop, if JJ would just show pictures of him – why don’t leave the kids and Deb out? I love to see them too, but I think, it’s him we’re all interested in, and he has to live with it… but expecially the kids have to be protected, so, please, don’t show them that much!

  • Cranium

    uh it’s so cold up in here and they’re at the beach, damn australia.

  • Passing Through

    Good God almighty. That’s a lot of man! Whew…I’m gonna have to go find some ice water now….

  • Kelli

    hmmm *drools*
    he can be my daddy ;)

    It should be illegal to look that damn good
    cold shower, here i come, lol

  • Angharad

    Thanks Jared! I was disappointed that HJ wasn’t going to be at the Oscars this year (he looks so good in a tux), BUT these pics wipe out any disappointment. I’m glad he spends so much time w/ his family, but I have to restrain my lust since the his kids are in the pics (*LOL*).

  • jules

    Is that his biological son? He looks hispanic or part black. I think they are a beautiful family. Keep it up.

  • janeway

    Wow, I didn’t think Hugh could get any hotter-but damn!!! Why didn’t that suit fall off? Why? I just hope we get to see lots of that when Wolverine and Australia come out.

  • someone

    Woah! I’m…speechless ::drool:: I’m like the rest of ya, can I have some hugh jackman please? :D

  • Davilyn

    For the one hundreth million time…HUGH JACKMAN’S CHILDREN ARE ADOPTED!!! Why must EVERY thread about him, raise the question about his son’s skin color?

    As for the Mrs…
    Sorry, no beard here. They were married years ago before he had an ounce of fame or a nickel in the bank. Gay actors make the radical move to marriage with a female when they’ve got something to lose; their stardom for instance. He had nothing to lose 12 years ago and she (a star in her own right in Australia) had nothing to gain by marrying an obscure, financially strapped, gay actor.

    And ask yourselves this question. if this marriage is a fraud and she’s the red flag that’s calling into question his sexual preference and causing the rumour mill to continue to swirl and hurt his image, then why is he continuing with it? Why doesn’t he just pay her off (set her up for life) and send her packing back to Australia? He can then start to “cover up” his “big secret” by sleeping his way through the ranks of starlets and supermodels (and hire a publicist to make sure those ‘hook ups’ make it into the tabs), and then finally settle upon some YOUNG, GORGEOUS, PERFECT and just FAMOUS ENOUGH speciman looking to ‘move herself up’ in a Hollywood marriage of convience? Why continue with this ‘sham’, especially if it’s hurting him? Can anyone come up with an answer to that? (and just an added note here…one of the VERY FIRST things most actors -gay, straight or whatever- do when stardom hits, is to trade in the first wife for a newer, younger version that his newfound fame and fortune can now buy him. It’s such a prevelent practice that books are written and movies have been made on the subject. And not just movie stars. But any man who acquires some money and power. They can buy themselves ‘trophy wives’ and plenty of women are willing to let themselves be bought. But honestly, I got more respect for the girl on the street corner with her hand out asking for 50 bucks. There’s just more honesty in that). But anyway…

    I think the problem here, is that Hugh Jackman is one of the most beautiful men on earth and it appears that some of you think it is somehow unnatural that he would ever want to be with someone who isn’t as gorgeous as himself. That there must be something wrong with him because he can have the pick of the herd, so why wouldn’t he want the very best? How could someone that ‘hot’ settle for something ‘not that hot?’ Have I got that right?

    And that’s because you’re looking at this from only one viewpoint; the physical. That is how you are measuring the worth of a person. And this celebrity mad culture that is pushing images of physical perfection at you 24/7 is teaching you that lesson very well. What they aren’t teaching you is, when you’re in love with another person, as the years go by, the physical isn’t as important as it was when you first met. That’s real love. Not physical infatuation that flames out in a year or two. And make no mistake, when the Jackmans first met, fell in love, got engaged and then married (all in about a year’s time), she was a knock-out. I wish Jared would let us post photos or give us a way to send him some to post. I’ve got a few of the two of them when they were engaged and on their wedding day and she was absolutely beautiful. If you all could see those photos, I don’t know how anyone could question the validity of this marriage.

    Has she changed in 12 years? Yes she has. We all have. And for the record, her weight gain came a few years into their marriage when she couldn’t conceive and they went the route of invitro. The hormone shots she had to take cause signifigant weight gain. And any man who would begrudge a woman extra weight on her body, put there in an effort to give him a baby, is no man in my book.

    Bottom line. This guy is nuts for this woman. And if some of you can’t understand that because of your immaturity and shallowness, well, I hope you outgrow those traits some day. I also hope that when you get older and your looks and your bodies change, that the person you married will still love you just the same. If so, you will have married a person of integrity. Just as Deborrah-lee Furness did.

    I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to write this much. I have a tendancy to prattle on and I’ve really been trying to watch it. But the criticism of her looks and the questioning of his integrity, really gets my blood up. These are two extremely decent human beings (a real rarity in their business) and they should be held up as the role models. Not the celebrated duo of Ms. Jolie (selfish home wrecker) and Mr. Pitt (selfish cheater). But these days, Character doesn’t matter anymore. All that matters is…how hot are you? If those two weren’t equally pretty and that all important HOT, the press wouldn’t waste 5 minutes on them.

    Sad, sad world were living in. Makes you wonder what kind of values are going to be passed on to future generations. That’s not sad.


  • Serissa

    Wow, Davilyn! You absolutely hit it again with your comment, so true and with full dedication to the subject! I hope this will make some people reconsider what they do here or in any other public area on the internet, but one can’t be sure about that…
    I absolutely adore Mr. Jackman for what he is or does, and if he loves this woman, I adore her too! So stop questioning why he is with her and not with any young chick, it is so boring, reading the same phrases again and again. Just enjoy him, the pleasure he gives us with his looks, but most of all with his films, especially those that are yet to come!

  • Nina

    Davilyn, you’re right on the money, as usual. Your post should be the first whenever Jared puts up new Hugh and Family photos. A nice preemptive strike at all the mud-slinging that goes on here.

    *buys you a virtual drink*


  • megan

    People marry for all sorts of reasons. A casual marriage based on sharing a common business goal can work too. There’s nothing wrong with Deb being a friend and mother figure and a business partner. There’s nothing wrong if Hugh’s gay or bi either. It doesn’t make the marriage a fraud. It doesn’t mean they can’t adopt kids and have a nice family life. No matter what their relationship may or may not be, there’s no way it can live up to the unrealistic romantic fantasies some of his female fans have created.

  • Breepal

    What you say is true, but why should anyone assume that their marriage is other than what they say it is?