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James McAvoy @ Oscars 2008

James McAvoy and wife Anne Marie Duff arrive at the 2008 Oscars held at the Kodak Theatre on Sunday in Hollywood.

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Photos: Frazer Harrison/Vince Bucci/Getty
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  • silvia


  • Annie

    she could go to a funeral with this dress. boring.

  • babysis

    i love that dress…on her.

  • Julia

    JAMES! I love him. He should have gotten nominated!

  • jessicaMISERALBAhasFLEES

    His wife actually looks female here.. She was one ugly looking dude face..

    Britsh men have weird tastes.. At least their is hope for us regular fuglettes..

  • suzette

    the faun!! i love him

  • suzette

    james mcavoy is not british
    he’s scottish

  • awesome possum

    British is Scottish. As well as, England, Wales and Ireland.

    He is flawless. Her dress matches his eyes. Dreamy.

  • lol

    Scotland IS in Britain – DUH! :(

  • me


    If your Scottish your British you idiot.

    England, Scotland & Wales make up the UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN

    Which makes the English, Scottish & Welsh BRITISH!

    Fucking hell – Go & get an education you moron.

  • mel

    Scottish IS British thank you very much suzette, do a little research first before you try to correct people who are actually right!!
    She shoulda put more sartorial effort for the oscars!

  • tampham

    he is so freaking handsome.

  • leshaz

    jessicaMISERALBAhasFLEES @ 02/24/2008 at 8:40 pm His wife actually looks female here.. She was one ugly looking dude face..

    Britsh men have weird tastes.. At least their is hope for us regular fuglettes..

    …he’s actually Scottish.

  • awesome possum

    There’s no need to be mean…she made a mistake. Not a lot of people know that actually. I think people think British is interchangeable with English.

    Does anyone else see the three gray/white hairs on his part? I think it makes him even hotter.

  • nora

    Omg, he, they both, have a corky sense of humor, which they keep bouncing back and forth. On screen he is as sexy as one can desire, in person he is rather funny and easy going.

  • Jules

    Just wanted to let you know that I’m pretty sure she is wearing a Luisa Beccaria dress, if you wanted to add that in. :)

  • Danz

    hmm….he’s sexy no doubt about it. He just looks sexier with his mouth closed.

  • aunt lovie

    He is just adorable and I watched Becoming Jane 5 times!! I just hope he doesn’t get corrupted by Hollywood and stays as sweet and genuine as he appears to be in most interviews.Loved his interview on Jay Leno last week. Pray for him!!

  • bumblebee

    thanks for your comments about britsh, scottish, wales and ireland, guys. that’s funny.

    he’s gorgeous. the lady beside him is not.

  • jenny

    haha…bumblebee, you got it!
    its always funny when some pictures of celebrities turn into a politcal conversation ;)

  • Suz

    Actually, the majority of Scottish people consider themselves SCOTTISH not British. They like the money England puts into their economy, which is a great deal, but they don’t want to be a part of the United Kingdom…

    Harsh comments about his wife. Love is love and this seems to be *true* love so how she looks is of no consequence. Besides, she is not that unattractive and they always look happy.

  • thatgirlxo12

    Lucky wife. I’m so jealous! He’s so hot. I’m pretty sure he’s the one that kept me through Atonement, not that it wasn’t good. It’s just I didn’t feel that it was as good as Titanic like it was being compared to.

  • mia

    He is so effing sexy!

    Who is the dude in blue with him?!

  • jessicaMISERALBAhasFLEES

    Whether the Scotts don’t consider themselves Brits or not – the FACT is that The United Kingdom includes Scotland..

    So, Americans, here is a lesson for you.. Gerard Butler, James McAvoy, Ioan Gruffudd, Elton John, Naomi Harris, Sting, Catherine Zeta Jones, Naomi Campbell, The Beatles are all f**king BRITISH!!

    How stupid are you people??

  • asmallcabbage

    Dont be so cruel about his wife. NO need. she’s pretty. you’d swear ye are all bloody goddesses. its shallow and empty headed.

  • ick

    we’re not on the red carpet trying to be pretty, so we can say she’s ugly all we want to. cause the truth is she looks more like she should be paired up with mr tumnus then james himself. lol mr tumnus is a deer/human hybrid who james played during the movie the lion the witch and the wardrobe, for those who don’t get the joke.

  • ebony rose

    Who is the stupid person that said Ireland is in Britian, as an Irish person i take serious offence, you americans should brush up on your history and geography, no disrespect to the british but we are a different country, thoses guys understand it why cant you…………..but i do adore James Mcavoy!!!

  • enlishivy

    No need for such disgraceful comments. Anne-Marie looks stunning with the blue dress, it suits her personality. James McAvoy an amazing actor but it is his real life persona shining through interviews and his down to earth approach to his fame and success that is priceless. I saw an interview of Anne-Marie and I can see why James McAvoy loves her. I have to say I am a fan of BOTH of them :) lovely !

  • be-happy

    Put yourself in Anne-Marie Duff’s shoes (James McAvoy’s wife). What does this say of about what we expect other women to look like? Do we expect a nice man to be with a super-model? That would make James seem as superficial as most shallow famous men. Anne-Marie is lovely and looks like a REAL human being (and she is a very talented actress to boot). What kind of internal sexism makes people make such cruel statements? I think it’s fabulous that James is with a person he loves and respects. If you wonder why he loves her, check out some of her superb acting in “Shameless”. Let’s not stoop to such pettiness. Be happy that two talented human beings are together – two people in the crazy stratosphere of “FAME” who are trying to keep their feet on the ground. More power to them. I hope their relationship lasts a lifetime.

  • lilly

    James is such a good actor, that he acts probably in real life too. It s cool to be simple, funny, married to character actress,…but (sooner) the fame will get him, (or later) middle age crisis, when he ll replace his lady to a 20-year old bimbo and she ll dump him to save her selfrespect… Should I continue? Or someone has more realistic idea about this kind of relationship?

  • Sharon

    The folks that seemed to argue over a Scot actually being British, well, being Scottish myself I am here to tell you that we Scot’s fo not consider ourselves to be British (quite an insult actually). We are and prefer to be called SCOTTISH not British. An old saying here is:
    Do you know why Scotland is attached to England?? Because England “sucks”.

  • oren

    I am totally appalled about the comments of some obviously dumb people here.

    A Scottish or Welsh would NEVER call themselves British. And an Irish certainly would be offended about this and would kick your shinny asses straight away.

    Can’t understand how some people can’t get their facts right before opening their mouths or starting to type….or maybe you should get a bleeding passport, come over to this side of the pond and learn something about the culture and the people…

  • RebeccaW

    James and his wife are a lovely and charming couple. Her dress is a wonderful compliment to her coloring and his. In one of those pics AnneMarie is a striking, natural beauty. She looks quite young for her age and probably always will without much effort.

    So what if she doesn’t look like another fake, Hollywood Barbie doll?! That is what I find so appealing. She and he share a generosity of self and sincerity that is rare. Oviously they found that in common with each other. It is easy to see how much spirituality they have between them. Their kind of relationship is unusual because it is genuine and not based on anything superficial.

    Anyone saying harsh things here is just because you are jeolous and spiteful and near-sighted. Any of you would give your eye teeth to have the kind of relationship AnneMarie and James enjoy.

    I wish them all the best in their marriage and in their future careers. They are both extremely talented and compliment each other exquisitely.

  • Dmc

    I agree.

    Everytime I see James in pics with his wife he has a twinkle in his eye, is constantly smiling and looks more alive. She has to be behind what has made him such a big success. Give credit where credit is due. He is obviously crazy about her and she sparks something in him that improves his talent.

    Anne-Marie Duff has a great deal to do with The Making of James McAvoy.

  • Alice

    Anne-Marie Duff is a very talented actress. I found her very charming. When she appears on screen she has a very strong presence and magnetism.
    And yes, James is what he is also because of his choice of wife. she’s not a hollywood bimbo but a talented artist. For me, intelligence is the most attractive quality in a person. I like him even more because of her actually.
    It makes sense somehow that those great actors would thrive outside of the hollywood stereotypes.
    Lets wish them the best.
    And….. she’s wearing Moschino in this picture.

  • JOni

    Anne Marie is lovely — beautiful, ageless and refreshingly genuine. I think a few viewers are over-reacting because she is not botoxed to within an inch of her life. She is a talented actress, and an enchanting person. Like her husband, her appeal depends more upon charm, personality, intelligence and true beauty than artificial, superficial good looks.

    Many of us find brains more sexy than poofed up lips and artifically inflated bosoms.

    For those of you who posted negative remarks, think how hurtful it must be for Mr. McAvoy and his wife to read them. How would you feel if someone wrote that about you? If you’re still in middle school, perhaps your immaturity can be excused. If not, you should be ashamed of yourselves for troubling two such delightful people.

  • sabrina


  • http://none jacqueline

    James Mcavoy……your internal landscape could be considered… art……your heart lifts your performance and therefore reafirms….as Sartre explains…..’that you are’…..know doubt your upbringing has fueled a desire to escape, interpret and discover……what might have been….coupled with creating what can now unfold…….though I have not had the pleasure of viewing your wife’s acting…… doubt being coupled with the theatre…..she too brings a breath….a greater self to your betterment and self-examination…..I find theatre to be unlike any other art…..there with 3 acts… takes place…..laid bare if you will…..for perhaps the very purpose of opening dormant hearts of the audience…….and arena of though and examination in the dark that might not take place outside the theatre……guard your heart and your health……standing before people will surely arouse enormous scrutiny…….it is good that you are within the safe harbour of marriage…..looking forward to your continual growth in the medium of film…….perhaps you will find the answers you are seeking…….very best to you both….

  • wow

    wow he is adorable but his wife looks really bad =[

  • Candice

    I think that it’s great that James and his wife are happy. Happiness isnt easy to find. I have known and been with my hubby since we were 15 years old. We are both 32 and 33 now. I have never said nor thought what I am about to say until now….If James and his wife ever wanted to do a little trading I would absolutley be game! There is something about him that drives me wild!

  • stuart

    Look, these are the facts. The United Kingdom consists of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Inhabitants of these countries are all offically Briitish, but are quite free to call themselves Welsh, English, Scottish or Northern Irish if they prefer. Southern Ireland (aka Ireland, or Eire) has been a separate country for the last 80-odd years and its residents are not British

    As I said, it’s purely a matter of preference what UK residents call themsleves. English people are legally British as well just as Scots are aswell. So come on, let’s stop this thinly-veiled racist abuse.

  • iluvjames

    he is way to hott for her y? they r married who knows, but he is to hott for words can u say on FIRE!!!! man i would love to meet him or b w/him i’ve seen all his movies. if i coould im him or e-mail him that would be so cool. like my e-mail is and soon my new one will b leaveing this inf o in case he looks at these comments and sees i;m not an obsessed fan, but a ttly in love girl. I don’t even no if he knows how hot he is or how sexy he is which would be cool cause then he’s probley not self centerd. did anyone see the photo of him and keira knightly. WOW!!
    his wife not to be rude could be prettier, but if he choose her their is reason and she must b ok. after all i dated some not so beautiful ppl outside but inside in stead. corny i no but true.

  • Bubkiss mcnoldy

    WE’RE ARE RETARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pLEASE VOID THIS MESSAGE! jAMES mCAVOY IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fREAKIN’ Hot!!!!!!!!!!! what is he doing with that skunkbag,Anne-Marie Duff? and don’t get all up in my grill saying that im making “unsuitable” freakin’ comments!!!!!!!!!!!!! MESS WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!RETARDATION IN THE NATION, MESS WITH ME, NOW WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jo

    YES!!!!! James Mcavoy is one HOT GORGEOUS piece of eye candy. I can’t believe he married her – beauty is in the eye of the beholder!! I loved him as Mr Tumnus and adored him in Becoming Jane. It really made you want them to end up together in the movie. They had such a great connection. I hope he makes heaps more movies and maybe a few romantic ones along the way.

  • Lisa

    Well i think he seems like a great down to earth guy and he isnt the average sleek model type man but he is still very much-eyecandy ;-)
    I wish people wouldnt be so mean about his wife.
    It is indeed shallow.
    If he would switch from model to model would that be better then?
    I think he is a good actor, seems a good person, and provides us with eyecandy on screen.
    What he does or doesnt do isnt of our concern.
    People should leave it at that as that is all.
    He is still a human being and his poo will smell just the same as his blood will be red as well.

    And saying stuff about him letting the fame get to him later is such a load of crap. I would sure like to lend your glass bowl.
    So a man having-not the avarage barbiedoll- will not stay happy with her, or she with him when he will turn middle aged?
    Thats horrible saying that…

    People say that actors choose their profession so therefor they are co owned by the public but i think people should have more respect for the fact that they are just human as well.
    And we dont know them so we should just stick at adoring someone for his looks or how he “seems” as you will never really know any more.
    Accept the boundries, and dont get mixed up in fairyworlds.
    Dream away with the roles your eyecandy plays but keep your respect is all i can say ;-)

    (Im half scottish by the way)





  • Maya

    Anne Marie Duff is lovely, how shallow are some of you, honestly… In america people think looks go with looks… but in BRITAIN intelligence, talent and strength of character go with the same sort…

    If you dont think so, watch shameless… those two belong together :-) and I heard on an interview long ago that james mccavoy and anne marie duff are quite similar to their characters on there.

    anyhow, i have a confession; I have a crush on James Mccavoy! And him being married to Anne Marie made me like him even more in a weird way :)

  • Angela

    Stupid arses, Ireland isn’t part of United Kingdom.