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Miley Cyrus @ Oscars 2008

Miley Cyrus (in Valentino) arrives at the 2008 Oscars held at the Kodak Theatre on Sunday in Hollywood.

Red certainly is the color to wear this awards ceremony!

Jewels by Neil Lane, clutch by Mary Norton.

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Photos: Frazer Harrison/Vince Bucci/Getty
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  • ybba

    Okay so, I don’t like Miley at ALL, but this is a really good look for her. She’s not very pretty, but she looks like just a nice teenage girl here.

  • ang

    hey guys give the child a break when she wears a short dress u say she looks like a slut and then when she wears a long dress shes acting too old for her age??? whats the child to do??? make up ur minds as well as her hair and make up when shes wearing too much u complain when she wears too little u complain i dont understand??? speaking of which shes at the oscars because shes a highly successful singer, actress and songwriter who is probably more famous than half of the other celebrities out the at the moment! shes recently topped the box office unlike jessica alba whos got several box office flops and u dont complain that shes at the oscars! get a grip people and leave the girl alone!!!

  • adf

    omg all you f*****g people keep trashing her when shes wears something really cute

  • Joanie

    what the heck is she doing there????? ^o)
    she is NOT fit for the oscars.. c’moon …………
    sorry.. i just hate her xD a lot – - i love her series tho
    i just think she is acting like someone she really isnt.. :S

  • tampham

    okay, give her a little credit for not looking like a streetwalker like she normally does. thank god she laid off the eye makeup. the dress is stunning…would have been sublime on someone else.

  • katherine

    what’s with the lip out! she can’t pull that off!

  • AM

    Um, excuse me, but who are you all to judge if she should be going to the Oscar’s or not?

  • melany

    HELLO SHE IS IN THE OSCARS? does it mean something to you?, well, it really reflects how talented she is, and the reason she is there!

  • kristin

    WHY is she trying to dress like she is older than she is.
    this kid is 15!!!! wtf

  • NOT!

    I CAN”t stand this girl! Please make her go away!

  • zanessa 4eVERRR!

    i love miley but i dont like her hair here.

  • Sara

    She looks like a 12 year old, and a cross between Dita Von Teese, Emmy Rossum, and Ellen Page. Poor girl.

    Also, that dress is too old for her. The color is too typical for tonight. Bleh.

  • chrissy

    okay if shes so untalented why is sheeee the biggest star in america right now. why is she worth over 65 million dollars!!! why did ALLL her tour dates sell out in under 2 minutes!?? hmm yeah shes just soo damn untalented.
    shes gorgeous. idk why everybody is putting her down! shes amazinngg leave miley alone shes only 15.

  • alexxx

    Why is she there in the first place? I didn’t think having a crappy kids show could make someone qualify to present…

  • Jonas Fan

    OK WOW

    can someone please teach her to pose correctly???
    can she even stand up straight? i dont think so


    you guys acted like you were high in the video and i just wanna say

    AND if millions of pple are watching that video on the internet at least put on some make up and get out of your pj’s!

  • emilie

    i like that she went for a more natural look with the makeup
    she looks really good

  • becky

    i saw her on tv posing on red carpet .. she was doing that pout sorry but she looked so retarded. just smile normally.. i like the dress though.

  • go jets

    shes looks too old in that dress and the way her hair was done…

  • Ilovehaters

    Okay…for all u idiots asking “OMG WTF is she doing there”..
    read ur sh!t!!
    SHe is going to present at the oscars…
    I just love how everybody loves to hate on her…
    she’s beautiful, talented, and has the money…something ya’ll asses dont have..!!

  • Christi

    Well at least she covered up this time….
    but she still needs to find clothes for people her age!
    This is something we should see a Reese Witherspoon or Nicole Kidman in!
    She looks too old!

  • Andréanne


  • shaddap

    quack quack

  • Andrea

    I think she looks nice, but I wish she would stop making those dumb faces, just smile girl! lol but hey what do you expect frm a 15 year old that is posing.

  • goz

    what the hell is she doing there?

  • Jane

    hate her. hate her. hate her. so much.

  • Jessie

    why the hell is this girl at the Oscars? And why is she sooo damn desperate to look 30 years old! Shes 14!!!! Start acting like it!

  • you guys are gross.

    you guys are gross all you guys do is waste your time and think of horible come backs to diss miley? you sierouse

    grow up!
    you guys are just jealouse of her HUGE success shes sierously taking over the world fucking grow up you fugly hoes.

  • Cieex3

    i think she actually finally is dressed appropriate for her age!

  • rach

    i think when she trys to do that pout thing with her mouth she looks liike a duck

  • 008

    what the…

  • Jill

    why is she always pouting he lips? She needs to dress her age.

  • millie

    I think she look great she is so beautiful this night
    like the dress , the hair everything shes my idol

  • natalia

    Yuk! what is she doing THEREEEEEE?
    I ****hate heer! :@
    she looks ugly!
    she thinks she’s older, but she’s only 15!!!!!!!

  • stepho metho

    wow.. amazing.. for once she actually looks cute and modest! its a new step! way to go miley! XD

  • Arthur Ford

    i luv her!! fuck the haters she look’s stunning!

  • ballofstring

    I HATE her with a passion. She can’t act, can’t sing, she’s too young to be wearing that dress, the hair sucks and what the heck is she doing at the Oscars?!? Shes a freakin Disney actress. And she’s not a very good one.

  • amle


  • yfw

    she looks stunning here! and why are some of u b*tching about her teeth? she got them fixed a long time ago – Google it.

  • :)

    Babbeeeee :)

  • julieta

    I think that she’s so young for used this dress, she was produced so much, and she’s so Ugly :S, sorry

  • mandy

    She looks so cute!
    She’s there because she’s a presenter and as much
    as you’d hate to admit it the most successful 15 year old in the world.
    Anyways it seems to me whatever Miley does
    she always has people telling her she’s wrong
    like first she’s dressing “skanky” and now dressing too mature?
    You guys need to make up your minds.
    I know this is cliche but have’nt you heard
    “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all”
    I’d love to see what yook like slouched behind your keyboards.

  • Maddie

    I really like Miley.. but when I first saw her in this attire, I didn’t recognize her.. awesome gown/dress and hair but it isn’t actually for her.. she looks so mature here which is a bit weird because she is only 15.. come on… but i like the gown…. and why is she pouting her lips too much… she looks prettier smiling… she rarely smiles and whe she does smile, it looks weird…


  • LINA

    i love her she look so pretty

  • hayleyy

    woww. she’s kinda ugly and it bugs me how she’s only 15 and tries to look like 25. and why was she even at the oscars anyway? just cause she’s popular? ughh don’t bash me but i’m just tired of miley cyrus!

  • Grace

    i dont get it miley wears a shorter dress(not to short but shorter)and you want her to wear a longer dress but now she wears a longer dress and you think shes trying to look”sexy”….and whats your guys problem with her teeth? havent you realized by now that no one is perfect!…so just leave her alone because apparently in your eyes shes never going to be good enough! and it really annoys me how you try and pick every little thing that miley might have done wrong or that you just dont aprove of and never focus on or notice all the things she has done right and all that she has achieved by 15……but anyways miley and her mom look amazing!

  • rosie

    i think this is the underlying consensus: WHY WAS SHE THERE?

    i’d get it if it were nickelodeon or some teenybopper awards show….BUT THE OSCARS?!

    way to go academy, for selling out. either that, or she’s got a damn good agent.

  • caroline

    she can’t pose. when she does that
    half turn neck thing where you look over
    your shoulder, she looks fcuking stupid.
    you have to do it gracefully.
    and she had to stop doing that fish pout thing.
    makes her look stupid.
    she has no reason to be there.
    she doesn’t even have any real talent.
    she’s going to be the next britney.
    we’ll see her with two kids and a bald head
    soon enough. and walking with no shoes in
    public toilets too.

  • marisela

    i’m not one to hate on celebs, i actually love most of them…but miley. eww. she looks like she got hit in the face with a bus. just kidding, but she is totally ugly. she needs to get rid of all the make-up and do the au-natural look, go to a speech therapist to help her get rid of her accent, and an ettiquete(sp?) coach to teach her how to pose.
    WHY IS SHE THERE? the only other people who aren’t nominated are LEGIT household name actors! who put their time into their business.

  • kathryn

    i just wish she shouldnt pout her lips like’s pretty annoying. she can just go smile..her dress is cute though.

  • mia

    This is one creepy looking 55 yrs old woman trapped in 15 yrs old child’s body!

    If she looks like that at 15, how she’ll look at 35! I don’t even want to know.

    And her voice…. ugghh!

    The world is really coming to an end if this is a role model to the young kids in America.