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Jamie Lynn Spears Graduates High School

Jamie Lynn Spears Graduates High School

Sort of!

Mom-to-be Jamie Lynn Spears has passed her GED high school equivalency exam and is looking to take the ACT college entrance test, reports People.

Jamie Lynn, 16, scored particularly well on reading comprehension section of her GED, which she took about a month ago.

Says a family friend, “She’s already got her diploma. She wants to take her ACT. She’s not wasting any time. People don’t know her. When she gets something in her head, she’ll make it happen. Everybody is so supportive of her.”

Congrats, Jamie Lynn!

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  • Katherine

    good for her:)

  • kace



  • m

    finally, something good for their family. i vote she should go to college.

  • wendy

    i thought colleges don’t like students who take GEDs. but then again! she’s a celebirty. i think she’s a bad example to young girls

  • Jane

    What a great role model. GED, teen pregnancy, what’s next?

  • tee

    good job hope she does well on ACT

  • MovieMadness

    STFU Wendy

  • tee

    Wendy people with GEDs have been attending colleges for years get over it

  • wendy

    Movie Madness = ignorance
    u really think she’s a good role model?
    i wonder how messed up your life is

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    saying that like its some real difficult thing to do. lol

  • nunny

    i really hope she has learned from her sister to not make the same mistakes

  • karly

    if colleges like GEDs, why don’t more people get them?

  • wendy


  • Orange soda

    wow a pregnant moron finished school… phew! great!

  • Jughed

    Yay, Jamie! Congratulations!!! :D

    Not everyone has to follow the same path in life, but you’re giving yourself a real advantage by taking care of your education!

    Best of luck with your new baby, too.

    p.s. maybe you can hook me up with your sister! :D

  • Kae

    woah! I’m glad to see something positive come from her. It’s good she got her GED.

  • tee

    I’m not saying that colleges wouldn’t prefer high school but a lot of people don’t get to complete high school for one reason or another you would be surprised at the number of people with GEDs

  • imogen

    at least she is doing something right

  • TheTabloidsChic
  • i hate miley&ashley tisdale

    what’s GED and ACT?

  • sal

    more people don’t get GED because you usually can not get into a University with them, usually you can only get into a community college (2 years school).

    And no offense to anyone who has a GED, but most people who get them don’t go onto college. They get it and then get a job straight out of high school.

  • bubbaness

    Wonder if she would have bothered if she wasn’t trying to better her image.

  • botox patient

    she sure does have some thin lips for a young one
    she will not age well at all

  • jackie0

    Thank god , one of the spears sister is doing something right, n at 16 wow i’m impressed, i hope she keeps up the goood work.

  • tillie

    how on earth is what she doing “right”? because she didnt terminate? how is a teen role model bringing yet another unplanned unwanted baby into the world evidence of taking responsibility? the right thing, at this point, would be to have a loving mature two parent family adopt the baby. keeping and raising a baby that she isnt ready to raise, (what 16 yr old is?) is incredibly irresponsible. what is the plan here, to go to college with her baby? being a good conscious mom requires being present 24/7 for at least the first 4 or 5 years. having her mother or nannies, or anyone who isnt her raise the baby underscores that she isnt ready to be a parent, so why is she becoming one? and why the hell do people find it admirable?

  • tillie

    for the record. i got my ged at 16, it was very easy. it really isnt very “impressive” at all. also, i had a daughter who i had adopted 20 years ago. she has had a great life, with so many more opportunites than i could have given her, and i too have had a great life. there are many happy endings like ours in adoptions.

  • Jill

    I’m pretty sure she’ll screw up like the rest of her family. I don’t see how she is a great role model. Since when is getting knocked up at 16 a great role model.

  • Jayme

    Congrads jamie lynn im glad you got through this round only two more to go!

  • meagan

    Tillie, how do you know she doesn’t want her baby? Obviously she does since she’s still pregnant. She could just give up and do nothing. Evidently she has plans. There’s nothing like kicking somebody when they’re down. Do you feel superior now?

  • the_original_nika

    1 down, 2 to go.
    now have baby, and hopefully go to college. maybe later on, when this whole thing blows over, she might still get a shot at the show biz.

  • Reba

    Now maybe she can read the instruction on her birth control when she have this one. I’m sure they accommodated her with any easy test.

  • tom

    You can’t get more trailer trash than a GED. If she actually took the test and didn’t buy it. Why does anyone think this is an accomplishment?

  • sara

    ok im young and i think what jamie is doing is great. shes telling people that she’s not like her sister. yeah ok shes pregnant at 16 GET OVER IT. alot of great celebrities got pregnant younger than her. and their lifes r pretty good. so people have to stop comparring her to her sister and realize that shes doing good things with her life right now.You people can complain over what i say and what other people say but we support jamie lynn and like what she’s doing with her life….oh and about her being pregant…i think as long as the baby is safe, healthy and loved than its going to be fine…and im sure jamie and casey will give it all of those things.

    KEEP IT UP JAMIE!!!!!!!!


  • AM

    Hahah, i took that test. Good for her; it was extremely difficult. I passed, but barely. Haha

  • Arab.Aquarius

    Congrats… From the bottom of my broken heart

  • kat


    Doesn’t say much. Good in Reading? !! How impressive, it can read.

    How about her math and science scores. I can guess. Nonexistent.

    The Louisiana GED is designed to be passed by idiots who can’t read. it isn’t even necesary to study.
    But then she’ll prob go to some padunk country college like Southeastern or Southern.

    For those not from LA, that is where the hicks and ghetto kids attend. The degrees are a joke.

    I’ll faint is she attempts LSU, Tulane, or a school that demands she have a knowledge of Trig, Biology or college level writing skills, LOL.

  • Lillianne

    I want to congratulate the tens of thousands of people who graduate high school without a cool car, a manager, an assistant and tons of money. Good for you. A GED or high school diploma is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

  • lennie

    I quite agree with people saying that she does the RIGHT thing. She is only 16, it was not the right thing to get pregnant but the baby is going on so that’s it! She could have done worse like having the baby aborted or adopted or whatever , dropping from any study project and enjoying life as Brit’s lil sis and a “celeb” teen! But no, she passed her exams instead and eyes to college entry so give me a break at least she’s trying.

  • Lucy

    You have to be 18 to take the GED in California. I guess Louisana has different rules.

  • Camillia212

    would people rather have her be a high school drop-out? considering that, in a few months, going to school wont even be an option, its good for her to get high school out of the way, even if it’s ‘just the GED’ it’s still something. shes not just sitting back and letting whatever happens happen, shes got a plan. shes doing something. considering whats happening, at least shes trying.

  • Sam

    Please check out my site

  • :)

    why are you talking bad about her?

    she’s trying to be a good mom by getting ready for her baby and not being all caught up in the media. so she got pregnant. there are alot of teen pregnancies out there. not just her. i think shes a great person and i also think its great that shes not acting all crazy like britney. so yeah, lay off.

  • 008

    WOOO ^_^

  • Daniela

    so she wont be graduating with her child? good! you gotta beat your kid in something. babies having babies!

  • eddie jones

    trailer park trash.

  • eRICA

    She’s not doing this to “better her image,” as a previous poster commented. She’s doing this for her own good and for her baby. Do you expect her to continue schooling with a baby? If you had some common sense, you’d realize that being in school fulltime and raising a baby is hard. Since she’s not going to completely drop out, her alternative is to take the GED. I think she’s setting a good example because there are girls out there who get pregnant at 16. (If you haven’t realized this, you must live in like, I dunno, Idaho?) You should continue your education for as long as you can.

    And btw, you can still go into college with a GED. Sure, you may have to go to junior college first, but you can get into a university with a GED. And she’s only 16 so she can go to junior college part time and possibly apply for universities a year at the latest.

    In my opinion, she’s setting a good example. How can you even think she’s setting a bad example? Yeah I’m sure plenty of girls are gonna want to get pregnant at 16 cause Jamie Lynn Spears is exactly just that. Hopefully, they’ll think “I don’t want to end up like that.” or if they already did, hopefully they’ll think “I’m going to continue going to school just like her.”

  • L

    Who Cares!

  • Leah

    Hey, she’s only 16, good for her to have plans. Mistakes are made but you can’t keep flogging her over what’s happened–move on. I am glad she is thinking about college and don’t forget she got a million from her OK pics and residuals from her show, so good for her–she could so easily sit on her butt and shop endlessly like her big sis but she’s trying to make a “normal” life.

  • Jaxon

    This is bogus. You cannot take a GED ahead of your graduating class. It is for people who MISSED high school, not just decided not to go and test out ahead of time. You are not allowed to even take the test until your class has graduated.

  • a reAlist

    wendy @ 02/25/2008 at 5:15 pm

    i thought colleges don’t like students who take GEDs. but then again! she’s a celebirty. i think she’s a bad example to young girls
    You thought wrong.
    My uncle dropped out of high school at 16 to get married, got his GED, enrolled in UCLA, and now has a PHd from UCLA.