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Jimmy Kimmel: I'm Effing Ben Affleck!

Jimmy Kimmel: I'm Effing Ben Affleck!

Jimmy Kimmel got revenge on longtime girlfriend Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon. (Remember earlier this month, Silverman admitted to effing Damon.)

Kimmel created a rebuttal music video revealing his newfound romance with Matt‘s childhood friend Ben Affleck on the TV special Jimmy Kimmel Live: After the Academy Awards.

Jimmy enlisted the help of some of his hot shot friends which included: Harrison Ford, Cameron Diaz, Don Cheadle, Robin Williams, Huey Lewis, Rebecca Romijn, Macy Gray, Pete Wentz, Dominic Monaghan, Joel and Benji Madden, Josh Groban, Christina Applegate, Meat Loaf, Perry Farrell, Lance Bass, Joan Jett and Christopher Mintz-Plasse “McLovin” sang along with a gospel choir exhibiting solidarity for Kimmel and Affleck. There was even a special congratulatory cake presented to the host by a superstar delivery man–Brad Pitt!

Jimmy Kimmel to Sarah Silverman: I’m Effing Ben Affleck!
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  • t

    Way better than sarahs.

  • FYI

    hey JJ Brad was among them too.brad played delievery man.

  • Ace

    Dude.. how could you forget Brad Pitt’s in this too?

  • Negar

    That was brilliant! Sarah’s was original since she came up with the idea but Jimmy’s was wayyyy funnier!!!

  • sophia


    but you forgot to mention BRAD PITT!

  • MIA

    This is absolutely HILARIOUS!!!! :D :D :D

  • marga

    just saw this video. i swear i almost died when harrison ford came out! brad pitt as the fedex guy! and josh groban cursing. comedy gold.

  • Olvia

    Sarah’s was funny…but this is so much better.

  • Luis

    braddddddddd is there too :P

  • waffle house

    Sarah’s left me rolling. This was…funny but I don’t find the gay jokes hilarious.

    Josh Groban and McLovin’ were the funniest thing about this!

  • lucky7

    I didnt realized it was brad pitt, i feel so ashamed…hehe

  • aurora


  • lol

    Harrison Ford and Josh Groban made me laugh

  • al

    hahah this is so funny

  • kaye

    awesome… ha ha. josh groban’s appearance alone made the video worth it. i love how the guy can sing about the most crude topic but still sound like his amazing self.

  • Sweety13

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on youtube. Thanks JJ! That totally made my day :]

  • Maja

    Hey you guys I wonder if Ben was aware of what to Jennifer Garner on the Red Carpet earlier last night? :) He was not there but I think he watched it I mean his brother was nominated…I was watching JK live and Ben said how he will be joining his brother and the “boys” after the show..he did not even mentioned Jenn nor did JK. Hm, is there something wrong in Bennifer haven? I hope not. :(

  • Bee


  • morgan

    omg cameron’s finger part made me laugh

  • morgan

    omg cameron’s finger part made me laugh

  • Jane

    Just putting lots more celebs in the video doesn’t make it funny. Sarah and Matt win.

  • ohoh…

    that was so and over the top!!! i love the vaseline on the lens shots of walking through the park.

  • wow

    LOL that was funny.RW was so funny in it and I really like BP’s scene.he has a great and sexy voice.I’m a womn and don’t want to confess it but this was much funnier than Sarah’s one.LOL

    btw it was Sarah’s idea at first so she should get more credit for it.hahahahaTHANK YOU JJ.

  • angelina_mmm

    so funny
    topped sarah and matt

  • Arab.Aquarius

    haha, love the josh groban piano bit

  • 008

    This is BEYOND funny! lol.

  • someone

    u guyz watch dis it’s new omg i can’t believe it it’s 4 all zac’s fans

  • http://yahoo Yes

    very funny. The delivery man BRAD is very sexxxy :lol:

  • miranda

    I saw JK’s show and it was weird.Ben didn’t even mention his wife once and JK didn’t either.he went on and told he will joing his brother after that and boys.he didn’t mention Jennifer among his plan after that not even his dauther or telling something about his family.

    I think something is wrong with Ben A and Jennifer G.they don’t look like a solid couple.probably something must be wrong with them but who knows.maybe I’m wrong.we shall wait and see.

    BTW JJ thanks.that was funny.

  • Sheema

    Clearly ben and jimmy have won haha

  • someone

  • OMG!!!!!

    that was so funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I loved it!!!!!
    now I wanna watch again I was laughing so hard I didn’t hear all the words :P

  • stop it

    with the ZAC EFRON shit!!!!

    thanx JJ I loved it more than Sarah’s

  • ali



  • cain

    what can i say!? Hilarious!!

  • igotyou


  • remember da truth

    Very funny- from both Sarah and Jimmy. The idea of stealing Ben from Matt was great — and what good sports they all are to play along!

  • Mediterranean

    Sarah’s original idea was very funny, but JK made it perfect. I loved both.

  • so funny

    What Ben said on JK was that he was going to meet up with “those guys”. Jennifer was sitting with Casey, and Summer at the Oscars.

    Problems…………….well, no, Ben and Jen were out having dinner the night before. Anyone read People???????????????????? Good Grief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A couple isn’t attached at the hip, and they are having trouble? Give me a break!

    Funny video………………..Josh Groban had me rolling.

  • plagarism

    39, Jennifer was not sitting with Casey and his wife don’t lie!

  • public

    That was so not funny.

  • sally

    very corny

  • rosafay


  • McLovin


  • BrangelinaFan

    Absolutely hilarious !! Even though these vulgar videos are in bad taste, I wonder if it’s actually starting a trend. I mean, first, we have the irrepressible SNL “D*ck In a Box” video with Justin Timberlake and Andy Schwartz. Then, in that same vein, the Sarah Silverman “I’m Effing Matt Damon” video with Matt Damon. And now the Jimmy Kimmel “I’m Effing Ben Affleck” rebuttal video with Ben Affleck. My question is: How in the Hell do they all of these very credible stars to do this? I mean, Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Harrison Ford, Macy Gray, Don Cheadle and the oh so wholesome image of Josh Groban? !! Wow !! I wonder what that call is like. — ‘Hi Brad. On your off time from the kids and Angie, you wanna participate in a video called I’m Effing Ben Affleck?’ :-) Simply hilarious !

  • woop!

    holy shit that was sooo funny! HAHAH I laughed so hard at Josh Grobans part.

  • linda

    Ok I’m not with the whole gay sh!t, but that was fcukin funny

  • http://msn gena

    I liked Sarah’s and Mat’s better, but loved seeing Brad as the fedex guy!

  • so funny


    Ok, whatever. The only time she wasn’t sitting with them was when Casey left for a few minutes then Jen was sitting next to Summer. For those few moments you are right, Jen wasn’t sitting with Casey and Summer.

    However, for the rest of the Oscars she was indeed sitting with Casey and Summer.

    All 3 were seated in the front row on the left side of the stage. To clarify, if you are on stage looking out at the aud. Jen, Casey, and Summer were sitting to the left. Don’t believe it? Review the footage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • krung krung

    was okay, just like the part of papa Brad, he’s gorgeous as evah.