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Katie Holmes: Tom & Suri are My Life

Katie Holmes: Tom & Suri are My Life

UPDATE: This interview is fake! “That story is completely made up,” Katie‘s rep tells

Katie Holmes, 29, opens up to UK’s The Daily Mail about her husband Tom Cruise, 45, and daughter Suri, 2. Here’s what she had to say:

On a country she’s dreamed of visiting:I would like to go back to China. I’ve been to Shanghai and loved it.

On her idea of heaven:Falling in love with Tom and our daughter. I’m such a lucky woman. Sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming.

On who she’d want to get stuck in an elevator with: Tom and Suri.

On describing Tom: He’s just amazing. He’s kind, generous, smart, he’s Tom Cruise – he’s the most artistic man I’ve ever met. He makes me laugh like I’ve never laughed. He’s made me feel joy like I never have before. There are so many things. He’s the most wonderful human being I know.

On if she wants more children: Yes, we would, but not just yet.

On how motherhood changed her: My life feels so more enriched since becoming a mum. I was so into myself before I had children because I had no one else to be into. I just had to take care of me. How can you not be? It is different becoming a mother, it’s all about Suri now.

Read the full (fake) interview at The Daily Mail.

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  • amber

    Oooook. Can she be any more dull?

  • dinah

    Ist I think.?! I think Katie is a nice girl.

  • Shar

    EWWww, they look like sh-t!!!

  • Helena

    “Katie Holmes, 29, opens up to UK’s The Daily Mail”

    LOLOLOL. I stopped reading after that. You actually think they are reliable? They probably made up the whole interview!

  • xxxx

    It’s cliche, but she sounds more like a fan than is wife when talking about TC. It’s weird !

    You can admire and adore you betterhalf but she is worshipping him like an Half God not her loved one.

    She is one bizarre human being, really

  • mo

    she is a such boring person,she should just stay house be a full time housewife,never do movie or interview etc…

  • bubbaness

    Blah, blah, blah.

    “I can’t think for myself.”

    Blah, blah, blah.

    “I have no identity besides being a wife and mother.”

    Blah, blah, blah.

    “I’m only getting press because I’m married to somebody who still fancies themselves relevant.

    Blah, blah, blah.

    “I just read from the scripts the Scientologists send me.”

    *rolls eyes*

  • Michele

    talk about repeating the company line….what are they selling now?

  • KarenA

    That’s sweet. I find Tom and Katie and their little Suri adorable and am happy for them. That’s a great photo of a happy Katie and handsome Tom. :)

  • ann

    UK’s The Daily Mail???

    hahaha one of the world’s most famous rag. I’m sure they only recycled some parts (I’ve seen some of those lines from interviews of 3 yrs ago) and made up others. Great job Jared! Must be a slow news week!!!

  • mercedes

    She needs to get a better life.


    if this interview really took place, that’s sweeet and i wish her and her family all the best…sending loving positive vibes to all couples, and mothers-to-be…Another miracle for the Jolie-Pitts brings out the loving vibes wooo hooo!


    these shit heads have been attending every lowlife cheap event in the past 3weeks but didn’t attend the biggest of all THE OSCARS, finally they know their place, certainly not in the league of those at the award last night

  • MyEyeIsOnYou

    She is a sweet girl. I do often wonder if her answers are scripted. They come off like it is but she could be completely sincere so I will give her the benefit of the doubt

  • Sasha

    You guys are so mean. She is beautiful and in love. Must of you haters will never experience what she is talking about and so you wouldn’t understand.

  • remember?

    xxxx # 5- I totally agree with your assessment… TC/KH’s togetherness is in no way a loving, marital relationship but one clearly tied in with some sort of “contract”… remember all the other young starlets TC was trying to wooo before Katie? They were the “smart” ones- ran for the hills the minute they heard the v.mail message from him… This is what happens when you let someone reign total control over your life, and I do mean total control- why do you think he was trying to wooo the young ones? hmmm? Crazy couple- not to be admired in the least…

  • !!!

    Tom Cruise makes me laugh too.

  • LOL

    Was the Oscars and Entertainment news so boring they have to put this hogwash full of lies article to catch some attention and bring in some news because there are none?

  • CYnthia

    Only unknown sleaze bloggers and Jared makes Star magazines,US weekly and now this trash site known. You are higher than that, Jared.

    This is so beneath the JJ standards.

    Why bother reading?

  • Marissa

    Some haters that read this kind of stuff and believes them is laughable yet also very very sad.

  • jw

    The Oscars had not so good ratings so this kind of
    crap wakes up people or helps bring in some
    much needed excitement.

  • kalel

    I will be back, Jared when you have *real and legit* news.

  • erin

    Boy she has the speech down pat. Tom is amazing – crap. Give me a break. Tom pays her good to say nice things about him, and that is not his daughter – its Chris Klein’s baby.

  • sue

    I am in love with my husband too, but I don’t go around saying that he is amazing. A vast majority of people just don’t buy it. She has turned sooooo WEIRD! She is unrecognizable. I like what she used to be before she married the alien midget!

  • MMM

    Being stuck in an elevator with my 2 year old is not ideal. I see what she is going for with her response (I’m so in love, my life is the best, Tom is handsome in my eyes, as is Suri…blah blah blah), but I think if she REALLY had to be stuck in an elevator with someone it would be more practical. Someone like an elevator repair guy:).

  • Scottie

    Maybe Katie Holmes is madly in love, who can say for sure. But all I can say is that it was not that long ago that she was this fresh-faced young woman and now she looks like a forty- five year-old matron with a nose job, striking the strangest poses and talking in the most forced/boring voice and saying some pretty goofy stuff.

    Another rather odd thing is that you never saw the other two Cruise/Kidman children paraded around in public like trophies; they were protected from the media. Now all you see and hear about is the Holmes/Cruise baby (nothing short of a media blitz of baby Suri) . . .. They can’t seem to get the kid enough publicity, exposure and media hype. . . . Am I the only one that thinks it’s kind ‘a strange, The Baby Suri Promotion Wagon Train

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Will someone please remove her battery pack? The woman needs to come up with some ‘new’ things to say. BORING!!!

  • You/Me

    I actually really like Tom & Katie together, I think they genuinely have feelings for each other.
    But they try to hard to sell it to the public. The whole “My life feels so more enriched since becoming a mum” thing made me want to puke.
    Sorry but Americans trying to talk like Europeans makes me want to laugh and throw up.
    I think Kate does love Tom though, and I really think he is a good guy….just brain-washed by all the Scientology cr*p. Probably one of those situations where they played on his loneliness and obvious insecurities and made him feel “special” …..then exploited him.

  • lossla

    HELLO PEOPLE?? Think a lil’ this interview never took place. They’ve copied and posted all interviews from 2005 and this year.

  • pink

    Scottie, Suri has no been photographed in over a month. The tabs just recycle old photos and use them to write stories, because they know the public is obsessed with hollywood babies.

  • Yelena

    She souns like zombie… To be in love is good, but you must have your own life, not one dictated by whome you love…

  • Michell

    She’s only 29?!?! I’m 30 and look 10 years younger then her. When she married Tom it seemed she aged 20 years.

  • xxxx

    sue @ 02/25/2008 at 2:34 pm I am in love with my husband too, but I don’t go around saying that he is amazing.

    It is worst than that !

    She basicaly telling the WORLD that her husband is PERFECT and FLAWLESS in every way, which is insane !

    If she had said he is perfect for me, then you assume that she loves him with his flaws but not there she uses countless of “aw” superlatives like he is a super hero viewed with the eyes of a little gorls. Unbalanced, unhealthy relation for a wife !

    A mother loves her child unconditionally despite his flaws. Sane people within a couple love each other that way, that’s the power of love, to love the goods and embrace the flaws in every human.

    Once again, her words are suggesting that she worship her husband like fanatics do for a superhuman or a God.

    That’ s unhealthy to the least and extreme. That’s what leads some folks, mainly women to be abused by men who they worship and see through magnifiying, flaw erasing glasses.

    She is a freak as a wife !

  • puck happy

    The Daily Mail? WOW VERY IMPRESSIVE!

    Ya all do realize that ANYONE can write an article about how someone loves someone else and then PAY the DM and they will print it.

    So my guess is that the tc PR machine fabricated this carp and paid the DM to print it.

  • tampham

    why do people hate on her so much?? i think she’s lovely.

  • Cup of coffee

    This interview probably never took place but Katie said similar things on other occasions. I don’t think she’s a happy woman though! Actually I feel very sorry for her as she will never decide for herself or say what she eally thinks as long as she is married to one of the top men of Scientology. It’s a pity, I am also for this very cute little Suri, she will never have a normal life, being born into Scientology!

  • blue

    Nice fake interview. People and Vanity Fair will be jealous. LMAO.

    The Daily UK has been Katie obsess and fascinated by her of late so not surprised this made up this exclusive. Where is their exclusive Katie Holmes photo?

  • http://JJ.COM lynn

    You people make me sick, she loves and admire her husband as Ii do mine. she is not boring for saying how she feels. Most of us women that have a great husband or man in our lives that is the father of our children feel the same way and like to talk about it. Now if she was saying all bad things about him as all you haters would like, then you would think she was speaking for herself and you would think she was saying all good things and you would love her. Mrs Holmes knows she has the best of both worlds. Good luck MR 7 MRS CRUISE.

  • Rory

    Read Page Six NY Post, US weekly and other gossip sites calling this a FAKE INTERVIEW. All this trash sites and magazines calling each other fake and trash when they are all the same.
    I know I dont my money,my time and brains into them and I hope many will do the same.

  • Chey

    Yes, I heard her rep deny it. Unfortunately, that’s not a very good argument seeing as she has said at least some of these comments in the past.

  • sid

    she’s so stupid. No wonder why she was only the 5th on TC’s list.

  • FPO

    Totally Brainwashed

  • your mom

    gag me with a spoon.

    think for yourself woman.

  • Edie
  • http://JJ.COM lynn

    This young lady has talked to lots of magazines and she has said some of these things over a period of time. She did not say all these adjectives in one setting. I am sure her husband is amazing and wonderful to her. So All you haters should get a life and stop hating on people you do not know and will never know personally. Sue you need to get a life and stop being jealous of these people. Katie married her a rich man and she will never have to worry about a thing in her life. Angelina found a good man in Brad. Jennifer Aniston never recogonized the good man she had and lost big time. Now she does not have a good man and children. Mrs Kathie Holmes is a smart women and Mr Tom Cruise loves it. So you all need to fine you some body and you would not be on this thread trying to be number # 1 getting in to talk about this so called boring person. I doubt if you people can fine a person that would like to spend time with you, becaue you all sound like you have problems in the look dept. Good day

  • sid

    ^^ Katie? Is that you?

  • Arab.Aquarius

    glad to see a new hair do, her recent style was just awful

  • tristan

    I don’t expect her to say much, cause everytime she does, they media and haters twist it up and use it to hurt her husband and daughter. Its really fucked up to see the crap that they say about her pretty little girl, Suri. That sweet little kid has to undergo ridicule from the stupid people that make up America, not all of them, but the dumb ones.

    1. Idiots on welfare checks cause of mental health disability, even though they are not always mental disabled. I know, cause my brother told me his friend told him that you can get welfare and free money for rent, by pretending you are mentally disabled, but his friend doesn’t take the pills they give him, he just pretends he takes em, but still gets the money

    2. Dumb psychiatrist and Psychologist who don’t even practice what they preach. They go home and their personal lives are a mess and their kids don’t even like em and disrespect them and their wives too, and some of them even refuse to give medications to their own families but are ok with giving it to people they don’t know, cause its business.

    3. And the dumb nuts who make those anti- scieno websites chalked up with lies and half truths and egregiously bad journalistic skills, and trying to profit of of the stupidity of most young american’s today, who can be brainwashed into believing if something is cool or not, through media. Who don’t really bother to excercise their brains with real research.

    4. The media who kissess ass to the pharma companies whom, of course, because they pay top dollar to advertise mind control drugs on tv, while the hottest shows are on air..

  • puck happy dean

    Katie did not give the interview. For one reason SHE IS NOT ALLOWED TO TALK TO ANYONE!

    Tommy trainwreck PR machine does all of her talking.

  • libraesque

    I’d like to comment on #48…but the person is obviously a brain-washed $cieno, being paid $30.00 a week to work from 8:00a.m. – 10:30 p.m.
    you know what they say….arguing with an idiot is like spitting on a fish….it’s best not to bother