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Kirsten Dunst's Rehab is on Target

Kirsten Dunst's Rehab is on Target

Kirsten Dunst spends a day away from her rehab treatment center in Orem, Utah on Sunday with a trip to Target and Taco Bell.

Kirsten checked into rehab earlier in the month, acting very erratic. Eva Mendes, Lindsay Lohan and Richie Sambora all have had treatment at this center.

Yo quiero Taco Bell!

10+ pictures of Kirsten Dunst on Target…

Just Jared on Facebook
kirsten dunst target 01
kirsten dunst target 02
kirsten dunst target 03
kirsten dunst target 04
kirsten dunst target 05
kirsten dunst target 06
kirsten dunst target 07
kirsten dunst target 08
kirsten dunst target 09
kirsten dunst target 10
kirsten dunst target 11
kirsten dunst target 12

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  • Helena

    She always wears those boots and fgs, stop with ‘first’ posts.

  • Fanny

    the man who is with Kirsten Dunst really looks like to the bold and beautiful actor Justin Torkildsen who played Rick Forrester! insn’t he?

  • bmw

    who fcukin cares?

  • roger

    Well the Center said she wasn’t there. So the Center lied. So much for the Center. In the future, believe nothing the Center says.

  • Sofia

    Jared, could you please start deleting the FIRST messages? They are so annoying and useless. Please do something about it. Take better control of the your website’s comments. Thank you.
    By the way, good luck to this actress with whatever she’s in rehab for. Hopefully she can overcome it.

  • ror

    The less I see of Kiki the better, lets hope she’s in rehab for a while.
    I second Helena (lol) , stop with the “first” posts – quite juvenile.


    Hope she’ll get better and be back making movie again.. I miss her.

  • coraine

    hope she’ll have lots of help and she better stay off with bad influences.

  • shai

    That is Justin Torkildsen !! haha good point out

  • Anon

    I think these pictures are really a crime. She is obviously sick and having problems. I am proud of her for going to rehab, even tho I am not a fan of her. I think these pictures are a crime. I wish these people would be left alone. They aren’t looking for the spotlight. Why are they being hounded at their most private moments. The people who take these pictures and then sell them for money are sick. They are criminal. It is indecent. And frankly, people who post them on gossip blogs are part of the problem.

  • charbaby

    I have read so much bad publicity about her…but she must have a lot of “good” in her if Jake Gyllenhaal went out with her for so long. :) Anyone who places themselves in rehab and stays there, trying at least to better themselves deserves praise. Good for You Kirsten!

  • Lori

    I agree #11. Why do they have to take pictures of her in Utah at Target and Taco Bell? She has problem, is attempting to get help, they should just leave her alone.

  • Jess

    i don’t see how anyone can find her attractive. and she is such a horrible actress. why is she in rehab anyway?

  • tee

    She has been acting for a long time. One of the few who make the transition from child actor to adult actor She checked herself in because she is seeking help I wish her the best

  • ll

    She looks terrible without makeup. All people look worse without makeup but for some the differential is a bit less.

  • roger

    anybody who eats at Taco Bell has to be all bad. drinking too much was bad enough, but eating at Taco Bell is even worse. I wonder if there is a rehab for people who eat at Taco Bell. Is the guy also in rehab or did he come to get her out of rehab and take her to Taco Bell?. He must be awful cheap if he can’t take her to some place better than Taco Bell. Disgusting cheapskate. I bet she’d love to have some of Jerkypoo’s cooking right now. Too late for that, silly girl.

  • roger

    He is supposed to be married, so what is he going squiring her around?

  • jim

    What’s interesting here is that nobody much seems to care about her or her rehab. Posters and commentators few and far between. Does she still have a career left in Hollyweird?


    i care. i like to read what is going on with her. hope she begins to recover soon.

  • jim

    Lisa: Maybe you care and a handful of her “close friends” if she has any, but 20 comments total here don’t add up to much interest. She gets dissed more than admired on most blogspots. Probably one ought to feel sorry for her. She has been working for money since she was very young; probably no real carefree childhood. And now things are out of hand. Sad.

  • twittypoo

    Poor thing. She’s in rehab and NOBODY cares. Jakeypoo didn’t even go to visit her, as far as I can see.

  • Jim

    Hey people. Here I am. Dunst, remember me? I used to be big in the movies. I’m just here for a few weeks to dry out. I’ll be back, I will, I will. Don’t forget me. Watch for me the next time I go to Target or to Taco Bell. I love to get out. But they won’t let me go to bars and things. Drat it. I used to love to go to bars and fug the night away. No more. No more. Oh how dreary it is. Boo hoo.

  • ned

    Isn’t she ever going to get out of rehab? Maybe she likes it there. Think she has met someone?

  • Edgar

    To be fair to these people, I imagine many of them who have acted from childhood wake up one day and realize that they have never been anything but the family money making machine. With all the lack of love that implies. Sacrificed for money. And so….they decide to have “fun” while they still can and go out and get wild. Delayed adolescense for those who never had any. And that is why actors who were allowed to have their own teen age years, not working to make money, like Jake Gyllenhaal, turn out a lot better when they grow up.

  • popeye

    For a woman in rehab, Kirsten looks like she’s doing just good and
    on her way getting better. I can’t wait to see her on screen again.