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Mark Cornelsen: T.R. Knight's New Boyfriend

Mark Cornelsen: T.R. Knight's New Boyfriend

Grey’s Anatomy star T.R. Knight and boyfriend Mark Cornelsen hold hands during the 2008 Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Party held at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood on Sunday.

Cornelsen was the 2007 Matthew Shepard Point Scholar. Watch the video below of Mark talking about how his story affected his generation or read his story below!

Mark grew up in a small town close to the Canadian border called Ferndale, Washington. Brought up in an extremely conservative, religious household, Mark received a very negative reception when he came out. His family’s religious views left absolutely no room for understanding or acceptance; there would be no compromise. Mark was ostracized from their lives, and he was left to lead a life of independence at the age of sixteen.

Donating back to his community and excelling academically were always top priorities while in high school. Mark graduated from high school a year early by attending college courses, and he is currently working multiple jobs to help fund his education. He is involved with the ONE campaign to provide AIDS and poverty education globally and is establishing a local chapter. He is eager to become more involved with GLSEN and many GLBT organizations within the Bay Area in the coming months.

Mark is attending San Francisco State University in the fall of 2007 where he will earn a degree in Resort/Commercial Recreation Management with a minor in International Business. He aspires to be the director of an international luxury resort.”

Mark Cornelsen: T.R. Knight’s New Boyfriend
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  • Julia

    Aw, they’re so cute together!

  • yespls!

    AWWWWW!! :D

  • Lenny

    Hollyweird can keep pushing it, but it’s still not normal!!

  • natalie

    Hmm. Mark is cute. He looks quite a bit younger than T.R. to me though.. like 10 years older. He looks like hes in his early 20s. lol. Not that it matters.

  • Adria

    TR seems A LOT skinnier (his face, at least) compared to when he first started on Grey’s Anatomy.

  • t


  • Agreed

    Lenny @ 02/25/2008 at 8:24 pm Hollyweird can keep pushing it, but it’s still not normal!!

    Finally, a sane person!

  • kaye

    he’s cute. kind of young though. ehh. but age ain’t nothing but a number. go tr!

  • mcmary

    I think TR’s face in this pic is a phoney. It looks cut out.

  • amy

    awww they are cute!!

  • t

    disliking people for what you don’t understand is what isn’t normal

  • t

    and ps why are you commenting on a blog run by someone who isn’t “normal” if you have a problem with it

  • goz

    #12 i didn’t know… oh well

  • Julia

    It’s not normal? What!?

  • dicaprio lovaah

    omg how sweeeet they look together

  • Orange Clockwork

    Fug bastards, the both of ‘em.

  • m

    What’s not normal?

  • sal

    good for them, they have nothing to be ashamed of!

    As for the ones who said it wasn’t “normal”…there is no such thing as normal. The normalcy of the world is not being normal.

    Wake up and learn some tolerance.

  • t

    amen #18

  • Jane

    they look cute together. yay them! and being yourself is normal. wake up and join us all in the year 2008. thanks.

  • Carol in Glendale

    I think it’s terrible not to accept your childs sexuality. Put your GD so called Christian beliefs first instead of unconditional love for your child. It’s a huge loss to the parents who are too stupid to realize this. People should not have children if they can’t accept the possibility that their child may be a homosexual.

    Good on Mark for making something of his life, and good for Mark and TR for finding one another. I wish them all the happiness in this world.

  • Jen

    Lenny I agree, ut’s weird not matter what people say. Or try to convince us.

  • tom c

    To Carol in Glendale:
    The article never said the family was “Christian” so let’s not put labels just because you obviously have issues against Christianity. I believe you’re the one spreading the hate here.

  • Carol in Glendale

    Ok fine tom c but it did refer to religious beliefs. I’m not spreading any kind of hate. I do think it’s hypocritical to have so-called religious beliefs and on the other hand, not unconditionally accept and love your child.
    BTW, I do believe in God. Just not so sure the Bible can be taken as 100% fact since it’s been interpreted by man over the years.

    His parents are losers in my opinion. YMMV.

  • Agreed

    Wait, what??! JARED’S GAY??!

  • ash2

    Mark is hot. I didnt knw T.R. Knight is gay, well, they look pretty darned hot to me!

  • j..

    #12 WTF are you talking about? Did you just call JustJared not normal? Why are you on this site if you are bashing the blogger? You make zero sense.

    Anyways, they look cute together.

  • t

    #27 i was referring to an earlier comment calling being gay not normal, and wondered why that comment was made on a blog run by someone who is gay, as am i, jared rules

  • skankyHO

    He has a wonk eye like Paris.

  • sam

    oh my god he’s gorgeous! they’re adorable.

    it’s not abnormal, love is never wrong.

  • yay!

    Super cute! Good for them. I wish them luck and hope that others can accept their relationship. I’d rather see these two hotties together than any of those other CRAZY hollywood heterosexual couples out there!!

  • dlexy

    How old is he?


    Oh my gosh!! I am so happy for T.R.

    Finally, finally, finally we see him out and about with someone and grinning ear to ear. I live in LA and thought I had seen him out with a guy at a cafe a few weeks ago. Now I know, it had to be him. Who cares how old the guy is… they look cute together, happy as can be. And Mark is quiet handsome! WOW

    Could not be more pleased to see this picture :) Adorable.

    Thanks for introducing us to this hot new coupling Jared!

    Look forward to seein more pics

  • Digi

    Screw ‘normal’!

    who wants to live through other people’s opinions and religous beliefs? This is 2008 not 1988 – no one has the right to tell people who they can and cannot love …


  • No one


    gay is wrong

  • LL

    they should have orgies with chace crawford and jc !

  • Nicole m

    I still cannot believe T.R. is gay. They make a cute couple.

  • pam

    He’s cute but isn’t he a little young for TR? TR is like 34 and I’m assuming Mark is 18. Even in a straight relationship, a teen and a mid 30s person probably don’t have that much in common.

  • hmm

    T.R doesnt look comfortable, but i am happy for him anyways. Mark looks really cute.

  • Joel

    I love TR, and Mark is cute and all… but he doesn’t seem too articulate now does he? =x I’m just saying.

    But he looks so much better with dark hair,

  • http://ew 34 and 18

    How old is Mark Cornelson??? Is he just 18?? ok eww
    I don’t care that they are gay, that’s fine but 34 and 18?? ew
    or is he 20??

  • $$$

    Both are unattractive.

  • Marty

    So this kid is what, right out of high school, about to attend college?? Hmmm.

  • http://twinks why don’t you have a seat?

    T.R Knight = Statutory rapist.

  • Mary


  • Micky

    the are a cute couple.but Mark looks pretty young to me.

  • Special Interests

    Looks as though he’s robbing the cradle….

  • Anthony

    Wish TR would be my boyfriend… :(

    I hate that this Cornelsen guy does that classic gay fake smile in the four pictures

  • Micky


    Don`t be sad about it.They`re other cute gay guys in the world.

  • Reacenyc

    They are cute..but what is that silver thing on his lower lip? is that a stud? is this a new place for earings?