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Paris Hilton & Benji Madden Hold Hands

Paris Hilton & Benji Madden Hold Hands

Paris Hilton and man-of-the-moment Benji Madden hold hands as they shop together Monday afternoon.

An eyewitness recently told Life & Style, “When Paris saw Benji, she only had eyes for him. She walked over and gave him a huge kiss. It was over the top and lots of tongue was involved!”

It just felt like last week that Paris, 27, was dating Swedish meatballs model Alex Vaggo. Just last month, Paris had her tongue down Jared Leto‘s throat at Sundance. The hotel heiress is also rumored to have hooked back up with her ex Simon Rex.

As for 28-year-old Good Charlotte guitarist Benji, he and Aussie fiancee Sophie Monk reportedly met on the set of a Good Charlotte video in 2006, were engaged in January 2007 and called it quits last month.

Paris’ ex-BFF Nicole Richie has a baby girl with Benji‘s twin brother Joel. Um, small world?

HOW LONG do you think Paris and Benji‘s relationship will last?

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Photos: ODuran/Fame Pictures
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  • rissaaa

    ewww they loook ugly together

  • skankyHO

    ekkk…she is such a Ska*nk. Must she sleep with everyone in Hollywood.

  • Orange soda

    ewww… he should dump her… he’s going to catch all sorts of std’s! she’s such a wh0r3!

  • http://msn Lips,tits,ass and Hugh penis!!

    ewwww she’s a tramp.LOL.

  • fattie



  • ANNA


  • Bre

    Nooo! Benji, don’t do it! You’ll get the *whispers* hiv

  • dinah
  • Tdani

    Slut, plain and simple. She don’t know who she wants. Didn’t she just kiss a girl a little while ago?

  • janis

    wow shes really an @$$ i hate her she f*cks everybody she meets

  • sweet kisses

    probably just ended as I type this

  • vanessahudgensfan

    i like her track suit.. that’s it.. she’s gross..

  • AM

    Why is this chick even famous?

  • http://----------------------------------------- no way



  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    a douche-poser and his talent-less douche girlfriend.

  • make it stop

    Man I bet Nicole is secretly fuming inside,
    Paraskan.k, just cant let Nicole have any spotlight- she thinks this is a game-I must outdo Nicole-she was just my flunky-People cant like her better than me-I must be number one and the only one in the spotlight no matter what tricks I have to do–
    I can just hear this back stabbing b., thinking and doing just that.
    When will she go away..for the love of smart, intelligent people go awayyyy. We dont like you ,really really..

  • giselle

    he looked a bit like boy george.

  • i hate miley&ashley tisdale

    less than a month.. haha make your bets!

  • http://ooooo left weave on crooked

    ph is a back with a crack and a pack of meds.
    benji tell me u aint serious.

  • liz

    Benji, what are you thinking?

  • PengyB

    Paris has become a caricature of herself.

  • mich

    i hope this doesn’t last long. benji, i have faith in you haha

  • She-who-shall-not-be-named

    I can’t believe Paris has been linked with more than 3 men the past month, and Benji has no shame to be seen getting intmate with her just days after calling hus engagement off. ewww that is a downgrade. If I was Benji’s ex, I would feel the better person if Benji’s move was meant to make Sophie jealous.

  • Cat

    I hate her so much.
    She needs to back the fuck off my man!

  • Sarah

    Wow this is the worst case of the rebound I have ever seen, all respect I had for Benji just went away. At least Sophie Monk was an attractive model, Paris is definitely fugilicious.

    A tip to Benji: Don’t date a woman that has larger feet than you, and has had more STD’s than how old you are.

  • Jughed

    This couple makes no sense to me. Paris has a certain je ne sais quoi, but Benji looks like a fat Boy George.

    In a word, ick.

  • mel

    Color me GROSSED OUT!!!! What is wrong with Benji? I think he sees how Joel is all loved up with “bad” girl Nicole and thought he probably needed a bad girl too?! This is just nasty, aren’t they bible people these Maddens? I give this 1 month tops. At which point Benji better reserve himself plenty of trips to the clinic, He’s gonna need them by the time Paris is done with him. YIKES!

  • :)

    thats just… wrong
    diddnt he like JUST break up with sophie?
    i can live with joel and nicole.. but benji and paris.. is discusting.

  • lily

    um, okay, i’ll keep it clean. anyway benji goes from having a fiance to paris? okay.

  • Dedicated Bitch

    Promiscuous Paris is all over town, and what-in-God’s- name is Joel thinking ? We all know he’s on the rebound, and if some random sex is what he’s looking to get with 3-minutes Hilton, why didn’t he just go pay hooker?

  • rae

    She is such a whore. I actually feel bad for Nicole. She seems to be trying to break away from this life and now Paris is dating her hubby’s twin. Back off Paris.

  • Stephie

    BEN :(

  • Jessica

    Does anyone know the name of the brand of shirt that she’s wearing? (the white rose gun shirt) THANKS!

  • Jen

    She is such a follower of Nicole. I bet she’ll be pregnant next…

  • luckyL

    LOL at the coincidence.

  • hmm…

    what a controlling bich!! i’m sure we’ve all had friends with this kind of personality– the kind that manipulates u into doing what they want or they don’t let you get on with your life w/out them, the one is not happy if you’re happy, etc.
    i bet she’ll be preggers by this twin which means that their babies will have been fathered by the same person (twins=same dna) which means nicole will have to deal with paris even if she doesnt want to.

  • Benji wake up seriously

    I read all the comment, and they were so funny! There wasn’t probably any positive comments and I LOVE IT! Because I’m really dissappointed in Benji too, that’s just so low. I mean Good Charlotte will probably turn into Good Parlotte now that Paris is here- GROSS! I just feel like throwing up. Paris, the herpes girl and Benji, The Bible guy = TOGETHER THEY’RE A MESS!

    I am seriously and very deeply hoping they’re not getting serious. Just like Nicole and Joel. I hope not! Because Paris has no dignity and she will ruin the whole band and everything. But Benji is really stupid ass bitch too, so we can pretty much blame him too.

    I feel so bad for Nicole too. Why does Paris need to ruin everything? Nicole and Joel are so good, I’m sure Paris wants to break them off too. And I just read that Paris is doing a new reality tv show and is looking for NEW BEST FRIEND. and the show will show different side of paris, yeah i bet it’s more twisted side, maybe she’s gonna kill someone. HAHHAA

  • Emma


    Paris is trying to copy Nicole, soon SHE wil have a baby and so on.

  • The OC Fansite
  • Brooke

    I think I’m gonna be sick….

  • Ha!

    Perfect. They are both useless, gross, talentless hacks. May they stay together forever.

  • Ashley

    Oh no. What the hell is this? Eek. Benji, you can do better. Seriously. Paris Hilton? Well, good luck with curing your herpes.

  • eilidh

    she is probale going out with him so she and nicole can be sister in laws

  • look at me me me me

    this is disgusting anyone with a brain can see that -that hore hilton is doing this to get attention. she wants to compete with Nic and HArlow, thats it. paris doesn’t really like Nic ,more than likely never did, always felt she was disposable.
    on the simple life when they stop being friends for awhile, nic hardly said why they were not talking, but paris was always saying Nic was a b*tch, loser,ect.. Nic made that show funny, the only reason i watched.

    now paris is using benji whose rebounding , to be in the spotlight and get us talking. benji is not her type, but then again any healthy pe.nis is her type be4 she ruins it.
    paris movie flopped, now she’s at it again with this show she is desperate for the me me me, look at me. didnt she take a hint from her flopped movie, her pole grinding, we are fed up with your same o immature almost 30 year old bs.

  • Astrid

    Great! He’s got herpes now.

  • Publicity stunt. there is no way they are a “couple”. Total BS

  • ana


  • Paty

    I still can’t believe…
    I know Benji is rebounding and all, but he can do better then Paris!

    And I kinda fell bad for Nicole, Paris is always after what she has – if she can’t get the boyfriend and the kid, go for the twin brother…

  • diane

    So cute together

  • kate

    I agree with #2

    And I think they will last maybe 1 day