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Ali Lohan Wants Fame and Fortune

Ali Lohan Wants Fame and Fortune

Ali Lohan makes no secret of the fact that she’s addicted to fame and fortune like her older sister, Lindsay. The 14-year-old spoke with Teen Vogue about making a name for herself:

On her new reality TV show: “It’s not all that fake stuff. It’s just what we do in our everyday life.”

On her role model big sister: “I grew up watching Lindsay and it made me want to do what she does. Just the whole vibe. Being there, being on camera, or onstage, with everybody listening to you … it’s so cool when people look up to you. I’ve already been asked for my autograph and it’s just a really good feeling to have.”

On how she really wants to become an actress, singer and fashion designer: “Really bad, so bad. So bad you don’t even know. And now, it’s actually happening.”

The April 2008 issue of Teen Vogue features 10,000 B.C. star Camilla Belle on the cover and is on sale nationwide March 11.

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Photos: Susanna Howe/Teen Vogue
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  • Ally

    well shes not gunna get it, she thinks just becuase shes lindey lohans sister she’ll get it, shes gunna have to work harder to get it

  • Polish_girl

    her role model big sister? Since when is Lindsey a role model…I don;t get how she wants all what Lindsey has – I mean we saw Lindsey’s up and downs. If it was my sister I wouldn’t want to be famous because I would see how bad it can end…

    She just wants it too bad in my opinion.

  • kat

    So the mag featured her just because she’s lindsay’s sister?? i bet her mom is all for it

  • ???????

    Another untalented teen looking for a easy career.

  • natalie

    Um, she does realize that nobody actually cares what she thinks, right? And that, unlike Lindsay, she hasn’t worked for anything she’s gotten.. its all because of who her sister is.

    I give Ali 2 or 3 years before she has a DUI..

  • Helena

    It seems this future scánk has no ambitions or inspirations, just wants to have fame and fortune. Well, your sister went down that route, look what happened there!

  • fresh

    i already hate this bitc.h.

  • jo

    i hate how reality shows turn people into “celebrities” these days. if she wants fame and fortune she should do it the old fashioned way, not ride her sister’s coat tails.

  • http://asdad 696969696969

    ew i dont like her

  • mikey

    she is pretty tho… dont judge someone because you dont like her big sis.

  • Kae

    hmm…I already hate her. freaking wannabe.

  • lola

    this just pissed me off. there are so many other talented people out there, and this chick gets a break.

  • shabba

    she looks about 30

  • jo

    Wow she wants to be like her big sister? An alcoholic, drugged up Lindsey. Man she is such a role model!

    It shouldn’t even be about the fame. It should be about creating a vision and telling a story to thousands of people. If Ali needs someone to ask her for an autograph to make herself feel better, she needs to rethink her priorities.

  • ???????


  • The maven

    Fresh, you took the words out of my mouth. This girl has trainwreck written all over her.

  • bob

    shes prettier than lindsay anyways

  • ?!

    how can lindsey be a role model…. i hope her sister is better than that

  • m

    we all know how jamie lynn spears turned out.

  • marina

    she has look old since she was 12 years old. Her deatures are of a grown up woman,and she dresses and puts on make up more that a consagrated actress. I know many young girls try on make up and all, but she really looks older, much more older that she is.
    Looking at today’s standars (Paris hilton, and such) she will have a career out of nothing.
    Other did have to work, hey even Britney had to work hard back then, she danced very well, but now she, and many other just are famous because of their antiques being caught by paps and

  • sandy

    Time to put another Lohan on the street coner. Since they are starting to go broke from Lindsey Lohan trashy ways. So since her sister is her role model we will see more sleeping around with lots of men, drunken driving and blaming black guys which is what LL said for the junk she does. Just great I hate this stupid child. The Lohans must be getting really desperate.

  • marina

    sorry must be Features

  • me(:

    I just dont like that family, and! her role model sister…. since when did linsay lohan become a role model, i just dont get why plp like them, and she looks like shes at least 18, not 14! And everyone in that family got lots of freckles…. jnot that its anything wrong with that, but its just a little disgusting…… <3 and BTW vanessa hudgens and ashley tisdale is what u can call a role model!!! <333333333 omg i love them so freaking much…. ashnessa <333333333 (L) =)

  • Joy isobel

    I don’t have anything against this girl… I just find really annoying. Probably because she is famous for being Lindsey Lohan’s sister and she didn’t do anything to earn her fame.

  • Mal

    Here we go again. More drop out sisters like Jessica/Ashley Simpson, Britney/Jamie Spears who drop out of school. It’s time to investigate as to rather this is a good life style for these minor kids I know the parents want to use them like cows to gather money but I just don’t think it’s good for the minor.
    The lohans and the rest do not have any talent. They float around Hollywood sleeping with men acting like nasty ho’s, drinking and endangering lives. When they get older they still can’t cope in life, look at Jessica Simpson she still have to get her dad to find men for her. These girls burn out way to fast.

  • Yv3tt3

    she’s just like every other wannabe, she doesn’t want to be an actress or a singer. She just want’s to be famous …. I see rehab in her future

  • kat

    i think it’s so sad that she thinks being famous is going to make her happy. her sister should be her example of what hollywood can do to teenagers. she should finish her high school first then see if that’s what she really wants.

  • rae

    Well at least she’s honest- she’s not doing it for the art, only for the selfish gain. There is something really wrong about this child if getting autographs is what it takes to make her feel good about herself. She is prettier than Lindsay has ever been though.

    This isn’t really surprising though. Lindsay has all the money, things and privileges she could ever want. Whatever the papers say, I’m sure in her inner circle she’s surrounded by people all the time telling her how beautiful and special she is. What child surrounded by that 24/7 to someone else wouldn’t want that for herself? Which would be where parents would normally come into the picture.

  • lauren

    OH DEAR GOD!!!!

    (Although, she does look really cute in this picture.)

  • dinah
  • dinah
  • Jen

    This one will be 10x worst than Lindsey.

  • Peter

    Family Lohan needs more money to pay for Lindsey legal bills.
    I think someone needs to change the system to not allow this.

  • sheryl

    “it’s so cool when people look up to you. I’ve already been asked for my autograph and it’s just a really good feeling to have.”

    This girl has some self-esteem issues. I think she should really get counseling before she begins seeking her “fame and fortune” because she is going to end up a trainwreck.

  • cal

    ok this is so creepy. when her sister was 12 she was in the Parent Trap..and this girl looks about 28…

    all she wants is to be famous and doesnt care about the means of how she’s going to get there. why should anyone admire her?

  • required

    oh god no.
    she has a reality show???
    of her just doing stuff??????
    WHO IS SHE AGAIN????????????????????????

  • fattie



  • katryna

    Wow…thats completely sad. Shes only 14 and she’s already that narcissistic?!?!? She thinks shes great, huh? And this clearly reflects whats wrong with our society today. I hope people dislike her just out of premise. she probably has no talent just like her sister.

  • csxyz

    This was disgustingly appalling! Their mom really isn’t raising her well. Poor girl.

  • http://deleted J.W.

    why black people are so dumb

  • Jessica

    ugh another miley cyrus who thinks that family lines in fame will get her somewhere. here is all i have to say” you at least need to be pretty, and no makeup will ever fix your ugly face”

  • rihanna

    well at least she is honest about being a fame w h o r e

  • ALEX


  • maure

    What the? She’s looking soooooooo old O_O. I guess it’s kind of family thing…

  • lizzie

    please – she’s FRESHER then Lindsay, not so much prettier. That’s what these blogs, and Hollywood likes – fresh meat. Paris, Lindsay, Britney, the Olsens and whoever else are showing their age along with their lack of ……. It’s time for a newer, fresher crop.

    DWI in 2 years.

  • Cranium

    14? she looks like a 34 y/o divorced mother of 3. and yes famehore.

  • luckyL

    God, what an elderly teenager

  • luckyL

    Jared, could you remove JW’s crazy racist link. I didn’t know KKK members came onto celebrity blogs.

  • jess

    Oh. God!

    @ #10.
    I judge her because she picks exceptionally poor role models.
    On the other hand, I feel bad for her because those are some of her most powerful models. Sad. She needs better influences. Dina needs to step up and quit being such a friggin narcissist.

  • Orange soda

    so the mom pimps her daughters and teaches them that best way to be succesful is blowing yourself to the top… Why can’t there be smart hollywood kids… that go t regular school… and don’t have the role model of a crack wh0r3 sister and a actress_wanabe_pimp mom…