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Bar Refaeli is a Brazilian Babe

Bar Refaeli is a Brazilian Babe

Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli, aka Leo DiCaprio‘s girlfriend, arrives in Guarulho, Brazil on Monday to take part in a photoshoot for an upcoming ad campaign for popular Brazilian clothing line, BESNY.

Bag by Prada.

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  • lily


    not so pretty without the makeup

  • bubbaness

    Very pretty. Even without the makeup.


    Oh my God her skin is quite bad, major break out. And yeah she is so plain jane. WITHOUT LOE she is NOTHING.

  • bejeebus

    i just don’t get it….she does have a nice body (though you def can’t see that in these pix) but her face?????average at best…even with makeup on. i think some people must get lucky in achieving success.


    ^Sorry I meant LEO not LOE

  • dicaprio lovaah

    she’s not pretty without makeup and photoshop.
    But she isn’t ugly either.

  • http://ooooooooooooooooo average

    f u g buttaface

  • sun

    how come she is not shy in those pictures,but with leo she hides:)

  • hmm…

    not even pretty just miserable looking

  • kenza

    I like how she is clothed.
    Her bag is nice and her watch too !

  • marina

    BESNY is such a cheap store. their clothes are awful. and i’m telling it as a brazillian cheap store’s shopper.
    and the name of the city is GuarulhoS, but that’s not a big deal lol

  • Ruth

    Well he obviously thinks that she has something if they are still together! I agree that she is not beautiful but she is very pretty even without makeup. Remember that most of the pictures that we see of models are after they have been through hours of make-up, hair styling and air brushing.

  • ana

    nice bag.


    hum she’s here in Sao Paulo..but I don’t care hoho

    besny wow! so surprise me ^^

  • hayden

    besny is a cheap store. but is very big like top shop and this kind of store
    anyway, i always freak out when i see barzilon jj

    oh, and this girl is really pertty

  • http://justjared.buzznet.COM omar

    she is israeli so i hate her , her country kill palestine children and occupate their territory !

  • Lori

    She is pretty. i know there are a lot of Gisele lovers here, but Bar’s face is way better and feminine looking.

  • IHB

    Gosh, she looks horrible. And those clothes… I don`t get her appeal at all. Sun (#8) has a very good point. Disappointing! Inside and out!!!

  • lilly

    Bar looks miserable and ugly on these pictures. The only good thing on these pictures is her bag. I wonder if she would have made it on this website if she wasn`t Leo`s girlfriend. Without him she is just a good old plane jane I agree. Hard to believe she is a model looking at these pics.

  • NAh

    Agreed #6
    “she’s not pretty without makeup and photoshop.
    But she isn’t ugly either.”

    Also the name of the airport is Guarulhos and not Guarulho ;)

  • http://bah chips


    at least she avoided conscription then lol

  • hot hot hot


  • Mora

    Thank god for makeup and photoshopping. She needs them. No offense but Bar looks awful, plain and disappointing. I`m surprised Leo is still with her even though over the weekend I read that apparently he is not that faithful…

  • ban the cult of $cientology

    She has ugly beady eyes and bad skin

  • claire

    bar looks disappointing,true.but…i look myself quite bad when i’m tired and when i wear ugly clothes,so what?

  • dd

    why does leo name always half to be mentiond each time some one is talking about what she is doing ?

  • Amber

    I love her!! she is soooo beautiful!!!!!
    All of you are just jealous!

    Israel is beautiful!beautiful!beautiful!

  • Arial

    She is pretty..but nothing outstanding. I think thats why she will never be a really popular model..sure she does small campaigns,and some guys will always think she is hot because of her body,but she is a flash in the pan. There is nothing striking about her…whereas Naomi, Gisele, Linda Evangelista, Claudia, Heidi…they are true super models because they have high cheekbones and very striking, unique looks.

  • lucia

    The first time I heard of her was when she started dating Leo.

    She´s nothing!

  • http://deleted Mora

    Why does Leo`s name always have to be mentioned when we talk about Bar? Good question. Maybe because this is the only interesting and outstanding thing about her. Maybe because that`s the only way people know who she is.
    Sorry but even if she is tired wearing ugly clothes ( that she put on ) she should care more about her appearance. Photographers are everywhere and her picture can be taken any time.

  • André

    I’m brazilian..into fashion and i never heard of Besny! LOL
    that’s not popular at all.
    and the name of the city is GuarulhoS.

  • rENANA

    !!!!!בר את זונה

    תפסיקי לחגוג את חשבון ליאו
    “זונה פרסום”!!!!!!!!!

  • lilly

    See, the thing is that we all know that models are not perfect and they rely on makeup and photoshop. But at the same time to see a model like Bar looking like this is really disappointing and honestly this is not even the first time she was seen looking horrible in public. Since she is dating Leo she is in the spotlight ( I guess that`s the only reason ) so she should be more aware of these things.
    Maybe she should have covered her face from the photographers like she does when she is with Leo…

  • MK

    she’s cute.
    But Gisele is more beautiful than her.
    Gisele is perfect.

    Nao sei como o Leo e a Gi acabaram. eles eram taoo fofos juntos.
    Pelo menos a Gi arrumou um cara a altura da beleza dela.. ja o Leonardo.. =/

    Bar is a pretty girl. but that’s it.

  • lulu


  • Adoring Fan

    She is so much prettier than Gisele. Her face is soft and sweet and she is a natural. She doesn’t have to paint her face and dress to please the likes of you haters. You would find fault with whatever she does simply because you don’t like her. You don’t even know her. Leo obviously knows her and likes her for herself. Don’t be so obsessed with looks. There are much more important things.

  • Adele

    As a brazilian, I should say the right name of the airport/city she landed is Guarulhos – with the S in the end.

  • vavavaaavoooommm

    # 27 Israel is so hot, hot, hot?
    She’s so not, not, not!
    Flashy or trashy?
    Definitely trashy.
    And don’t call the fame wh*re a supermodel. This title has to be earned!

  • vavavaaavoooommm

    sorry, #27. I did not mean that you called her a supermodel. I meant justjared.

  • Renata

    Hi, just claryfing…. it´s Guarulhos, in Sao Paulo.


  • JunoFirst

    Lori @ 02/26/2008 at 1:29 pm She is pretty. i know there are a lot of Gisele lovers here, but Bar’s face is way better and feminine looking.

    Adoring Fan @ 02/26/2008 at 6:48 pm She is so much prettier than Gisele. Her face is soft and sweet and she is a natural. She doesn’t have to paint her face and dress to please the likes of you haters. You would find fault with whatever she does simply because you don’t like her. You don’t even know her. Leo obviously knows her and likes her for herself. Don’t be so obsessed with looks. There are much more important things.
    I totally agree. Yes, she may have some pimples, but who doesn’t?
    Otherwise, her features are definitely more refined. Leo upgrade from the horse/man face Gisele.

  • lilly

    To all those people who prefer Bar`s `more feminine` face to Giselle`s these pictures must be a slap on the face. She looks downright miserable, just like a homeless woman ( and not for the first time). And honestly I think just as poorly about her personality. What Leo likes about her? Who knows? But you know, I really like Leo but only as an actor and activist because when it comes to women he is a dummy.
    Sorry #36 SHE DOES NEED TO PAINT HER FACE because she looks horrible.

  • vavavaaavoooommm

    This constant comparison to Gisele is really crazy, just because they had the same boyfriend? Anyway, if we have to compare, then Bar would lose by miles.
    Gisele is THE Ubermodel precisely because she is edgy, interesting. She’s got it, while bar is without expression and looks ordinary on pictures, not to say slutty.
    The camera loves Gisele, with Bar the camera loves her boobs, that’s about it. She is pretty but has such an ordinary sweetness to her that borders on being boring. She looks out of place on many pictures as if her heart wasn’t in it. I almost feel sorry for her.
    May be it’s because she’s still young but I don’t see personality only desperate attempts to copy… Gisele?
    Look at models like Christy Turlington, Heidi Klum, Cindy Crawford, Linda E. , Naomi C. They were incredibly successful because they brought forward a personality respectively personalities, unmistakeably unique, sexy. Their heart was in it. They also brought to the model business a certain subtle sense of self-irony. Just enough to stand out but still to serve the needs of the industry. Many of the above mentioned grew strong and never sold out. Bar, however, sold out long before her career really started.

  • blhblh

    You see, these typically bad hair day photos are not the reason why so many people don`t think much of Bar Rafaeli as a model or as a person. She definitely divides people and that is not based on her looks.
    I hated to read the `Giselle lovers` and `haters`. These words are so immature. First of all, I give credit to #43 for writing down why is it ridiculous to compare them as models. Totally different type of women and models who shouldn`t be compared just because they had/have the same boyfriend. Honestly, Leo had Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, too. Next time are you going to bring them up, too? What does Giselle have to do with this post? I know now I`m a Giselle lover and a Bar hater. And the rest is Bar lover and Giselle hater. Does it make any sense? Is it ever going to stop?
    I`m ready to admit that I really really dislike Bar Rafaeli but I try to be mature about it. These pictures are not flattering at all, she is a model, her job is about her looks, she is dating a famous actor, she could have taken a couple of minutes before stepping out to shape up a little.

  • Jughed


  • jennifer

    Bar is beutiful, i’am brazilian and like gisele but look at her without makeup she isn’t perfect too, and i think bar is more pretter than gisele, of face and body. And i read in brazilian sites that she was very nice, i see other pics of her and she was always smiling and waived for the photographers, a very pleasant person, so stop with this on hating her, she is stunning and one of the most beautiful models.
    And Bar and Leo make a great and wonderful couple, good luck for them!!!

  • Lisa

    The rumour on many blogs is that Leo has been unfaithful to Bar. It was first reported as a “blind Item” by Perez Hilton and it was obvious that he was talking about Leo and Bar. Other blogs also wrote about Leo going out every night to nightclubs and being surrounded by women. In one blog someone wrote that Leo had his arm around a blonde at a club. Someone else wrote that he flirted recently with her friend, a model obviously, in Las vegas.
    They might not even be together anymore. I take that back because Bar will do anything to be in the spotlight and she knows that without Leo she’s nothing. Bar will put up with Leo’s cheating and reports are she has done that in the past.
    I don’t like Bar but I do think she’s pretty. Too bad she’s dressed like a bag lady here. Get some stylist girl and start play up your looks instead of playing them down.

  • larissa

    the name of the airport is GUARULHOS not Guarulho.

  • LPR

    Can we please stop calling every model a supermodel, please? Bar is not a supermodel, I repeat Bar is not a supermodel. As for as I am concerned none of these current models are supermodels, the supermodel died with the 90′s unfortunately.

  • vavavaaavoooommm

    didn’t know that Leo was dating Naomi Campbell