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Janet Jackson is a Wavy Woman

Janet Jackson is a Wavy Woman

Janet Jackson shows off her new bangs and wavy locks during TRL at the MTV Times Square Studios on Tuesday in New York City.

During the show, Janet was asked to to describe herself in four words. She said: “Fun. Generous. Moody. Hot.”

Miss Jackson performed her hit song “Feedback” at the end of the show.

Janet‘s new album, Discipline, drops today.

30+ pictures inside of wavy woman Janet Jackson

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janet jackson wavy 01
janet jackson wavy 02
janet jackson wavy 03
janet jackson wavy 04
janet jackson wavy 05
janet jackson wavy 06
janet jackson wavy 07
janet jackson wavy 08
janet jackson wavy 09
janet jackson wavy 10
janet jackson wavy 11
janet jackson wavy 12
janet jackson wavy 13
janet jackson wavy 14
janet jackson wavy 15
janet jackson wavy 16
janet jackson wavy 17
janet jackson wavy 18
janet jackson wavy 19
janet jackson wavy 20
janet jackson wavy 21
janet jackson wavy 22
janet jackson wavy 23
janet jackson wavy 24
janet jackson wavy 25
janet jackson wavy 26
janet jackson wavy 27
janet jackson wavy 28
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34 Responses to “Janet Jackson is a Wavy Woman”

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  1. 1
    zanessa110 Says:

    is she related to michael jackson?

  2. 2
    Jane Doe Says:

    She need to cool it with the pancake makeup and overbearing weave. A word to the wise: aging gracefully sometimes means turning it down. And yes I get that she’s a performer but some new and FRESH looking would be nice.

  3. 3
    GD pain in my azz Says:

    why won’t these Jackson’s disappear??? You got your raisin in the sun….now leave, go away. You.Are.Irrevelant.

  4. 4
    TheTabloidsChic Says:

    Loving Janet’s new music!

  5. 5
    Ventura Says:

    jane doe
    that is not a weave, it’s a wig or hairpiece but Janet’s bangs.

  6. 6
    Steph Says:

    Wow. She’s not looking so great. MADONNA is older and looks way hotter.

  7. 7
    J.W. Says:

    New Janet Nipple Slip (NOT JOKING)

  8. 8
    gC Says:

    first…and the video?????????

  9. 9
    maddyboy Says:

    The haircut is not flattering. She is better than that. C’mon Janet, ditch the poodle look.

  10. 10
    asdf Says:

    lol American people are so funny and double moralists… you’re just sad and that’s why nobody likes you, american girls are seen as whores around the world and american males as stupids.
    Don’t hate, if you don’t like the woman why do you even botter to click on the post…she looks fine for 41, and if she’s old for what she’s doing, then Madonna is a ******* alive mummy…just enjoy life you ********.

  11. 11
    hideous Says:

    Jeanie on crack with a bad weave..again how many horses are missing their tail for this sh*t on her head. Its cold.

  12. 12
    MyEyeIsOnYou Says:

    can’t say I’m liking the look but she is definitely daring and up to trying new things

  13. 13
    shoes4life Says:

    I don’t like her hair the style actual ages her. She needs to go back to her other style with a more flowing, soft curls or more of a straight look, but no bangs. Other than Janet still looks good and I bet since this is her last album with the label she will retire and settle down with Jermaine.

  14. 14
    fdsa Says:

    asdf well, since you aren’t American nor do you live in America…let me tell you, we live in the best country in the world. Sorry, you don’t like us. Don’t ever visit. We have enough ignorant azzholes here from foreign countries. Suck your daddy.

  15. 15
    Googlish Says:

    Part of me wants to slap you in the face, but part of me wants to give you a high five. I am very confused…because the frat and sorority ***** Paris Hilton culture does make America look bad. But then again fat men in speedos makes Europe look bad too…so I guess we’re even.

  16. 16
    mimi is the best Says:


  17. 17
    mimi is the best Says:


  18. 18
    Geraldine Says:

    On one of this pics she looks like FLIP WILSON-IMITATING HIS FAMOUS ”GERALDINE .. she is toe up though.

  19. 19
    Loveit Says:

    Pop Fiction






  20. 20
    jadehaughton Says:

    as far as the comment of the US being the best country in the world to live in i think youll have to check the top 10 countries to live in the past few years according to statistics and find out where america was placed…

    that doesnt make america a bad place to live in but there is sooo much superficial artifical plastic bullshit there and i agree with the ‘paris hilton’ culture and because of her the young american generation is as shallow materialistic spoiled *******. alot of it is pride.. too much of it makes it all arrogant. i mean look at that 15yr old kid who got shot in the head for being gay. there is ALWAYS something like that everywhere you go…. hate to say it… moreso in america. sorry thats the truth.

  21. 21
    eddie jones Says:

    she better give that child molesting brother of hers some money before neverland ranch goes up for auction

  22. 22
    ggggg Says:

    googlish it’s not just the paris hilton thing’s also most of you americans voted for george w. bush as the president twice, and that was stupid!!!

    and in amercia it has more fat people then in other european country.

  23. 23
    swissgirl Says:

    fdsa who wants to visit usa? i was there for 3 moth and it was not that be honest i was kind of disappointed. i would never visit your country again. tokio this is a place to be!!! i was there..what a great city..japan..what a great country , people and culture! so what you’re saying is not important!

  24. 24
    lady Says:

    The comments are very interesting :-) But what you must remember America was built by immigrants! So when people say Americans are stupid etc etc, you have to acknowledge that our ancestors who were foreign should take part of the responsibility…

    America is great because we love everybody – historically and present – we allow everyone to come and live…

    Don’t diss us after all – we turned out many geniuses but without the stupid people life would be boring and you guys would have nothing to talk about. SO LOVE US ALL LOL

    Ok enough with my rant :-)

  25. 25
    bejeebus Says:

    she looks rediculous. she needs to change stylists. this “look” does not work for her.

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