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Miley Cyrus to Host 2008 CMT Music Awards

Miley Cyrus to Host 2008 CMT Music Awards

Miley Cyrus and her dad Billy Ray are set to host the 2008 CMT Music Awards on April 14 from Belmont University’s Curb Event Center in Nashsville, Tenn.

Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, Alan Jackson, Sugarland and Toby Keith will also be among the performers.

Disney also announced today that the Hannah Montana movie will shoot in Tennessee and Los Angeles, with a scheduled release date of May 1, 2009.

Below is Miley‘s new YouTube show: The Miley & Mandy Show. In the clip, Miley and her dancer friend, Mandy Jiroux, are seen laughing, dancing to Janet Jackson‘s “Feedback,” doing hand-stands and reading magazines.

The Miley & Mandy Show

Pictured below: Miley Cyrus after grabbing lunch at McDonalds out in Hollywood on Monday afternoon.

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  • Jill

    Who cares..

  • vitoria

    miley presented that thing on the oscars very well…but i just can’t find ger cute :S her friend is pretty though

  • Arab.Aquarius

    she kinda looks like kylie in that main pic. i know she less than half her age, but that angle makes em look similar

  • Katherine

    3rd? cool, im not really a Miley fan though lol

  • summer
  • Ingveldur

    haha… i think the show is silly funny:P Like they said, that its a pointless youtube video… Like I like to make them… I hope they make more, they make me laugh

  • bubbaness

    Riding on daddy’s coattails much? She has no business hosting the CMT’s. She’s a Disney product for kids.


    i heat herr
    and realy who care ??!!
    we want just vanessa :)

  • [ā˜†F a m o u sā˜†]

    to much to fast… they are going to build this little girl up to such a high level then rip her down so fast. i feel sorry for her.

  • yanina

    love her!

  • !!

    Gosh at first I thought it was Keith Urban haha!

  • The maven

    This is getting so damn ridiculous, first the Oscars and now the CMT. The child is mildly talented but because she managed to rake in $29 million in in one weekend, theyre giving her a mic so that she can host? As any one realised that all the Disney child stars end up sluts and whatnots?

  • steph

    i think there should be more miley here and jonas brothers

  • lily


  • imogen

    haha the miley and mandy show was so random it was kind of funny though!
    its good there has been more on miley recently


    @ STEPH


  • oo

    jonas brothers are better

  • too funny

    A 15 year old hosting an awards show. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kelly

    Those highlights on the both of them are just ridic~

  • elliott

    it’s whatever, if they think she is capable of hosting; let it be.

  • lola

    Oh no! Not HER again!

    –read my blog at

  • me

    Miley’s awesome.

    Any celebrity as huge as she is who is willing to put up goofy, normal videos on youtube gets HUGE points from me. She’s not afraid to be herself, thats cool.

    Plus, she’s super funny and cute.. why shoudlnt she host the awards? good for her.

  • lily

    stupid girl!! plus shes so ugly!!

  • Ava

    Anyone else have a pounding headache after watching that? She needs to grow up. Annoying……..

  • Kae

    OHMYEFFINGOSH!! Are you serious?! This little piece of sh!t has no talent. I agree with number 10. Miley is going to end up a disaster.
    The video isn’t rele a big deal. Wow. It’s a video of randomn stuff.

  • Hmmm

    so much hate.

    I wish her and her family best wishes.

  • Kayla

    First people are saying that she acts too old for her age..then they’re seeing she needs to grow up? Give her a break! It’s people like you that are going to tear her down. She’s got a great head on her shoulders whether people want to believe it or not. How many “celebrities” do you know make videos of them just being themsleves? Whether it was completely random/dumb or whatever..she’s just being herself! Props to her!

  • _Isabela


  • _Isabela

    I liked!
    her face the cooolest thing!
    and that Mandy,is the Ex girlfriend?Joe?

    kisses for BRAZIIL!


  • 4l3x

    wow that was
    a waste of my time
    miley is a fugly slutty
    i hate this skank!

  • MILEY is awesome

    You know what? Everyone that’s saying she doesn’t deserve to host it and stuff, you’re wrong. She works harder then most grown people do, and the girl is only 15 years old. If Miley doesn’t deserve to be the host, then WHY DID THE PRODUCERS PICK HER?!? Yeah, that’s what I thought.
    And for those of you that said they don’t understand why little kids look up to her…I understand why: As cheesy as it sounds, they admire the fact that she followed her dreams. If any of you people had half a brain and thought to get to know about Miley before you criticized her, you would know that she auditioned for Hannah Montana for 2 years before she actually got the part. They told her she was too young, that she didn’t look mature enough for the role, but she kept sending in tapes again and again and again. The show was held back a whole year because of Miley (for good reasons on her part)…Disney was going to give up on her, but her perseverance kept the producers on their toes. They realized how much talent she had and gave her the part. The girl’s obviously got something special about her…at least that’s what almost every child in the world thinks (and some parents too!). I admire her for her hard work and extreme drive. And the fact that she posted a video on youtube of her and her friend just being goofy teenagers makes her even more admirable…it gives kids another reason to look up to her: she’s an extremely grounded person. Most people wouldn’t think that a 15 year old girl who’s worth more than $50 million would even speak the words “let’s make a youtube video”. Got you there, didn’t I?
    That’s all I’ve got to say!
    Oh and this: think before you criticize anyone…I know it’s said on here all the time but really, it’s partially our fault that all these celebrities are going to rehab and falling apart. We pressure them, criticize them, and all because we expect so much from them at such a young age. Just think about that for a little while.

  • christine x3

    HAH cooooooooooooool :]

  • sweets

    #9 if you really want vanessa i think youre crazy
    sorry but im never going to see something that that whore is in
    she should not be allowed to act or sing
    shes the crappiest person in the world

    finally more miley news :]
    i think she kind of copied selena and demi with their vlogs though

  • AM

    I know what I’m not going to be watching…

  • blondemom

    I think she needs some serious parental control because she is doing things that are just not good for a normal girl her age. I see a future Brit or Lins in the making….

  • talia

    sweets @ 02/26/2008 at 7:12 pm

    your kidding right? mileys the crappy person around here. at least vanessas made something of herself, and is not famous bcuz her daddy got her a good spot on a tv show that she cant even act or sing in. the bitch is just lucky shes got tweenboppers like you to cheer her on, otherwise shed be absolutely nothing but the child of a one-hit wonder. dont be so quick to judge.

  • Camille232

    Not that I have a big problem with miley, but I agree with talia. Lets be totally honest, one of the main reasons she got the part was because of her daddy. I mean, doesn’t anyone else find it slightly odd that her dad got the part with her? She’s not an actress, anyone who’s seen a decent show with decent actors recently knows that’s true. She’s a good singer, I’ll give her that, but she wasn’t born to be an actress.

  • molly

    completely copied selena and demi.
    but at least they talk about things.
    its a video of miley trying to suddely hint about her hating or loving the jonas brothers. she knows that their taping and still is like “you have their cds in your car? omg blah blah blah”
    and their reading magazines. AWESOME! SO COOOOL. not!!!!
    she needs to stick with singing, at least shes got some talent there.

  • m

    What is with that annoying video that she and her friend made? Not funny, just very annoying…You are famous and popular (to kids) doesn’t make what you do is great. She and her friend should have used the time to make that video on studying something. Not a good role model for kids.

  • fuck no! booooo!!!!!!!


    CRAP NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • free man

    Miley is the most talented and beautiful girl in the business. She’s the best of the best. Period.

  • Amy


  • auch

    I love her and the video was randomly funny, cause it’s the side of her , that her fans don’t see everyday or at interviews. I just don’t get all of the stup*d haters. if you don’t like her , (for obvious Nick reasons) get over it, adn don’t be stalking her, you guys say I hate her, well news flash SHE KNOWS IT. and she knows how to deal with it. so stop wasting your time. I personally don’t like Vanessa that much, I m more of a Ashley fan since the beginin of the HSM golden era. Vanessa is just to X, Miley is got more talent that V , adn Ashely is just my fave HSM character. Sharpey rules, adn Gabriela is just like every other girl of the movies,

  • Moliver_loyalist

    Actually, Sharpay is like every other girl in the movies.
    The typical mean bi.tch who turns nice at the end and tries to steal the main characters guy (not in that order of course).
    Nothing original about that role.
    Even worse is that Ashley sucks at that role.
    She makes it so cheesy, you can’t help but cringe.
    That blonde, phoney, plastic chick can’t act worth cra.p.
    And her singing will make your ears bleed.
    And obviously she wasn’t present when God handed out uniqueness because shes so unoriginal.
    Miley and Vanessa have her creamed in the buisness.
    No one gives a about Ashley and what she’s doing.
    But everyone’s interested in Miley and Vanessa (not just because of their pictures, but because of they’re talents).

  • hlloilvy

    HAHAHA. auch, Vanessa has more talent in her pinky then all the talent Miley has…

  • LINA

    i love her

  • DrZen

    hey wots the URL from where the racy pics came from

  • ashnessa fan 4eva

    i agree with number 27. . shes very talented and gorgeous. . and btw hilary duff started at a young age, like miley, and look where she is now. She’s not mucking up her life and neither will Miley she knows better..

    GO MILEY!!

  • liefy

    waste of my time!!!

    OMG i cant believe that jj is posting stuff like this!!
    its just ridicilous!

    ps.FCK u miley WHORE Cyrus

  • liefy

    waste of my time!!!

    OMG i cant believe that jj is posting stuff like this!!
    its just ridicilous!

    ps.FCK u miley WHORE Cyrus