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Miley Cyrus is a Shark

Miley Cyrus is a Shark

Future 2008 CMT Music Awards host Miley Cyrus leaves a recording studio in Studio City, Calif. on Tuesday.

The 15-year-old Hannah Montana star carried out an insulated lunch bag–looks like mom packed food for the tween queen!

Miley was also seen picking up a “Shark” drink.

15+ pictures inside of shark-y Miley Cyrus

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miley cyrus shark 01
miley cyrus shark 02
miley cyrus shark 03
miley cyrus shark 04
miley cyrus shark 05
miley cyrus shark 06
miley cyrus shark 07
miley cyrus shark 08
miley cyrus shark 09
miley cyrus shark 10
miley cyrus shark 11
miley cyrus shark 12
miley cyrus shark 13
miley cyrus shark 14
miley cyrus shark 15
miley cyrus shark 16
miley cyrus shark 17
miley cyrus shark 18

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  • Hannah

    lmao, it’s actually sharky’s*

  • LL

    MILEY is having sex with mitchel musso!!

  • neil

    Like it or not she is a role model for 9 year olds. Yeah, that’s about how 9 year olds dress these days.

  • angel hair

    can she stop pouting?

  • krys


  • jane

    dear god, she’s making that ugly-ass face again. STOP IT WITH THE RETARDED FACES. and stop wearing a shirt you wore when you were 5.

  • AM

    Woow. She looks like a skank.

  • AM

    And I doubt if that’s Nick’s dog tag… he kinda needs it for an ID tag if he has a medical emergency,,,

  • emily

    I’m so sick of seeing this ugly chick’s face everywhere.

  • LINA

    i love miley

  • Marieme

    I’m sure it’s Sharky’s (and I’m sure someone’s already said it!). A great, organic Mexican restaurant. Yummers.

  • too much

    That little girl shows too much skin for her age. Her parents oughta be ashamed of themselves.
    Fast-tail little girl.

  • 008

    She looks WAYYY better without excessive smiling.

  • Johanna

    you have to know she has her onw bog tag she has something hat her blood sugar gose low and that why she had the faketana too sha has to eat the midel of the set where jb come out and do wylmite and the others song !!!!!!! people should know more before you talk

  • too much

    neil @ 02/27/2008 at 12:07 am

    Like it or not she is a role model for 9 year olds. Yeah, that’s about how 9 year olds dress these days.
    My nine year old won’t. Believe that!

  • Jughed

    What the heck is a “Shark” drink? Sounds like someone is off the wagon.

    She looks very normal and casual here.

    I prefer this look.

    The midriff action is a cute touch too. ;)

  • abp

    Does anyone know name/model of her LV bag?

  • sweets

    love her!
    i cant wait till the next album, im sure it’ll be amazing
    im happy shes going to perform and host her first awards show, ive been waiting for that

  • adsfjk;l

    her shirt IS rolled up. which is why it’s slutty/skanky! geez, just keep it’s even better looking when it’s not rolled up.
    seriously miley why you do have to make that face ALL THE FREAKIN’ TIME? you’re not angelina jolie!

  • DrZen

    shes hot aye
    u kno in the other one bout the racy pics n sht, wots the url for the myspace the pics came from

  • baby-tee

    Disney is ramming Miley down our throats. She looks a little healthier now that she is fully recovered from the abortion she had in Mexico. Google it, details are out there.

  • bobbieee ! xP

    she sux . i hate her . she thinks shes all that . well , shes not . she is FUGLY ! ! she is so addicted to nick jonas , well the jobros crowned her THE MOST ANNOYING GIRL IN THE WORLD ! ! well , i agree with them . just one look at her and its so obvious how annoying she is . she is such a B**** .

  • yui

    (bad bad english) You, american people are sooooo prude.
    stop considering a 15-16 years old girl like a CHILD, she can think by herself, maybe (hope for her) she is a good conversationalist . ok she’s not that grown-up yet but don’t under-estimate what’s going on in her head (homones=>seduction’s power) she’s starting to consider the “huge” attention people have on her (plus she’s cute and a “star”) so that’s a normal thing wearing that kind of outfit (PLUS CALIFORNIA). What does she suppose to do? hide herself until 20? if she’s not acting ike britney….

  • ♥XAndra♥

    #21 – “She has teeth like a shark, that’s for sure” – that’s funny.

    True..hav u seen her pics which looked like she was a vampire..GOD!!..I so hate her smile, her teeth..her F****** face!!!..I hate her…and there she goes again wid dat kissy face thing…it so does not look sexy on her…like she thinks people get stimulated when they see that stupid kissy face on of hers!!..OH GOd…I want to scourge her!!!…I HATE HER SOOO MUCH!!!!…(sori miley fans..can’t help it)……
    PS: Jonas Brothers WROCKSSSS!!!!…them r HAWT!!!..miley not,…i’m guessing wen Camp Rock & J.O.N.A.S. comes out….it’ll beat annah Montana and the Jonas Brothers will replace Hannah Montana…it’ll be bigger than Hannah Montana….she and that Best of Bothe Worlds *singing in a mocking voice*…F*** u B****..shut da hell up!!!….

  • ♥XAndra♥

    Sori miley fans…don’t be mad…I’m cursing at miley…not you…so don’t get mad…. (^_^)

  • amber

    yall are dumb ok well she probally wore that shirt because she is going to a recording studio most celebs record in their pajamas because nobody will see them besides like 2 people!she probally didnt even know the stalkarazzi would be there so she just wore that and her hair is messed up b/c the wind was blowing look at the trees im sure if yall had to record for freaken 8 hours a day you wouldnt look like u just came out of a magazine!!

  • Felicia

    i bet most of the people dissing her because she is wearing a short shirt have worn a shirt that shor or maybe even shorter. and big deal, her hair is messy. so what it could have been anything from being windy earlier in the day to being too humid. why are people so uick to judge? get something better to do with your time.

  • Nina

    I like her outfit

  • George

    I think she looks completely normal for her age here, I don’t get what all the fuss is about. And the drink she has is from Sharkey’s, a mexican fast food restaurant, one of the healthier ones, that I miss from back in LA.
    …that said, I do think the whole matter is a ticking bomb. What will it be? How can she top teen preggers, dui-s, exhaustion, over served??
    The peanut gallery is waiting… but I hope she disappoints.

  • MovieWatcher

    I do like her hair color.

  • krystle


  • ysmiley

    Does anyone know what brand of jeans she’s wearing, they are so cute!

  • Helena

    Too much botox, she can’t even move her face anymore.

  • devilgirl

    This girl is unattractive. TROUT POUT ON A FIFTEEN YEAR OLD??? wtf is that all about? IT’S NOT ATTRACTIVE! What a troll. She obviously went to the “Vanessa Hudgens School of Everyone Look At How Great I Think I Am. “

  • hlloilvy

    Anybody who thinks that a 15 year old is old enough to make smart decisions, clearly isn’t over the age of 20. Also, that’s definately NOT Nick’s dog tag. The reason people wear those is so if they have a medical emergency, the doctors will have contact and health information about them. He definately wouldn’t give it to someone else to wear. Oh, and to Yui, a 15 year old IS a child. You can’t see it when you’re that age, but it is; and to Felicia, never have I worn a shirt like that. My parents would’ve never let me leave the house looking like that, and there are plenty of other people like that. Just because the majority of the population (including Miley) doesn’t have standards, doesn’t mean that everyone doesn’t, and it CERTAINLY doesn’t mean we should let our kids look up to people that don’t. I understand that a lot of you guys worship her, but please, don’t model yourself after people like her.

  • Caden Jayy

    he shirt got rolled up as you can see in other pics her shirt is down so leave her alone jeezzeee

  • A

    Miley, if you’re going to wear that shirt, at least wear the right pants and shoes with it.

  • me(:

    I think she’s pretty, her outfit is completely normal, and it doesent matter if her shirt is to short, i think everyone has a shirt that is to short in their closet.. i feel a little sorry for her, she is only 15, and she gets followed everywhere she goes, but she’s used to it, so i think she is ok with it:D and if ppl are going to write hate mail, u can go to hell, u guys are stupid.. use ur time to better stuff, rather than writing shit on HER site

  • na!

    todos los q critican su ropa deberian dejarla en paz…
    Miley tiene 15 años y q? por eso no se puede poner una remera corta? q ni siquiera es TAN corta!! tendra 2 centrimetros arribe del jean…
    porque no la dejan tranquila? como si todos se vistiesen perfecto cada vez q tienen q salir… ella debe tener una vida unos 100 veces mas agitada y si una vez quiere vestirse con un jean y une remera y con el pelo desordenado y sin maquillaje… bienvenido sea.
    es su vida gente… y es una persona!
    parece q a algunos se les olvida eso!!


  • #1mom

    RE: NICKS DOGTAG: Thats not HIS dogtag. His mom makes him wear it all the time. He CANNOT take it off. Miley just got one like his. If you look at recent pictures/interviews of him he has it on. Miley is in California and Nick & his brothers are on the East Coast on their tour. So its not the same necklace.

  • Amy

    well i actually thinkz that miley looks lie a teen….her hair is not all primpy….most teens do where short tops…like me and dat is not being a slut…she also lookz normal without makeup….so i tink she looks gorgeous as a matter of fact

  • SHUT UP!

    cuz shes shoowing like HALF of her stomach
    thats automaiclly? like OMG WOW

    dud shut the fuck up she looks so cute
    you guys are prolly just mad at the fact
    you cant show your stomach

    cause you guys are fat.
    :D nuff said

  • Rachel

    she doesnt dress up so that she looks amazing all the time, shes going out to get a smoothie or whatever. she doesnt need to do her hair or anything. so i dont understand why you guys are getting all upset about her hair and shirt. its a regular white shirt. okay its a little short, but i bet half of you here do the same.

  • logical

    i love her jeans
    but i dnt really like her

    is it??


    i don’t want it to be :|

  • logical

    i bet miley prolly just wears a dog tag like Nick’s to keep ppl talking about her.
    i mean, think about it, a lot of ppl would kinda not care about her if the nick/miley rumors stopped.

    but right now publicity is good for her and all these comments amuse me.
    im sure i’m not alone.


  • roxxy

    i think she looks fine
    her shirt isn’t to short, this is the most covered up she has ever been, if i had her bod i would dress like that 2
    she look bad withoit make up though

  • destinee

    hi miley you are my idal i love the show .whats it like being hannah montana…….you rock miley do you sell back stage passes because i really need 1

  • wowza!

    pull your friggin shirt down.
    she bothers me.
    aaa lot. !!

  • Lina

    squished duckface syndrome.

  • JB#1fan

    it’s a lil see through but it’s cute! I hope this means a new album miley!! :)