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Natalie Portman Has a Good Momager

Natalie Portman Has a Good Momager

Natalie Portman attends a special screening of her new movie The Other Boleyn Girl at NYC’s Regal Cinemas on Tuesday.

MSNBC has a little report on why Natalie Portman is so utterly cool. One of the reasons is having parents that support you and who stay out of the spotlight.

Here’s what they had to say: “There’s nothing wrong with having a mom-ager, as long as she makes good decisions and isn’t trying to stage-mother her way to fame on your back. (Yes, I’m looking at you, Dina Lohan. And Lynne Spears, too.) Portman‘s mother, Shelley Stevens, has served as her agent, and the array of Portman‘s film and stage work shows that her mother isn’t frightened by controversy and that she also steers clear of projects that reek of pointless commerciality. Every young actress should have such a guiding influence in her corner.”

Read the full article about Natalie at The Other Boleyn Girl opens in theaters nationwide on Friday!

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  • irina


  • LOLA

    She’s GORGEOUS!!!

  • LOLA

    She’s so GORGEOUS!

  • irina

    and boring

  • kroq

    Don’t like the dress, but that face!

  • rae

    She looks beautiful.

    I didn’t know that her mother was her manager. Mother managers have such a villianized role in Hollywood, really just because of a few. It’s nice to hear about the others sometimes.

  • Raven

    Natalie is simply gorgeous! :D

  • Cute
  • tom c

    I wouldn’t let my daughter do nudity— what kind of a mom manager is that? Not only nudity but pretty sexually explicit movies. I don’t hail her at all. Some strange mom, if you ask me.

  • luckyL

    Minimal makeup= looks very hot

  • fattie

    shes a smart girl people should post more about her

    i love her

  • Let you know

    Pop Fiction






  • Raven

    YESSS! Let’s see more threads about Nat! Love her! She’s COOL!

  • Anna

    Gorgeous! More about Natalie please!!!!

  • Sebastian

    wrooooooooooooooong all the way.

    even Helen Mirren dressed more youthful!

  • jade

    She is so beautiful. Love her dress.

  • angie

    Boring? Yes, I suppose compared to Brittni and Lindsey, Natalie would be considered boring…but if that’s the case, I’ll take “boring” and brainy over silly and unstable any day. This is an example of how a celeb can mature from a child star to an adult star.

  • Saline

    This is actually completely incorrect, her mother is not her manager and never has been. Portman has always retained professional representation. Her current agent is Bryan Lourd at CAA, and she is managed by Aleen Keshishian, who has been her manager since Portman was age 12. MSNBC should get their fact straight!

  • rolling eyes


    Your comment would make more sense. Because if what the reporter was saying was true then how weird would that have been discussing the movie “Closer” with your mom, or the other movies where she scandulous sex scenes with that guy…Batemen I think.

    I still have that image in my heard where all she had was a white shirt, no pants no undies and he was really going at it, or the other scene where she’s stark naked against a dresser drawer or something.

  • rolling eyes

    Here’s some role play:

    the momager: hey Natalie darling i just landed a script for you, its truly remarkable and just artistic to its very core

    natalie: oh yeah, what would my part be

    Mommager: well you have pretend sex with some stranger, take your close off and be stark naked in front of the cast and crew, and use some really crude dialogue because ur being “artistic”

    natalie: wow mom, your letting me be real provactive and contraversial these days, what gives?

    Mommager: well honey, I didn’t let you join the show business just so you can have money to spend on a education to obtain a degree on a subject you’ll never use, no I let you be in show biz so we keep up the illusion you actually have something to offer. Your body being the key seller.

  • 008


  • Jughed

    This chick could use a Hollywood boob job. I mean, she’s pretty but can you imagine a mind like Natalie with a body like Coco?!?

    My dream girl.

  • rolling eyes

    I suddenly feel bad for what i wrote so i apologize…lol

  • lops723

    She is gorgeous… and a smart, classy celebrity for once! Geeze she should have her own holiday!!!

  • Mark

    She’s beat. I think her face looks plain and there is nothing striking about her whatsoever.

  • baby-tee

    I’m tired of her. She is only famous because she is a jew.

  • celtictigress

    Oh my god she is wonderful breathtaking..and I think she did a great job with her woredrobe..Not many actress’s have parents that care for their well being she graduated college and got a degree not many actress or celebs can say they did that and hae the intelligence to use what they learned for the greater good of the people..

  • bengourion

    and what’s your problem with that #26??
    We jews rule! we have the best actors,the best producers,the best politicians,physicians…its not our fault if we are the choosen people!

    nat’ you’re georgeous and you represent our country Israel in a decent way!

  • kpriss

    @Saline – wow! you really have some info there!
    However I do believe parents are always involved in a way or another in their children choices so Natalie’s mother should be in the same way. How that was speculated into misleading people that she would be her agent, I don’t know what purpose can serve..


    SHe is beautiful and a great actress and on top of that she is smart. THe nudity she did do was when she was well into her twenties and in great prestigious projects.

  • xxxxx

    oh my good she’s so freaking beautiful.
    i’m not the biggest fan of the dress but it looks absolutely gorgeous on her.
    also i’m glad that she darkened her hair a bit it looks much better. though she would still look gorgeous even with the crappiest hair.

  • yuni jie

    I think she’s the natural beauty.

  • clara

    she is a vapid, bland, medicore actress

    she gets roles because she is pretty and is popular in tabloid magazines

    the top tier of actors getting work is completly based on their public images and not on their acting ability

    what is her problem with nudity?
    Why does she want her nudity in that Goyas Ghosts torture scene to be perceived in a certain way?
    Her body is no different from any other woman’s.
    She is a snobby elitest and acts like she has tits made out of solid gold.
    She dangles a big DON’T TOUCH of her nipples.

  • sheryl

    baby-tee @ 02/27/2008 at 3:10 am

    I’m tired of her. She is only famous because she is a jew.
    I don’t understand how that could possibly be relevant. It never occurred to me that she was Jewish or otherwise. To me, that’s like saying Madonna is famous because she’s from Michigan…?

  • SofiaRocket

    For once I agree with Natalie. It sucks when you are young and don’t know much about life and your mom doesn’t give a phuck and wouldn’t teach you anything…it really sucks :(

    sheryl, I think baby-tee is hinting on the jewish mafia that rules Hollywood.

  • seriously

    This girl is like a breath of fresh air against the likes of Lindsey Lohan and Sienna Miller who resort to behaving like a$$holes to get themselves noticed.

  • Padme_C

    Gorgeus, awsome, cool, sweet, pretty,…
    Natalie has it all!