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Selma Blair is a Lesbian

Selma Blair is a Lesbian

Selma Blair is set to play a lesbian high school teacher romantically involved with a student (Madeline Zima) in the indie black comedy Driving Lessons.

The Hollywood Reporter also reports that Bow Wow will star in the film as a wannabe thug. What a stretch!

Filming for Driving Lessons begins next month in Los Angeles.

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  • penilyn

    mm hmm ok…..

  • ban the cult of $cientology

    she looks funny

  • Rayt

    That hair makes her look like a man.

  • lola

    Grr! I hate these shocking post titles that turn out to be word plays on mundane stories!

    –read my blog at

  • Ally

    WOAH!! that title scared me!!

  • loser

    Umm, who cares. its a 5 dollar budget movie with a nobody. She’s playing a lesbo. Would have never guessed. hahahahahha

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    lmao @ jared taken shots at lil bow wow. holy shit! hahahaha

    and selma wants to be a cruise REALLY bad! lmao

  • Maggie

    Who is this person? Who cares. Wasnt she in some movie like 10 years ago?

  • TRAnny

    Why is she wearing tranny makeup. She looks like a total tranny.

  • Carrie

    I don’t like her. She is really annoying and does really bad B movies.


    i like her but it’s funny as she complained her cropped hair made pple mistake her for crazy troll TOM CRUISE but now she has a new do dat makes her look like his no brain robowife

  • BEE

    she looks like d pretty/charismatic version of dead brain KATIE HOLMES

  • Helena

    She’s played a lesbian few times before…

  • Sara

    Because a bob cut is so unheard of. God, sometimes the people on this site amaze me.

    Selma is awesomeness. Unlike most of the brain dead “actresses” in Hollywood, Selma actually understands a thing or two about fashion. That Ramones-type haircut from a while ago was just fantastic. She’s actually got a spine, unlike many of her contemporaries. She isn’t the greatest actress out there, but she accomplishes her goal to be a versatile character actress quite nicely. I never hear much about her personal life and she married into the Zappa clan (and even though that didn’t work out, she still gets points for taste.

    She has eclectic taste, which I love. She’s turned to producing which is smart. She bothered to get an education, which is smarter. And I’m happy that she made it through rehab and got her life back on track.

  • Razzie award

    I smell a razzie award!!! Selma is just a bad actress. That’s why she does bad B movies. This chick is as brain dead as they come and she went to junior college (Kalamazo college)not yale. ;) lol Her fashion sense it terrible. She dresses like a moron and has terrible fashion taste. “Ugly” is not cool or fashionable. Never was. Her versatility is playing a lezie or a dumba$$. Wow she really should be nominated for an oscar!! Her marriage didnt work out because she is a addict sweetie. Dug addict. She went to rehab and is still a crazy ass drunk coke whore. Why do you think her face is always bloated???

  • Jonathon

    She’s just a boring bad B list actress. Who cares? Slow news day Jared? Want to be Katie Holmes much? Too bad Selma’s a midget and 38 years old. Time flies from Cruel Intentions. Jeez, Im old now too! yikes!



  • kavorkian

    Snooze….another actress who does a bunch of drugs and thinks she’s talented and interesting. Go back to rehab, you have the drunken bloated face alwaysl

  • baddie

    I honestly can’t think of a worse actress. I’d rather see Rumor Willis. The sad thing is, I honestly think Selma thinks she is talented. Someone should give her the memo that playing a lesbian all the time does not make you a good actress.


    There’s a joke in Hollywood about who Selma Blair hasn’t slept with or blown. Kind of like the six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

  • wannabe

    Umm? who cares? who is this nobody? can we post on real celebs jared?

  • GableZAPPA

    She used to screw my coworker while she was married to that Zappa guy. That’s probably why she got divorced now that I think of it. :(

  • OMG


  • OMG2


  • Camilla Belle

    Camilla Belle is taking Selma’s career away from her. It’s too bad Selma is so old now. I prefer her to Camilla. Selma could have had a career. I wonder what happened. She missed her window.

  • black

    Rupert Grint had a movie which was called “Driving Lessons” as well.



    Selma likes the white stuff. She’s so tragic.

  • straight to video

    Ill be sure to catch this straight to video movie at blockbuster!! lol… or not. Sounds about as good as a Jessica Simpson or Paris Hilton movie. All three are on the same level of acting ability.

  • The Narcissist

    Hasn’t she already played a lesbian in the recent movie Feast of Love?

  • Sara

    God, I hope something tragic happens to most of you so some scatty b i t c h can mock the crap out of you. What she did is far more admirable than what you’re doing; she made mistakes, and she got better. Of course, you can be rehab’d from drug abuse; the retardation so many of you suffer from? Uncurable.

    “She makes B list films”. Nothing amuses me more than people exposing their ignorance when trying to sound “in the know”. Name me one performer who makes nothing but good s h i t. One? Every single actor has more than a handful of disasters one their filmography.

    Razzie Award- You are an idiot. She spent some time at Kalamazo before transfering to Michigan U., which is ranked 3rd in America and often surpasses Yale and Harvard. Where’d you go?

  • Cranium

    crap. what’s with the misleading titles recently or always JJ. i was like man, i’m not surprised if she is a les. hahahahaha

  • hi sara

    I went to Yale, and I didn’t have to go to a junior college first to get accepted. I did undergrad and grad school. University of Michigan is only a decent big 10 school. No better than Miami of Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio State. Decent school, but not all that amazing (no offense) She does not make good films I hate to break it to you. Name a decent film she has done? That anyone saw, and she was a lead? None. FYI. Everyone in Hollywood knows she is a babbling crazy drunk and pill popper. It’s no secret. Even after rehab. Most addicts always relapse. I don’t feel bad about ripping her an a-hole. Its part of the business. If she’s dumb enough to read this stuff or can’t handle it. Find a new job instead of doing straight to video films. :)


    Can you say F list actress? This chick is a crap actress. She looks like a giant turd. She’s fug and lame. Post on real people Jared!

  • DYKE

    If a movie needs a dyke. They go to this chick. I think she thinks it makes her a “real actress.” It just makes everyone laugh at what a crap actress she is.

  • Willaim

    This is going to sweep next years razzies. Selma Blair and Bow wow. “wow” what an amazing cast!!! lol. They must have put some huge offers out, hahahah

  • PoorSELMA

    Poor thing is going to be Jennifer Love Hewitt soon with career moves like this.

  • Kenny

    I met Selma a few years ago on a tv show I worked on. I have to say she is the rudest actress I’ve ever worked with. She is not a nice person by any means. By the looks of the comments. Karma has caught up to her. She is a miserable human being.


    This girl is absolutely crazy with a capital “C” I’ve never met a more insane person in my life. The amount this girl drinks you can’t even comprehend.

  • Laura

    ….Driving Lessons was a movie starring Rupert Grint and Julie Walters. Can’t the screenwriters of this movie come up with anything original?

  • katie

    i’m not sure if i can see little grace from the nanny in a role like this!

  • J.N. Wenkel

    -Cudos to Sara # 14 & # 30 !
    # 32 sounds like a pathetic snob, I pity her/him !
    WHY do so many of You want women to look like Barbie doll clones, (unfortunately I watched “Miss teen U.S.A.” & “Miss U.S.A.” some time ago)…? -It goes to the mindset too, lemmings mentality !
    -It`s SO orwellian, it`s sickening…..(has anyone here ever read anything by the great George Orwell ?)
    Trashing someone like Selma shows just how low some people are willing to go !
    -Kenny # 37, did You try a hit on her & got rejected ?

  • J.N. Wenkel

    TO Rayt # 3 ;
    Selma Blair`s new bob (as pictured above) is very attractive & sexy to REAL men !!!
    To everybody else ;
    Selma Blair like most people, daring to go “out of the box” in different ways, makes some folks envious as shown by many REALLY mean spirited comments here on this site….Selma is a very beautiful and interesting person -inside & out even though she, like most people make mistakes once in a while and learns from them…-I`m no fan of her Dec.16th, 2006 “Flock of Seagulls” hairmare cut either !


    Selma Blair is an exceptional woman and actress. The first film I saw her in was Legally Blond. Thought she was very pretty and played the role good. I only recently began to do research on her acting career and the more I learn, the more respect and admiration I have for her. She attended a top highschool, U-M Ann Arbor, New York University, Interlochen and the Stella Adler Conservatory in NYC. She has a BA in English and Fine Arts. I mean c’mon people. How many of you have even ONE degree, much less two? And she is different: fragile looking but strong personality, sensitive and humble and inquisitve, yet rowdy and courageous. That’s cool. And compared to other actressess, Selma is smokin’ hot. Hands down. P.S. Selma is beginning to garner alot of attention as an actress. Rock on!


    Regardless of what all you uncultured immature teenies think.
    If you have studied Selma in her acting & physic, she is the most beautiful brunette I lhave ever seen. She is virtually perfect in her physic and complexion. She is cute, pretty, and beautiful in her varied hair styles and fashions. Though expressive, bold, and experimental, she is very intelligient. Among all the female actresses, she is my favorite. She has a look and carisma that is unique. And, I am by no means a teeny bopper. Much her senior.

  • renik

    Hmm.. there is a movie called Driving Lessons from England, and ‘Ron’ from Harry Potter is in it.
    hmm.. is it because we are in US that we can copy that title?

    i do love Ms. Blair though.
    and i don’t care if she has done drugs… who hasn’t?

  • Francesca

    God, that’s a really big face. She annoys me too-she always seems to be doing some sort of retarded rag doll routine-or maybe she really is that dumb and limp. I don’t know. But she is one of three annoying and cutesie brunettes I can not stand: Her, Sophia Bush and Rachel Bilson. Normally I think brunettes are so much prettier and more refined, but not them.

  • rmc

    I wanted to be the guy who intervened in the filming of this movie, and planned at this movie existed. There is prejudice against homosexuals, that gay behavior is wrong and must end in the world.

  • msmithisnotafan

    Finally, a comment section that seems to share my opinions about this actress. I will say she was very good looking in her 20s, but has lost her looks really really fast. And she really can’t act when compared to others in the industry (she’s fabulous compared to me!). So hard to understand why she gets steady work. I remember an article when she was making fun of actresses who smoke and use drugs to stay skinny…then she jumped on the bandwagon! Was disappointed that she got a second wind of fame with her pregnancy fashion…was hoping she would slip quietly and peacefully away into full-time motherhood. I find it completely ridiculous when actresses like Selma get all preachy about being health nuts and go sugar free, gluten free yet continue to do drugs and smoke cigarettes. By the way Kalamazoo College is a four year liberal arts college with a good regional reputation.