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Bar Refaeli is a Besni Babe

Bar Refaeli is a Besni Babe

Bar Refaeli is the new face for the Brazilian clothing brand Besni!

The 22-year-old Israeli supermodel attended a photocall for the brand on Tuesday in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She also shot an ad campaign Besni during her stay.

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bar refaeli besni babe 01
bar refaeli besni babe 02
bar refaeli besni babe 03
bar refaeli besni babe 04
bar refaeli besni babe 05
bar refaeli besni babe 06

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  • MovieWatcher

    its funny how super models sometimes look far from model

  • Joanie

    haha yeah :P

  • anonymus

    I`m honestly getting annoyed how much attention this girl gets even though she is a mediocre model. Plain, forgettable and irrelevant. I don`t see much improvement from the pictures taken when she arrived to Brazil. Well, it seems it`s worth dating a famous actor, she gets undeserved spotlight every time. Bar doesn`t look like a model especially not like a super model.
    Horrible clothes ( again ) with horrible hair and face.

  • lilly

    On the last pictures Bar looks at least 30. I keep looking at these pictures and the only thing I cannot see is a supermodel. She is soooooooooo far away from high fashion. Even Leo cannot help her…

  • ihb

    Seriously, enough of Bar Rafaeli!!! The only reason you guys write about her is because she is Leo`s girlfriend. Otherwise nobody cares about a talentless model. Jared, you seriously think these pictures are so insanely good that you had to post them? Or is it just a slow day? Below average pictures, way below average model.


    She is sooooo plain. People she is NOT a supermodel and never ever will be.

  • Peachie

    She’s really cute! Thanks Jared, please ignore the haters and keep posting new photos of Bar!

  • dicaprio lovaah

    Will see afther her and leo’s relationship is over,if she still is gonna have all the attention on her……KARMA IS A BITCH. She is nothing without him…… look at gisele , where is all the news about her know when she is deting Tom???
    If Bar is using Leo for fame, Then its gonna be Karma,and her carrer will be over as soon as they are.

  • Perezie

    oh wow. i havent been to this site in months. it looks like no one cares. this site suks. you lost many viewers when you started deleting comments that didnt favor brangelina. I REALIZED THIS IS A COMMUNIST SITE. Jared suxs as much as those two cheaters.

  • claire

    i don’t really think bar is using leo’s fame…she would be more famous…and she doesn’t look like a supermodel here,though she’s still cute.i like her,but she should dress better.

  • Tealeaf

    Her face is average looking

  • Mia

    She’s just a bad copy of Gisele Bündchen, and Besni is the crapiest store and have the ugliest clothes EVER!!!!

  • Helena

    I find it funny that most people say she doesn’t look nice without makeup, yet she probably looks better than you on your best days!

  • january

    all of you guys are jelous people!! pathetic
    she looks great and very kind!!!
    i personally like her a lot

    viva BAR!

  • Edila

    Why her? they can’t aford Gisele bundchen I guess, this girl is ugly, far from super model, the jews try to promote any one as long they are jew, she is ugly, ugly, ugly and only get some atentions and some jobs because of her famous boyfriend Leo.

  • Claudia

    I am getting the sense that some of the posters (or a troll) here hate her b/c she is:

    A) Jewish

    b) Dating Leo

    c) Not Gisele

    You are disgusting and bigoted #15. Learn English moron.

  • ihb

    Bar should just go away, very very far away. I`m already tired of her and her face which is BORING and draws attention only because of Leo. She definitely uses him for fame!!! Enough of her already. Mediocre and boring.

  • Rita

    She looks beautiful and so natural. The pictures are so good! Thanks for sharing pictures of someone who is pretty without makeup!

    And please girls… get a life.. Your jealousy is ridiculous and very pathetic!

  • louise

    she’s not ungly like has been said before, but she’s far for being a SUPERmodel… she’s only getting this kind of attention cause she’s dating leo

  • kerry

    If Bar Rafaeli was a supermodel she could have worked these horrible clothes on a professional level. The pictures including the clothes and the model fall flat.
    Both Giselle and Bar profited / profits from dating Leo. But the fact is that Giselle had/has more than just that. She is edgy and talented enough to make it in high fashion and to rule the modeling world even if you hate her face. She knows how to pose and how to work even a potato sack. Young models are advised to learn from her on photo shoots and she has presence on the runway. And these don`t come from dating Leo. You hate her face or not you won`t forget it and that makes her so outstanding.
    Bar is a pretty girl who is a great swimsuit model but when you put her into high fashion she fails to deliver. Obviously she has a cute face and nice body but she cannot bring anything else to the pictures with or without makeup. Just pretty is boring. I have just seen her pictures and I already forgot her face. She couldn`t leave a long lasting impression so how come she is a `supermodel`? And trust me it`s not jealousy. I love Leo and I just wanna see him happy with a nice girl. Bar gets attention because of her famous boyfriend as a private person and as a model but speaking of her as a model I don`t get the hype around her.


    hey Mia do u really know ’bout the store?!
    u live here in Sao Paulo?!?!

    besni sooo much better now!! quality clothes.. fashion ‘n cheap!
    all that women want, ok!??!

    go besni haha XD

  • rudy

    I love her

  • Carol

    besni is not sooo cool but…

    i live in brazil and i know what im talking about

  • jennifer

    Bar beautiful as always, and respect the girl and the brand, i think the clothes are very good! Go Bar, you is great!!! anonymus you probably should be an envious person, why you can say that Bar’s face and hair is horrible, I really don’t understand what is happening to you, maybe it is bacause Leo likes her!!!

  • sunnny

    Oh Edila you’re just jealous hater. Your probably an overweight dogface who can’t stand to see a beautiful Jewish woman get attention.
    All the jealous women calling Bar ugly should post their pictures and let’s see how they compare against Bar.
    Probaly all 1′s and monster faces with fat thighs.

  • harlow

    it is not about where she comes from or is she a JEWISH or not,she is just boring ,no personality.

  • anonymus

    To Jennifer. Who cares whether you understand what is happening to me? Nothing is happening to me. It`s so interesting that as soon as someone doesn`t like a model that person immediately becomes jealous or envious. That`s the easiest to say. You should come up with something else…
    And I don`t know if you noticed I`m not the only one who thinks like this about Bar. Why did you pick me?
    She looks really bad on these pics and she is not a good model. Without Leo she wouldn`t get this much attention and everyone knows that.
    The only reason why these boring pictures were posted is because who she dates. Otherwise nobody would care…

  • kerry

    It`s an interesting situation because Bar is in the spotlight a lot and honestly not necessarily because of her exceptional modeling talent. I`d rather say because of her boyfriend. There are plenty of girls who would replace her on Leo`s side, that`s for sure. And from this point it`s not easy to go on. Because if I say she is not that pretty or not such a good model I`m considered jealous or envious. I don`t hate this girl. I don`t say she is ugly or not pretty. But I don`t like her as a model and I also think she gets more attention than a model like her normally gets.

  • gshock

    she’s pretty.. enough for those jealous people..

  • YUYT

    she is AMAZING !

  • Soggycelebs

    Despite all the negative remarks on this post… I’d like to reiterate (Is it iterate if you’re saying it for the first time?) one thing.

    I’d hit it. Until my penis turned into chafed dust.

    No… not that much. I love my penis too much.

    I guess I’d just hit it like normal.

  • jsy

    NOTTIE! Definitely a nottie. Expected more from Dicaprio.

  • alicia

    she is stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love her.

  • http://justjared.buzznet.COM omar

    i hate jews !

  • Paty

    She is cute, but super model? give a break.

  • Jughed

    Leo sure knows how to pick them, doesn’t he?

    Lucky dawg.

  • sunnny

    Of course Omar, the Arabs are filled with hate and violence against Jews. You people are just jealous because the Jewish people have accomplished so much and the Arabs do nothing but kill women and children. LOSERS!

  • taivas

    i am not arab and i dont like jews,sure jews sufferes during II war
    but they are doind the same now

  • jsy

    Plain Jane, surprising pick from Dicaprio. People seem to be confused by supermodel and overexposed. This girl get attention because of her boyfriend but it doesn`t equal with being a supermodel.

  • Sunnny

    Tavias; I’m not Jewish but I dislike stupid haters like yourself and Omar. The only thing that the Jews in Israel are doing is defending themselves from evil terrorists who kill them almost everyday and want to destroy their country.

    You’re just a bigot who loves terrorists. You’re a subhiman piece of grabage! If you hate Jews so much I suggest you boycott all the products, technical and medical advances they invented and discovered. You will have to throw away your computer and cellphone etc. but at least you won’t be a hypocrite.

  • john

    edilia is a CCunt!

  • john

    all you fuckers are retarded. BAR IS AMAZING and natural. unique beauty that you cant handle. gizzface is an ugly man looking whore! I love the shallow jealousy that permeates these comments. pathetic people who (though they have no say in the fashion world) like to throw opinions around like they matter. YOU ALL ARE NOTHING TO THE WORLD!!!!!

  • mila

    very very beautiful girl. so natural!!

  • Classy woman

    “sunnny @ 02/27/2008 at 11:10 pm Oh Edila you’re just jealous hater. Your probably an overweight dogface who can’t stand to see a beautiful Jewish woman get attention.
    All the jealous women calling Bar ugly should post their pictures and let’s see how they compare against Bar.
    Probaly all 1’s and monster faces with fat thighs.”

    Beautiful jewish woman, isn’t that an anomaly?