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Britney Pregnant... With Adnan's Baby?

Britney Pregnant... With Adnan's Baby?

Paparazzo Adnan Ghalib is bragging to friends that he is going to Britney Spears’ baby, reports Star.

Britney is Adnan‘s dream come true. He knows that if he has a child with Brit, he’ll be made for life,” one friend of Adnan‘s says.

Britney‘s family, of course, is not happy about it.

“Her parents know she can’t handle more children,” says a Spears family source.

DO YOU REALLY THINK Britney is pregnant again?

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  • hmm…

    no shes not pregnant… at least not yet.

  • dv

    close them legs brit. rich white trash.

  • frenchgirl

    Hmmm… I seriously doubt it. I hope not for her sake. That’s about the last thing she needs right now just when things have finally taken a positive turn in her life.

  • fan-nia

    you are kidding.

  • baby doc’s office

    I KNOW she is pregnant. And it’s a girl. Trust.

  • zee

    whoaaaaaaaaaaaa…damn whats going on….is she pregers for real??? cmon girl:|

  • myriam

    I’m she is ! She really wants to have a baby girl !

  • Julia

    Doubt it. Star isn’t reliable.

  • renda01

    first ?? Love you BRIT !!!!

  • Pingy-ponga

    I hope not.

  • sparkie

    why wouldn’t she be? She’s stupid as shit….if you all remember, she was screwing him in front of the paps, basically. She’d love to have as many bambino’s as possible, to piss everyone around her off. it’s her way, the wrong way, or the highway.

    We’ll see, she gets FATTTTTTTT super fast.

  • hotbitch

    That girl is not pregnant. Her stomach just looks ‘normal’ like everyone else.

  • julie

    Oh give it a break Jared. Why are you even quoting this stupid mag. This is STAR mag you are talking about. They lie big time, all the time….. Then if she gets preg. a year from now they’ll say they were the first to know and report it. LOL

  • chloe

    Stop making babies you can’t take care of..i dont know what’s going on in her head.. the fame ruined her life.. in the future she will regret for all she does now.. fell sorry for the kids ;’(


    well… if brits pregnant… lol

    she’s over… she’s like finished… her career is over… her life is ruined… she’s a mess…

    P.S.: the “brad proposes” makes me laugh… lol they’re happier than ever… they don’t want to marry… they wanna feel that they’re together but not that they’re stuck to each other…
    I think they wanna feel like the’re free… that they don’t have pappers between them… that they’re together because they love each other and not because a contract says that…

    stupid star magazine!!

  • ghyhall

    Rubbish..JUST STOP UPLOADING STUPID UNCOMMON SENSE…the forehead then now pregnant…that’s really not cool. Be better watch out On March, Brit new upcoming “Break the ice” Video on Middle/End of March..

    PS: We should care about her FUTURE Music career & Entertainment stuff NOT HER Personal live. Sucks..

  • bejeebus

    like anyone can be surprised by anything that happens to or is done by this wreck anymore? in fact, i think the motto in reference to anything relating to her or her family going forward should be “if it’s the worst thing that can happen…it’s probably true”. i think that’s a safe one to live by.

  • Justin

    I don’t think it’s true even though she’s nuts but I still doubt it

  • Boris


  • hlloilvy

    I highly doubt she’s pregnant… and honestly, I don’t care if she is.

  • TheTabloidsChic

    that bia aint pregnant! LOL

  • chanelluver

    no i dont think she’s pregnant..she’s just a fat ass!!

  • SofiaRocket

    This man is so disgusting. Ugly inside and outside. If it’s a girl…I pity her in advance.

  • ashlee cool

    god there so stupid she cant handle a baby!!!

  • The OC Fansite
  • Andréanneeee


    WTF ???

  • Linnea

    She is not pregnant. I hope.

  • lily

    yup, she may be because that was his aim and he made sure to seal the deal so he could be set for life like kevin.

    Anyway i think now that she is thinking straight it might be different but lets hope she does not relapse and have any PPD.

    Anyway having this baby i think is trouble for her. and apparently her finances are not to good now so…

    Team Britney all the way.

  • cutiepie

    #1 and #3, you are bothy racist a$$holes! Burn in hell!

  • cutiepie

    btw that last part was Burn in Hayyylll

  • justjazz

    I was surfing last night ,don’t remember where i saw it but it was a pic of Brit with a purple dress on. My eyes nearly popped out at how big she is and it was very clear that she is pregnant.
    I hate the tabs too but wouldn’t doubt for a min now about the pregancy deal.

    That’s too bad as.Brit needs to get better and clean
    her act up. it was planned what can one say but damn she is a fool . Can’t stand that Adnan ass as he is just one more who is in it for the moolah. Bloody shame.

  • OMFG haha


  • Stefanie

    I was watching TV before I came online and they showed something about Britney and I said she looks pregnant. I think its true.

  • leonie

    how can she be preggers if she only dated him for 2 months now? you don’t show when your 2 months along.. and she was on her period last month, we all saw it.. and how can she be showing and the next day have a flat stomach. GET A LIFE

  • Britney is a true Goddess

    I hope not, I can’t stand adnan he is true evil

  • adri

    feel pity as knowing that this news is a lie you can put it in to give britney like crazy and make damage this magazine 2 weeks said qe britney this is the case with ten and also was a lie

    If you have to you both disgust britney hableis it not only talk about it to tell lies and rumors stupid

  • wow

    oh god… NO! please don’t let it be true! this is the last thing she needs, why is that nasty ugly paparazzi still in the freaking picture! this is going to ruin her life…so sad :( i never in a million years thought she was going to end up like this. HOPE IT’S NOT TRUE! that disgusting piece of trash is just after her money…note that brit’s father hasn’t allowed that rat to see her anymore…so i really hope it’s not true for her sake. im gonna pray for her and her family. remember last fall? they said the same thing and it wasn’t true and it was that trashy star magazine too…maybe she’s bloated…idk hope its not true!

  • wow

    SHE CAN’T BE! because she is still smoking cigaretts! both times when she went out for dinner with her dad(in that black and purple dress) she kept taking cigarrette breaks…just go to people magazine and search for those articles. and she went to the dance studio for like two straight weeks and she was still taking her cigarrette breaks, so i don’t buy it! that nasty disgusting paparazzi idiot is desperate to make money while he still can(star magazine lies all the time)…like i said before jamie hasn’t allowed that leech to come near brit anymore… i long for the days that we can talk about brit the “music artist” instead of this made up garbage. i also can’t wait until that nasty guy goes away foreverrr!

  • wow

    i know this is my third post…but before we get all upset we are missing key facts: A.)she has been coloring her hair since like three weeks now, she even had her scalp red from the color dying. B.) she still smoking cigarrettes! JUST LAST SUNDAY! C.) that creep just wants to make money…his leeching days are OVER! and D.) yesterday in the forhead post her stomach looks flat… that “thing” just wants to make money is really obvious. oh and do we really believe everything star magazine says? nope. what sadens me is that, this stupid cover is going to be all in the press; tv shows, radio and other sites… and they are going to rip her to shreds without even knowing the complete thruth! sad.


    DON’T THINK SO>>>>>>>>>>>> IT’S JUST PUBLIC**IDY. !!!!!!!!

  • OMG


  • kate

    poor girl

  • yanina

    no, no!, she is not pregnant!

  • waverly

    of course she’s not, she can’t be pregnant with adnan’s baby when she’s still pregnant with JR Rotem’s baby.

    Remeber InTouch had thoses text messages back in the summer so you know it’s true.

  • saida

    i real think britney is preggg for real, she`s real big right now, like you noww, and if she is not pregg, tell me why adnan can come and visit her and not ali… i real hope she is not.

  • Liz

    Who in the hell believes STAR Magazine, nevertheless believe any gossip magazine.

  • MovieWatcher

    who knows if it is true. sadly right now I wouldn’t put anything past her.

  • BexterzzNY

    I honestly seriously hope this is another one of those fake tabs.
    Star is known for having fake fake fake fake and yes, FAKE stories, just for the money. DUHHH!!

    with life finally going onto her side, everything turning positivie for her, i hope she’s not…for her own good.

    I’m usually the one that says no to abortion, but if she really is preggo, she should and keep quiet about it and not talk about it ever again.

  • Maddie

    [☆F a m o u s☆] @ 02/27/2008 at 10:51 am

    Make it about Brit, if you think she’s stupid, then call her stupid, but don’t be prejudice… friggin’ IGNO!!!




    3 CHILD