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Gwyneth Paltrow's PSA: Help Fight AIDS!

Gwyneth Paltrow's PSA: Help Fight AIDS!

Gwyneth Paltrow filmed a public service announcement (PSA) for UNICEF to help raise money to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

The Gift is a dramatization of a new poem by Simon Armitage, narrated by actress Gwyneth. Watch the video at UNICEF.

“According to UNICEF, a baby is born with HIV almost every minute of every day somewhere in the world. The virus is passed from mother to child during the birth or pregnancy,” Gwyneth said during the film launch. “I have just found out that this can be prevented for less than $2 yet very few women in the poorer countries of the world can get the medicine they need to ensure their baby is born free from HIV. I hope that this new short film will raise awareness and funds about this issue and UNICEF will be able to reach every woman with the vital care and medicines they need.”

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  • Joanie


    GO gwyneth :P

  • Gwynethfan

    This is great! I’m glad she is helping out this cause.

  • Helena

    At first glance, I thought it said she HAD aids!

  • lola

    Well it is good that she is bringing awareness to such a good cause but I can’t help but think that she is just jumping on the bandwagon of her husband and her friends like Madonna. Elitist Gwennie was never vocal about any causes when she was actually famous for her acting back in the day. And I gotta say, that photo really shows that she has not aged that well at all. She looks likes she’s already in her 40′s and she is only in her mid 30′s!

  • Mark

    ^ At first glance, I thought it was Blythe.

  • marina

    yes, she is staring to look like her mom, before, i thought she looked a bit more like her dad. She is fair skinned, and also has suffered her part (her dad passing away, etc), she must have wrinkles. I am not too fond of her, but I recognize that she has made some good movies and that she has not until now gone for extreme plastic surgeries, like many HW starlets.

  • ugh

    She is so ugly. Reminds me of someone who would smell like swiss cheese.

  • change the part

    Oh my too much powder. The middle part and long hair takes away from her, she needs a change. Blah.

  • icy

    She is a buttaface but I like that sh esupports good causes.

  • Obama Girl

    She’s wearing so much foundation, reminds me of Michael Jackson…but good for her and Unicef!

  • Danz

    Her eyes look so blank. No emotion whatsoever. Good thing she did though.

  • bejeebus

    she always does this “languid gaze” sort of thing. i think she thinks it makes her look more interesting, intelligent and alluring… doesn’t. well, i guess, good for her helping out. i do wish that more celebs would focus a bit more on helping the people and causes in their own countries. there ARE problems here too, gwynie!

  • ghost in the machine

    ITA – way too much powder!

  • Ann

    She is very ugly. look at those crooked lips. I think this is for publicity.

  • Vanessa

    Her stare in that cap is so creepy.

  • eon

    Is that a real photo or a wax dummy?

  • Shannon

    Still working to fix her image before that movie comes out. What a s#cky job.

  • lola

    When I first looked at this, I thought it said Gwyneth had AIDS…THAT would be a shocker.

    –read my blog at

  • Lisa

    It looks like a wax dummy too me.

  • ANna

    Wow – some of you are just plain nasty! I bet none of you look even CLOSE to as good as she does! You bitch about celebrities who get cosmetic surgery yet you still bitch at those who don’t. Make up you mind people!

    And not everyone does good things just for publicity. Good for you, Gwyneth. I hope more people show their support and help raise awareness for these issues.

  • Angelina

    I give her props for supporting a good cause, but agree her makeup looks pretty bad.



  • Miss M

    Gwynnie, get a hair style, you have been looking boring for a decade now, it’s time for a change!

  • MovieWatcher

    I hope that the cause will get more attention

  • Go unicef

    Good for Unicef & Madame Tussauds

  • Alex

    She reminds me of Sissy Spacek in that pic, same age and all.

  • t


  • BORG


  • Zoe

    I think it’s great that she supports UNICEF. Now if she retired, I’d be a fan for life.

  • Sarah

    when’s the pig blood gonna drop down onto her head?????

  • Logan

    That is an awful picture of her.

  • marianna

    I use to think she was really beautiful. Now I realize it’s just a great makeup job.

  • hmm

    I don’t think she looks like her mom. Her mom is a pretty lady.

  • anon

    Its a very worthy cause Gwyneth is supporting. I think people should concentrate more on the message and less on her.

  • dotty

    wow she looks just like sissy spacek!

  • justa mia

    She is still beautiful and always will be just like her mom. The both have great bone structure. She just needs to spend a little more time on herself. She’s gone all natural, it seems, since she became a mother.

  • eddie jones

    she has aids

  • Nadia

    Her mother’s attractive but she’s very plain. I’m surprised she’s a cosmetics model. I guess celebrity is more important than actual beauty these days.

  • rebecca

    Wow! Are we actually criticising a woman who is represented here for a cause? Really people, really. Shame on you! Why can’t you see past her looks and accept what good she is doing? And why can’t she do it even if her husband and friend are doing the same? Aren’t friends supposed to influence you? Oh, or is Gwyneth Not allowed to be influenced?

  • Sam

    The weird makeup is distracting. It’s a good cause. I wish they’d gotten someone classy to do the ad.

  • bolishopin

    i child dies from bad diagnostic of aids each 3 seconds.