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Kate Walsh Sends Her Apologies

Kate Walsh Sends Her Apologies

Kate Walsh promotes her medical drama, Private Practice, after arriving at the Quay Grand Hotel in Sydney, Australia on Wednesday. She’s also reportedly promoting her new movie One Way to Valhalla.

It was recently announced that Kate won’t be performing in “Good Medicine,” a musical benefit at UCLA’s Royce Hall on Friday to benefit crew members who were affected by the strike. Other cast members from Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice will be there to perform, though! Here’s Kate‘s personal (and funny) apology:

“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry and I am sorry I have to be so sorry but still, I do, because I am writing to let you know that despite my initial commitments, I won’t be able to participate in ‘Good Medicine.’ I wanted to come, I really, really did — but I can’t. I have a prior commitment that I tried to get out of and couldn’t. I am so sorry. And so so so bummed. I am so bummed not only that we can’t be there for you and our crew, but because I hate to miss what promises to be an unbelievably great evening. Audra McDonald, Sara Ramirez and Loretta Devine (known to you as the chief’s wife, Adele. She played Effie in the very first Broadway Production of Dreamgirls) are singing! Not to mention T.R. Knight, Chandra Wilson, Amy Brenneman and Paul Adelstein, Tim Daly and Chris Lowell… they’re all going to sing! And so are Chief Webber and his real-life wife Gina, also a Broadway veteran. Aside from all the music, there will be appearances by Katherine Heigl, Brooke Smith, Sandra Oh, Justin Chambers, Chyler Leigh, Eric Dane and Taye Diggs. Basically everyone’s gonna be there. Except me. I cannot believe I have to miss this. Crap. Our crews are the people who make all of it possible. I am so excited this evening is happening to raise money for them and so so sad I won’t be there. I hope you forgive us and I hope you have a wonderful time.

With Love and Regret,
Kate Walsh

Noticeable missing from Kate‘s list of performers? Former costar Ellen Pompeo! Intentional? Maybe, maybe not!

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  • steffi

    suddenly she looks old :(

  • LINA


  • interesting

    thanks for the photos, and that’s nice to send her apologizies. I personally can’t wait to her the fan reports from what is going down on Friday. I find it interesting she doesn’t even name “ellen pompeo” in her piece LMAO…..she names everyone else but her….buwhahahha

  • q

    what the hell is going on there. Ellen is going to be there, she mentioned everyone, mention your old cast mate. that’s a low blow kate. I’m disappointed.

    I’m sad she can’t be there.

  • george

    too bad. hope she has a good trip.

    but I have to say… LOW BLOW KATE WALSH… for nor mentioning Ellens name. she seems to always start stuff with her ex costar. she shouldn’t. we haven’t seen anything from Ellen towards kate, she only wished her luck and said she’s a great actress. why does kate open doors.. why??

    I really wanted her to be there on friday. oh well.

  • kalup

    use dot like her
    now she’s proven how mean she is. you never treat people like that unless you mean harm and hate.

    bad bad kate.
    she once so much nicer to her fans and her costars.

  • hmmm

    Who’s to say Ellen didn’t do anything Kate? I don’t think that girl is all too innocent, and she was the one that was mad about the spin-off. The other GA girls obviously get along, but it’s Ellen and Kate that go their separate ways. However, that’s not a bad thing either I think. It’s workplace not a love in *shrugs*.

  • alley

    tooo bad. nice dress.

    but why do that to Ellen???
    have to agree thats a low blow by Kate.
    don’t sink low Kate. Ellen has been nice about you to the media. I think she should apologize and mention her.

  • Gy!

    OMG get over yourselves, she forgot to put her name; that´s all. and besides what if she didnt want to mention her; is her right !!!for crying out loud, is HER own letter, she writes abt whoever she wants to write abt.
    BTW she looks absolutely stunning!!! GORGEOUS as always!
    Thanks JJ!

  • sabine

    though i have no way of watching Good Medicine, i really hoped kate would be there because there’s just a million or more reasons that show will be funnier and happier with her in it. aww it sucks she can’t be part of it.. but so sweet of her to write an apology, and a funny one at that, it’s just how she would talk to someone face to face, i presume. thank you for the pics and update, Jared! is is possible she looks more and more gorgeous everytime?? hope she and Alex have a blast in Australia!

  • alley

    i like both. and I can tell you Ellen never said a mean word about Kate.
    even Katherine Heigl said once that Ellen sent Walsh greetings with her once, and we know ho honest KH is.

    and Ellen complemented her acting and wished her luck on PRP. she didn’t have to but she did. Ellen is nice and proved it. kate was nice until this low blow. I hope it was a mistake on her behalf, if so she should fix it.

  • sabine

    have to add.. i think it was unintentional to leave out ellen pompeo’s name, don’t blow things out of proportion. she could have written this in a hurry and forgot to edit, stuff like that. if she did forget ellen pompeo’s name, ya gotta cut her some slack, woman is busy. it’s not like she flat-out wrote an insult directed at ellen pompeo.

  • Kate rules!

    Leave Kate alone!
    She is a great person, she did not left Ellen out on purpose!
    Besides she doesnt have to include her, if she doesnt want to!

  • Gy!


  • Lilo

    unintentional? I don’t think so.. Like she doen’t have anyone to read what she is going to send to the press. And she mentions everyone, even the chief’s wife but forgets about the main actress… yeah, right.
    I gree, Low blow..

  • LanieCroft

    Kate looks stunning, great dress it’s perfect for showing of her legs. Sad that she can’t be in this thing. Anyway Jared thanks for the pictures.


    NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! she was the person i was most looking forward to seeing on friday. that really sucksss =[

  • ugh


  • zoe

    she looks great but i missed her red hair. kinda strange how kate missed out ellen’s name….does anyone if patrick’s going to be there? he wasn’t mentioned.

  • rae

    Maybe she forgot her name (Ellen should understand that) or maybe Ellen’s plans have changed too. Who knows? This doesn’t seem like something to freak out about or crucify one or the other over.

    Kate looks hot here. Her hair still looks really dark red in the sunlight.

  • Jessss

    I think she forgot to mention Patrick Dempsey’s name either…. so I don’t know whether it was intentional or not.

    And yeah, she really needs to promote PP, because without promotion not a soul would wanna watch that show.

  • Sara

    Dempsey doesnt even want to talk about Kate or her show when he does he disses it with a rude comment. Ellen and Dempsey are bosom buddies she has to Totally feel the same

  • Ann

    She looks like a man.

  • TJ

    #21. I want to watch that show! and I live in Aus!
    Nice dress too.

  • tam

    PD is not going he’ll be out of the country. Man this girl is whiter than me, she really needs a tan!!

    Definatly a low blow if intentional, but doesn’t suprise me ;)

  • kate walsh is a cow

    she really is a B.I.T.C.H., we don’t really know if something happen between Ellen and Kate, but Kate’s attitude is not professional.

  • marry

    I am sad now. :(

    and I do hope leaving Ellen out was a mistake on her part.
    because Ellen is really sweet and I love both. I was looking forward to seeing them both there. I am still excited to see Ellen.

  • rotti mama

    How can she forgot to mention EP?? She’s THE GREY in grey’s Anatomy…… KW is so mean…. She’s feeling superstar… helloooooo…. Wake up

  • Kate-is-love

    Great note by Kate. Who cares if she forgot to mention Ellen ? That note may have been typed wrong anyway by whoever put it online !

    Kate has prior commitments & has been busy promoting the number 1 new show all over the world.

    Patrick Dempsey won;t be there either. At least Kate bothered to send a sweet note, more power to her !

  • ANNA

    Kate looks FABULOUS. She was so funny on that Rachael Ray interview that aired yesterday.

    I love how people get all touchy that she forgot to mention EP. Who cares ? LOL. Is Ellen even going ? She didn’t mention Patrick, & he’s not going.

    #29 – you are probably right, it was probably left out of Kate’s note by whoever put it online just to stir up trouble.

    Ah well, I don’t care. We all know Kate is close to the Greys cool gang & all her friends on PrP. Kate = LOVE.

  • Kate-Walsh-Is-Love !!!

    I love this woman. She is fabulous !

    Thanks for the pics Jared :) Kate looks great !!

    Pity she won’t be at the gala, but she has already devoted a lot of time to the writer’s strike & hosted that improvisation evening a few weeks ago to raise funds.

    Hope she has some free time in Oz to enjoy the place amongst all the work.

  • abc

    Nice pics. Thanks JJ.

    Kate looks good, if a little pale in that dress. I hope she soaks up some sun-rays in Australia.

    Pity she can’t attend the benefit, but sweet of her to actually bother to send a note. (Patrick Dempsey take note – why is he missing it anyway ?)

    I love the fact that all the promo for PrP is done by Kate – she is more of a figurehead for her show, than anyone on Greys ever was.

    And YAY, One Way for Valhalla looks like finally being released !!
    A movie too !!

  • tam

    She’s always striked me as a snarky biatch. Maybe she is. PD will be in singapore, promoting Enchanted i believe, the big smash hit he was involved in. Probably be a bigger smash then anything this woman will be in.

  • S.

    Thanks JJ.

    Lovely pictures of lovely Kate. She is a walking a living goddess.

    She can be forgiven for not going since she already did give her time to host and perform for a comedy improvisation show that was also a charity event for the strike fund of United Hollywood. She didn’t need
    Shonda to tell her to do it.

  • gorgeous girl !

    lol@missing out Ellen. Maybe she isn’t attending. I wouldn’t be surprised & Kate’s PR people are going to know more than you Ellen fans ! lol@Jared stirring the Ellen fans !!!

    Kate was brill on Rachel Ray yesterday (it must have been filmed a while back). So funny. She is one of those rare actresses that actually give entertaining interviews IRL. Other actresses come over as dead boring with no personality. More power to ‘katiecat’ LOL

  • Jake

    #33 – Bitter much ? LOL. PD is typecast as McDreamy. He was the worst actor in Enchanted, totally overshadowed by Amy Adams & James Marsten. He will be nothing once Greys is finished. A second-rate 80s throwback on a soap opera. He is arrogant beyond belief.

    I love Kate. She is completely down-to-earth. Like #34 said, Kate has already been hosting benefits raising funds, promoting pet adoption & campaigning for Obama during the strike lay-off. She doesn’t need to be asked to attend something as she is one of the few that have organised something off their own back. Good on her !

    Thanks Jared for the photos. Such a beauty.

  • ally

    OMG …How sweet is Kate???
    and I’m sure she only forget to write ellen’s name or maybe it because ellen won’t be there.

    thank you jared…keep the pics coming!!!

  • curious

    I definately think it was INTENTIONAL , no offence but i always have a strong feeling that kate doesnt like ellen, and she is not even hiding it.
    Well its her life and she can do whatever she wants but i also think it was uncalled for and unprofessional.
    i mean even if she hates ellen that much, there is no way she could have forgotten to include her name, what comes to mind first when you mention grey’s to anyone is meredith grey(be it haters or fans). i most say i am really disappointed with this kind of behaviour. its not even cute or funny but totally mean. its sad how fame and fortune can corrupt pple.

  • S.

    About EP not being mentioned.

    I had read the letter before in another site, and I didn’t notice it. Kate is not the one to ever be mean, she never makes mean comments on other people, or judgmental remarks about other peoples choices. You can read, or listen to anything Kate ever said, and she is the most generous person towards her co-workers that can ever be found. It is not intentional.

    I don’t think even EP would think so.

    Only an EP fan would think so because they are as dumbest, meanest, and most jealous of real talent fans around, and they judge others by the way they behave themselves.

  • tam

    #36 not really PD isn’t even my fav actor, im getting a bit bored with him but i still think he’ll always be more famous than KW will ever be.

    Also TR Knight has said EVERYONE is going except PD and the above so…..i just say i wouldn’t be suprised if it was intentional, very unproffessional but, but hey to each and they own.

  • Lucy

    Curious – you know for a FACT that EP is attending do you ? I have to laugh at the self-righteousness of some people.

    I will bet money that either a) EP doesn’t attend (quelle surprise) or b) the source of this letter is someone who typed it on their blog, easily omitting one name (& the girl who plays the drippy Meredith is easy to forget let’s face it lol).

    The girl who posted it on her blog said she thought the e-mail letter Kate sent was very sweet & she was pleased that Kate even bothered to send it. I agree. Kate remains down-to-earth, unlike some fellow arrogant actors who think they are above such letters.

  • the voice of reason

    WORD #39 You said it !!

    “”Only an EP fan would think so because they are as dumbest, meanest, and most jealous of real talent fans around, and they judge others by the way they behave themselves.”"

    What makes me laugh is the double standards that EP fans perpetuate.

    Kate Walsh is a class act. When asked about Greys & PD on Rachel Ray yesterday she was very sweet.

    The fact that Kate can be trusted to promote the show & give interviews speaks volumes for her personality.

    The fact that Ellen was outed as a total BITCH on Punked & has never given many interviews since, speaks volumes !!

  • curious

    Lucy, yes i know for a fact she is attending because i read the blog shonda send on the info for good medicine, also the info is posted on grey’s insider check for urself.
    thing is #39 its true i am an ellen fan but i also like kate and i think se is beautiful…..however there is no way anyone can convince me that she actually forgot to include ellen’s name.
    Agreed kate is always sweet and funny but that doesnt mean she will have to like ellen….remember she didnt invite her to her wedding. Its not a crime…. she simply doesnt like her PERIOD.As for dempsey, for once let the truth sting, he is becoming arrogant which is not good. I mean even brad and angelian are not letting success go to there head…oh well. I also know that when it come to dempsey you dont mess with ellen (i dont know why , but he seem to genuiely like her).

  • Lucy

    #43 That information was posted weeks ago – it can change, as it has done with Kate dropping out LOL. Hardly word from the PR dept. Kate’s letter would have been checked by them before it was e-mailed out. If anyone is at fault it’s them !! But then maybe they know EP won’t show.

    I don’t like Ellen myself. I was disappointed in her when I saw Punked. She was a complete cow on that show. I hate how she says she’s against marriage, yet marries herself & then disses the concept. She is a contradiction of double standards. There were rumours that someone was a diva when Kate got the spin-off. No prizes for guessing who that could be lol.

    Kate always comes across as very grounded, funny & sweet. Nobody has ever said a bad word about her. On Rachael Ray yesterday they even played comments from Tim Daly & Eric Dane before Kate appeared. I think it is very kind of her to bother to send an e-mail.

  • La Mara

    WTF, you people are sooo blowing things out of proportion!!!
    Who said Kate was’nt mean?
    everybody is mean from time to time, so why not KW?
    >>because she’s a star and she has all this fans waching her all day?
    and I heard more than ones that ellen pompeo is a bitch in reallife, so maybe she did hurt kate on a more personal site, who knows?
    we don’t know everything about them(although it kind a looks like they do here at just jared)
    so just give Kate a break… and take a good look at this babe battle/cat figh!!!

  • Kate walsh fan forever!

    Bro kate just effin forgot.
    she is a mothefuckin human you know
    get over yourselves ellen fans.
    with how motherfuckin skinny ellen is shit i would forget her too!

  • Monica

    I didn’t even noticed that EP wasn’t mentioned till JJ pointed it out. I don’t know if it’s because the girl is so easy to forget or cause I just don’t care about her. ;)

  • curious

    lucy i give up…. there isnt any reason to actually continue arguing with any of you guys……..oh by the way are you seriously telling me you hate ellen becos of punked? AMAZING…why dont you just admit you never liked her in the first place? lol! . I am not saying ellen is a saint but do you seriously belief even if ellen was angry becos of the spin-off she will publicly show it? i doubt it……dont always belief what the press wrote, if anything it was dempsey who clearly strike me as not liking the idea and matter of factly showed it….i have never read where ellen was directly quoted saying anything but good on both kate and her show.
    It no crime to hate or love who ever we choose……NO CRIME AT ALL.This is the last you will hear from my side on this so called kate/ellen. Like i said i give up…YOU WIN!

  • zoom

    Shesh you EP fans really need to get over it, it was an over sight. Also EP wasn’t the only name she left off. Funny how no one noticed she left off Kadee Strictland and I’m sure that wasn’t on purpose either. I’ve also heard that Taye’s wife Idina is going to sing too and Kate didn’t mention that either. Lets face it a ton of people are going to be at the show, Kate feels really bad she can’t be there and had the class to send out an email apologizing for not being there.

  • Monica

    And on a side note. She looks beautiful on the photos above.