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Kate Walsh Shops Her Smiles Away

Kate Walsh Shops Her Smiles Away

No smiles here!

Kate Walsh and her movie exec husband Alex Young kept straight faces on during a shopping spree around the trendy Paddington area in Sydney, Australia on Wednesday.

The couple spent big on Scanlon & Theodore tops and Tsubi jeans.

Kate, 40, is in town to promote her medical drama, Private Practice. Alex, co-president of Twentieth Century Fox Films, is in town to check on production of the Hugh Jackman‘s X-Men spin-off movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Walsh shopping her smiles away…

Just Jared on Facebook
kate walsh no smiles 01
kate walsh no smiles 02
kate walsh no smiles 03
kate walsh no smiles 04
kate walsh no smiles 05
kate walsh no smiles 06
kate walsh no smiles 07
kate walsh no smiles 08
kate walsh no smiles 09
kate walsh no smiles 10
kate walsh no smiles 11
kate walsh no smiles 12
kate walsh no smiles 13

Photos: Ben McDonald/
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  • Kim

    Love her! Don’t even care about the bashing
    Thanks for the pics, JJ!
    Keep the pictures coming

  • alya

    IS he a Russia fan??coz he’ve got a t-shirt with russian language print ,where is writing “athletic federation Star”,very interesting,coz im russian)

  • Natalie

    Keep the pics coming indeed :) Kate is tres belle !

    Thanks everyone for the links. I love my fellow Kate fans :)

  • cutiepie

    She looks beautiful in that first picture and I wouldnt be all smiley either if I had cameras following me around all over the place.

  • elodie

    no justin chambers pic?i miss him….

  • beautiful-girl

    Wonder what they’re laughing at here :-

    Kate is wearing that gold locket again. She loves her long necklaces. Haven’t seen the monkey one for a while lol.

  • Here’s The Deal

    Since when do KW and EP fans not like each other? Y’all are hating on each other as of there’s a feud going on or something. :-|

    Kate is a beautiful woman. Her hair is always amazing—lustrous locks full of volume and not a single hair out place. I’m jealous.

  • love-this-girl :)

    Thanks for photos Jared.

    Love seeing Kate shopping. Those pics on the link are fab – lol@Kate’s fashion show for Alex.

  • Love love love

    #57 – check out the previous Kate thread for some bitchy posts from Ellen fans. Luckily the voices of reason have now spoken !

    I’m jealous of Kate’s hair too. Wasn’t keen on the darker color at first but it has grown on me :)

  • tam

    she never really smiles around him….why??

  • laurie

    What a HOT couple.

  • Brainysmurf

    Tam, you must not really look at Kate pictures because she is always smiling around her husband. I have especially noticed that in candids taken from far away they both always have these cute little grins on their faces. I also notice that when Kate talks about him in interviews, you can almost hear the smile in her voice. True, sometimes they are not smiling because that is life. You don’t have a smile plastered on your face 24/7. It doesn’t mean you are not happy.

    To the poster who said Kate is lucky that her husband is rich because she will have nothing after the show is over. I agree with you-it is nice to be married to a successful husband who can support you rather that mooch off of you. However, I am certain Kate can take care of herself. She was a working actor before PrivatePractice/Grey’s and she will continue. Plus, Kate has a college degree. On a recent interview she said that if acting didn’t work out she thought about teaching English. I personally would love to have Kate join our noble profession.

    I’m also jealous of Kate’s hair.

  • anonymous

    #60 You dumbass bitch mother f-ker. Yes she does. If you would check out all pics posted from this set on the Kate site.

  • Karla

    Aww Kate looks amazing, fab outfit. Her&Alex are too cute.
    & if you do follow the links people have posted you will see that she was smiling alot. It just so happens there’s 10 pictures where she isn’t… like anyone smiles all the time, every second of the day.

  • Ailene

    Great pics. They are always so happy together & Brainy Smurf is right, you can tell Kate is in love, she gets all giggly in interviews when she talks about him. So sweet :)

    Thanks for photos Jared !

  • Kalexislove

    Kalex:D They are so cute and sweet. I love the pics of them on the French site, especially the one where she leans down to kiss him. They are adorable.

  • Courtney

    omg she looks gorgeous!

  • Swedish

    thank you so much for the pictures. LOVE KATE AND ALEX!!

    thank you guys for all the links. =)

  • TomKatfan

    Sweet couple. I enjoyed looking at all the sweet pics on the Kate Walsh fansite. Thanks for the links. Ill watch her show when it comes on in the fall.

  • MovieWatcher

    Her hair always looks so healthy

  • Magna

    Seems like she’s taking shopping seriously. Lol.

  • rae

    I love her jacket. She always has on a gorgeous jacket. She’s so cute dressed casually though. I think she’s cuter dressed casually than dressed up.

  • Jillybean

    I love her purse……does anyone know what it is?????


    Thanks 4 the pics JJ
    But there are more pics of that set, like the ones kate fans have been posting where Kate is smiling!
    Maybe u should got that ones too, or maybe u wanted more EP fans talking shit abt kate.

  • Katefan4ever

    Kate and Alex are my fav couple. They are so cute. Alex is such a gentleman and nice guy. I love that Kate married a real man who can support himself, who is very successful and powerful.
    I love Kate’s jacket and her hair looks great as always.

    I love Kate:D

  • emma

    love kalex! kate is the best she is so hot!
    thanks jj!

  • TJ

    Tsubi jeans are great too :)

  • John

    It always get sad to know she is married. I want to marry her.
    I love her Cadillac comercials “When you turn your car on does it return the favor?” Kate Walsh you turn me on anyday.

    They are a cute couple though.

  • KWRocks

    I love how they hold hands. Kalex Rocks and Kate Rocks.

    Jared Rocks for giving me Kate pics!

  • zoe

    she looks great for her age. love what she’s wearing and her hair!

  • geoff

    to hoping she makes more Cadillac commercials!

  • jamie

    I think she will, if she has the time. Cadillac named her the “Cadillac icon”. Her commercial was chosen to air during the Oscars and the Super Bowl, in the most expensive adverticing spots.

    I love in the interviews that she talks about teaching English. It is great that she has a college education so she can do whatever really. It is sad that some stars iin certain TV shows are high school dropouts. I love that Kate chose to get an education.

  • Jillybean

    Does anyone know where she got her beautiful purse??

  • Jen

    Jillybean #83 – Not sure where she got the purse. I agree, it’s beautiful. Looks like very soft leather. I’m sure I’ve seen pics before of Kate carrying a similar looking bag in camel.

    Gorgeous girl !

  • kate rules!

    more kalex or kate pics JJ!!! please!! :D

  • X-MENFAn

    Her husband is awesome. I am a big fan X-Men movie.

    His wife is fucking hot!

  • Elle

    I love the dark hair better than I did at first. It looks very clean pulled back and her hair in the loose curves is perfect.
    She is so pretty im overly jealous of her. :)
    And for fourty she looks fabulous.

    But JARED she was smiling during the shopping trip. Kate always smiles, don’t say she wasn’t please. I saw so many pictures with a big grin from her.

  • KatePrPfan

    new pics a photoshoot from Australia

    she is sooo pretty. i want her long hot legs!

  • mischa

    ^ Thank you for the link! :)

  • kate rocks my world!

    OMG thanks 4 the link!
    She looks absolutely HOT!!!

    KATE WALSH is the most beautiful woman on earth!!!

  • sarah

    She’s fucking HOT!! lol I loved the interviewon NOVA in sydney, when she said her sear word, just because in creole it’s a more strange and funny word!ahahahah!!

  • Kate-Walsh-Is-Love
  • leyla

    kate walsh returns to grey’s anatomy!!! (for one episode at least!)

  • kate rocks my world!

    Thanks 4 the links!
    Kate is so cute!
    Loved what she said abt Alex getting home and seeing her making out with Tim Daly on TV!
    Poor Alex!
    Kate on Greys yay! They really need her, the show sucks without her!
    But she belongs in PrP!

  • Lisa

    Kate is gorgeous. Thanks for the links everyone. Some great pics on that French fansite.

  • Thatsfunny

    The reason that Katherine Strickland fans aren’t complaining is because she doesn’t have any fans. Have ya’ll ever seen her “act?” The only “fans” that she has are not really her fans, they are just kiss asses of her husband’s fanbase. Apparently they all believe that sucking up to his spouse is going to make a difference for his career, too bad she’s a SUCK actress and “PP” is a suck show so everything fits.