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Lindsay Lohan - "Paper" Magazine March 2008

Lindsay Lohan -

Lindsay Lohan declares “I am what I am” in the March 2008 issue of Paper Magazine.

The photographs were taken by famed photographer Jeremy Scott at the W Hotel in Westwood. Styling by Marcell Rocha.

Here’s a tiny preview of the article: “After a few well-publicized bumps in the road and a wild girlhood spent under scrutiny, Lindsay Lohan emerges strong, ready to work and without regrets. Girl, you’re a woman now.”

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  • steffi

    she looks good :)

  • rachelc

    these are pretty cool pics!~!

  • Vanessa

    Why the obsession to be 1st? :P

  • Daniel day-louis


  • ////////////// shes broke and yuck

    how many azz shot she gonna give us, looks like a cheap $2.oo plastic hoe. ewwwwwww

  • luckyL

    She is distasteful now. Please stop. I seriously loved this girl before.

  • kiki

    why is she on like almost every freaken magazine cover, what is she promoting?
    sick of her

  • luckyL

    And why are people being sycophantic towards her lately?

  • Joanie

    lol – no comments here xD
    i know it inst Lilo’s fault – its Paris Hilton an Bitney that got her like that… xD in part oh well… thats another lost star xD

  • fattie



  • ban the cult of $cientology

    a slut and alcoholic is what you are hun

  • amber

    This girl is so desperate to stay relevant, lol. Poor girl….

  • movie fan

    Nobody “gets you like that”. People make their OWN choices. That’s the talk of an addict — “it’s someone else’s fault I did what I did”…, No, it’s YOUR fault.

    And it’s Lindsay’s fault and still is. She’s still going to clubs, still trying to get attention by taking her clothes off, and still not acting like a serious actress. If you want to be known for being naked and partying, keep it up, Lindsay. If you want to be known as an actress, look around at the other girls your age you have been so jealous of for their acclaim and respect — Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansen, Keira Knightley, hell, even those younger like Ellen Page and Saorsie Ronan — and notice that they are better known for what they do ONSCREEN than offscreen.

  • go back to red

    those photos are horrendous

  • l

    Too bad who she is sucks.

  • molly

    Sorry, but she looks TERRIBLE.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    is this really all she has to do?

  • lurkersville

    QUEEN OF THE RAZZIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lindsay Lohan cleaned up at the 28th Golden Raspberry Awards on Saturday night, with her horror-suspense movie “I Know Who Killed Me” setting a new record for the most Razzies in one year.

    At the ceremony, which honors the worst in film, “I Know Who Killed Me” beat out the previous Razzie record-holder, Showgirls, by “rounding up eight awards including worst actress and worst screen couple for Lohan (she plays two people) and worst picture.”

  • josephine

    how on earth does she get on so many covers? she’s never done anything to prove she’s talented…

  • eme

    “After a few well-publicized bumps in the road…” – “A few”? More like DAILY.

    So… becoming a boozed up, club-hopping, promiscuous, coke-addict — add two rehab stunts into the mix… and the results: she’s officially become a “woman.” Seriously?

    What’s sexy about looking washed up and 40 at 21?



  • Oleander

    Lindsay Lohan doesn’t age well and she’s only in her 20′s……

  • r

    haters!! shes more worthy of magazine covers then any of you prolly ever will be. luv you linds.

  • Chelsey

    Im really interested in knowing if ANYONE really thinks this girl is pretty? She really isnt, and Im not hating, im spreadin an opinion…

    She just isnt attractive, I really never thought she was, but shes such a slut and so arrogant, yuck. Shes just BLAH!!

    Spend time interviewing celebs that are actually attractive and can actually hold an intelligent conversation and talk about things that are worthwhile.

  • Brandi

    Knowing, all the drugs she took no wonder she looks so digusting and horrible.

  • cait

    Nice body—-her face isn’t pretty at all—-.

  • justa mia

    She’s lame. Says she’s young, so she parties. Every time she’s interviewed she says “is that so wrong?” Yah, it is, stupid. YOu’re not 18 any more. Successful actors are known for their WORK, not their PLAY TIME! She is so over.

  • Caty22

    My God. Terrible photos! Is she kidding? This is more like a parody than a tribute to the icon. It seems that she’s starting to look really old. I think I still like her in her movies, especially in ‘I Know Who Killed Me’: , anyone see it? But now……

  • cr7

    ‘i am what i am’? ya a hore! she’s a durty MOFO!!!!

  • doodoo

    she’s the sean young of our generation…her career is over

  • Carly

    This girl is a bad example for everyone – bad behaviour, too much alcohol, drugs and image of a public whore! She looks like she is in late 30′s. Media should not give too much attention to her, Paris Hilton, Amy Winehouse, Kate Moss or miserable Britney Spears (who got too much money and fame too early and ended up like mental and emotional wreckage). These girls should go to rehab for a long time. Come on, there are so many smart and healthy people who deserve mor media attention and are worth reading about than these lost souls.

  • Marta

    first this pathetic MM photos
    now this
    just horrible

  • Jules

    Cant they airbrush all those body freckles??? eeww dirty old whore

  • angie

    Why the heck is she doing this? Is she even relevant? Come on! Enough is enough! Do something worth talking about!

  • André

    i like her..i don’t why..but she has charisma.
    and i think she looks pretty when she’s not blonde.
    i guess i like this crazy self of hers.

  • bubbaness

    Her crackho of a momager is certainly working overtime trying to keep her in the press. Hate the both of them.

  • ll

    Boy, can she look any trashier?

  • bejeebus

    this is a painfully slow spiral isn’t it? when is she going to give up and go away? she had her chance and she blew it.

    accept defeat, lilo, and leave with a tiny bit of your pride left intact and a couple bucks in the bank.

    oh wait, these child stars don’t usually have a back up plan in case stardom doesn’t work out……i guess she’s screwed then.

  • Astrid

    It’s nice to see that drunk driving and rehab are reward by several magazine covers. SMH.

  • lola

    stay away from drugs kids…. this is what you will look like.

  • Yeahright

    There is NO way she is 21 years old. Maybe 31 yes, but 21? No.

  • Chica

    She is looking beat. I think she USED to be a cute girl at one time.. now she looks like a washed up, 40 year old truck stop prostitute… sad.

  • Agus!!

    horribles las fotos!!

  • lanette

    she looks she smells and she looks like a piece of chalk….

  • jenna

    Since Jenna retired from the adult industry maybe Lindsay can pick up where she left off lol!

  • renee

    those pics are a joke, i think the photographer was just f*****g with her they are soooooo yuck LMFAO, Im sure they could have come up with something better then that.

  • Laya


  • sarah

    Lindsay Lohan is beautiful, sexy and extremely talented. Anyone who is “sick of her” is full of shit and jealous.

  • MINI