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Miley Cyrus Saves a Puppy

Miley Cyrus Saves a Puppy

Miley Cyrus and dad Billy Ray Cyrus save a stray puppy on Wednesday in Los Angeles, Calif.

Look at Miley trying to get the dog to come to her. So cute!

Miley took care of the stray before reuniting the pet to its owner near their home.

Earlier today we learned that she’s a big fan of JabbaWockeeZ on Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Best Dance Crew!

30+ pictures of Miley Cyrus saving a cute puppy…

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miley cyrus stray dog 01
miley cyrus stray dog 02
miley cyrus stray dog 03
miley cyrus stray dog 04
miley cyrus stray dog 05
miley cyrus stray dog 06
miley cyrus stray dog 07
miley cyrus stray dog 08
miley cyrus stray dog 09
miley cyrus stray dog 10
miley cyrus stray dog 11
miley cyrus stray dog 12
miley cyrus stray dog 13
miley cyrus stray dog 14
miley cyrus stray dog 15
miley cyrus stray dog 16
miley cyrus stray dog 17
miley cyrus stray dog 18
miley cyrus stray dog 19
miley cyrus stray dog 20
miley cyrus stray dog 21
miley cyrus stray dog 22
miley cyrus stray dog 23
miley cyrus stray dog 24
miley cyrus stray dog 25
miley cyrus stray dog 26
miley cyrus stray dog 27
miley cyrus stray dog 28
miley cyrus stray dog 29
miley cyrus stray dog 30

Photos: Gaz Shirley/, CJ/SS/
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  • antonia aka toni

    10th time being first idc if u guys dont care.

    miley is dope. but i dont think shes gonna be a good girl once shse gets older.

  • ZANESSA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

    That’s nice of her!

  • Jennifer W

    i like miley and her dad billy ray and thats sweet of what they did for the dog. my dad always played billy ray music when i was a little girl and so he just stuck too me and i love his music.

  • Jessica

    the dog looks scared of her… i would be too.

  • leo

    I thought Scientologists are the only one’s who can save puppies?

  • kindra

    Soo sweet! OMJ this time im on the first page!! Lol. Love Miley.

  • Diama

    cool!!!!!!!!! Miley’s so cute

  • Ingrid


  • Ingrid

    I dont like miley;;

    shes ugly

  • Kayla

    Wow. She looks like a mess. But she’s cute!

  • Bre

    That’s sweet of her o_O Puppies rule!

  • i hate miley&ashley tisdale

    jared stop posting about her! down get your rating to the floors:S

  • Elle

    that’s cute

  • Julia

    Aww how cute :]
    I know she loves dogs

  • Alexandra

    guys i do like her , stop saying that she’s downing jj ratings, cause it makes you sound STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if she’s downing the ratings then why are you guys on here commenting about her! if she’s so annoying then dont pay attention to her. and if you think she’s stupid then just look in the mirror at yourselves!!!!!!!! and you should feel stupid cause you all just got told off by a little 12 year old girl from arkansas! ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your welcome miley, you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MovieWatcher

    that is a cute dog. Glad he/she was reunited with the owner

  • jbloveee

    ew shes so gross

  • cmo

    Butterface. Bit of a random publicity setup.

  • gabsterzz

    yayyy you took my tip!

  • Amanda

    Aww. That’s sweet of her.

  • Carol

    Miley is beautiful!!!!

  • hannah

    HATE her

  • hello


  • my mother is a heartless bitch

    ive officially been converted to dlisted just bcus of this post – its so hilarious – tis bout orlando bloom nd cabbage patch kid miranda kerr – titled Orlando Bloom stinks

  • Ms. scorpia

    Yea that’s sweet and all, but I hate how the media makes her out to be this perfect teen and she’s not. The whole Barbara Walters special depicted her as perfect, no questions about those tasteless photos.

  • Jughed

    Can we say, PHOTO-OP?

    Sorry to sound so cynical, but COME ON. Where is she going to find a cute puppy like that wandering the streets alone?

    It was probably like 6-feet from its home!

  • maju oiq

    first? qq primeiro galere oie

  • maju oiq

    first? aeae primeira pag galere oie

  • Daniela

    she looks tow up

  • Danah

    Her career is so hyped up. Everything they do is fake, made up for publicity.

  • logical

    okay, so this was nice of her.
    but still, the dog looks better then her.
    she might be doing this to get more people on her pretty side.
    hmm Miley, i swear i never knew u had one. :|

  • Michelle


  • AThinker

    I hope they will always maintain a close father/daughter relationship. It is cool to see and it does make a difference

  • kelli

    wow, how set up was that?

    miley was off wandering the streets with her dad and the paps just HAPPEN to be there and the stray dog just HAPPENS to be wandering around.

    her publicist must be doing a good job.

  • JB#1fan

    aww i <3 miley she’s awesome, and her saving that poor puppy was soooo sweet of her. I guess growing up on a farm, really makes you loooove animals. And STOP SAYING SHE’S UGLY!!! She looks a heck of alot better then some of us do without make up. Admit it. If you dont like her, don’t post. Simple as that. She’s out there saving the world when what are you doing? sitting on the computer writing trash about her that isn’t true. For haters out there, GET A LIFE.

  • Amy

    Kool! See people! Even celebrities in their teens can do good deeds!!!!!! YAY MILEY!!!!!!!!! LUV HER!!!! SHE’S KOOL!!!!!!

  • fuck miley

    ugh i hate her

  • jessicaMISERALBAhasFLEES

    She looks like she’s 25! What an unattractive young lady! She has her father’s moon face!

  • hailey

    She has a smokers voice.

  • C

    it looks like shes wearing nick jonas’ medical alert.

  • :)

    I like her sweat suit!

  • christine x3

    aww how nice :)

  • evelyn

    Miley is a BITCH and UGLY and STUPPPD




  • http://thisone sara kepter

    kk no offense but everyone saves stray dogs but it only gets realized when she does it typical

  • luckyL

    Lol, at the dog not really being a stray since it has a home

  • Savannah


  • lu

    wtf why would you ever sit on a pavement with juicy sweats on . ill never do that with mine .

  • Yikes

    Sounds like 10 year olds on this board I hate you, I love you.I love the Jonas Brothers oh please.

    I have found many a stray wandering with a collar and would do the same thing and I am no star. They could have let animal conrol come and cost the owner $$ or worse the dog put down if not found by the owner.
    Set up when aren’t the paps hounding anyone even semi famous?
    What would you have her wear an evening gown everyday? Yes I do chores in my Bagley Miska dress all the time. Nothing like Swarovski crystals to reflect my shinning windows and scrubbed toliet.

    We need no more Spears, Lohans and Simpsons. They trash it up plenty.
    I hope her dad stays close and keeps her grounded .

  • Jes

    She’s like what 14 years old. She likes dogs. I don’t think its really that abnormal that someones dog would get away. It happens with my dog all the time. She brought the dog back. People usually do things like that. But hey, she’s Miley Cyrus. She can’t possibly do something nice without it being staged or being for publicity, right?

    I swear people have this mental note that celebrities aren’t real. They are real people. She’s young. She doesn’t need to go out with tons of makeup on everyday. For all those who are saying she’s ugly, are you perfect? I’m sure if you were in her position you would be called ugly as well.


  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    the dog’s cutier.