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Miley Cyrus Saves a Puppy

Miley Cyrus Saves a Puppy

Miley Cyrus and dad Billy Ray Cyrus save a stray puppy on Wednesday in Los Angeles, Calif.

Look at Miley trying to get the dog to come to her. So cute!

Miley took care of the stray before reuniting the pet to its owner near their home.

Earlier today we learned that she’s a big fan of JabbaWockeeZ on Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Best Dance Crew!

30+ pictures of Miley Cyrus saving a cute puppy…

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miley cyrus stray dog 01
miley cyrus stray dog 02
miley cyrus stray dog 03
miley cyrus stray dog 04
miley cyrus stray dog 05
miley cyrus stray dog 06
miley cyrus stray dog 07
miley cyrus stray dog 08
miley cyrus stray dog 09
miley cyrus stray dog 10
miley cyrus stray dog 11
miley cyrus stray dog 12
miley cyrus stray dog 13
miley cyrus stray dog 14
miley cyrus stray dog 15
miley cyrus stray dog 16
miley cyrus stray dog 17
miley cyrus stray dog 18
miley cyrus stray dog 19
miley cyrus stray dog 20
miley cyrus stray dog 21
miley cyrus stray dog 22
miley cyrus stray dog 23
miley cyrus stray dog 24
miley cyrus stray dog 25
miley cyrus stray dog 26
miley cyrus stray dog 27
miley cyrus stray dog 28
miley cyrus stray dog 29
miley cyrus stray dog 30

Photos: Gaz Shirley/, CJ/SS/
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142 Responses to “Miley Cyrus Saves a Puppy”

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  1. 101
    madi Says:

    Without all of the rudeness you just said, I think your right. People go to church and people save animals but she gets alot of credit, and when someone not famous saves an animal, we don’t get anything. I agree with jenny, but I’m not that rude. Yes, she did put those gross pics on myspace, but she’s just a normal person like all of us. Don’t say that you have never took pics of you and your friends. Maybe she didn’t know they were that bad. At first, i thought they were disgusting, but then I just relized she’s just normal. Please people, don’t trash people that you don’t know. It’s rude. Don’t say that she’s perfect in every way and don’t say that she’s stupid or retarded because she’s not. You should like someone for who they are. I’m sure most of you only like her for what she’s become

  2. 102
    the princess of the midwest Says:

    STOP i am sick and tired of people hating miley she didn’t do anything,
    and for your information she is far from ugly,shes cute and pretty in my
    eyes so leave her alone.Oh and if you say shes ugly then theres a fifty
    fifty chance that you’re jealous so just leave her alone and get a gamn
    life like god.

  3. 103
    Coop Says:

    **** you **** miley

  4. 104
    Coop Says:

    Alexandra I agree with you

  5. 105
    Crackerjack Says:

    what street are they on?

  6. 106
    i love miley cyrus a lot - Says:

    i love miley she looks cute and i hate all the people who hate her i think dey should look in the mirror first to see how dey look and then comment about someone else love u miley

  7. 107
    concerned Parent Says:

    I just don’t understend why eneryone don’t leave her alone.. Every teenage girl jokes around and shows their bra, takes different photos with their friends or silly stuff like that. SOOO what if she does it!! LET HER HAVE HER PRIVATE LIFE ALREADY!!! My daughter looks up to her and I don’t mind.. Atleast shes not bar hopping at 15 or doing drugs..

  8. 108
    Liv Says:

    I really never liked her.. All these racy pictures of her don’t help.. and I also don’t like how all the paparazzi crawl all over her like she’s the new hotness.
    She’s honestly not.
    I understand that the paparazzi getting all up in her grill isn’t her fault, so don’t get on my back about that, but I’ve saved stray animals before, and you don’t see me all over the internet.

  9. 109
    Bri Says:

    Uhh first of all….did you even look CLOSELY at the dog’s neck…there is collar with an id thing. It isnt a stray dog. Miley is just trying to get more attention

  10. 110
    Bri Says:

    Never mind….it was wandering around…sorry dont ask about the other one i didnt read the whole thing

  11. 111
    Bri Says:

    Never mind….it was wandering around…sorry dont ask about the other one i didnt read the whole thing

  12. 112
    aleksandra platek ola Says:

    The dog is so cute anyway my favorite song is see you again i so love you and i know the song see you again and i love your movies on the tv and sorry to say this but are you real because my friend says that you are fake but i don’t believe in my friend so i believe in you anyway tootles and my name is ola this is my phonenumber +17735018942.

  13. 113
    4 Says:

    **** ***** ****** ****

  14. 114
    mILEY CYRUS Says:

    guys that is soo hurtful im sorry for all the racy photos of me :o(((((((((((\
    Can u Forgive moi

  15. 115
    Meee... Says:

    Can’t you guys frickin read!?
    It says “Miley took care of the stray before reuniting the pet to its owner near their home.”
    The puppy has an owner, of course its gonna have a collar..

    Miley looks great.. i love her outfit =D

  16. 116
    Meeeeeee Says:

    omg seen state !!

  17. 117
    Allie Says:

    thats soo sweet miley is soo sweet

  18. 118
    Inseparable08 Says:

    Dude. She didn’t save the dog. She just found it walking on the sidewalk and returned it. The dog was gonna return anyways. People are so dumb. Saying she’s a hero for finding a dog 7 feet from its home. Oh wow. It was on the sidewalk as seen in pictures. Notice how when she’s trying to get the dog to come to her, it starts walking towards the street. She could’ve killed it! I don’t blame the dog from trying to run away from her. “Please, anything but that bucktoothed beaver to eat me!” Yeah, I can see that happening! =D

  19. 119
    that's amöre!!! Says:

    That is so sweet!! I really doubt that this was a set up since paparazzi follow these popular stars everywhere. They happened to be there which is expected since they almost always trail these stars

  20. 120
    dunnotstalkme!! Says:

    awww the doggie is sooo cute!!!!!!!! but miley’s outfit…ewww

  21. 121
    jo Says:

    umm does she walk around with her hand in the peace sign? she must get awful cramps in that hand!

  22. 122
    lou lou 08' Says:

    miley that was sooooooooooo nice of you and the dog does look scared of you
    i wander what’s the dogs nameis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i feel for you girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. 123
    Nicole Says:

    All the time she is looking at the camera like,
    “Oh, I am saving a puppy, take pictures, so people can see I am not a bad person!”
    So guess what Miley? you still a *****

  24. 124
    michelle muniz from Says:

    I go 2 greenfield school 6th now uuuummmmmmmmm u stupit peeps need 2 leave miley alone u r the stupit /dumb/ugly haters she nice and carrying and sweet u haterzzzz oooooooooh u got told by 12 year old

  25. 125
    sandip Sandhu Says:

    she is sos sweet shes my role model

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