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Rihanna is a Bowling Babe

Rihanna is a Bowling Babe

Rihanna plays a game of ten-pin bowling with friends ahead of her performance at the BRIT Awards at the Bloomsbury Lanes last Tuesday in London, England.

During her night out bowling, Rihanna revealed she’s a big art collector: : “I’m not a big spender, but I do like to buy art.

“My favorite canvas is a Ronnie Wood one. He painted a portrait of Bob Marley and as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it.

“It’s very rare that you get a painting of a legend painted by a legend, so I had to get it.”

25+ pictures inside of bowling babe Rihanna

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rihanna bowling babe 01
rihanna bowling babe 02
rihanna bowling babe 03
rihanna bowling babe 04
rihanna bowling babe 05
rihanna bowling babe 06
rihanna bowling babe 07
rihanna bowling babe 08
rihanna bowling babe 09
rihanna bowling babe 10
rihanna bowling babe 11
rihanna bowling babe 12
rihanna bowling babe 13
rihanna bowling babe 14
rihanna bowling babe 15
rihanna bowling babe 16
rihanna bowling babe 17
rihanna bowling babe 18
rihanna bowling babe 19
rihanna bowling babe 20
rihanna bowling babe 21
rihanna bowling babe 22
rihanna bowling babe 23
rihanna bowling babe 24
rihanna bowling babe 25

Photos: Dave Hogan/Getty
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  • Jule


  • commonplace

    all that pink!

  • camille

    that new haircut makes her look like a guy

  • Squidward Head REE

    REE is so flipping ugly and has no talent.

  • rita

    sucha classy girl; you go buy them art! love her

  • LINA


  • Rainman

    No mattet what she does she still can not get passed the no TALENT.

  • cutie

    rihanna just need attention every where she goes she need to pay for voice training

  • NOT


  • Chris

    The bowling ball must be the babe

  • http://15 Rihanna

    Is RIHANNA 15 years old??

  • Cali girl

    She is a dull singer and performer.

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Rihanna bowling? Must be a slow pic day.

  • Boris

    Love her!

  • LINA

    i don’t like her hair

  • Stella

    She is just hot for the moment. I can’t see Rihanna’s career even lasting ten years.

  • YUCK


  • d
  • d
  • Cassie

    she is stiff, lacks charisma, and she cant sing



  • bs

    Her music is horrible. She’s mostly selling on her looks.

  • dot

    Her voice may not be top notch, but she’s entertaining…

  • Crack is Wack

    She looks like a cracked out Whitney Houston

  • Riyonce

    Hey Rihanna, when you’re lip-syncing the mic has to stay NEAR the mouth while you’re still “singing” on the TRACK :-)



  • lulu

    I like Umbrella but I think Rihanna sucks personally and has very little talent, but thats just my opinion.



  • hairclub for women

    Rihanna, try me!



  • scarlett

    Bowling alley photo-ops? Her publicist must be desperate.



  • sandie

    I like her and I like that she looks her age. She is fun and she is just Rihanna!

  • rosie

    I’m NEUTRAL about rihanna, don’t really love her nor do i hate her.

    But, apart from her hit “Umbrella”, she hasn’t really made such a huge mark. and THAT SONG COULD’VE GONE TO ANY SINGER.

    So, i guess, i’m on the fence about her right now. right now, she’s just LUCKY to have the right song at the right time. Guess we’ll all have to wait how her next album is received, then the bashing (or the worshipping for that matter) can continue.

  • http://15 Rihanna

    Rihanna is 15 years old.

  • http://deleted J.W.

    why black people are so dumb (excel only at music, sports, and non-cognitive activities)

  • rolling eyes

    I wonder why all of a sudden there’s so much hate speech about this girl.

    I do recall not too long ago, she had up tp 100 praises on each post and now people are bashing her. The public can be so fickle and full of crap.

    Honestly tell me why she suddenly doesn’t have the support she once had from you posters. Did Umbrella finally get played too many times so you now decide instead of attacking the music you attack her physical appearence and her race!

    Wow I never knew people could be so pathetic. I know your face can’t be seen so you think you have an excuse to be pathetic, but come on, aren’t most of you americans, thus representing how americans think (if you even think at all)

    Also that whole, her forehead is big bit, is really old, don’t americans know how to be innovative with their prejudice, racism, and narrow-mindedness. I know americans are limited in their vocabulary and abilty to expand their thought process, but you could try a little harder, its not like the subject matter is particulary difficult.

  • ili

    she’s gorgous. i love her

  • TPI

    ^lol…I think someone has sour grapes. Unless you own the site, you don’t know if the majority of these posters are American.

    As for this girl getting 100+ posts of praises, I doubt it. That was just a Rihanna fan’s/troll named Famous’s handy work when they weren’t busy posting nasty comments about Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Garner and just about every other celeb here.

  • BEN


  • rory

    why does she have to wear so much make-up? she’s only out for bowling! :S

  • rory

    actually, I don’t really have a problem with her and I totally agre with Rolling Eyes!

  • sweets

    too pink

    and im sorry but she used to look good
    now her style is horrible
    and her haircut makes her look 50
    i dont get how the critics like it
    its clearly terrible on her

  • viv

    men she is pretty but she is always trying to do too much

  • kathy

    I would like to go shopping with her. I just luv her style

  • Tonya


  • Brooke

    how does she do that lol…

  • rolling eyes

    Thank you Rory

    I should’ve probably mentioned I’m not a fan of hers either, but the crude comments about her appearence instead of her music just got so tiresome…

    Oh and I don’t have sour grapes I’m perfectly content…lol but reading it now I can see why you might think so…

  • rory

    people, we are sooo mean! we always say rude and cruel things about celebrities but we don’t even know them! I think we’re just a little jealous…
    and this thing about her forehead. well, it’s not like she can do anything about it, except some kind of plastic surgery. but thank God she’s not having plastic surgery every week!!! :S

  • luanna

    what the hell…. HATERZ to the max. u all sound like witches around a cauldron.

    someone please enlighten me as to why ppl go out of their way ( actually take the time to write a comment )to make nasty comments about Rihanna or any other star for that matter….. I just don’t get it. i dont like half of the stars who are on this website but i dont go on and rant about how much i hate them or their appearance. get a grip.