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The Spice Girls: The Final Show

The Spice Girls: The Final Show

The Spice Girls wrapped up the final show of their world tour. Here’s their farewell message from their official blog:

“Our time is up… we’ve come to the end of the road… there are tears of both sadness and joy. Look how far we’ve come!

Who would have thought that our reunion could have turned out to be this amazing? It just shows what can grow out of an exciting thought, an idea, a hope, a dream. Yes, our reunion tour is proof that dreams do come true.

We have been lucky enough to have shared it with the most loyal fans in the world. Ten years on, you came back still wanting more… and it looks like we made some new friends along the way. You have inspired and ignited us with each show, the 47 that we performed, each time was amazing and it is thanks to you.

So we look to the future with hope and imagination and let Girl Power live on through all of you as it will continue in us and the future generations to come.

We have learnt so much through you and through each other.

“Never give up on the good times always believe in the love you find.”

We hate goodbyes but sadly the time has come to take our final bow so maybe our song says it best:

“Goodbye my friend, it’s not the end… So glad we made it, time will never ever change it… “

Mission Accomplished…


Emma, Geri, Mel B, Melanie C and Victoria

Cruz Beckham Breakdances Onstage at Final Spice Girls Concert
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  • morgan

    aww so cute 1st.

  • Mikian


  • Mikian

    Awww…im sad the spice girls are done…and i never got to watch =(

  • hmm…

    good riddance!! no more middle aged dried out spices screeching/ lipsyncing garbage children’s music.

  • Charlene

    awwww he is so cute

  • Sottos

    Thank You Girls! I know this wont be the end with us! I can’t wait for a new tomorrow from you !

    Love you

    Sottos Greece!

  • miss_nyc

    How can they dare say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED when they did not fulfill their promise of a WORLD TOUR?

    America, Canada, the UK & Spain is NOT the WORLD

  • lavenderskye

    Such a cutie-pie!!! =)

  • the shiznack

    congrats spice girls this was an even bigger money scam than scientology , kudos

    i guess victoria gets to bk to L.A. and hang with her loser bezzie mate katie ‘the robot’ homes and pretend that they are fashionista’s

  • the shiznack

    i also dread the day Cruz goes to an american school

    no matter who’s kid u are, doing that sh*t on stage, as cute as it is equals to an infinity amount of smackdowns in high school – i’d come packin heat if i were u

    but then again if i were u i’d take daddys money and move to the carribean or the south of france

  • the shiznack

    on the other hand i can also see Victoria pimping out Cruz and making him record a rap album or sumthin and do his breakdancing in his video cruzified style

  • Jenny london

    You should post this video i found of them taking their final bow with their kids at the final concert:

  • becky

    aww i wanted them to come to australia :[

  • 008

    Wow. that kid is awesome lol.

  • corry

    OMG…Cruz is adorable boy!!!!

  • Shelley

    Mission accomplished?

    Come to Australia and all the other places you cancelled, and then fucking tell us that you’ve achieved something.

  • stella

    pimping her son now that her career and that of her husband are over. the woman has no shame and please before any of you reply to this, think!

  • Maybe?

    Maybe we can now hope that they (especially VB) will fade away into obscurity? And what are all of you talking about? That kid is sooo NOT CUTE in the least! DB should have held out for a better “gene-pool” than fug-face Victoria!

  • cathy

    Stella – I so agree with you who on earth put their 3 year old kid on stage like that. The first time it was supposed to be something that he did spontaneously, but this is PRACTISED. Supposing this had been Britney, can u imagine the uproar and criticism for her for pimping out her kids???? Hate the beckhams because now they are even pimping their kids out. How gross.

  • Russian Girl

    Cruz is soooooo cute!!!

  • bejeebus

    geri has awesome legs.

  • Nando

    Haha! That was cute!

    I’ve been a fan of the Spice Girls ever since they debuted in the ’90s. I’m so glad I got to attend one of their shows for this tour. My first concert ever was a Spice Girls concert in Orlando, FL in 1998…but Geri had left the group. 10 years later, I got to go to another Spice Girls concert with all 5 girls!!! WOOO!!!!

    I will miss the Spice Girls.

    I wish each and every one of them the best in life.

  • talula

    Thank god. Now hopefully they will all disappear.

  • mundoconspice

    Music and tears
    Toronto: The Spice Girls Group R.I.P.

    Todo lo bueno se acaba.
    Todo lo bello se marchita.
    Todos los amigos se separan.
    Pero todos tus “fants” seremos fieles a la memoria del grupo, por la distancia no puede ir a ninguno de los 47 conciertos, pero disfruté por medio de youtube su grandeza de espectáculo y glamour de 5 bellas damas inglesas.
    Emma Bunton por favor en nombre de tus segidores no deje que “The Spice Girls” se separen, solo usted puede lograrlo.
    Ver los 1 comentarios

  • http://none kitty zingale

    hey cruz was amazing i didnt know a 3year old could do that. victoria did well at the concer they all did now we can look forwards to her dvb jeans!

  • me!


    i saw them in december in LA. they are awesome! and how cute is wee cruz?

  • ☆ Paradise ☆

    Only one word; Gorgeous :-)

  • stefanie

    Wow, the tour is done. Good. So can we send all those Brit broads back to England?

  • The maven

    Thank God, its Ova, they can all go back to obscurity and we’ll neva have to talk about them.

  • Daisy [R O C K S]

    I went to the concert and it was AMAZING.

  • MovieWatcher

    It is sad that some of you seem to act like getting older is something that can be avoided. It’s life.

  • Daisy [R O C K S]

    I went to the concert and it was AMAZING. Everyone was screaming and i swear she waved to me :P

  • Dan

    The Spice Girls Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They are the best.

    PS: Emma I LOVE YOU

  • enkee

    oh spice girls viva forever UNFORTUNATELLY so much SPICE GIRLS come back for us. I LOVE . yes IM MONGOLIAN. I LOVE MONGOLIA also

  • enhee

    oh yeah WE ARE ONE. I LOVE YOU READER. GOD BLESS YOU.US.ALL HUMAN. inthis time world have economic crisis. we have little money. but we have ONE HEART. yeah. i have a poor command of english. but its no problem. you have one life so you must love your everything.ok. GOOD LUCK GO UP. YOU CAN