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American Idol 7 — Who Got Kicked Off?

American Idol 7 — Who Got Kicked Off?

Click inside to find out who got kicked off from tonight’s American Idol


Guys: Jason Yeager and Alexandrea Lushington

Girls: Alaina Whitaker and Robbie Carrico

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Photos: Michael Becker/FOX
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  • m2l

    oooooooh i’m first

    i love american idol waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw

  • mond


  • Nata

    Soo sadd!!!!! A was really good!!!

  • laura

    i think this elimination was ridiculous… alaina and robbie should have made the top 12!!!

  • Nata

    Soo sadd!!!!! A was really good!!!!!!!! All the girls were good

  • gina

    did anyone see when ryan seacrest went to touch alexandrea and she pulled back fast? lol

  • Sophie

    Did you guys saw when David Archuleta was crying over Alexandrea’s elimination?? It was kinda cute, I guess!

  • Ang

    aww! it sucks to see people go.. but alot of them didnt chose the right song.. according to the judges..

  • jbloveee

    Alaina does not deserve to be off she was so good kicking her off was a big mistake.

  • gabsterzz

    he was so adorable when he was crying
    i busted out laughing when danny noriega was crying

  • jj

    1st Omg bye people

  • Riley

    aww i liked Alaina

  • pookie

    ALAINA GOT OUT??!?!?
    wtf shes good!!!

  • Ally

    ALEXANDREA!!! AHHH!!! NOOO!!!!! SHE WAS MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!! :( rele pissed now

  • ramielefan

    omg yeah gabsterzz hah i busted out laughing too
    but i liked david he was my bfff

  • Ally

    lol!! same here! i was laughing when danny and david were crying but it was so sweet!

  • hannah

    i LOVE David Archuleta

  • Chelly

    aww, man! :’(
    I was really sad to hear when Alexandrea got voted off.
    She was my favourite girl contestant :’(

  • bad

    i like alaina and alexandrea….sad to see them go..i
    it should be carly who got kicked off, she doesn’t have the charisma…

  • jack

    aaaww.not robbie!!

  • Stacy

    ROBBIE SHOULD still be on the show!! WTF?!? I seriously cried!! Go Michael though!!

  • lizzyvnessa

    Alaina was sooooooo good! i’m so mad she got voted off.
    I started crying. I felt so bad. the girl who was almost voted off should of been voted off!

    Alaina should get a record deal.

  • ur ass bitch

    im in love with David A. when he started to cry i wanted to give him a hug. he was so sad. I love him anyway!!! <3

  • me

    omg all of them were so good!!! wht did they have to go? what’s up with america??? i really liked them oh well. go david archuleta!!!

  • tongt0ng

    i cannot believe alaina and robbie got kicked off! i thought luke would be gone if anything!

  • wbane

    uhhh…. what!?

    first off, things like this shouldnt be posted until its been aired everywhere…. cause there are spoiler junkies out there (ie. me… lol)

    and i really liked alaina… THAT SUCKS!!!

  • Alex

    Luke should’ve been kicked off he sounds like Mickey Mouse and Danny too. Also that rocker nurse girl she was HORRIBLE. Robbie was good I am shocked that he was kicked off. I love this show but sometimes it just sux!

  • kelsi

    NOOOOO I WAS VOTING FOR ALAINA SHE WAS NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cai

    Jared – your announcement is mixed up. since when has Alexandrea been a guy and Robbie a girl?

  • dazedblu

    i didn’t expect alaina will be eliminated this early, but thank god ramiele is still in, hopefully she will be in the top12.

  • Dmey

    What the heck?!?!? Robbie shouldn’t be out!!!!!!!!!! That gay Dani Noriega guy should be!!!!!!!!

  • shenanyginz

    aw man not alexandrea!!!! i like her! lots

  • cain

    Robbie Carrico is a girl and Alexandrea Lushington a guy. Come on Jared, pay a little attention.

  • erin

    hahah i cant believe alaina is out but amanda (aka bride of chucky) is still on

  • Casey

    Both guys were really good….too bad they had to go. There were others that were worse!!

  • Jennifer W

    david archuleta and alexandrea was on star search together and they seemed like they were friends and i think it hurt david too see her go home. i dont think alaina should have went home this early. i dont think she would be the next american idol but i dont feel it was her time too go. There are a few I thought should have went home besides her but I wont name any names. David Archuleta in my books though is 110% my favorite and has all my votes every week.

  • Jack

    Who got kicked off the show seems irrelevant. I mean, it’s really not important who’s on the show at all.

  • Chelsey

    America never gets it right. This show is a joke.

    Alaina was one of the best girls there. Kady and Amanda should have gone.

  • jeann

    daniel noriega OUT !!!!!!

  • jeann

    SORRY !

    Daniela Noriega, OUT !!!!

  • macy

    I was really shocked with Alaina got voted off! She ahs actually a great voice.

  • Martinis_on_me

    You PPL are tone deaf…All of them SUCKED the other night and needed to be shuffled out. (especially the wanna be Robbie) Too bad 5 couldn’t of been voted off, Amanda needs to be gone, too . The whole Janis Joplin thing can only go so far. I think the show should air a shave off with Amada’s hair….David ( aww shucks!) A. is AWESOME & will take it!

  • Freddie

    I don’t think it was the right choice to kick off Alaina, Alexandrea or even Robbie. Weren’t Amanda and Luke’s performances much, much weaker? David Archuleta rules!

  • pwincesspink

    Robbie was amazing!!!!

  • luv vanessa

    o thats too bad, cuz i liked alexandrea and alaina.

  • luv vanessa

    i thot that alexandrea was a girl and robbie was a guy. Am i wrong?

  • Sizz

    atleast it wasnt david cook or jason castro *loves*

    all the rest can go home for all i care.

  • Jordan


  • Jordan

    alaina rox! here are my top 5 girls
    1. alaina whitacker
    2. ramiele malubay
    3. brook
    4. carly smithson
    5. ahsia
    my top 5 guys
    1. david cook
    2. robbie carrico
    3. david hernandez
    4. luke banard
    5. david archaletta
    i think that ramiele will win, vote for ramiele malubay!

  • wisz the deadman

    hey I just wanna tel that I like David Archulata and Ithink he will be the winner of american Idol

    Lot’s of love kisses n hgs for him he’s so cute