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Jamie Lynn Spears Prepares For Motherhood

Jamie Lynn Spears Prepares For Motherhood

Zoey 101 star Jamie Lynn Spears and her mother Lynne chit-chat with a few gal pals in Kentwood, La.

The 16-year-old teenage mother-to-be was seen driving around and shopping.

Not much of a baby bump!

FYI: It looks like these pictures might be old. Jamie Lynn is wearing the same outfit in these pictures released last week. Unless she wears the same clothes over and over!

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  • Joanie


    she has no baby at all – i think….

  • mary

    i think she might not be pregnant. I mean how along is she and still no huge baby bump?

  • legs

    is she really pregnant?!

  • Emma


  • luli

    FIRST! (i guess)

  • erica

    she doesnt even look pregnant!!!

  • cassandra

    i feel kinda bad for her being preggy.

  • Emma


  • Annie

    Even momma Spears is wearing the same sweatshirt, I think they are old pics!

  • weeee

    at least she looks healthy. =)

  • disgusted

    Fast-ass little girl. She shouldn’t even be having sex at her age.

  • kAte

    These pictures are very old, She is much farther along than this. I think tricker is at play. Wonder why they don’t want pictures of her large tummy?

  • Daniela

    shes good at hiding her 7 month baby bump. (cause we all know shes been pregnant for longer than she says!) lol

  • Mia

    I think they are hidding her expanding waist line. The last pictures of her and babydaddy shopping for houses was a very old picture to.
    Could be shame of her condition. I don’t believe her boyfriend is still with her either. They are really putting in a huge effort to give the appearance that they are still together.

  • Kelly

    right..she doesn’t look very pregnant. my dance teacher was really skinny and now she’s 5 months pregnant and she’s pretty big. jamie is 5 months along..atleast said to be. it looks like she has no baby inside there. well i guess we’ll have to wait a few more months and see.

  • Angie

    For sure it’s embarrasment.
    Hidding shots of her 7 month belly is not going to fix the problem we all know she is knocked up.

  • 007

    Who said she’s hiding O_o. If she wanted to hide, wouldn’t it be much easier to simply say she didn’t get pregnant? These pictures are probably just old (and got leaked out recently). People needs to use their brain for once and stop jumping into conclusions.

  • Maybe

    If jamie would have used her brain she would not be in this situation now would she..

  • Helen

    Yeah jamie is hidding bet thats why mommy spears had to get back home to help keep her from the public view.

  • Ada

    Young girls should use their brain for once and stop jumping into bed with boys. She was too young for sex.

  • Samantha

    Woah! Guys guys guys! Geez. She’s a really petite girl, with really petite body! And you really don’t get big at 6 or 7 months. My mom really didn’t get big until 8 months. And you know what ticks me off? People deciding if something that she says she is she really isn’t! How do you know what’s going on!? Huh!? Give me some proof that you know what’s going on! And you know what!? I support her! And “disgusted” you better shut you fucking shitty mouth because my Aunt got pregnant around that age. OKAY!? And that fucking PISSES me off, the fact that you people don’t realize that she is going through something really hard! You guys are fucking dumb asses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jessica

    i completly agree with u stephanie.. my mom had me at 16 and i had mt daughter at 15 does that make me so awful???? at least Jamie-Lynn wont have to struggle fnancally like i had to… and by the way, i am married to the only guy that i have ever been with, we have been together since i was 11..

  • Sara

    She may have gotten Pregnant at 16 but she is going to have the baby when she is 17, which is FINE..18 is considered an adult and shes only one year off

    P.S She looks beautiful! She has that pregnant glow =)

  • becky

    im not really a fan of jamie .. but i so glad she’s having the baby and not having an abortion.
    must be hard to go through stuff like that at that age.
    i hope everything works out for her :]

  • ghgh

    she’s not pregnant by this time she should be showing or gained some weight, she’s not pregnant, people are all make damn stories about her. Don’t you realize gossip is crap and not news?

  • katie

    These are from last week because her mom is wearing the same thing as well

  • nikki

    I agree with you samantha, my best guy friend got a girl pregnant at 16 and long story short he is raising the baby on his own, her parents threaten to cut her off if she didnt give up the baby for adoption and my best friend couldnt imagine giving up his baby..I dont want to go into more detail but I wish Jamie the best and think it great she at least finished high school and is working towards college…good luck jamie :]

  • kristin

    okay, if she is 7 MONTHS PREGNANT her fucking stomach would be HUGE. this is not true. i dont believe shes pregnant at all.

    i mean, come on, guys!!!!!!!!!! a 7 month pregnant woman would be hugeeeeeeeee!!! jamie lynn’s weight and her body and everything looks EXACTLY THE SAME.

    i dont believe shes pregnant…i dont know if its a scam or what.

  • eddie jones

    no matter what clothes the spears women are in they will always be filthy.

  • pppppp

    i love her outfit…cute. its what i like to wear…

    anyways, that other girl with her, is courtney brabham. she was one of britney’s best friends…you know, during those days when brit was a good girl. she was also a bridesmaid at brit’s wedding. apparently, courtney, britney, and laura lynn grew up together.

    its sad that we dont see britney hanging out with laura lynn and her old friends from school…then maybe she wouldn’t be where she is now…

    im glad to see jamie lynn sticking to kentwood and remaining true to the friends she grew up with. we dont see her hanging around malibu n stuff.

    u guys can nag about her being pregnant at 16…but its old…move on. jamie made a mistake and now shes dealing with it. i say hats off to her.

  • Mediterranean

    Now she is 16 and pregnant, what will she do when she is 26, 36? If this is in the blood, she might be a grandmom by that time. This is not normal, this is not healthy.

    I have recently seen her photos somewhere else with her boyfriend, she didn’t look pregnant at all in also those photos. Something is strange iwith this pregnancy story, but what?

  • Nicole m

    I find it sad and funny how she stated that she wouldn’t recommend teenagers her age having sex. (I do not have the exact quote!) It made me laugh, because she regrets it because she got herself knocked up. If she didn’t she would have kept having sex.

    I’m not going to feel sorry for her and people who are shouldn’t. She made her own choices and this is what happened.

  • maure

    OH MY GOOOOOD? I Didn’t know she’s 16 for god sake -_-

  • Gross

    Knock up at 16 this is so trashy. Rich as she is, she couldn’t take the pill? how stupid is she. I agree these are old pictures now they are trying to hide her condition. She will drop that kid earlier than they are claim. then hide that too-when you see pictures the baby will be about almost 1year old.

  • Helena

    Well her chichis look bigger that’s for sure!

  • amber

    For the girl who said that her mom had her at 16 and then she had a baby at 15 so people shouldn’t really care about JL’s issue…’re bragging about that because why? That’s nothing to be proud of, sweetie. All that says is that you didn’t learn from your mother’s bad judgment and Jamie Lynn made an equally bad judgment call. Just because “lots of people do it” when it comes to teen pregnancy, doesn’t make it right.

  • Here’s The Deal

    Samantha @ 02/28/2008 at 10:51 pm Woah! Guys guys guys! Geez. She’s a really petite girl, with really petite body! And you really don’t get big at 6 or 7 months. My mom really didn’t get big until 8 months. And you know what ticks me off? People deciding if something that she says she is she really isn’t! How do you know what’s going on!? Huh!? Give me some proof that you know what’s going on! And you know what!? I support her! And “disgusted” you better shut you ******* ****** mouth because my Aunt got pregnant around that age. OKAY!? And that ******* PISSES me off, the fact that you people don’t realize that she is going through something really hard! You guys are ******* dumb asses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Aww, she’s going through something really hard, eh? Well, guess what? Both your Auntie and Jamie-Lynn could have used a little thing called a contraceptive. A condom, a birth control pill, a condom AND a birth control pill………………..there are many options.

    Having unprotected sex is like asking for a baby. I don’t have an ounce of sympathy for her or any other pregnant teenager. If you’re mature enough to have sex, then you’re mature enough to use protection. Period.

  • CelebrityFanChat Raph

    she doesn’t look pregnant.

  • Vanessa


  • lts

    ja in that pics she hasn´t any baby bump but… in other pics she had a big bump are this pics recent?

  • OMFG

    omg u guys
    i was on jamie’s fan site
    and it said the father of jamie’s
    baby is lil romeo! I NO SHOCKER
    heres the thing
    jamie’s bf casey cheated on her
    so she got revenge by cheating on
    him with lil romeo
    omg her fansite posted a diary
    of hers and she litterally wrote
    the baby’s father is lil romeo
    i dont no if this is true but go on her
    fansite to see her post

  • monkeyman476

    im around her age and man does she have a nice butt! after the baby she will have the best jiggle butt ever

  • Jess

    Let’s hope she find some brains and don’t have baby number 2. I think these pictures are old. It does not matter what they are wearing because they can put the same outfit on more than once. There were pictures out with her belly larger than this. So somehow they are up to something trying put these old pictures out.

  • Lyndsey

    uns r so stupid! not everyones bump shows alot! get a grip!

  • Paige

    SHE IS NOT PREGNANT! SHE NEVER WAS! It all started with that stupid FAKE OK! magazine cover. You could tell it was Photoshopped. Also TWO DAYS later another one came out saying Heidi and Spencer eloped… yet no one took that seriously.


    It’s fake. Kinda like that happened to Miley Cyrus last year, except it was never published. Has anyone seen the first OK! issue that “announced she was pregnant?” No you have not, because it does not EXIST. You can even go to the official OK! website, and where they have their list of issue covers, and that one is not there because it’s, once again, FAKE.

    She’s not pregnant. She never was pregnant.
    Get over it.

  • http://none mad.

    who are you to say she shouldnt have gotten pregnant?
    dont judge her for the poor decisions she made. compliment her on the good ones. Bravo Jamie!

    she didnt have to keep the baby. im proud of her for making the decision to not have an abortion. she should be a role model for all young girls. way to go jamie lynn! im proud and i support you!

  • patipato

    de verdad que esta embarazada??
    yo no veo absolutamente nada.

  • Kylie

    Look, it takes a while. She only just got pregnant in like November. Giada De Laurentiis, of the Food Network, yeah she doesn’t look pregnant. And her baby is due next month! Jamie Lynn is due in August. She still has a ways to go. She’s gonna ruin her life because she had sex at 16. But I guess those are the consequences. I’m not a supporter of her or her baby. Thumbs’ down, Jamie Lynn. =(

  • milly

    is it me or is it the picture? where’s the baby bump? i don’t even think she is pregnat. cause by now there would probebly be something showing.

  • what-up5252

    shes hot