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John Stamos is Shirtless

John Stamos is Shirtless

E.R.‘s resident hot doc John Stamos and a mystery male enjoy an early morning kayak trip in Maui, Hawaii on Thursday.

The 44-year-old shirtless hunk and said friend stopped in the middle of the water from time to time to watch the sea turtles and whales!

Stamos may look good for his age but still told photographers, “I need to get some of this fat off of me as I’m going back to work!”

He later headed to a gym for some boxing training. Uncle Jesse!!!!!

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62 Responses to “John Stamos is Shirtless”

  1. 1
    peggy Says:

    interesting belly button…

  2. 2
    Kerry Says:

    He’s a hottie.. but what’s with his belly button??

  3. 3
    Love2Eat Says:

    Always seemed like a nice guy

  4. 4
    pete Says:


  5. 5
    silent_tears Says:

    he’s a hottie especially in “Emergency Room”
    but what’s up with his belly button???

  6. 6

    is that his belly button ewwww it looks funny


  7. 7
    melissa Says:

    i love john stamos (:
    so hott.
    anywayss, yeh im rle freaking out about the belly button

  8. 8
    vitoria Says:

    oh i didnt know he was 44..he looks younger in ER!
    but ew for that belly buttom hahah

  9. 9
    shenanyginz Says:

    yea his belly button was giving me issues too but yea not bad at all

  10. 10
    miss t Says:

    man he’s so hot. i’d totally have his kids. belly button’s weird…. but we can look past that… lol

  11. 11
    lily Says:

    is that an outie that he has?

  12. 12
    kat Says:

    wTf is up with his belly button?!?! i remember him talking about it on conan o’brien. LOL

  13. 13
    tom c Says:

    I know. Why is his belly button the size of an apple??

  14. 14
    kate Says:

    whats up with his belly bottem

  15. 15
    Joanie Says:

    okaay xD

  16. 16
    required Says:

    wtf 8X

  17. 17
    Yowza Says:

    I think that’s a 2nd *****, not a belly button.

  18. 18
    eat_your_make_up Says:

    that belly button freaked me OUT!

  19. 19
    Orange Clockwork Says:

    We can’t say “*****” here? **** censorship.

  20. 20
    Electropoptart Says:

    I KNOW what’s up with his belly button!!! I saw it on TV. When he was a kid, the doctor thought he had a hernia in his belly button, so they operated to find nothing there, and now that’s his belly button.

  21. 21
    shut up!! Says:

    isn’t he fix it? I mean is kind of gross…

  22. 22
    Cool Says:

    Someone has a new peepee growing out of his tummy!
    I’m trying to figure out if there are any advantages to a female if a guy has a 2ND one growing there. Thought Provoking. . .

  23. 23
    suzyq Says:

    Well, that belly button certainly explains why Rebecca Romijn said:” See you later dude!”
    That is too gross for words.

  24. 24
    sparkie Says:

    It’s a Hernia folks, calm down. they come and go, his has obviously “come out to play”…..My husband has one, and it looks the same….looks gross, but’s it’s pretty common.

  25. 25
    Brea Says:

    His belly button is fug. =/

  26. 26
    spot Says:

    ewwwwwwwwww! Fix that bellybutton!

  27. 27
    Alicia Says:

    I saw him talk about it on Conan O’Brian. He said when he was little he had hernia surgery(???)

  28. 28
    haha Says:

    that isnt a second peepee…that IS his peepee

  29. 29
    Puce Says:

    You guys are cracking me up !! The very first thing I saw on the pictures is “this” belly button, and I thought : gee, am I the only one to be disgusted by that ?

    lol, I’m glad that you felt that way too… ew !! ;o)

  30. 30
    lul Says:

    something is wrong with his belly button lol

  31. 31
    kc Says:

    AWESOME! My belly button is way better looking than john stamos’

    That’s something at least!

  32. 32
    wedding peach Says:

    His belly button is gross. But then again Rebecca Romijn’s excess foot fat doesn’t exactly make anyone want to kiss her foot. Oh, well, they’re still not together.

  33. 33
    poof Says:

    what about the ‘unidentified male friend” ???

  34. 34
    gina Says:

    wow! he looks like a cabbage patch kid with that belly button!

  35. 35
    meeee Says:

    gina @ 02/28/2008 at 7:47 pm
    wow! he looks like a cabbage patch kid with that belly button!

    YES! I was trying so hard to think of what it reminded me of…. well done.

  36. 36
    irina Says:

    eww, that is baddddddddd, the only sex he will get is a dogie style

  37. 37
    jane Says:

    Are we done with the belly button yet? He looks great for his age.

  38. 38
    Ely Says:

    I found the belly button thing weird too, but he’s hot, hed get it anyways. You people are hilarious though

  39. 39
    bataglio Says:

    2nd peepee, that’s hilarious. can’t believe rebecca o’connell had to sleep w/that for years.

  40. 40
    Ally Says:

    LOL! all of the comments are about his belly button! that made me laugh!! it is freakishly odd =\

  41. 41
    Randy Says:

    he has a hernia at the belly button, I know because it happened to me and that is exactly how it looked

  42. 42
    Alegra Says:


  43. 43
    Halli Says:

    WHY is his belly button in the middle of his abdamon? And I know its mean, but ewww.

  44. 44
    becky Says:

    ok i agree, about the belly button, looking difffrent, but , omg, why is everyone, going on sooooooo, much about , that??lol,,,i have always loved , john stamos, and yes u, all that commented about him being hot, I agree,,one thing I am curious about, is who the man was , he was with,,u know with all the gossup, I know not only me have read,,(which , I know most of what the papparazzy , write , is almost, everytime not true, )but, the rumors, and writing’s, about stamos, being , gay or bi, just wondering if anyone else was thinking the samething,, and if it was true or not,, either way, still love him,,and yes he’s a hottie,

  45. 45
    blip Says:

    He’s an outtie not an innie ha ha

  46. 46
    Suzy Says:

    looks like he’s got an umbilical hernia…sometimes they pop out like that then pop back in. get over it.

  47. 47
    jen Says:

    well, at least he’s not afraid to show it. i know i would be if i had that thing. lol

  48. 48
    J Says:

    Ok, when I saw the photo, I wondered if anyone else noticed his belly button…

  49. 49
    Mj Says:

    What ‘Fat’ needs to come off of him…???


  50. 50
    Simone Says:

    He´s not fat!…

  51. 51
    jrmke Says:

    - Nip/Tuck for John !!!

  52. 52
    daisy Says:

    Wonder what happens when you push his button? LOL Is he “attached” to it?? I mean, John youre so hot but get that fixed.

  53. 53
    wertyfg Says:

    so ive decided to not follow the crowd and talk about his belly button… but didnt he ised to have a tattoo on his arm when he was on full house???

  54. 54
    mandy Says:

    i think even with that belly button he is still nice,hot and super kool

    besides whats so wrong with it any ways

  55. 55
    Frosty Irishyobbo Says:

    The belly button is abit scary… hes still hot though i’ll take him :D

  56. 56
    Francois Says:

    His navel has what is called a hernia, I think. It’s like a slight weakness in the abdomen, giving the appearance of an “outie” belly button, like that.

    He has hair around it, ’cause he has a happy trail. I dunno; maybe he should put some Rogaine on it, so it would become concealed, hidden by a lot of belly button hair… Or you can get surgery for that, too.

  57. 57
    Kimiki Says:

    Ok lay off his belly button for God’s sake. He knows he has it, he’s talked about it before and he’s human and can have ONE flaw. I think he’s doing better then most of us. And as for the male friend, I’m pretty sure men are allowed to have male friends without being gay. All the men I know have male friends and yes, they go places and do activities together… like SPORTS. Like KAYAKING.

  58. 58
    Juan Says:

    Como decimos en Venezuela, el tipo esta buenisimo,, si e sgay o Bisexual, no me importa.. tendria una noche de sexo con el

  59. 59
    nokitoff2 Says:

    dude lay off of the freakin belly button the man is sexy and sweet so who cares about the flipin belly button

  60. 60
    sally Says:

    @Cool: LMAO !! What an imagination!

  61. 61
    Required Says:

    It looks like he has two belly buttons; an outie on top of an innie.

  62. 62
    Bill Says:

    Would love to get him into a boxing ring. Could def do some work on that outie of his.

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