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Mary-Kate Olsen @ Paris Fashion Week

Mary-Kate Olsen @ Paris Fashion Week

Mary-Kate Olsen rocks out head-to-toe black at the Giambattista Valli Fall/Winter 2008/2009 Collection held as part of Paris Fashion Week in Paris, France on Thursday.

It was recently announced that Mary-Kate and twin sister Ashley, 21, are working on a coffee-table book about fashion, titled “Influence.”

Mary-Kate and I have filled ‘Influence‘ with the most interesting, challenging, creative people we know – the ones who helped pave the way for us and our generation,” Ashley said in a statement.

Ashley and I interviewed the people who have inspired us, with the hope that they will inspire and teach others,” MK said in a statement.

The Victoria Shoe by Giambattista Valli (as inspired by Victoria Beckham); shades by Chanel (Spring 2007, S5018 Black and Gradient Grey); and dress by Valli.

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  • meeee

    umm…nice shades

  • LMO

    Duck lips. And Could She Please Stop Sucking Her Cheeks In She Looks Like Michael Jackson.


    gosh she is so pretty!


  • kate

    she looks pretty good there

  • jess

    shes so much different! 3rd!

  • Diama

    nice outfit

  • Helena

    Is she wearing magnifying glasses?

  • Joanie

    she is pretty :P

  • fattie


  • Arab.Aquarius

    i really love the glasses and dress

  • shoes4life

    She looks like the cartoon character “Poindexter”.

  • Ashleigh

    she looks fucking ridiculous.

    glasses are revolting, i hate the fucking fashion industry.

  • ace tomato

    Fun dress/outfit but the glasses look fairly stupid.

  • Jules

    She looks horrible. Those glasses are ugly.

  • zanessahater
  • Sadie

    She looks like a bug.

  • Anon

    I can’t stand her or her sister. They aren’t pretty. They are filthy pigs. They contribute absolutely nothing to human society. I wouldn’t buy a coffee table book or anything else that would make these druggie/party girls one cent richer. I will never forget or forgive that she was somehow involved with Heath Ledger’s death. That she certainly gave out the most cold-hearted, callous statement after he died, then went to a party! That is her. A self-centered, shallow, little creep who doesn’t deserve anyone’s attention. I hope she suffers the same fate as Heath. Dying young, and all alone.

  • Ha!

    She looks like a blond Marcie from the Peanuts gang.

  • ………

    haha, she looks kinda cute in a messed up 60′s sorta way.

  • Laurenn

    those glasses are just not good at all

  • Anon

    She’s scum.

  • nicole m

    How can anyone find these glasses attractive? I agree with Sadie. She does look like a bug.

  • laurie

    YUK she’s a freek.

  • viv

    she looks like a crack head still that out fit is ugly

  • lore


  • pinkNeon

    She looks like J Depp as Willy Wonka with those shades…lol
    I still love you Mary-Kate but the glasses gotta go!

  • jo

    She reminds me of Ms. Trewaleny from Harry Potter

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    willy homless wonka

  • paige

    i love those glasses, i wish chanel would re-issue them. i think she should clean them off though, they look greasy and streaky.

  • crazydaisy

    Attack of the bug! YAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • crazydaisy

    I hate those glasses, I wish Chanel would never bring them back! HAHA

  • Jill

    Looks like she got punched in both eyes

  • andrew


  • jane

    She looks pretty good – like she put on a few pounds. Is she the anorexic one? I forget.

  • april

    OMG….is this girl the biggest freak ???

  • dinah
  • operaghost

    I absolutely loathe those sunglasses. Horrible!

  • anonymous v!!!!!!!!

    i totally agree with anon. but i dont think that she should have to suffer the same fate as heath. but on the other hand…she is a druggie who has lost all of her brain cells from smoking and doin drugs…and still believs that she can write an educated book that will help inspire and influence the million of people in the u.s!!!!!!!!! yeah right!!!!! youve gotta be kiddin!!!!!!!! and seriously what is with those glasses!!!!! let me get this straight….shes gone from an actress to a writer to fashionista. and my opinion i personally believe that she has failed at all 3!!!!

  • http://justjared Swizzle

    Oh goodness, those are either Swifty Lazar’s old glasses, or George Burns’. They’re definitely for someone older than 80…. Yikes…..

  • Anon

    She and her sister got PAID as child “stars” of some banal TV sitcom. They had smart parents and managers who turned them into a franchise at a very young age. So there is merchandise with their names and faces plastered all over the place from when they were small. The money they made from merchandizing their names, the money they were paid for the sitcom, and the fame they bought themselves, helped them make even more money. They polluted our culture. Now they are rich. Billions. They own expensive real estate. They party, they do drugs. They haven’t had an original thought in their lives. They both look like they never take a bath. They wear clothes that came out of some garbage dump, and they look like they don’t even wash their hair. Now you want us to believe they are writing a book about art and culture. I am gagging at the very thought of such garbage. They know nothing about art or culture! The people around them are there for the money. They are paid to be with them or they think they will get something out of being with them, even if it is only free alcohol or drugs. They both look like filthy freaks. They are weird and they make me uncomfortable. I don’t understand how they got so famous and they are not even good enough to be mediocre. I would never buy their “fashion line.” Who would ever want to look like Mary Kate Olson. Ewwwww!

  • zoe

    she and ashley used to be the ‘girl next door’ but they’re soooo different now. i usually hate half the outfits they’re wearing but marykate actually looks okay here. the sunglasses is a big fashion statement and she looks good with the whole black outfit. glad she cut her hair and that its not brunette anymore!

  • unknown.

    Fashion week, what a joke. Those girls need to find a real job

  • alya

    these sunglasess are suits to Nicole Richie more,than MK…..

  • hirojay

    She still really look like a frog with shades

  • Me

    She looks like Trelawney of Harry Potter. LOL

  • i agree with alya

    those sunglasses suit nicole richie more even though mary-kate tries to make them look fashionable.

  • !!!

    How many homeless people will be in that Influence book, I wonder.

  • alex

    I can’t even comment because I can’t stop laughing from everyone else’s comments….willy homeless wonka? OMG ….lol

  • bataglio

    if she’s had her lips done, her doc showed restraint, which is a good thing. that heidi m loser and lilo should take note.

  • Donnakat

    I hate to say it, but she looks like Carol Channing in those glasses.