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Kate Walsh Returns to Grey's Anatomy

Kate Walsh Returns to Grey's Anatomy

Kate Walsh will return to Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Addison Montgomery for one episode this spring, reports EW.

Kate‘s freshman show Private Practice is on hiatus until fall, so the redhead will head back to Seattle Grace for a guest appearance!

Five all-new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy will start Thursday, April 24.

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  • Here’s The Deal

    *Does happy dance*

  • leyla


  • lovergirl

    I thought she will not come back, PrP doesn’t seem to be as successful as they thought!!!!

  • black

    Hm….wonder how Alex will react…..?

  • Helena

    She’s desperate after the critics panned Private Practice.

  • jessica

    I wonder with who she will play her scene, PD and ED don’t really appreciate her, it will be awkward on the set!!!

  • well

    thats cool…

    even though it may have been panned by critics, I enjoy the show and am glad it got picked up for a second season.

  • Kate-Walsh-Is-Love

    LOL. Greys really need her !! it’s been slated & panned this season.

    Shonda is capitalising on Addie’s popularity. Good on her.

    Means I’ll have to watch Greys again though :( Crap show !

  • trin

    #6 how doesn’t ED appreciate KW? I don’t know about PD, but I only heard ED say nice things about her. It was very genuine.

  • pete

    love addison! she belongs on grey’s…it hasn’t been the same w/o her.

  • Emily

    i just hope it works out well for all involved.. coz it could go so wrong..

  • James

    Jessica #6 – Eric Dane loves working with Kate. He said so on Rachel Ray. And Kate is good friends with the ‘cool gang’ on Greys – Justin, Katherine, TR, bestbud Sara. They’ll be overjoyed to work with her again.

    And I agree with #8 that Greys has been boring this season. The new characters – Hann, Rose etc – are useless so they are obviously going for ratings by having Addie re-appear. Addie was the most popular character as demonstrated by having her own show :)

  • Here’s The Deal

    Helena @ 02/29/2008 at 3:43 pm

    Sorry, but I have to ask: Do you EVER give a positive comment???

  • Lu

    There’s so cool!!
    I really miss her on grey’s anatomy!

  • trin

    oh, forgot to say how awesome I think this is. Kate rocks Grey’s any second. The ratings will sky-rocket with this episode, for sure.

  • sally

    I am afraid that NBC’ll have a new show to face PrP and success, the show hasn’t a very optimist criticisms and Criminal Minds possessesall the good audience.
    They prepare us perhaps to review Addie in GA whether PrP were to be cancelled.

  • kate

    i love private practice!!! I can’t believe it’s not back sooner! that’s how u lose viewers ie. prison break!

  • Jen

    Not sure how I feel about this news. Not sure if it’s true either – the same source denied it 2 days ago LOL.

    I love Addie. I love Kate Walsh.

    Whilst I’ll be pleased to see Addie before the 2nd season of PrP in the Fall, I don’t watch Greys anymore – like most people I gave up after Season 3. I’d rather not have to re-start watching again.

    Addie was just starting to date Hot Cop ! too. Why go to Seattle ?

    Good ploy for season-finale ratings though – bring back the most popular character & the PrP 12m viewers to bump up a dull Greys.

  • Helena

    “Helena @ 02/29/2008 at 3:43 pm

    Sorry, but I have to ask: Do you EVER give a positive comment???”

    Clearly you don’t read a lot of my posts. I give a LOT of positive comments.

  • Nikki

    #16 Sally – Private Practice is the highest-rated new drama this year – above all others, including old shows like Ugly Betty.

    ABC aren’t going to axe it. It’s already seen off Bionic Women & is the anchor show for Wednesday nights – Pushing Daisies, Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money = the best night of TV !

    Shonda is clever – making the use of a very popular character.

    I wonder if Addie is returning to possibly open up the idea of a character transferring to PrP – Callie, Mark etc.

    Can’t wait to see the inter-actions between Addie & Mark, Alex & Callie (The best Greys characters left).

  • Matt

    I will have to watch Greys again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW, great choice of screencap Jared – Kate Walsh looked particularly beautiful in that scene.


    Great News!

    This is gonna be very cool (well… I holp)

    PS: Somebody knows something about Katherine Heigl getting off the show?

  • Sam

    Finally a reason to watch that god-awful soap opera again (even if it is just to gaze at the gorgeous Kate Walsh).

  • Maria

    Post 22

    Arthur – yep, I’ve read that Katherine Heigl wants Izzie killed off so she can leave to concentrate on her movie career. I don’t blame her !

    Would Addie return for Izzie’s funeral ? Seems a bit odd.

    I think that Addie going back is mainly for ratings during sweeps (like others have said), but also it will open up the chances of a Greys character transferring to PrP sometime if the appearance is ambiguous ie. Addie telling Callie about her new friends etc.

  • Julia

    Ugh! WHY!?

  • Addie-Love :)

    I’ve been laughing at all the comments on ONTD……

    “only reason to watch grey’s now”
    “the episode she returns will be the only grey’s episode i watch this season”
    “please allow her to hit meredith!”
    “she will make the painfulness of this whole season worth while”
    “I bet she comes back to return McDreamy’s nuts. He hasn’t need them since she left the show anyway.”
    “finally there will be one good episode this season”

    Looks like the news has done what ABC wanted – people will be tuning in to see Addie return :)

  • tam

    This is crap….they dont need her back, her character is worthless on this show, she has no point, leave her on the other crappy show. They really need to stop with the bloating of the cast even if it is just for one episode.

    The only reason she’d make the episode good is if both her and rose were hit by a big truck and killed.

    I guess PrP isn’t going as good as they thought, they wont even put it up against AI, very smart decision by ABC.

  • Amanda

    I am so on the fence about this……

    ABC is blatantly using her as a ratings ploy, good job ABC good job.

    But what about Prp this will kind of affect the continuity…..what about the fact that after just establishing PrP as separate from Grey’s they undo all that hard work in one go, this could either help or hurt PrP, what about that statement issued the other day saying Kate would not be returning to Grey’s? was that a lie? This is now turning into one huge publicity stunt on ABC’s part.

    I get why ABC is doing it, I really do, I just don’t know if I agree with it.

  • Tara

    Interesting news. I love Private Practice & Addie on there.

    Not sure if I want her back in Seattle with the drippy folk. Maybe if she returns to kickass & rub her new-found happiness in their faces lol.

    Although Addie & Mark were pretty hot together…as were Addie & Alex…in fact Addie & anyone is a hot combination.

    #26 – those comments are funny. People will tune in for her guest-role again. ABC are making the most of their hot commodity.

  • Abby

    yes! i am so happy

  • Olivia

    #28 Amanda – it is a ratings ploy by ABC enough said. Greys hasn’t recovered from Season 3 & has been plain dull this season with recycled storylines etc.

    Bringing back the stand-out star is just capitalising on Kate’s success & star power. The success of it will depend on how they handle it which is anyone’s guess !

    And Tam – you need to do your research. All new ABC dramas are to be re-launched in Fall. PrP – the no 1 new show – included. None of the Wednesday night line-up are returning till then. Shonda is making the most of Kate when she can get her !

  • Jemima

    Yay. An Addie-fix before Fall.

    Nice to see ABC recognise that Greys needs the boost from Addie.

    It’s been crap this season without Addie & Burke.


    She has gorgeous eyes.

  • Karla

    It says ABC has confirmed it but I can’t find it on the website anywhere yet… Anyway, it will rock to see Kate/Addie back on Grey’s if it’s true. I hope they work in some scenes of her with Callie, Derek, Mark & Alex. I want Private Practice back so much though, I much prefer it to Grey’s now, well because of Kate/Addie. Best actress/character ever.
    Yep enough with the gushing. Thanks for posting x

  • kassy

    I do not say this to criticize:
    The character of Addison was really appropriate for the season2 of GA, but after that her character hadn’t great interest and I really liked Addison.
    I have not followed PrP because I have not hung.
    It’s good that her fans support KW, but it’s not fair to reduce GA to her. The season 1st of GA brought about 20 millions viewers, season 4 had a small decline, this phenomenon has been recorded for all shows therefore be assumed that it’s because she left GA, it’s giving her a lot power since GA remains the most watched show.
    GA does not need KW to be successful, if Addie returns for one episode, it is a high value added if the storyline is well done.
    KW has her own show and it’s great for her and for her fans but try to respect GA’s fans.
    To say that GA is a soap, means that PrP also is a soap!

  • tam

    #31..,so sorry then i’ve recised my opinion, obviously they think none of their new drama’s can handle the competition the AI brings…even thought the one leading into PrP, or after it i think Pushing Dasies is quite the better written show. than the others of the night.

  • Clem

    Kassy – of course both Greys & PrP are soaps. They are not great classical drama, they are throwaway soaps.

    Bringing back Addie is a deliberate ploy for ratings though. Greys used to be #1, it no longer is. CSI regularly beats it. Season 2 was the peak, it has declined since. Season 3 onwards have been panned. There is no obvious storyline for Addie to return to, ABC want to capitalise on a popular character & Addie was popular enough to have her own show.

    PrP doesn’t have to get Greys ratings, which I’m thankful for, as when you are the highest-viewed show the storylines get more ridiculous just to keep ratings – witness Gizzie, Meredith ‘drowning’ etc etc. Even Katherine Heigl has suggested Izzie is killed off as she wants out & it would be another ratings ploy.

    I will tune in to see Addie return & then tune right out again !

  • ANNA

    OMG! That totally made my day! :D Let’s hope she’ll slap some sense into, I don’t know, about 95% of the remaining characters? God knows they need it.

  • nicole

    Tam needs to get a life !! Who cares about American Idol. That show trounces everything, as it would Greys. As Clem said, PP doesn’t need Greys ratings – it’s more mature & doesn’t have to resort to teenage bed-hopping storylines just for audience figures.

    I read about Katie Heigl wanting to leave too & she said that she had suggested Izzie dying cos it would bring in ratings (yet again!).

    Nice to see Shonda use Kate/Addie for a guest-star role.

    I hope she takes Callie back to LA with her !

  • Samantha

    That is a beautiful picture Jared.

    I love Addie so will follow her anywhere, even if I have to watch Greys again (yuck!).

  • Alice

    WOW :))))

    Major Maddison fan here. I hope Mark goes with Addie back to LA. They made a great looking couple. SO HOT !!

    Mark & Dr Haan is just wrong.

  • Hannah

    Maybe this will finally make Greys watchable again.

  • Ben

    I love that even Shonda needs Addie back at Seattle to spark things up again. Greys has been dull recently.

  • jamie

    You dumbasses. Private Practice is the Number One New Show!

    The only reason they are bringing Addison back for one episode is to boost GA ratings.

  • S.

    The Addie/Kate fan in me is doing a happy dance. I’ll get my fix before the fall, but I’m not brave enough to watch it live. I’ll record it and fast forward to the good bits. Ugh. Watch an entire episode of GA? Never again. Never again! Unless Shonda after three failed attempts (bomb, drowning in the tub, and ferry episodes) finally succeeds in killing off the whiny one. It’s not like the show doesn’t have a spare Grey in place.

    GA must be really hitting a creative low, that the only stunt they can pull for ratings is the return of the golden child.

  • Rosie

    Greys is shit recently so this news can only be good.

    Season 4 will be known as the season Addie returned.

  • Sarah

    LOL LOL she said she wouldn’t come back. WHAT A LIAR

  • Karen

    #47 Sarah – she said she wouldn’t return full-time, which she won’t. She has her OWN show now don’t you know lol.

    What a compliment that ABC want her back for a one-ep role to boost the ratings during sweeps.

    Major compliment to Kate’s talents & popularity.

  • loverboy

    PD can’t stand her, I wonder if they’re going to act together?
    And if I remember, she said that she will never coming back, is she afraid of something?
    You give her to much credit in the success of GA, Addie was an obstacle between Derek and Meredith, that why season 2 was a hit because of the love story, any actress with the story line that Shonda gave to that character would have been great.
    If she was so great she would have been nominate as support actress and PrP would have been nominate as a new Drama TV show???

    I admit that Addison was a great character in GA (it would be interesting to see her again in GA )but I can’t stand KW!!!

    Some of you are hypocrite saying PrP is mature, some storyline are surrealists and crazy?!?

  • Alexa

    I love Addie. She was the best character on Greys by far & it’s been a poorer place without her. Nice to see Shonda thinks so too.