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Leonardo DiCaprio is a Basketball Boy

Leonardo DiCaprio is a Basketball Boy

Actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo (behind) watch the basketball game action at The Garden on Wednesday night.

The pair watched The Boston Celtics win one over LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, 92-87.

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  • http://15 hihi

    he is soo old and UGGGGGLLLLLLLEHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  • marga

    still hot. looking forward to his upcoming movies.

  • kenza

    ohhh he is cute

  • Rose

    Thats it? only one photo? I wish they were more, I miss him. He does love his basketball. Still a cutie.

  • just me…

    I want to see Mark Ruffalo not him!!!

  • Jossie


  • Jossie


  • nicole

    He´s very cute!
    And a great actor!

  • Helena

    He looks great and is looking better than ever. #1, if 33 is old and Leo is ugly then please, share a picture with all of us!

  • Regina

    People need to wait! Jared always posts the article first and gets the pictures…that IS if there is more pictures! Thanks Jared!

  • summer
  • jane

    lmfao old and ugly? please child, know how to spell the word before you use it. anyway, leo is looking so fine. i hope there’s more pictures.

  • KarenA

    Le sigh; Leo looks wonderful, as always. Wish he was watching the Lakers last night though, but that’s OK. Thanks, Jared!

  • kitty

    Old? He looks young and good!
    Thank you Jared

  • lilly

    Leo is very hot and handsome + a great actor. I`m happy to see a picture of him not wearing baseball cap, hooded sweatshirt, going clubbing and being surrounded by young models when in private. Here he looks like a mature 33- year -old young man and honestly that is much more appealing to me. I can`t wait to see his coming movies!!! Hot, hot, hot!!!

  • lilly

    More, even hotter pictures of both of them on Wasn`t this game in Boston?

  • just me…

    Oh yeahhhhh!!!
    Thanks lilly you give me the opportuny to see the beautiful Mark Ruffalo!!!

  • Gerry

    He is cute!!!

  • ClaireBabyGirl

    Oh so hot, intelligent and great actor!

  • emily

    still love the guy

    blood diamond and titanic forever!

  • melissa

    this game was in boston. if it was in nyc one of the teams playing would have been the knicks. for pics go to popsugar

  • justa mia

    He’s great. Love his movies (except for Departed – too depressing). Can’t wait for his next.

  • meow…scratch…purrrrrrrrr..

    I love Leo as an actor (don’t know him personally). He should get rid of his dreadful girlfriend though. He looks better without her… and without the newspaper boy cap. Makes him look older than he actually is.

  • http://oldnugleh!! hihi

    lol you guys are crazehhhhhhh!!!! He is soo old and uggllleeehhhh!!!
    He’s old enough to be my dad lol.
    He used to be cute like 10 years ago but now he has totally lost his
    looks and is fat, old and ugly. Just the way most girls like ‘em.
    He is also a jerk and won’t settle down!

  • meow…scratch…purrrrrrrrr..

    hihi? Shouldn’t you be in bed taking a nap? Since when are five year olds supposed to be sitting at a computer and chatting… if leo’s old enough to be your dad.
    You see, one day, when you are grown up and after somebody told you the story about the flowers and the bees and when you are finally able to distinguish between appearance and character… then you’ll understand.
    You simply understand why people love Leo… until then get some sun, go out and leave the computer to itself… so not healthy for you.

  • Regina

    #25, maybe it’s one of those people who celebrates their birthday on a leap year! They have the mentality of their leap year age!


    ahhhhhhh more pix plssss

    Leo so deserve!!

    luv luv luv always

    I luv him with all my S2

    go D. u’r amaziiing actor ‘n person

    Gosh bless ^^

  • http://oldnugleh!! hihi

    You’re the one who insults his girlfriend…
    If he was so great and mature he wouldn’t date a 22 year old douche.
    And he is really old and ugly douche so he should settle down but he is
    one of those Jack Nicholson types ha.
    He is a jerk. There are way better looking men with good character
    than this small peepee douche bag! lol

  • SweetyKat

    How refreshing!!! He finally looks like a MAN!!!!

  • lanne

    and an amazing actor!!!
    leo forever

  • lilly

    On the one hand I have to agree with #25, he is not old. But hihi has a point in `If he was so great and mature he wouldn`t date a 22 year old douche.` I have to agree with that, too. The only thing I don`t like about Leo is that as a private person he seems to have stuck in his twenties. Clothes, clubbing, young blond models to date. What`s with all that? He is not old or ugly, he is a great actor and Leo is definitely hot and sexy on this picture. I wish he would loose this twenty – something mentality especially with woman.

  • dicaprio lovaah

    omg sooooooo cuuute! <33333 and he looks so young and fresh without all the faical hair!

    when you see his face, god damn he is hot! All naturall tooo :P!

  • meow…scratch…purrrrrrrrr..

    #28 again, when you are old enough you’ll understand… even why 33 year-old fabulous actors date 22 year old douches (your word!)

  • http://leoisold hihi


    lol no way!! He was cute like 10 years ago, now he is not cute
    but old and ugly. He’s not young. He’s an old guy. I’m not a hater, I think he is a good actor, just that he is an old, fat and ugly douche bag that’s all. And he has a small peepee :p

  • jennifer

    Leo is handsome as always, wonderful and a great actor!!!

    Love, love, love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lindsay

    Leo is soooo hot, I think he has always been hot, he’s just more of a man now and not a little boy like he was 10 years ago. I think both looks have their perks *wink, wink*

  • acne_Bar_o_Soap

    HOT….Leo’s Eyes are the Prettiest Blue, Silver Eyes ever!! –
    Such Clear Complexion, Highest Cheeky-bones!!!!
    The most intense Actor of his generation. I do agree with the Same favorable mention, about him not being as “Matured if he is Dating that Acne zit faced 22yr old model chick Bar”. –
    Its Leo’s Life, his Choices…(I hope not just for good PR reasons to see her). There are MORE Photos of this Game both on Pop Sugar.


  • Jay

    hihi, 33 is not old, you stupid child.

    If he’s old enough to be your father, how old are you, ten?

    Then get off the computer and go do ten-year-old stuff.

    But before you go, kindly point out this fat you keep going on about.

    If anything, Leo is too thin. Always has been.

    As far as his looks go, I’ve followed his career since he made The Basketball Diaries, and honestly? I prefer him now.

    He looks like a man.

  • kirti

    hes soooo cute

  • Carina

    awww sooo cute this Pictures i like Mark

    i loooove leo and I’m a huge fan since Titanic
    Iam Proud being a fan for such a long time

    He is soooo HOT i Cant wait for Revolutionary Road Go Leo & Kate

  • Leolover

    Leonardo Dicaprio is the sexiest guy alive! I love him to death<3
    and whoever you are #1…YOU ARE INSANE! :D

  • leo lover for ever

    hey hihi if u want 2 talk about someone don’t talk about leo i bet he looks better than u even if you are younger than him if u think he is so old stop whatching his movie’s ok and he is not fat get it right honey i agree with u that he should leave the model but only so he can b with me because i will love leo forever and ever

  • leo lover for ever

    leo looks so so so so so so hot in this pic i love u and always will

  • Jolly

    He isn’t ugly….
    Aren’t you thinking about that what you write?

    he’s so damn sexy and hot and so on :)
    love you Leo :*<3