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Miley Cyrus Goes For the Gold

Miley Cyrus Goes For the Gold

Tween mogul Miley Cyrus heads into a Santa Monica recording studio, holding hands with momager Leticia “Tish” Cyrus on Friday.

Smiley Miley, 15, toted around an oversized gold leather purse and wore a matching skinny gold belt. Hot belt!!!

Can you just imagine what kind of Sweet 16 party Miley‘s gonna have?!?!

10+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus going for the gold…

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miley cyrus gold 01
miley cyrus gold 02
miley cyrus gold 03
miley cyrus gold 04
miley cyrus gold 05
miley cyrus gold 06
miley cyrus gold 07
miley cyrus gold 08
miley cyrus gold 09
miley cyrus gold 10

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  • dean

    OMG!! I love Mileyyy! She rocksss and has such great style.

  • ana

    didn’t liked the purse, or the belt.
    omg, she looks SO much older. 16, really ?

  • emily☆


  • Love2Eat

    I actually think her Sweet 16 party will be pretty fun. She seems to like doing normal teenage things. I don’t see it being too extravagant

  • She’s 15 not 21

    Am I the only person who think this KID looks weird?

    She’s only fifteen?!

    Way to go Billy Ray and Tish, you well on your way to becoming the parents of the next Britney.

  • summer
  • christine x3

    do love her outfit :]

  • Carol

    miley rocks!!!

  • 29_29

    miley is OK. im not a huge fan but i dont hate her! at her sweet 16 i bet she will get drunk!!!

  • Andreaaa

    Why do People Make such a bigdeal
    on the way she dresses

    and so what if she looks older than 15 its not a bad thing
    get over
    that and
    as to being the next britney excuse me i seriously don think so, Miley seems to have a good grasp of a homelife
    and her mother is not crazy =] so theres a point, and well shes not a slut or a whore those thing are just distasteful too say when you dont even know her
    and i agree just beacuse she dated nick jonas all you people hate on her.. GIMME a BREAK

    hes ugly anway =] soo get over that :D

    and ps:

    the jonas brothers kinda suck

    o yeah i said that :D

  • lllllllllllllllOVE

    i like miley but her hair looks like poop. sorry

  • Madi

    I like Miley Cyrus, but when she gets on stage she looks soooooooo fake! I’m sry but she looks like she had plastic surgery. I love the outfit, but the gold, thin belt looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ugly!!!!!

  • Madi

    I like Miley Cyrus, but when she gets on stage she looks soooooooo fake! I’m sry but she looks like she had plastic surgery. I love the outfit, but the gold, thin belt looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ugly!!!!!

  • alexaa;*

    cute:)!.. Miley Always is so cute, i love her hair^^..

  • jess

    miley is very very very very cool *—*
    i love you miley *-*

  • jessica

    ugly. UGLY

  • gracie

    what are you guys talking about miley dresses appropriately for her age… not all teenagers dress the way miley does but a lot of them do….especially considering what miley could be wearing and could be doing…well anyways i think miley is very pertty and is a great role model!

  • ewwwww

    They are both fug. Look at her dina-lohanesque mom. Talk about living through your child. Won’t be long before we see the younger daughter performing too.

  • Amy

    all those who have doubts about miley being a 15 YEAR OLD look up on utube for videos of MILEY AND MANDY SHOW!!!!it will give u proof that she is just normal!!!

  • Amy

    all those who have doubts about miley being a 15 YEAR OLD look up on utube for videos of MILEY AND MANDY SHOW!!!!it will give u proof that she is just normal!!!

  • t

    She is dressed perfectly fine for her age. It is not revealing at all. Most 15 year olds know nothing about style, and she does. Leave her the hell alone. And i have that belt. Urbanoutfitters. Love it!

  • Sheila

    Miley was forced by Disney lawyers and Trish to get an abortion in Mexico. The whole story about the hacked web page was planted by the Disney legal team. She was reall pregnant and Trish couldn’t deal with it.

  • tam

    i hate her sooo much….she looks nasty…..
    her hair is all over the place….and wats wif the skinny belt…
    doesn’t suit her….makes her look fat…
    she is sooooo unattractive…
    plus……..she acts far to old 4 her age….
    she looks soooo bitchy

  • miranda

    she’s cute!!! but she isnt lovely like in “Hannah Montana” and her outfit’s so so old for her age!!! anyway, miley rocks!!!!!!!!!

  • Vanessa

    I love her bag!! Does anybody know what brand it is??
    and what kind of car does her mother drive??

  • Amy

    LUV HER!!!!!!! SHE’S AWSOME!!!!!!

  • http://Justjared rosy



  • Lelle

    I really like miley. she seems nice. sowhats up with the article “going for the gold”. what gold? she looks like me on these pictures.

  • samantha

    Hello?Miley is just a 15-year-old girl,why should she dressed like a woman to make her looked older. She has many weird outfit, Miley is 15, so she should make herself look like 15!!

  • http://nowebsite the princess of the midwest

    LEAVE HER ALONE she is NOT ugly shes gorgeous i love miley cyrus
    and wish you compared to her you would look uglier and maybe you’re
    just jealous,so don’t talk about a talented beautiful successful 15 year
    old rockstar like shes far from ugly shes a nice sweet pretty girl so leave her alone.Then again i ask why are you miley haters here in the
    first place idiots,you don’t have anything better to do then bash a lovely
    wonderful girl like that i think you should get yourself a life seriously!Oh every miley cyrus haters are just all jealous mad animals who don’t have a life so yourselves a favor and get a damn life obviously you need one cause you don’t have one,so don’t come here and bash
    her just leave and leave the poor girl alone.

  • yolandafool

    miley cyrus i hate her have you seen the pictures see put on what a prev

  • Nikki

    she has a fat face

  • cassie

    ew i hate her
    shes a slut

  • ©lown™

    I hate that ugly bitch…

  • http://myspace [[sTacey]]



    ….SHE’ll jUSt BEh A StRiPPER =]b

    ;iSNt it NiCE dAT LitTlE KidSZ WANNA BEh LikE HER ..NOt!!

  • next disney star

    I’ll see u on ur b-day milez! Mwah! Dont judge her people

  • Bryce

    You would look so hot and sexy naked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • roxxyy :D

    im a miley fan, but she just thinks she’s all that… uhmmm NO.

  • Alexis

    i think she needs to grow up like really their are kids looking up to her and are goung to be like her (not good) and miley, WRITE YOUR OWN SONGS, DONT HAVE YOUR FATHER WRITE THEM FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • +++++++++++++

    #87 couldnt aggre more

  • Nicole

    Now I see why she is so ugly.
    Look at her mom
    her eyes are like O.O

  • the hot fitchs!!!!!

    spoiled little fat faced witch!!!!!

  • fsgdfh


  • Alexa Schwartz


  • Kalisa

    She dresses amazing. She doesnt not dressed “older”.
    To her fashion goes a little higher than limited too(:
    Get some style before you talk shit.

  • bryanna

    finally there is a nice picture. Yeah i am a fan of her but not her bad pics.if she just stoped people would start to like u again. Duh common sense


    I love you miley.. But you can do better… tight now I’m a Demi/Selena Fan!

    Your next American idol

  • Nicole

    Miley im srry but ur just the new britney spears lookin for attention. Ur dumb peace

  • cheerchic

    you rock i love your hair

  • aly

    #60 who fucking cares what u think about JB?
    We are talking about miley she sucks even if she didn’t date Nick.
    She is a hoe.She takes pics of herself on the shower?Yea VERY MATURE!!!
    Good role model….for a HORSE….oooooh she’s half-way there,she already has a horse-teeth….HAHA.