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Mischa Barton Joins the Cast of Gossip Girl?

Mischa Barton Joins the Cast of Gossip Girl?

Mischa Barton unfortunately won’t be joining the cast of CW’s catty prep school drama Gossip Girl.

TV Guide first reported that the 22-year-old former O.C. star had been approached to play Georgina Sparks, an old friend of reformed party girl Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively).

But her rep tells Us Weekly, “She will not be on the show. She was approached, but her reps passed.”

FYI: Josh Schwartz created both The O.C. and Gossip Girl.

All-new episodes of Gossip Girl star Monday, April 21.

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  • http://oldnugleh!! haha


  • Tracy

    I’m glad she isn’t.

  • huh

    another c rack head.

  • Dina

    Thank God she passed!!!

  • Jasmine

    OMG!!! Please No. Gossip Girl is my favorite show and I dont like the way Mischa acts. arg =]

  • jane

    thank god. i hate that biitch.

  • good news

    weed head thinks she is 2 good for tv ,she thinks shes a movie star..all that grass going to her weave.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    jared, don’t fcuking scare me like that! i swear to god i was about to say “i’m not watching it anymore”

  • kelly


  • Amy

    Thank Goodness!!! We don’t need her horrible acting to ruin another teen drama.

  • lexie

    GOOD! she sucks … gg is such a good show cos of the fresh talent .. my fav eps of OC were the ones shes not in. she acts very monotone.

    thank god gossip girl is safe!

  • vy

    thank god she passed.

  • annaspain

    cool!!!!yeah!!its a good idea!!!!i love herrr!!!!she is gorgeous!!!an lovely!!

  • miss_nyc

    She passed….LOL….can she really be affording to pass on jobs when she does not have one ?

  • abby

    Thank God, I would have had to stop watching GG

  • zeggy

    Yes, she turned it down! She would totally ruin the show.

  • mary

    Wow, if this is true she is not only untalented, but dumb. As if her career is on fire or something. It’s not even smoldering.

  • Laura

    Thank God! The O.C. was my favourite show, but she completely SUCKED. She was wooden and stiff in every single scene. One of the best things the creators did was killing Marissa off.

    I’ve only seen clips of Gossip Girl so far, but it seems like a really good show and I’m sure she would have ruined it just like she nearly did to The O.C.

    But yeah, she’s very dumb for turning it down. It’s a popular show and it’s pretty obvious all of her films are gonna completely flop.

  • fuzzby

    She would have totally ruined GG. The show’s too good for someone like her.

  • rae

    As a Gossip Girl fan, thank God. She’s an awful actress. But it is so stupid for her to pass. It’s not like she has anything else going for her career right now.

  • kaye

    Oh thank god.. I can’t stand her. She would ruin GG for me.

  • luckyL

    Lol, she passed on a successful show. I will think up a logical reason for her and suggest she doesn’t want to seem repetitive in her roles.

  • HollyGolightly

    i wouldn’t call this “unfortunate”…

  • Jason

    Her reps rock!!! Yeah, no. We don’t want her to ruin OC.

    She’s waaaaay too good for OC. So go ahead. Never mind us. Go do something else we won’t see.

  • thomas

    People undercredit how much she’s responsible for the steady loss of viewership on the OC during those first 3 seasons. Between her unbearable “acting” and most of the screen time devoted to REPETITIVE & boring storylines revolving around how great Marissa is & how madly in love with her everyone on earth is supposed to be, nearly half the original audience lost interest in the OC after the first 3 years. it was a hit when it started, but you can’t revolve a show around the worst actor & expect people to keep watching. that’s a BIG drop in 3 years. mischa was unbearable for millions to the point where not even cohen-isms could make tuning in worth it.

    plus, people inevitably tune out when the main characters go to college (too many new characters & settings), so they were already looking at further viewership loss going into season 4. the show had ratings trouble BEFORE they killed marissa, and mostly BECAUSE OF marissa (actually, because of mischa, since a good actress could have really done something with the part). killing her just angered her tween fans, who were at this point a large % in what viewers they had left, and sped up cancellation. it’s funny how people look at the end result & mistakenly credit her for the show’s success. it was doomed from the day they cast her.

    i know GG is having ratings trouble, but seriously, mischa ruins everything. she makes leighton look like an oscar-winner.

  • Ann

    Good! I’m glad they passed.

  • lesley

    i know thomas! it’s like GG thinks she’ll bring in oh so many viewers when she’ll really just push them away! i’d stop watching.

  • kenz

    ok i like mischa but i LOVE the oc, but i really wonder why she turned it down, its not like she gotta a lot goin for her elsewhere

  • :)

    please please PLEASE DONT!!!!
    shes gaaayyyy, she does drugs… and ugh. no gossip girl is too good to have mischa rewin it
    she’s already had her own tv show. >< and thats over.

  • oenone

    i wonder what her reasons could be for turning down GG. dumb move, i must say.

  • madilyn

    she prob turned it down because she’s been playing high schoolers for like 8 years now. even though her career isn’t really going anywhere at the moment, it’s time to move on. and she probably thinks she’s too good for it, and for tv in general.

  • taylor

    OMG i just saw the trailer for her new movie homecoming…and it looks AWFUL. well, everyone looks so-so, it’s like “misery” for college kids, but she is typical mischa in all her awkwardness.

    she’s supposed to be the psycho ex of the lead guy who tortures his new gf…and she thinks she’s being INTENSE. she’s trying to do the deadpan normal-as-crazy thing you see actors do when they’re playing sociopaths, but on her it’s so funny. when talented people use this tactic (ie Glenn Close, Anthony Hopkins), there’s still a lot of energy, intention, & an intelligent understanding of their characters that puts the fear of God into you. but she has none of that.

    i don’t know about you people, but i get a lot of enjoyment of making fun of bad movies & bad actors, so i’m totally in line for this one. she may even get nominated for a razzie.

  • The OC Fansite

    Slap in the face for Josh Schwartz!

  • B

    Thank you! she sucks -no offense- and GG is a great show her being there would make me less excited to watch—if still would

  • jenny

    I am so happy to hear that!!! woo hoo!!

  • victoria

    GOOD! Stay away! i know she’s the same age as the cast, but she looks way too old now anyways. Her acting stinks big time.

  • Hans Wacker

    Who can look at poor Mischa without a mental image of her gargling CISCO ADLER’S BALLZ?

  • bolishopin

    i miss you misha.. are you doing it to the photographer from the interpol yet?

  • Angela

    im salt. mischa barton was the shit. and as much shit as everyone talks shit on her im sure you all loved and wattched the o.c. and she basically made the show. your all just mad cuz shes gorgeous <3!

    and gossip girl and the o.c. are like…the same show.

    silly people.

  • mari and vale


    -Mari & Vale


  • mari and vale

    F U C K I N

  • Elle

    Aww, what?!! I prefer Mischa to Michelle T.
    But im sure she had her reasons on passing. Perhaps people would just keep thinking of her as Marissa on Gossip Girl…or something..

  • Laura

    It could’ve been weird if she was in Gossip Girl…But then again it couldve been good.

    I stopped watching The OC after Mischa left. It just wasnt the same.
    The show was based around the core 4 (Marissa, Summer, Ryan, Seth).
    And I know a lot of people who stopped watching the show.

    Mischa is a good actress, i think shes just made some poor role choices.
    Such as….Closing the Ring, she acted along side what I;d call the worst actor ever, (Stephan Amell).

  • unitedwepray

    Those so called bugly eyes look like a sure sign of bulimia.

  • Mischa Rocks!!!

    i’m glad she didn’t go on the show because after she has already been on The OC it would have spoilt the image of her in another long running series. She will always be remembered as Marissa ”Coop” Cooper.


    I love mischa burtonnn so much and i realy love blake, i think it’s awesome if she join gg but not as georgina