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"We Are The Ones" -- Another Barack Obama Song

“We Are The Ones” is the follow-up remix video to the Barack Obama “Yes, We Can” Song by Black Eyed Peas’ Will.I.Am.

Celeb cameos are made by actors Jessica Alba, Ryan Phillippe, Kerry Washington, John Leguizamo, Regina King, Tyrese Gibson, Eric Mabius, Tichina Arnold, Adrienne Palicki, comedian George Lopez, and singers Macy Gray, Zoe Kravtiz and Black Eyed Peas’ Tabu. In the video, everybody pretty much chants “O-BAM-A” to the beat. Watch the vid below!

“I would like to see a cleaner Earth for my child that I’m bringing into the world very soon,” Alba, 26, says. “I would like the rest of the world to think highly of our amazing country.”

Adds Phillippe, 33, “I think it’s time for a change. I want a better a future for my children [Ava and Deacon].”

Did I miss former O.C. star Ben McKenzie? He was supposed to be featured in it.

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121 Responses to “"We Are The Ones" -- Another Barack Obama Song”

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  1. 1
    kenza Says:

    Firsttt !!!

  2. 2
    kenza Says:

    Firsttt !!!

  3. 3
    Yle^^ Says:


  4. 4
    kirsten Says:


  5. 5
    AJJ Says:

    He has got a lot of celeb power behind him

  6. 6
    courtney Says:

    This is probably the most retarded video ever! Seriously…they sound like dumbasses.

  7. 7
    Izzie Says:

    love the song,Go Obama o/
    …and Jessica Alba ♥

  8. 8
    D Says:




  9. 9
    Nice! Says:

    that was really nice!
    but why are there no asians, Asian Americans vote too!

  10. 10
    Ava Says:

    Seeing such weird lemming devotion to someone we only know because of what the media portrays and what his team of speech writers tell him to say makes me want to vote for Obama less and less. America, especially its celebrities, loves its trends. Seeing so many high-profile yet inconsequential people flock to Obama’s side makes him seem more like a trend–stylish and applicable at the moment but with no staying power. The sad thought that people will be influenced to vote for someone mostly because celebrities are making music videos about him is beyond worrisome, problematic, and stupid.

    People, MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION. Read the issues, read the history, make a list of what matters most to you and find your candidate on your own. Don’t vote for Obama or Clinton or McCain just because Will.I.Am says or says not to. Don’t vote for a candidate just because your family is or isn’t. Don’t vote for the “cool” factor. Vote for the “right” factor.

    I wish Will.I.Am, Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, and other celebrities would just keep their political opinions to themselves. They are obviously using their widespread influence to unfairly market to their fans and to the voters who don’t know any better than to think absolutely and entirely for themselves.

  11. 11
    shell Says:

    Ava says it best. Just because celebs are telling you that Obama is the right guy doesn’t mean he is. Since when was Jessican Alba a political expert. Read on teh candidates, learn, and then make your decision, videos like this are just to brainwash you into thinking hes perfect.

    I like the part with the not a president of the top 10 percent crap…cuz “we” voted him in…well ill tell ya what I’m not voting him so by her standards that means hes not my president…sounds pretty retarded

  12. 12
    Jockie Says:

    Who cares what celebrities think.

    Like we listened to them before.

  13. 13
    ANON Says:



  14. 14
    ME Says:


    Yes, we can!

    Obama 08, our only hope.

  15. 15
    palvasha Says:


  16. 16
    Miapocca Says:

    Why is the herpes HO so desperate to be Latina all of a sudden and then black…..I guess now she realizes that she cant have the white baby so she has to suddenly represent for the browns..ahahhahah poor crazy woman

  17. 17
    Grace Says:

    Alot of people are going to be disappointed if Obama wins the Presidency. He is not saying anything new. When he talks about education it’s already like that in Texas. Teachers are already getting bonuses and most of the schools have new computers.

    He won’t be able to stop the war immediately like he claims. He’s just saying that to get your vote.

  18. 18
    bradangelina Says:

    I believe OBAMA !!!!

    NB : who is the cute men (1:11 mm of the video)

    thank you & VOTE OBAMA

  19. 19
    Ava Says:

    You are a celebrity, shut up. No one should base their vote on what ypu guys think and if they do; they shouldn’t be voting. Keep it to your self. And as an Africian American, I am ashamed of Omaba. Quit trying to be all emotion with people, cause we all aren’t fallen for you act. Every move that man makes and every ‘powerful’ word he speaks is planned to get people to fall for it. Being a democrat needs to quit being a trend cause it’s a stupid one. This is f-ing crazy……. AND as for all the celeb power he has, that just makes me want to vote for him even less. MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION……Obama comes from a muslim family, who are we in war with? Who freakin ran planes into our building because they thought it was the right thing to do for their religion and country….oh ya that right MUSLIMS! IF he gets elected, get ready for your kids to have 12 toes and eight fingers, cause once we pull out too soon, you better believe they are coming straight to America and right after all of us.

  20. 20
    Here's The Deal Says:

    I love, love, LOVE that so many celebrities are supporting him. Hopefully this will help his campaign.

  21. 21
    Tracy Says:

    The more I’m told that voting for Obama is the cooler thing to do, the more resistant I am to it. This video is dumb as hell. And considering how much he’s crammed down our throats everywhere else, it’d be nice to not have to deal with his corny BS on a celebrity blog.

  22. 22
    Karen Says:

    Ryan wants a better future for his rich children ? like they have anything to really worry about , and you should have thought of that before you cheated on your wife honey I am sure they would have appreciated thier father being faithful to their mom. I can’t wait for the tide to turn on barack he doesn’t have a clue what he is in for. F**ck you Oprah.

  23. 23
    Raye Says:

    I hope Obama loses after this ****. I wish they would stop telling ppl what to do. Like what Ellen did. You think just because you are a celebrity that what you say means something.

    but anyway that zoe girl has a nice voice.

  24. 24
    Gabi Says:

    celebrities should be more careful about political bias, particularly because i’m more than certain that at least half of them have no clue what Senator Obama stands for, aside from change. I will not be voting for Obama despite the endless list of celebrity endorsements and hip music videos because he is inexperienced, sexist, arrogant and was the first to get nasty on the campaign trail, though he tries so hard to makes us forget.

  25. 25
    debbie Says:

    I have to agree with the comments, especially #10. When I see so many celebs supporting a candidate, I’m usually running the other way. Who cares what these celebrities think? I started to get turned off about Obama after the first video, Yes, We Can. People are treating this guy like he’s God, and that’s a scary thought for a politician, because you don’t want to give ANY politician that much power. His supporters are going around harassing black celebs and politicians who don’t support them, calling them traitors to their race, Uncle Tom, etc. So much for a guy who’s supposed to be about racial equality. His whole campaign is based on the campaign of his friend who ran in Massachusetts. For him, Yes, We Can, is just a campaign slogan to get him elected, because it worked so successfully in MA. They’re just words to him.

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