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Hugh Jackman Digs For Dessert

Hugh Jackman Digs For Dessert

Hugh Jackman picks out some food stuck in his teeth on the Sydney, Australia set of his latest superhero film, X-Men Origins: Wolverine on Friday.

Yum, yum, dessert!!!

Hugh, 39, walked around the set (Federation Park in Glebe) with wife Deborra-Lee Furness and Kate Walsh‘s husband, Alex Young.

Young is one of the production co-presidents at 20th Century Fox, which is the film studio producing Wolverine.

15+ pictures inside of hunky Hugh

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hugh jackman dessert 01
hugh jackman dessert 02
hugh jackman dessert 03
hugh jackman dessert 04
hugh jackman dessert 05
hugh jackman dessert 06
hugh jackman dessert 07
hugh jackman dessert 08
hugh jackman dessert 09
hugh jackman dessert 10
hugh jackman dessert 11
hugh jackman dessert 12
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  • pete

    that wife of his is sooo old

  • :)


  • Amanda

    Wow…..I am……….

    I love how they refer to Alex as “Kate Walsh’s husband”

  • jackwoman

    小曼 我幫你摳啦

  • jackwoman


  • flower

    wow!!! hugh is so gorgeous my god!!he is a dream come true,so beautiful

  • lizzie

    I think Deborrah looks pretty darn good here. She has a pretty profile. Hugh is probably the hottest man on earth, but there are a couple of shots here that have him looking endearingly quorkie. I’ve wondered about his sexuality, but the truth is that they are definitely in a relationship and there is no denying that.

  • Love2Eat

    you know everyone has picked their teeth before, sadly if you are high profile you just don’t get the privacy that others do and people tend not to focus on it.


    WOW ¡¡¡¡¡ (((*.*)))


    WOW (((*.*)))

  • Davilyn

    Hugh’s wife, Deborrah-lee is somewhere between 8 to 12 years older than him. This is not a newsflash. So why the repeat comments about it over and over and over? And since he is 39, that puts her somewhere between 47 and 52. What? You expect her to look 25? She has stated publicly that she will not take a knife to her face and wants to age naturally. Bless her heart. I wish more women would adopt that additude and stop chasing after something that’s gone…their youth. And why is it these days that the ONLY thing perceived as beautiful is that which is YOUNG? Wrong. Take a good look at Helen Mirren, Susan Sarandon and Julie Christie, all in their 60′s and absolutely beautiful (and no plastic surgery either).

    And besides, Hugh and Deb have been together for nearly 13 years now. I assure you, when they met and fell in love, she looked like a girl and very sex kittenish (wish I could post pictures here to show you what I mean). Has she aged in 13 years? Yes she has. She is not a mutant with a healing factor. She has aged and her husband loves her anyway and didn’t do to her what most men do when they become big stars…dump their first wives and get themselves a newer, younger, more perfect version. He’s stuck with the girl he brought to the dance. Bless his heart.

    Sorry to go on and on. It’s just that every thread it seems like three subjects keep coming up over and over; his sexuality, the color of son’s skin and the age of his wife. So, one more time…


    I capitolized for the reading impaired because apparently, quite a few frequent the Hugh Jackman threads.

  • jamie

    Hehe…I like the Kate mention. :D

  • kate rocks my world!

    Kate´s husband! That´s right baby!!!

  • Lilyanne

    Once again beautifully stated, Davilyn. I have visited this site often but up until now have not commented. I think it has finally gotten to me. I get frustrated that people are posting such negative things. Why should it matter whether Hugh’s wife is older? They are photographed together all over and appear to have achieved that sense of comfort that anyone married for that length of time has. They both are hands on parents and seem to truly adore their children and each other. There seems to be a great deal of mutual admiration and respect present. Just notice the way his hand is on her elbow as they are walking in one of the pictures or the way she looks at him in some of the pictures from other postings. It all appears natural and not something to forced or for the cameras. They are beautiful together and their children are gorgeous and appear so happy. Content is how I would describe them all and isn’t that what life is about, finding that one person that makes you feel content, at peace, and puts that kind of smile on your face. As you have mentioned before, Hugh and Deb met when he was the up and coming and she was the star. He was nervous and in awe of her and she was the one to put him at ease. She was and is so beautiful and her laugh is contagiousl. I don’t want to go down the age raod but I will just this once. On imdb her b-day is listed as April 1960 and his is Oct. 12, 1968. I don’t find that a big difference at all and if he was the one a few years older no one would be mentioning it at all. My age is somewhere in between the two of them so I know that a few years up or down at this age is not significant. I wish them all the best.

  • Lilyanne

    The negative things I was referring to were not all mentioned in today’s postings but have built up over time: the age difference, the children, etc. It’s nice to read the positive comments about them. They are a refreshing celebrity family and one that is trying to remain as close to normal as possible while keeping up with the demands of their high profile careers. Let’s all give them that chance.

  • lol

    They look like a nice couple.

    He’s very sexy.

  • janeway

    Thanks for the pix, Jared. Isn’t it nice that Hugh is so often seen with his wife and kids? I think that is why I love to watch him in movies, no matter what character he is playing, I know underneath it all is a beautiful heart. Hugh looks wonderful and sexy and has admitted he is a bit of a dork, that just makes him cuter. Wouldn’t I love to run my fingers through that hair????

  • 008

    Totally agree with Davilyn.

    On top of that, people are so blind on the fact that MOST celebrities wear heavy make up. Meaning, half of them don’t necessarily look beautiful without make up.

  • jacy

    I see John Palermo, Hugh’s cute business partner and “friend”, is on the set too.

  • abbey

    I used to live in Australia. Deb was 18 in 1973. She is 13 years older than Hugh. They’re both attractive people with good personalities, but they are being viewed through the rose colored glasses of fandom, and that’s ok. We’re all free to do that. But to those who wish to take the blinders off and view things from the real world, it’s understandable to have questions about this relationship.

  • Miranda

    Well said, #20 Abbey.

    It’s nice to read someone who is able to express themselves without the long-winded lectures…or the self-important pontificating.

  • Callie

    John Palermo is wearing the red baseball cap and white sweatshirt. He is one of the producers of the movie along with Jackman.

    There will always be questions and doubts and who really knows for sure? Only the people involved. It just seems like a whole lot of years and a whole lot of work to carry on a farce. They are always together. I agree with Lilyanne, I wish them all the best and let’s give them a chance. Abbey does makes a valid point, though, that it is understandable to have questions.

  • Callie

    Just for the record, count me in with those that believe Hugh and Deb are happily married parents of two adorable children. All the rest is Hollywood drama and if I am seeing this through rose colored glasses then I sure like the view.

  • lizzie

    For the record the relationship between the three of them is cool and comfortable. Note photos 1 & 4 going left to right.

    Life love is hard to find and maintain. Whatever it takes to work, I wish them all the best.

  • who cares what you think?

    The more I come here, the more I am impressed with the large number of really shallow people who come here to rip up people they know very little about first hand and offer repeated comments as to straight/gay, old, ugly, can’t act, worthless druggies and on and on.

    Inarticulate, really stupid losers.

  • lizzie

    For the record they ALL look cool and comfortable together – note photos 1 & 4 from left to right.

    Life love is very hard to find and maintain. Blessed be to all of them.

  • Miranda


    If this board is SUCH a burden to read, why do you come here?

  • Davilyn

    I know that many view my postings as long winded and think that I’m completely full of myself. I don’t mean to and I’m not. But as a writer, I just haven’t learned how to express myself in a couple of sentences or less even though I realize, that is the type of communication that is most prevelant across the internet. But just because that is the way most choose to “talk” with one another, that doesn’t make it the ONLY way. I think we have been given an extrodinary opportunity to communicate with one another across this great, big world, so when one chooses to do so with more words than some deem necessary, some feel the need to put them in their place. But the thing is, this site (and many others) allow for long posts. It must okay to actually try to communicate ideas or else it would only be possible to communicate in a paragraph or less. That’s how the internet would be set up.

    As for rose colored glasses…
    Sorry. I do not own a pair. I’m a pragmatic, realist who grew up in Hollywood and I’ve seen it from the inside out. I know a little about how that town works and how “secrets” (homosexuality, heroin addiction, coveting little boys/little girls…oh yeah, there are some pretty sick tickets in that town) are covered up in order to protect these “cash cows” for the studios. I promise you, if Hugh Jackman had such a “secret”, it would have been covered up alot better than this. First order of business upon signing with a big agency would have been the “red flag” of this older wife. He would have been told to dump her and take up with young, gorgeous starlets in order to deflect the truth. Someone young, gorgeous and hopefully, with a little fame of her own. That way he would have become one half of a “celebrity couple” with lots of attention drawn to the marriage. THAT’S how you cover up homosexuality in Hollywood. And in no way would he have been allowed to go to Broadway to take on the role of Peter Allen. Talk about shining a spotlight on a subject they were trying to bury.

    And think about it…
    If this marriage is a sham and is hurting his image and churning that rumour mill, then why continue on with it? And another question I ask repeatedly, but no one can or will answer it…
    Back in 1996 when she was a name actress in Australia and he had yet to make a name for himself as an actor, why did she marry him? What was in for her to marry -at that time- an unknown, penniless, gay actor?


    As for taking off the blinders and viewing this relationship from the real world…
    I have heard that alot of the “chatter” about this relationship actually originates from the land down under. But that’s all that it is, unsubstantiated chatter with not an ounce of proof of just what it is that’s being insinuated. Just idle whispers.

    And that’s cowardly. If you have something to say about someone, just say it and be prepared to back it up with proof.

  • HF

    Hi Barb / Davilyn….. :-)

  • Miranda

    As for the question of “What’s in it for Deb to marry Hugh……..”

    Did it ever occur to you that they are BOTH gay and that they are bearding each other?

    Aging Deb got a boytoy to play house with….and “penniless’ Hugh got a sugar mama with money in the bank who could support him.

  • Davilyn

    Hi Nancy / HF (sticking tongue out back atcha)

    So now they’re both gay and she married a boy toy and he married her for her loot. This is a new one. Okay. Let’s run with that…

    This is a man who gave up a lucrative job on a soap opera (it is called “Neighbors” and is as big in Australia and England as “Friends” was here) that would have brought him alot of money and some fame (and alot of Aussie stars did this show at the beginning of their careers; Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, etc.), so that he could go off to Perth for three years and get a drama degree while he lived in abject poverty living off of ice cream and cup o noodles and riding a bike. Right. This guy is all about the money.

    And for the record, yes, Deb was a name actress when they met and married, but she had no fortune in the bank. Hugh has made comment that his trailer on X-Men was bigger than the apartment they lived in and when they went to Cannes for the first time in ’99 (I think), to promote Paperback Hero, they had to get there on their own and provide their own accomodations and they only had enough money to stay at the backpackers inn. He mentioned this the last time they were in Cannes (’06 to promote X-Men 3) because now they were staying in the 5 star Ritz Carlton (all expenses paid) and that he Deb couldn’t believe it and that they jumped up and down on the bed like a couple of kids saying…”can you believe this?” (just like the night they danced down the driveway at Barbra Striesand’s house after having been there invited for dinner. They just couldn’t believe that they were there).

    When they got to England in early ’98 just before he landed the lead in Oklahoma! they had no money. They had to move in with a friend of theirs who had a home. They stayed for a few months until they got their feet under them. Why did they have no money? He’d been working steadily in Australia the past few years although he wasn’t getting paid the millions then, that he is now. Hmmm…perhaps it was the invitro proceedures they’d been undergoing for a couple of years in order to have a baby? I hear each one can cost up to $20,000.

    They didn’t even have enough money to pay for their own wedding. Deb was candid enough to admit that they sold the exclusive pictures of the wedding to some magazine for 30 or 40 thousand dollars and THAT is what paid for their wedding.

    So I think him marrying for a sugar mama doesn’t hold much water. If that’s what he was after, with his looks I’m sure he could have married a woman with some money. He didn’t. And besides, if you’re looking for cover from homosexuality, you don’t marry an older woman. That’s a huge red flag. You marry a young, beautiful starlet or model that no one will question.

    As for her marrying a boy toy…well, maybe. It’s possible I guess. But not to cover up gayness. If that was true, why did she wait till damn near 40 to make such a move? She’d been a working actress in Australia for nearly 20 years. If she needed cover, wouldn’t she have done something about it (a marriage of convience) long before then? Why the wait? But here’s the thing. Gay actors only make the drastic decision to marry because they have something to protect. For example…fame. He had no fame at that time. Nothing to protect. So why the decision to marry so soon in his career? At the time of their marriage, I believe the only professional credits he had were Correlli and a supporting role in the musical, Beauty and the Beast. It just seems like a radical move for him to make years before stardom was upon his doorstep and would need a marriage to cover his tracks.

    I’ve read so many “comments” about the two of them and have really taken a good look at this. And yes, I do know my subject here. As I writer, I’ve made damn sure that I did before opening my mouth and saying anything. And all I can come up with is, these two are who they say they are. All the proof points in that direction. The innuendo and whispers and whatever are just that, with a leg to stand on.

    And one more time…if this marriage is a sham and is hurting his image, why continue on with it? End it. Do as so many others have; marry a beautiful, young starlet that one will question.

  • Davilyn

    Just wanted to correct something (sorry. I’m anal). I said…

    The innuendo and whispers and whatever are just that, with a leg to stand on.

    I meant…

    WITHOUT a leg to stand on.

    (sorry again. still anal. you said that already. shut up. okay. bye)

  • Davilyn

    Sorry. One more oops to correct (I really need to proof read before I post). I said…

    marry a beautiful, young starlet that one will question.

    I meant…

    that NO ONE will question.

    Okay. Really shutting up now as I’m sure I could find dozens of mistakes in my post. Wish Jared would offer up a way that we could go back and correct ourselves.

    Well. Maybe not or else I’d be here all night. And on that note…

    Good night.

  • Me

    @ Davilyn: Finally someone who shares my opinion. Thank you!

  • zasu pitts

    He’s not gay. She, however, comes across as a major lesbian.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Some of my best friends are major lesbians.

  • b.

    Do you have a own life?

  • Lilyanne

    @ Davilyn

    Thanks. You echo my thoughts and feelings. Keep it coming.

  • zasu pitts

    Deb likes to make documentaries amd has hairy legs. She’s to the right of K D Lang on my Acme Butch-0-Meter. LOL

  • Katie


    After reading several of your rants over the last couple of years here, I finally have to say something, since you post basically the same thing over and over and over.

    Do you even realize how pathetic you come across with these rants? You sound like someone who has nothing better to do than study a celebrity and his wife and every move they make. It’s like you’re living vicarously through the lives of two people you don’t even know. Do you even realize how creepy your posts come off? If I were Hugh, I’d figure out a way to find out who you are and get a restraining order. Sheesh!

  • Davilyn

    Dearest b,

    I absolutely do. I have a full time job, family, friends, I go to movies, the theatre, sporting events, I travel, I’m a voracious reader, my spiritual life is growing in leaps and bounds and hard though it may be to believe, I do have other interests besides Hugh Jackman. I’m passionate about politics, sports (baseball in particular), music (I’m a singer) and have a keen interest in history/anthropology/culture. Oh. And I’m a budding writer.

    I realize that because I can come here occasionally and get stuck on a thread going on and on and…on, that I can come across as some kind of sad recluse, holed up in her basement, sucking down Pal Mals and fixating on my movie star crush. Nope. Sorry. Go back and look at my participation here on “Just Jared”. Once in a blue moon I’ll make a small comment elsewhere, but most of my “talking” is on the Jackman threads and almost always centers around the defense of his family and his good name. Why do I do this? Because for several years I sat back and read this crap about him on different sites and said nothing (although I do post rather prolifically on another site and have for years. I always said I would never write on another). I decided to start participating here because I know this is one widely read fan-site. I just wanted to give voice to another opinion where Jackman is concerned.

    For the record, I don’t care who’s gay, who’s not, who’s old, who’s young, who shaves their legs and who doesn’t. I don’t care. What bothers me is when someone pretty much lays their life out there for the public to scrutinize (and I don’t know that I’ve ever encountered another famous person whose been as open about himself as Jackman has), who appears to be a person of integrity and to…well…essentially listen to people call him a liar. He has stated that he is a happily married man and I have yet to see one ounce of proof that he anything other than that. Not an ounce.

    But here on the ‘lovefest’ known as the internet, people look at random still photos of others and make the most heinous judgements about them without knowing one damn thing about them. You just listen to the fodder and join in. I believe it’s called a “mob mentality.” For the record, I am not a lesbian. Yet, I sometimes wear big, baggy clothes, my hair can be a real mess and there has been a day or two in my life where my legs didn’t get shaved (oh let’s be honest here, I’ve gone a week or more without shaving them). Artistic people, truly artistic people (and Deb is certainly one of them), are eccentric souls and march to the beat of their own drum. They don’t follow the rules of the crowd. They can’t. They don’t know how. They are their own person and frankly, they really don’t give a damn what others may think of them. That is what makes them soooooo cool. And Deborrah-lee Furness is. Her husband’s a dork (God love him), but she’s one cool, little kitten.

    You guys are buying into stereotypes. You make these judgements based on what we see up on the surface. Yet you know nothing of what is underneath. You don’t want others doing that to you do you? And when they do, how does that make you feel?

    And before I sign off (thank you God, thank you, they collectively cry), I suffer bouts of insomnia and that is when I do alot of my writing on the internet. At the moment it is late morning, but I am in bed with a terrible cold and I don’t watch tv, but I do read. So, it’s time to say so long and go pick up a good book.

    I apologize to those I drive nuts and I say thank you to those who pay me such kind compliments. But I do have a suggestion for those whose nerves I sit upon. And I’m not in anyway trying to be snarky here. Please, just skip my posts. Don’t read them and then you don’t have to be driven out of your mind. You can pretty much guess what I’m going to be yammering on about anyway. Think about it, the only time I post is when someone calls into question the intergrity of this family.

    So seriously, just skip my posts. If someone’s ‘chattering’ drove me nuts, that’s what I’d do. But what I wouldn’t do is make an unkind comment towards them. All that does is make a person feel bad about themselves and I have no design to be hurtful towards others.

  • Davilyn

    Was about to sign off when I saw your comment Katie.

    Well. I’ve met both Hugh and Deb on several occasions and to the best of my knowledge, both walked away from the experience unscathed. I assure you, I am quite harmless.

    And for the record, I have not sat and ‘studied’ my subject here, but I have read everything I could get my hands on about them and I have the ability to retain information (that interests me that is), very easily. It’s what I do if I’m interested in something. I get all the information (positive and negative) that I can before forming an opinion and wouldn’t think of posting a public opinion about anyone or anything unless I knew what the hell I was talking about.

    And I’m going to relay something here and I’m only doing it because your post was a ‘tad’ on the mean side and very personal. You called into question my motives where this family is concerned and that they had something to fear from me. That is untrue and it wasn’t very nice.

    A few years back, I handed Hugh a letter about some of his fans on a particular website (the name of the group doesn’t matter and the content of the letter doesn’t matter. It was silly. A joke). He was rather taken with the letter, so much so that he mentioned it and this group of fans to a reporter from Newsweek magazine who was interviewing him. Hugh sent the reporter to this fan-site and he (the reporter) e-mailed me for an interview. I was unsure about this and e-mailed Mr. Palermo for permission to do this interview. I didn’t want to say or do anything that could embarrass Hugh publicly. I was given permission to the interview and was thanked for asking. I was not told one thing about what I could or could not say to this reporter. Just that I had permission and thank you for asking. So I did the interview and my name and this fan group ended up in Newsweek magazine.

    The point I’m trying to make here is, you called into question my integrity and suggested that this man has something to fear from from me. If so, then why was I given permission and such a wide leeway to say ANYTHING at all to this reporter? I could have trashed Hugh Jackman’s name from here to Christmas? All Jackman had from me was that letter and many, many posts on that particular forum. Is it possible he knew something about who I was and where I was coming from and felt that he could trust me with a reporter from Newsweek magazine where his name and reputation were concerned?

    I don’t have the answer to that question. But it’s an interesting one, don’t you think?

  • justa mia


    Well I for one recognize your intelligence and enjoy your “rants”. The reason you get taken to task for being long winded is that as someone else pointed out there is a plethora of shallow, low-intellingence, gullible people here who provide their pathetic opinions as you said based only on a few pictures posted here and elsewhere on the internet. You offer a nice alternative to knee-jerk mob-mentality.

    Thanks for the effort.

  • zasu pitts

    So, Davilyn? What do you think of Deb’s membership in the Chinchilla
    Leg Society? I know, I know. You’re going to stand up for her because, of course, she is a LIONESS!. Actually, she’s fortunate. If she wants to grow pit hair and leg hair to celebrate her butchidity, it’s blonde.

  • RA

    “Davilynn” – please, just go start your own blog if you haven’t already done so, and your fans can follow you there. All you’re doing by posting your endless lectures (which say the same thing over and over and OVER) here is providing more fodder for the naysayers. You’re right, if they don’t like your posts they shouldn’t read them….but then you’re simply preaching to the choir. Those of us who believe in the validity of the Jackmans’ relationship don’t need to be told by you ad nauseum – and nothing you say is going to change the small minds of those who think otherwise.

  • Katie


    Your response was exactly what I suspected it would be. A drawn-out diatribe about how I insulted you and that the Jackmans had something to fear. At the risk of typing out the same kind of post, I need to clarify something.

    Actually, what I said was “If I were Hugh” meaning if it were me, *I* would want to know who you are because frankly, your seemingly obsessed knowledge about this family that *you* don’t know (sorry, fan encounters do not count as knowing someone, stop talking like you are a personal friend) creeps *me* out. I obviously cannot speak for Hugh Jackman or anybody else, and would never try. So I never said they had anything to fear, did I? Again, I said a hypothetical “If *I* were Hugh”. That doesn’t mean I am Hugh, does it?

    But of course, you didn’t actually read what I wrote, did you? Because in the end, you’re just concerned with what YOU think. Well, here’s what I think. I think you are particularly bothered by the gay rumors about Hugh Jackman because on some level, you think they could be true. You ask for proof, you ask for somebody to answer your questions, but at the same time, YOU cannot prove he’s straight either. Seriously, prove to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’s not gay. You can’t do it anymore than anybody here or anywhere else on the Internet can prove 100% he’s gay. Besides, people make stuff up about celebrities all the time, and the Internet gives morons who do that a lot of anonymity to do so. Posting the same thing over and over and saying you’re sick of it really does nothing to change that. People are not going to stop posting they think Deb is old, or that they think Hugh is gay. So the only thing you can do is ignore it.

    But the thing that stands out most, and makes me come to this conclusion is that the only time you really respond to anything here is to address that very topic, instead of just ignoring it like most fans do. Why stir the pot? Just ignore posters who are immature or jerks or whatever. Don’t bother with them. The reason you do it is because it bothers YOU. It doesn’t bother me, because as you keep saying, there’s no proof, and that’s good enough for me. I don’t need to keep expounding time after time until I’m just repeating myself over and over the way you feel some need to do. I just let it go because they’re just rumors, you know?

    I’m sure you’re proud of your letter and your interview with Newsweek, and I get the feeling it’s a good memory for you. Terrific. The thing is, lots of fans have great memories of encounters with Hugh, but they don’t speak like they’re now an insider into his life; you do. THAT is what creeps me out about your posts. I’ve had many encounters with Hugh and his wife also, as I live in New York and I worked nearby their apartment at one point; they actually came into the place I worked quite a bit, but I couldn’t tell you one way or another who they really are from the brief conversations I’ve had with either one of them, and I certainly cannot attest to the sexuality of either one of them, either. I guess you just have some magical insight from the usual two-minute conversations that fans have with celebrities.

  • Leigh

    For somebody who claims to be an aspiring writer, as you have here in the past, Davilyn, you really need to take a remedial grammar course, pronto. For the record, “we are” is contracted to “we’re”, that’s what the apostrophe is for. Also, just because you’re a fan, doesn’t mean you have insight into the finances of Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness. Sorry. You’ve taken some things you’ve read about the Jackmans and twisted the facts as you know them into some story about how they got to London in 1998 and were impoverished. I guess you’re not only a fan, you’re their accountant too? Maybe when you’ve spoken to them, they were so taken with you that they spoke to you about their personal matters? Or maybe, just maybe, you’re not exactly right about that. Maybe they stayed with a friend in London because when Hugh was cast in Oklahoma, he had to go to London right away for rehearsals and they stayed with a friend whilst looking for a place to live? Or maybe he went over there without Deb at first and stayed with a friend until he could join her there? I dunno, but it sounds much more plausible than your made up, without using real facts, sob-story to back up whatever it is you personally think about them. That is how misinformation gets around, you know. Now there’s going to be a whole bunch of people who think you know what the story is, when you’ve actually made it up in that deluded head of yours. By the way, thanks to HF, I now know who you are, Barb/Davilyn, and, I have a photo of you at the Imperial stage door – cutting in front of a large group of fans who had been waiting for hours, while you showed up late and walked in front of the barricades, never mind that the other fans had been waiting longer than you. This is after you shoved the 6-year-old daughter of a friend of mine out of the way, and when her father pointed this out to you, you said “But I have to get up there!”, not an “I’m sorry for pushing your kid out of the way” but a desperate, delusional idea that you had the right to be where others waiting patiently weren’t allowed to be. Nice.

  • digott


    I, too, witnessed your deplorable behavior that last weekend of TBFO on Broadway. Because fans started gathering so much earlier – 4am for some – I watched the activity from Dean & DeLuca across the street. You’re one ballsy chick – cutting in front of those who waited for hours.

    The weeks before that I would sometimes see you across the street after the show – I believe you were working/staying in Jersey and you’d make the trip over just to catch a glimpse of him as he exited theatre. That’s a bit much. A bit pathetic, really. At least I was only at the door when I actually saw the show.

  • Brainysmurf

    Thanks for the pictures of Alex, Jared. It’s cute to see him at work! I don’t really watch anything with Hugh Jackman, but he is cute. I don’t really know anything about Hugh Jackman so I am confused by this thread. Have a good night everyone. :)

  • Breepal

    Even Hugh Jackman fans are confused. Perhaps old feuds should be dredged up elsewhere.. Or stopped.

  • Davilyn

    I could come back with responses for the personal comments, but if I do, then this will just go on and on. I don’t take them personally because I don’t know any of you and you cannot be hurt by someone you do not know unless you allow it. I don’t. Were all entitled to our opinions here and we don’t have to like what others have to say, but we have to defend each’s others right to say them. However, I must address those who have now called into question, my good name and reputation…

    I have never pushed a child or anyone else at that stagedoor. I am not a physically agressive person. The only time I ever went ahead of that crowd was the day that Hugh Jackman called out to me and invited me up. Should I have told him to “go to hell?” Would you have?

    It started the weekend before when I had an audience encounter with him from my front row seat. In a nutshell, he took my chocolate candy from me and threw it into the audience because I hadn’t brought enough for everyone (cheeky bugger). Later in the week, he teased me about it. So the following Saturday (the day before the show closed), I went down to the stagedoor with a small box containing 1,500 tiny chocolate kisses. I got there, I don’t know, 2 or 3 hours before he was to arrive and there was already a huge crowd gathered. I realized I wouldn’t be able to give him the candy because I couldn’t get anywhere near the front. I thought I would try later sometime that weekend. But then I spotted several of my friends standing in front right up against the baricade. I went up to them and asked if they would give this to him from me. They said…no, that this was my “moment” with him and that I should be the one to give it to him. That this was my joke on him and it wouldn’t be same coming from someone else and that when he got there, they would hollar out to me to come up front. I checked with security to see if that would be okay. They said it would be fine. So, I went to the back to hang out and wait. Hugh arrived and started making his way around the front of the barricade. I hung back until I noticed him inching his way towards where my friends were standing. I stepped off the sidewalk into the street and going around the outside of the crowd, made my way towards the front edge of the barricade. No one was pushed. I stood on the edge of the sidewalk (one more step and I would have been back in the street) and waited. Do you honestly believe I would have pushed and shoved my way through that crowd (and pushing a child???) with him standing right there where he could have witnessed such behavior? You really think that’s the type of behavior that he would reward with his attention? I then saw him look around and call out my name…”Barbara? Where’s Barbara?” I nodded at the security guard who nodded back and I stepped through the front of the baricade. I walked up to him, handed him the box, told him what was in it and said…”now don’t ever say I didn’t bring enough for the whole class.” We laughed. He kissed me. I stepped back through the baricade and that was it. An encounter that lasted all of thirty seconds. And I promise you, that thirty seconds he gave to me did not take any time away from those who were at the front of that baricade. As usual, he made his way around the entire front offering autographs and whatever to those who got there early .I took nothing away from them.

    For anyone who says that they were there that day and witnessed such unacceptable behavior from me, that would be a bold faced lie. Plain and simple. And the moment was captured by several cameras and on a couple of videos.

    I think it is time that I exit this thread and let all of this simmer down and I apologize for my part in it. But whereas any of you can come here and say anything you like about this family, so can I. If some of you can talk the trash, then I can defend. And if some perceive that to be sick, twisted, sad and demented behavior on my part, I can live with that. I’d much rather be found guilty of saying something nice about someone, rather than than some of cruel and malicious remarks that have come from some of you. And I wonder, how many of you would dare say to his face (or to his wife), the nasty little things you say about them around here? It’s easy to say anything you want behind the protection of that computer screen, isn’t it? I honestly wouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed to have him read anything that I have ever written about him. I stand by my opinions.

    And I do understand that if you lay your head on a chopping block (and with my postings, I certainly do), that on occasion, someone is going to pick up an ax and take a swing. But I’m a big girl and I can take it. What I cannot and will not take, are lies being said about me. But someone wants to challenge my opinions? That’s fine.

    Now please, can we just put this one to bed? Please?