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Mariska Hargitay's August Rush

Mariska Hargitay's August Rush

Mariska Hargitay and her son August,1 1/2, smile and laugh as they arrive at JFK airport in New York City on Friday night after a flight from LAX airport in Los Angeles.

The mother-son pair were greeted at the gate by Mariska‘s actor husband Peter Hermann (inset).

I’ve said it and I’ll say it again. August is the cutest baby ever!!!

10+ pictures inside of Mariska Hargitay‘s August Rush…

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mariska hargitay august rush 01
mariska hargitay august rush 02
mariska hargitay august rush 03
mariska hargitay august rush 04
mariska hargitay august rush 05
mariska hargitay august rush 06
mariska hargitay august rush 07
mariska hargitay august rush 08
mariska hargitay august rush 09
mariska hargitay august rush 10

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  • http://WTF BAH

    Does the kid have downs syndrome? looks like it.

  • KJ

    @ BAH: You’re the one with Down syndrome, loser.

    Great pics, thanks Jared. =D

  • dfaf


  • eme

    BAH, you’re a moron. Obviously… you’re jealous of 1 1/2 year-old. Besides … Downs syndrome isn’t a joke. They are amazingly loving children and people. Grow up.

    August is the cutest!!!!! He has the prettiest, expressive eyes. He also slightly resembles Tina Fey’s little girl.

  • Hugo

    He is walking Cute kid

  • Alegra


  • Colleen

    He’s really cute! Seems so happy to see his dad!

  • Puce

    What a beautiful family !! They seem truly happy to be together ! The dad is from cashmere maffia…

  • grace

    OMG August is so cute!!

  • grace

    i totally agree with “eme”! he doesnt look like he has down syndrom

    oh and btw i dont have a probably with people who have down syndrom and im not saying they arent beautiful people im just saying that august doesnt look like he has it

  • tweetie pie

    It’s really wrong to take pictures of children and then
    put them out in the public for perverts to see.
    You don’t see me hanging out at play parks taking pics of kids
    and this is no different.

  • go sox

    What a happy, beautiful family!! God bless and keep you strong!!

  • dicaprio lovaah

    omg he loooook soo cute walking and everything ;D .. he’s one of my fav celeb babys ! He’s so freaking beautiful and cute! Lucky Mariska !

  • SweetyKat

    That little boy is so cute. Mariska is so blessed, he’s going to love his mommy forever!!! I wanted a little boy so bad. But God saw it fit to give me two girls.

  • Nina

    Such a beautiful happy family, who don’t do photo ops and act like they’re being normal aka the Cruises.

    August and Kingston are the cutest boy celebrity babies, they are sooo cute.

  • youty

    Keep the pics coming of this family just jared! So beautiful@

  • Tina

    he is becoming the spitting image of MH.

  • Sarah

    August is GORGEOUS !!!

  • jess

    freaking ADORABLE

  • KVB

    What a cutie!!!! Mariska Hargitary has turned out to be a solid adult considering her early childhood. Had she lived a full life, It’s hard to imagine Jane Mansfield ever a grandmother

  • anon

    Olivia is a bit of a lesbian icon. I don’t know if it has waned in the last few years but for a while there was a running thread at YouTube showing a subtext relationship with ex-ADA Alex. Nothing sordid and quite lovely in many instances. Anyway I think Olivia is and has been the best female cop on TV ever.

  • Angi

    So cute!

  • Black tennis pros

    You’re sooooo right. August is just the most handsome cat in the land!! He got all the best of mom and dad and rolled it up into a serious lump of sugar!

  • Souhila

    This kid is one of the most beautiful i’ve ever seen !

  • Rayt

    August really is a stunning baby.

  • hottest couple ever

    August is adorable.

  • the dq

    You’re SO right, Jared……….August IS the cutest celebrity baby out there. :-)

  • black

    He really is cute Jared. Such an honest smile.

  • wow

    BAH. I hope every time you try to have children they die. You don’t deserve em.

  • Dani

    BAH. u really need to shutup becuse this baby does not have down syndrome. I hope every child you have as some sort of a birth defect.

  • BAH


    Wow that’s really nice of you to wish things upon innocent children!
    Sick perverts!!

    I already have 3 kids and they all have downs syndrome and HIV.
    Also I have had 5 abortions and 1 miscarriage.

    August probably has down’s syndrome. Do you have a problem with
    that? WHUT’s wrong with down’s syndrome?? Don’t discriminate.

  • wow

    Because they clearly do not deserve the life you would give them. You don’t just go around calming children have syndromes. For you to bring it up in the first place means you have a problem with it! Or you would have never pointed it out in the first place.

  • choux

    What a beautiful family!!! August is soo adorable… looks like his mother

  • LuckyL

    Adorable family all around.

  • http://dsyndrome BAH


    YOU’RE the one who has a problem with down’s syndrome.
    Not me! It is pretty obvious you discriminate against it and think they
    are ugly. Do my kids really deserve to die purely because I pointed out that August has down’s syndrome?? You sound like a Nazi.
    If you had a kid who had down’s syndrome, you’d probably disown them.

    I HAVE DOWN’S SYNDROME and all my kids have down’s syndrome.

    And it is clear that August has it.

  • Tina

    “And it is clear that August has it”

    Let it go already

  • sarah

    Amazing eyelsahes

  • diablocody

    He looks like he might be gay. Not that theres anything wrong with that. Yes he can be gay before 2 since gays are born that way not “made” that way.

  • Steven

    August is a beautiful baby

    BAH, you don’t know what a person with Down’s Syndrome looks like. August certainly doesn’t have Down’s Syndrome. Just so you know, some people with Down’s Syndrome act so much more mature than you are acting. Maybe after you’ve read a few books about people with Down’s Syndrome you will grow up.

    diablocody, well, yes he could be gay but then who would know better than someone gay themselves.

  • aNONO

    Enough of the sick comments, good grief. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all.

  • mignon

    What a horrible thing to say to a baby! Maybe you should keep that pathetic thinking to youself, BAH?!

    August is the most beautiful baby i’ve ever seen and I’m not even a baby-person :)

  • http://downssyndrome BAH


    YOU should keep your pathetic thinking to yourself!
    What’s wrong with down’s syndrome??
    Can someone not have down’s syndrome and still be beautiful?
    Your prejudice towards children with down’s syndrome astounds me.
    The fact is you discriminate against those who do not pertain to your
    ideals of beauty. Disgusting!

    Children with down’s syndrome can be beautiful and August is
    certainly the poster child of ds.


    Hey asshole,


  • Ha!

    What the f*ck is wrong with you people? Grow up.

    He really is a beautiful child. He definitely favors his mother.

  • mjkbk

    OMG, Mariska married a Charles Rocket look-alike! [He was on SNL and co-starred with Mariska in a short-lived 90s series, "Tequila and Bonetti".]

    Here’s a pic of him:,,1118590,00.html

    Poor Charlie committed suicide in 2005.

  • flo

    I adore Mariska. She’s sweet. Thanks for my autograph!

    And August is 2 adorable 4 words. ;D

  • Ana Maria

    Mariska beautiful as ever. And your baby is wonderful. What beautiful family.

  • Carlos

    Mariska is one of the women nmais beautiful I have seen. What eyes, which sorriso.Adoro his work and his family. Your child is beautiful.

  • beem

    the other cutest celeb baby

  • Kasey

    BAH :( you should kicked in your fucking head and then you should die.

    First of all if Augie did have Down’s Syndrome. He is still the cutest kid in the freaking world.

    Second of all. There is nothing wrong with people who have Down’s Syndrome. THEY ARE MORE SMARTER THEN YOU WILL EVER BE!

    Third of all. STF. You don’t know what you are talking about.

    If I was your mother I would rather have children with Down’s Syndrome then have you. I would pay millions. They are all human beings just like us. And what you said was bull.

    Jared. Thanks for all the pictures of Marish, Peter and little Augie. They are my favorite family. I love SVU. ALL I WATCH.
    You should also delete BAH’s comment. Because it was just dump and rude. I don’t care if it was his opinion. I know everyone has their right to speak and all that jazz. But this was just the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my life.
    If Marish ever looked at that comment. It would probably hurt her feelings. Its wrong.

    A fan of your pics of Marish. Keep them coming PLEASE.

    Kasey :D