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Miley Cyrus Crushes on Ryan Cabrera

Miley Cyrus Crushes on Ryan Cabrera

Miley Cyrus has been crushing on Ashlee Simpson‘s ex, Ryan Cabrera lately.

Ryan Cabrera is really cute,” the 15-year-old Hannah Montana star told Us Weekly.

Even her father, Billy Ray approves of the 25-year-old singer!

“He’s a friend of my dad’s!” Miley says.


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  • beth


  • summer
  • lily

    This sure sounds like HALO Remix.

  • Carol

    i dont think hes cute
    nick jonas is more!!!! haha

  • christine x3

    big deal..

  • menna

    well, what can you expect from her?

  • Amy

    Yeah, she’s 15, she’s gonna have crushes on older pop stars

  • fattie

    thats GROSS she 15 and GE 25 why would her dad approve of that???

  • mANDY

    EYWWW !!! lol… he’s butt ugly. Plus he’s like what 25 and she’s 15 ! What the heckk… ? Nick is sooooo much hotter… LMAO

    PEACE. LOVE. & JONAS <33

  • Ally

    eek he does look butt ugly… and not that big a deal to find out who miley thinks is cute lol! and spelling error, rushing –> crushing.. hehe

  • devenyy

    omg thats just sick

  • rockstar

    No offense, but Ryan got ugly.

  • Anna

    You guys need to get a life! She just has a crush on him- big deal! Stop complaning. Miley has her own life too! You don’t know how much she does for us!!!!!

  • sarah


  • Kiki

    ok really jared you need to get 2 better pics of them up there.

  • jane

    wtff has she done for you? has she given you any of her money that she makes for being useless and talentless? no, i didn’t think so. she hasn’t done anything for you.

  • Tina

    i like zac efron.
    he is 20.
    im younger but i’d still date him.

  • Katie

    Most likely this was taken out of context, she probably just has a crush on him it’s not like she’s going to date him, and i doubt that her dad would approve of a relationship, she most likely meant that he just approves of ryan cabrera as a person because they’re friends

  • i.heart.zac

    ROCKSTAR.agreed. even though he looked like sonic the hedgehog, he was kinda cute :]

    plus. i don’t like miley.

    TINA.i like zac efron too, and he is 20, and i’m 19 :D, and i live 2 hrs away from his home in LA :]

  • Alegra


  • Nane

    how about nick?
    hes a million times cuter then that guy..

  • Athinker

    It’s always hard to understand teenage crushes. I know my parents had a hard time understanding mine.

  • Katie

    It’s a crush, nothing to freak out about.

  • slut ALERTTT!

    And she calls her self a role model! Yeah kids Miley thinks its okay to go after guys who are ten years older than ya! Next time you see a 20 year old guy and if your only 10 its okay go ahead and get your flirt on!!

    What a messed up bitch.

  • slut ALERTTT!

    W H O R E MUCH!?
    What a messed up B I T C H!

  • Joe

    This is just one of those things where a teenage girl has a “fantasy crush” on an older celebrity…the only reason this is even a big deal is because miley cyrus is a FAMOUS teenage girl

  • Katherine

    Why are people making a big deal out of this? It’s just a crush!

  • jbloveee

    ew thats gross. hes ugly and so is she

  • jodie

    wow.they both got hair problems.tsk.3.:P

  • jodie

    LOL.that’s soo funny.what a coincidence

  • mai


  • required

    “He’s a friend of my dad’s!”

  • Elle


  • i hate miley&ashley tisdale

    i don’t like her cause she is a slut. nick jonas(supposedly), drew seeley ,another guy backstage and now ryan? i don’t even think ryan would date her

  • Fraaany

    nononononoo.! He’s veryy uglyy!
    Mileey… u are crazy?!

  • Jonas Fan

    As long as its not Nick jonas

    BTW Miley would it kill you to just buy a brush for that weed you call your hair?

  • v

    wow miley has bad taste in men now :-( she also needs a bath!!

  • LINA

    i love miley

  • http://asdad 696969696969

    too bad thats never gonna happen…

  • duh

    he has a girlfriend my friend riley keough

  • Claudia

    I’m spanish girl… 1 question
    Ryan Cabrera is boyfriend miley cyrus?
    becouse I don’t understan very good English
    I Speak English and I write very good english but
    sometimes I don’t understan english
    :)good bye (L)

  • Claudia

    I’m spanish girl… 1 question
    Ryan Cabrera is boyfriend miley cyrus?
    becouse I don’t understan very good English
    I Speak English and I write very good english but
    sometimes I don’t understan english
    :)good bye (L)

  • reex

    its not like shes going to date him!
    your all over reacting.
    how many have you have ever had a crush on someone older than you lmao? :/
    not a big deal.

  • http://14 zanessa14

    RYAN is dating Riley Keough, Elvis Presley’s grand daughter.
    She is 19, he likes em young so he only needs to wait 3 more years till Miley is fully ‘legal’ HA.

  • luv vanessa

    ew! he is so ugly. miley wat i happening to u?

  • Jan

    She is 15 and he is 25 and daddy approves!!! I have lost all respect for her father. He works her too hard. She was on every award show in 2008 , has a tv show and worst of all when she became ill at a concert DADDY forced her back out on stage with him and made her perform. Daddy stated, “I am so proud of her. She’s a real trouper.” Where are the laws in the US protecting CHILDREN from slave labor??? Is it only illegal if they make mim wage? If a CHILD makes millions then parents can FORCE them to keep working.

  • Michelle

    who cares if she is crushing on an older guy! I like guy’s older than me, cause their more mature than guy’s my age.

  • KVB

    She appears very solid right now though I suspect trouble’s just around the bend!

  • kelli

    she’s a wh0re. she’d sleep with/date anyone.

  • Black_hearts_4_ever