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TR Knight's Boyfriend is Good Medicine

TR Knight's Boyfriend is Good Medicine

Mark Cornelsen comes out to support boyfriend T.R. Knight as the pair make a mad dash to their car outside UCLA’s Royce Hall in Westwood, Calif. on Friday.

The couple and T.R.‘s Grey’s Anatomy costar Katherine Heigl (pictured below) made appearances at “Good Medicine,” a musical benefit to benefit crew members who were affected by the strike. Most of the Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice casts were in attendance.

Check out TMZ for a video of Heigl literally pushing, pulling and jerking T.R. to not sign any more autographs.

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Photos: Octavio R Vera Jr/Splash News
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  • loverboy

    For KH’s fan there is a video of the event :

    But I’m not sure you will like what you see, beside here is the comment :
    “T.R. Knight = Katherine Heigl’s B.i.t.c.h.

    At a “Grey’s Anatomy” event at UCLA’s Royce Hall, Katherine Heigl decided she didn’t want T.R. Knight to sign any more autographs — and literally pushed, pulled and jerked him around until he left! Diva, please!”

  • legs

    the couple freaks me out.

  • dan

    they make a cute couple!
    once they’re happy thats all

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    yeah, that boyfriend better watchout. it looks like he-igl might have a bigger dcik than him, from the way she be acting.

    arrogant ugmo.

    “the room’s startin to spin… cause of all the gayness” – ricky bobby.

  • Helena

    Slow day and Heigl could get her cigarettes on the fans. She’ll smoke them to death!

  • Casey

    Who cares?

  • Regina

    Katherine Fugl is such a bítch. Bullshít she was nervous at the oscars. She probably performs BJ’s on 100 men (producers to be precise) at time. If she can do that, she can do anything!

  • lllllllllllllllOVE


  • http://creep ew


  • huh

    I agree who cares….I have friends who are musicians and i have done what Heigl done. Those people on side most probably went to the event, but I bet a lot are just leeches trying to pictures to sign off of ebay. Besides TR and Heigl were on the autograph line a hell of a long time, and it’s way way late at night. The drivers, his boyfriend, and other people were there were telling him it’s time to go.

    Who cares…..I do this to my friends many times….

  • …..

    Actually I love it :). They are so George and Izzie there. Folks, they do fake fights on the set of GA. Heck, they did a fake fight during the show lmao. IMO looked like Heigl was a bit buzzed, and was trying to help TR’s boyfriend to get him in the car. Everyone wanted to leave, but TR who wanted to give some leeches their ebay chump change. It’s amusing because Heigl and Knight are just messing around like they normally do, and they have even said not many people understand their friendship at times….get over it people.

    Every person on JJ site seems to be bitch lmao….

  • I see her fan are touchy about this video, it’s funny when people worship someone they can all forgive!!!
    TR seemed annoy by her attitude!

  • loverboy

    If it’s not about her , she’s not happy!!!
    Well folks judging by this fiasco I can tell you this, we will be reading soon KH will be in rehab with some other Hollywood drug addict with in the next year. Mark my words.

  • Amanda

    She kinda looked drunk……

  • Buzzed

    She does look kinda drunk, and if that was case that would make since why she was more impatent. I really don’t see the problem here is either. Talk about slow news day indeed…….

  • t

    I love katy heigl and them

  • Rosalia

    See that TMZ video is why I can’t stand Katherine Heigl… I love how they titled the video TR Knight = Katherine Heigl’s Bitch because it’s kind of true! If she left Grey’s… well maybe it would be for the best.

  • tam

    I hardly doubt she was drunk, it was right after the benefit, so unless she was drinking before or during, she has no excuses she’s just a plain old biatch….dont know why TR stands her. I guess that was a true insight into who KH is and it wasn’t pretty.

  • Deborah

    Seriously, i saw Katherine in paris and she had the same attitude with the fans ! She don’t care ! I hate her !

  • foogle

    fucking gross! Get a room and stay in it we don’t need to see homo couples out in the open

  • Britney is a true Goddess

    They’re so disgusting

    I can’t understand you people gay is wrong and you’re just support theme and act like its some thing normal

    They have no shame

  • `

    his boyfriend kinda looks like zac efron. not saying anything about zac’s sexuality. just a acial/physical similarity

  • Matt

    There’s nothing wrong with people being who they are. If T.R. is gay, let him be gay. If Katherine’s a bitch, let her be a bitch. Why should it really matter if they’re clearly not hurting anyone?

  • LuckyL

    # 23 Matt @ 03/01/2008 at 9:45 pm There’s nothing wrong with people being who they are. If T.R. is gay, let him be gay. If Katherine’s a *****, let her be a *****. Why should it really matter if they’re clearly not hurting anyone?


    B*********, unfortunately, does hurt people.

    Mama Heigl knows best. What a lovely smoke-stack of ash she is.

  • no comment

    actually #23

    They are hurting me…my eyes sting right now.

  • Matt

    Yeah… why do I even bother. Have fun guys.

  • ………

    Omg, I can’t believe what some people are saying about them being gay!! And you wonder why that kid in Cali was shot a couple weeks ago? F*cking trash you are.

  • Buzzed

    Tam, we had true insight of who EP was on Punk’d and she wasn’t even buzzed or drunk. Yet you love her….double standards yet again…I do agree with Matt as well… people have no common sense at all. You rather throw stones than be rational.

  • ellens fan

    he’s boyfriend is cute…

  • sam

    seriously, you ignorant a**holes. no one, NO ONE, is a lesser human because of their sexuality, race, gender, class, anything. i just don’t even have words for you people. all kinds of love, are never wrong. all different races, are never wrong. stop being so uneducated, self-absorbed, and insecure, and accept gay people for what they are: HUMAN BEINGS-exactly the same as you.

    i can’t get into your heads how extremely ignorant you are, because you’ve been taught to believe that crap, but wait until something happens to you. someone you love dearly is different, and they get harassed for it. see how upset that makes you. there’s no place for hate in this world. get over yourselves and accept that.

    end rant. ps, they are such a cute couple. i hope it works out for them!

  • LuckyL

    Buzzed @ 03/01/2008 at 10:25 pm Tam, we had true insight of who EP was on Punk’d and she wasn’t even buzzed or drunk. Yet you love her….double standards yet again…I do agree with Matt as well… people have no common sense at all. You rather throw stones than be rational.

    You and Matt both make wonderful points, and I don’t care for most of the Grey’s cast for some of the reasons you and others have already pointed out. Being a ***** does hurt people; why do others always advocate being nice, keeping hurtful comments to yourself, etc? It hurts people. She’s not an innocent, smokey flower.

  • LuckyL

    T.R. and his boyfriend don’t really deserve any snide comments however.

  • Buzzed

    I’m not saying she is innocent(no one in the industry is lol), but I don’t think she did anything wrong here either. As other posters said they have done the same thing with their friends. In fact what Heigl did I have done at my Senior Prom. We aren’t there, and the footage was also massively edited. We don’t know behind the scenes, but one is for sure TR’s boyfriend also was pulling at TR as well. I can hear a lot of the escourts tell them to go as well. It was obivious TR’s boyfriend wanted to leave as well. Just saying there more the story here(if there is any story at all), and I don’t this is fair to cast stones on them. I bet if this was another thread the loyalist to that celeb would defend, and ironically I’m not even a big fan of Knight and Heigl. I’m basically in the indifferent category.

    In the end Hollywood people are just like us. They shouldn’t be put on pedestals or constantly have stones thrown out them by judgemental people. I didn’t ridcule EP on how she acted on Punk’d, and the reason many people bring that because it showed her not-so-good side. Many actors are arrognant, self-absorb, and etc. just like we are. The only difference is they are in the public eye. So either we are seeing a smoke screen by many celebrities or we are seeing te true thing. Personally, I rather see the true thing. Be who are.

  • ………

    Sam, you had the best post. Your absolutely right. I don’t understand where these people come from or how they get to think the way they do.

    I also agree TRs boyfriend is very cute haha.

  • Matt

    I identify with the points you’ve made, Buzzed. They really are good points and I wish people would just let others be. However, the majority of the users here (and elsewhere) tend to speak before they think. I’d like to think that they don’t believe what they write. What people write online might not necessarily be what they truly believe but it’s still extremely frustrating to see that people are choosing to be illogical when we all have the capacity to.

  • shabba

    i thought tr’s boyfriend was efron. TR Is ugly

  • Britney is a true Goddess

    Sam you’re so dumb I can imagine you’re still defend theme

    So if you fuck your own mother is it okay hell No

    Even if you both think it’s okay it still wrong

    So pleas shut you’re fuckin mouth I know you’re fat ugly loser live in you’re mother basement

    And if you still think its okay just read the bible every religion think gay is wrong
    And god forbidden this disgusting thing for reason Duh HIV

    And pleas till me why HIV is so common in Gay Community???

  • Buzzed

    Matt, hun you are awesome. I would like to believe as you and i also agree with your frustrations. Though I think for lovers and people, like you and I, or people who are indifferent it is frustrating since people on the net can have free reign to cast stones, and be irrational. I always am indifferent for most of the cast on GA. I’m am fond of their acting and movies, but something trivial like this is no reason to be bent out of shape. Or even if TR is gay. That actor will have haters due to that…..

    It’s sad to see it because I’ll see footage or anything of any entertainer, and I will wonder what the big deal is lol.

  • cm

    why is she being such a bitch? why didn’t she sign anything? who cares if its late like some people are saying, he is trying to be a nice guy and sign autographs for people, he’s being a nice friendly celebrity…maybe she should give it a try and more people would be able to stand her….even if it is media….those are the people that make celebrities stars whether they choose to accept that or not so i think its really cool of him to try and sign for all those people

  • Buzzed

    Actually, Heigl signed quite a lot for the fans there. The most noted celebrities signing there was Heigl, Knight, and Pompeo. From the blogs I seen they were the major three being gracious enough to sign for the fans. In fact Heigl is fairly decent from what I seen. I seen a ton of You Tube footage of fans of her interacting with them constantly. TMZ purposely didn’t post any of the good Heigl stuff from the benefit, so like I said earlier this footage is massively edited and honestly doesn’t go with the reports I seen from the event.

  • sam

    Sam you’re so dumb I can imagine you’re still defend theme

    So if you **** your own mother is it okay hell No

    Even if you both think it’s okay it still wrong

    So pleas shut you’re ****** mouth I know you’re fat ugly loser live in you’re mother basement

    And if you still think its okay just read the bible every religion think gay is wrong
    And god forbidden this disgusting thing for reason Duh HIV

    And pleas till me why HIV is so common in Gay Community???

    Britney, sweetheart, I DO live with my mother, and my father, because I an 18 year old female and a senior in high school. I’ve never been called fat, I’ve actually been underweight most of my life, and ugly? Well. However you’d like to see me.

    Not the point though. Point is, why do only fat, ugly losers believe in gay rights and human equality? Are the only homophobes grade school drop-out, rednecks? Perhaps..but I doubt it.

    Screwing your mother has nothing to do with my comment. Please, if that is your idea of love, you may need to stop bashing gays on celebrity websites and get some help.

    Also, religion has nothing to do with sexuality. Have you noticed that the same amount of people in conservative, religious families are gay (and often terrorized by their own family, simply because their personal lifestyle)? The Bible is old. It has been rewritten and analyzed by millions of people. And you said all religions are against homosexuality? Well I happen to know many religion practicing gay people. I actually just babysat tonight for a really cool lesbian couple that are conservative Jews. Religion, upbringing, race–none of these are “magical gay eliminators!”

    HIV? Seriously? Why does everyone focus on that being related to gay people? People get STDs and STIs all the time, regardless of sexuality..or hair color, or whether or not they eat meat, or if they own a dog! It happens. Get over it. And hey, maybe help out. Sign up for an AIDS walk, volunteer.

    Please educate yourself. Don’t shut other peoples opinions out because they are new to you, and not what you’re used to.

    Hate is takes courage. Try it. T.R. and Mark have done nothing to wrong you, so please worry about issues that actually should concern the world.


    oddly, this video makes me happy. one more reason i can legitimately say i hate katherine heigl. from the looks of this video she is a b**** who disregards anyone’s feelings but her own.

    #10 i was at the event and it was not super late at night. it was 10:30. definitely not past their bed times. and, who the hell gives her the right to decide for T.R. that he can’t sign anymore autographs. whether the people are going to put them on ebay or not.

  • lovergirl

    I know that as KH’s fans you’re trying to find her excuses, but bringing the pun’k epy over and over again is riduculous since we all know that Ellen knew since the beginning that she was filmed, if no she’d nerver sign for the realese!!!!

    Mistake is huma ;)

  • curious

    Sam i love your post and i am sure your parents are proud of you for being wise and not judgmental…good for you
    Buzzed from the comment i read so far i am sure heigl signed quite a lot…she is not that stupid no matter what everyone thinks….she knows fans are very very important… you said TMZ did this on purpose…hollywood can make/distroy stars in seconds…..nobody said show biz is not a nasty biz….they just have to be more careful
    i also truly believe that there is no way in hell ellen would sign for the release of her punked video if at all she thinks it was a big deal…..i read her interview in one of the mag here in london that said she knew she was trapped and laughing half of the time…but still with the editing and all half of america thinks she is a cow…..
    like you said they are just human.
    i dont know why people so jumped into conclusion so fast….let them be…we all have really bad days sometimes.
    Nicole since you where there..could you please tell us more about the event and the stars? thks.

  • Buzzed

    Like I said I’m not a Heigl fan nor EP fan. I’m simply saying do not cast stones when people make mistakes. We all make mistakes, and I bet Heigl and Knight have plenty of arguments(that was said by both), and we honestly don’t know their friendship. As people on the net we like to assume and pigeon hole celebrities. To say they are jerks and buttheads and etc. Like I said I’m indifferent to the cast of GA. I don’t think they are horrible people, and they will make mistakes. So I”m not making excused for Heigl, but I feel it’s not too much of a big deal as compared to what we see these days with other celebrities.

    To me this is far more trivial compared to what happened on Punk’d, and that was also trivial when you compare it to Isaiahgate who I think just takes the cake period lol. And I also am one to think Isaiah isn’t a bad person either. From the footage I seen of all the castmembers they are very gracious people. True they can be full of themselves, but honestly at this point so would I. However that doesn’t make them mean or anything.

    We have bad days. Make mistakes, and etc. That’s just how life is, but they do it in the public eye. I’m not proud of Heigl’s behavior, but I’m rational enough not to throw stones at her because I don’t know the whole story nor see the whole footage. In the end no matter people will make judgements and stick to them just like they do with Ellen’s Punk’d, KW, and so on and on. My point was let’s not cast stones at these people when we are no way any better. That’s all :).

  • Kate walsh is a cow

    curious you are a confused person…
    kate walsh is a cow and if some american morons love her, the others know who she is: a cow.

  • I


  • I

    he is cute!

  • Kate walsh is a cow

    I forgot… KH is a moron like KW

  • Mark

    #45 Buzzed :
    Don’t deny that you are KH’s fan, you find excuses and finds her attitude trivial?
    I think her attitude towards TR more serious than Ellen Pompeo angry because a waitress flirting with her boyfriend.
    She treated TR as a 5 years old, dragging, pushing him as a puppet, you can even hear on the video a fan say “she’s rude.”

    At least EP knew she was trapped therefore her attitude was false but KH didn’t appear to play. I don’t judge, maybe she was tired.

    Her fans don’t need to worry, it’s not like this video would be broadcast on a national TV and harm her, anyway she’ll give a good excuse and I am sure that TR’ll support her version.