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Ellen Page's Lesbian Skit @ SNL

Ellen Page's Lesbian Skit @ SNL

Juno star Ellen Page made fun of the recent speculation that she’s a lesbian during her closing skit on yesterday’s Saturday Night Live.

The 21-year-old actress played a character that “so went gay” at a Melissa Etheridge/Indigo Girls concert.

“I just felt like i was an oil lamp that’s never been lit,” Page said excitedly. “And now I’m finally burning bright with sister fire! There were so many cute short haircuts and I didn’t care that I didn’t have any make up on. I felt so free.”

Andy Samberg played her psuedo-boyfriend, who told Page, “You are like a primo lesbian now.”

Rolling on the floor and holding her legs up, Page‘s character shot back, screaming, “Gay, no way! …Why does everything have to have a freaking label?? Why can’t I just hug a woman with my LEGS in friendship???”

Watch the video below of Ellen Page‘s lesbian skit for SNL

Ellen Page Addresses Lesbian Rumors

Watch Ellen‘s opening monologue with Diablo Cody, played by Andy Samberg, here.

30+ HD screencaps inside of Page‘s characters, which included spoofs of Miley Cyrus, Natalie Portman in The Other Boleyn Girl, and Peter Pan.

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  • CK

    Talking about bad acting…..

  • krung krung

    bahaha, i cracked up in this part :

    “Why can’t I just hug a woman with my LEGS in friendship???”

    she’s also very cute in the skit where she’s wearing a pink suit, she looks like a grade schooler.

  • gaki

    the pic is quite funny, and I like her line there. the one about labels. :D I like Ellen Page.

  • ME

    She has to be one of the most annoying actresses ever.

  • July

    really bad…lol

  • ale

    hahahahhahaha!!! she rocks i´ve been her fan since hard candy xD

  • ale

    oooh and i cant see the pictures :(

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    i watched the whole show and sadly i didn’t find any of it funny.

  • lari

    Why I can´t see the pictures?!?!?!
    What happened?!?!!?

  • Just Jared

    The pictures should work now… Enjoy!

    And, famous… I was really disappointed with the entire show, too. :(

  • lola

    I love- no, I adore Ellen Page, but SNL is just not funny anymore. At all.

    –read my blog at

  • ME

    OMG! I’ve never seen a comment from Jared before!

    Thanks for everything you do here, Jared!

  • Katherine

    I thought the digital short was funny! :)

  • Rayt

    I love love love her.

  • jeff

    What is she doing there? She looks cute. I saw her on W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c om yesterday. Is she alone or single?

  • ash

    So……is she a lesbian? I’m confused.



    she’s cute, funny? yep!
    she’s a nice girl, GREAT ACTRESS ‘n GOOD PERSON inside ‘n out!!!!

    Ellen is being part of the New-Health generation ‘n it’s enough \o/ dumb ppl!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  • bellaharo

    i thought she was a lesbian. i heard it somewhere. i think she’s a lesbian. oh yeah, NOT funny! and what was up with that digital short?? it was sooooo bad. yeah?

  • G550

    On SNL you used to never feel that the players were reading from a teleprompter. Rather, you felt that they had rehearsed all week and knew their lines. These two made eye contact once in the whole skit; that’s awful to see from someone nominated for an Academy Award. Sad. I still remember the days of Garrett Morris and Jane Curtin on this show.

  • The OC Fansite
  • Me

    I really enjoy Ellen Page and while there were moments that were amusing, overall the show was a disappointment.

    Actually, I can’t even say that because I didn’t expect much from SNL. They’re awful and I haven’t watched a show in years because the actors are terrible and the overall entertainment value is just not there.

    That being said Ellen is amazing and I did enjoy one or two bits of the show…

  • steph

    She looks likes she’s trying TOO hard to be funny.

    SNL hasn’t been that good for a really long time.

  • amber

    SNL stopped being funny like, 10 years ago. Please cancel this show, NBC! They’re ruining the legacy of the original cast.

  • neil

    It allways amazes me that that show is still going on. Let’s see 1.5 laughs every 10 minutes. And this for over 30 years? Seems more like a habit than anything else.

  • Lovedalejr

    I was (WAS) excited to watch SNL last night. However, like most others have said, it was disappointing. Not sure if Ellen Page was just excited and nervous, but seemed like in each skit she was going 100 MPH.

    I think that before she agreed to host SNL, she should have had a few more movies under her belt.

    Agreed that SNL is not really funny anymore. I think if there are funny episodes, it is due to the actors themselves and not the writing of the show. I think SNL really had to step up their game this week given that Ellen was fresh off an Oscar nod, the big primaries on Tuesday and we are all still laughing about the Ben and Jimmy video. SNL missed out on some big ops.

    Looking forward to see whats next for Ellen Page………more movies?

  • fresh

    that skit was alright. but she needs to calm down. damn. that was a like a b.itch on speed.

  • kay

    The show was alright. But, I think Ellen and Andy look good together. ;]

  • legs

    it wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t that good either.

  • alexxx

    I like her a lot but SNL sucks and has for a long time. Why is it even still on?

  • Ceili

    Kay I totally agree with you! they would make such an adorable couple
    I have been a fan of SNL for awhile and it looked like it was starting to get better but even though last nights show was amusing at best Im starting to loose hope =(

  • Debbie

    I luv Ellen Page absolutely luv her she is so adorable but she just seemed like she was tryin to hard in the last scene but i still luved the last scene and i still luv her and i laughed at all the scenes!!!!!!!!!!
    I luve jason sudekas in the petter pan scene look at his face in that scene when she bumps into him timeless……..
    and bill hader was soooo funy as hook……
    the bestest scene i think was the peter pan one
    “you killed tinker bell!”


  • debbie downy

    I LOVe u ellen

  • debbie downy

    best scene was peter pan!

  • LuckyL

    I think she’s just the kind of girl who appeals to both sexes. I can see her ending up being idolized in the lesbian community the same way Beckham is idolized in the gay community.

  • snoopy

    My husband and I were both very disappointed with Ellen Page last night, I don’t think ‘live’ is her thing. Some people are just movie actors, and that’s fine, they just have to realize when they are and not let their agents sign them up for things like this. The show overall was a disappointment, I have to agree with many here.

  • oakling

    Heh. I don’t see how this is “responding” to the suggestion that she’s a lesbian. But it does make me think that she is and is laughing at all the media drama.

  • ew

    GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!! !! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Pop it up

    she hasnt chane since Hard candy !!! she is just the same….boring

  • http://? Maggie

    i love “juno”so i love ellen;d

  • Ally

    I could only stand this SNL for the first 5 minutes.

    It was so un-funny, and ‘huh?’ inducing that I cannot believe people still watch SNL and think its hilarious.

    They need to fire the writers and the entire cast. Horrible, horrible.

    Ellen was just awful, stilted and wooden. But I suppose when you dress her up in ‘quirky’ outfits, with ‘quirky’ props in ‘quirky’ situations speaking ‘quirky’ lingo its supposed to be funny? Only if you are as moronic and infantile as Diablo Cody.

  • bee

    I was uncomfortable watching this skit. I felt like her performance gave the rumor more credence. She has a very lesbian/bisexual vibe about her. But whatever…bottom line the show and this skit was not funny.

  • hilary

    i dont give a crap about the show but i love ellen soo much<3 <3 :) . and also she is so funny and anyone has her real email please tell me at

  • hilary- a.k.a- ellens #1 fan

    i dont car about the show but i love ellen page so much<3<3 :) … and also she is a good actress and if anyone has her real e-mail tell me at

  • hilary- a.k.a- ellens #1 fan

    hey guys if anyone has her real email tell me at cuz i am like her 1# fan!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob

    I agree. She was definately not ready for Saturday Night Live. She rushed through everything, OVERACTED (how can you be accused of overacting when you’re on SNL?), and was not even intelligible at times. A poor step for Ms. Page. I don’t believe all the hype surrounding her yet.

  • Stillman

    Wow, if she’s not a lesbian she should be. She looks completely like a guy with long greasy hair. Nothing effeminate about her at all.

  • Alice

    Ellen Page is not a bad actress. SNL is just that way, it’s all just funny skits, and that was hilarious. You might want to find yourself a better sense of humor. Take some enjoyment in things.

  • Ammanda

    awh :((

    i’m so sad the Skit didnt play.
    :( anybody have any other links that i can watch it on!?

  • sarah

    Hey! Looking for the Ellen Page the clip of the Other Boleyn Girl skit…anyone?

  • Kai

    @[☆F a m o u s☆]: Where did you watch it? I’m trying to look for it :[