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Jessica Jets Off With Tony Yet Again

Jessica Jets Off With Tony Yet Again

Jessica Simpson and football beau Tony Romo draw loads of attention from paparazzi and fellow travelers alike, as they prepare to depart from LAX airport in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Later this week, Jessica will fly off to Kuwait to perform for U.S troops, which will broadcast live on Myspace.

“I am heading to Kuwait to do a show for the troops for Operation MySpace,” Simpson has said. “Then back in the studio!”

Acapulco Bag by Roberto Cavalli.

10+ pictures inside of Jessica jetting off with Tony yet again…

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jessica tony airport 01
jessica tony airport 02
jessica tony airport 03
jessica tony airport 04
jessica tony airport 05
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jessica tony airport 07
jessica tony airport 08
jessica tony airport 09
jessica tony airport 10
jessica tony airport 11
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  • Ingrid




  • I have DD”s too, big deal

    What does he see in her? And really does anyone care if she is in the studio? Her crappy country CD will tank like her movies. She is a has been with no real talent but her DD’s.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    2 lame’ō-z

  • sweet kisses

    Tony and Jess make such a cute couple.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    sweet kisses [asshlee]

    we know that’s you, you’re not fooling anyone kiddo!

  • sweet kisses

    LOL Famous, no I’m not. I just think they look good together. You don’t think so?

  • mzgr0the

    no they don’t look good together
    she’s ugly and ashlee’s uglier =][

  • required

    i can’t tell you how great this is.
    soon papa joe will be insisting on calling plays for the loozer cowboys during the games!
    and t.o will be feeling tony dumped him. wahhhh!!
    go papa joe!

  • Ann

    Two PATHETIC LOSERS. She feels like she has to have a man to make anything work. So she gets her father to go out and find a man for her. What is she mentally incapable of running her own life. Major loser. He seems to have some kind of serious problem to.

  • Patsy

    The difference is She has to alert the media everywhere they go.

  • Teresa

    Jessica looks really pretty. They’re cute.

  • JC

    I guess now this means Jessica will get a # 1 record since Tony Roma is standing next to her, or maybe Assley will have a # 1 hit since she has been tailing behind Pete Wentz.
    Seriously….. I still will not buy one single thing they sale. At least papa don’t have to feed Jessica and Assley while they leach off the backs of their assigned men. Way to cut your budget.

  • legs


  • Tealeaf

    She looks like such a tranny, and her talent is limited. Iam glad Nick got away from this annoying person.

  • LOL

    Well that killed what little respect I had for this guy. Does he need attention that bad. When they get married and divorced bet Jess get her hands on his money this time.

  • Casy

    Diffently look like a tranny Roma must be stupid. He should have kept that Carry Underwood chick she was diffently a hottttttt.

  • Sad

    Their children are going to be so unfortunate looking.
    Never a good thing when both parents have ass chins and both look like men.

  • You/Me

    They are cute together. I don’t think this is publicity, I think they are really into each other.
    Hopefully they can withstand all the hateful miserable people in the world who can’t stand to see two people in a happy relationship.

  • Mrs.

    Yes they are cute together! What’s with all of the hate? As if you don’t have a life of your own… hmmm

  • Ella

    Calling the paps all the time-You would think Jessica learned a lesson from the past. but I guess dumb people keep making the same mistake.

  • jules

    unbelievable. I have no idea why the paps chase jessica Alba, Brit-brit and jessica simpson because none of these women have anything to contribute to “Hollywood”, meaning talent, especailly Simpson, and yet the paps chase her down. I’d like to read about real talent like Anthony Hopkins, Sam L., Michelle Phieffer….real hollywood talent.

  • jules

    No talent. Please post some true hollywood talent. This girl is only famous because she can’t sing and her ex-husband is HOT and he has found a woman that can spell c-a-t.

  • tina

    She is soooo disgusting. If he wants to date a useless whore he should get withh Paris, not her boring, tranny copycat. Oh, and Jules the paps only “chase” Transvestica cause she tells them where she is for a cut of what they sell to tabloids. I mean, its not like she makes any money from singing or acting right?

  • ………

    LOL Operation Myspace??? No comment

  • Fugly

    Tony does not look into this tranny at all.

  • cowboy ex-fan

    Things must be getting tight at Poppa Joe’s.Why is it Tony only stays for one day before heading back to dallas?He must be following his contract to the letter.

  • bejeebus

    isn’t he bored/irritated with her yet? i mean….a blowup doll would provide just as much entertainment as she does…without all the talking and vapid facial expressions. yeah, i said it….a blowup doll would have a less vapid expression on it’s face.


    Not really because I saw her on W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c om last week.

  • Jill

    I’m an ex-cowboy fan to. I can’t stand Terrell Owens. Can’t stand this piece of turd Tony Roma. He seems so weak and pathetic this past season. Jessica is a dumb airhead, his lack of judgment is rediculous.
    Papa contracted him to date his daughter and he accepts that…gezz he’s stupid or hard up for a woman. All of her previous men ran like fire from this stupid bimbo, so papa did a good snow job on him. What kind of woman needs her father to go out and get a man for her. I guess he lost his dignity somewhere.

  • Taylor

    I hate tony romo and jessica together,only because after it came out they were dating the who dallas cowboys football team started to lose, she’s like the main reason that we didn’t go to the superbowl, tony had jessica on the brain at the game, and people knew that, and they would agg it on to distract him.

    so whatever.

  • nessy

    It’s “Tony Romo” NOT “Tony Roma”.

  • pebbles f.

    I can’t believe she’s trying to go country now. She’s just a fake person and her doing this, to me, is being fake. I know she won’t do well in the genre BUT I’m going to hate watcing her horse mouth sing. The last time I saw her singing was with Jewel and it looked like she was convulsing when trying to imitate her. Hope Tony get s a prenup…

  • Thomas

    It’s beginning to look like he is as empty headed as she-thats why he is not bored yet. Will see what happens when the bedroom games get old and they will. Sure Jess hopes to have him tied up into marriage by then. Her side is working hard on it.

  • tas

    Amen Thomas! Papa Joe knows his little princess’ career is going down the toilet, so he’s trying to get someone to take care of her ASAP! Enter Tony. Nick Lachey has said that in the beginning he found Jessicas naivete endearing, and felt like he had to protect her. I bet 10 bucks Tony feels the same. They are both mens men, and probably like feeling protective over their women. (However, Nick has evolved). Like Thomas said above, when things in the bedroom get old, we’ll see how long it lasts. Tony will have to tire of her stupidity. Unless he himself is shallow and not to bright. In any event, if they do marry, we all know divorce will be following.

  • montana mike

    ok osama, we’re sending her your way

  • Maria

    It is Funny how all the other guys dumped her yet Tony just stands there trapped like a deer in headlights. He must have been shacked too many times.

  • Astrid

    She’s so hungry for attention and her father just keeps pimping her out. So sad.

  • TXsweetie

    I still think they make a cute couple! I am a major Cowboy’s fan and don’t think Jessica is why we lost. Look who beat us? The Super Bowl Champs! Enough said!

  • mb

    Anyone know what brand of jacket she is wearing?

  • KVB

    Two attractive young people spending time together….they’ve done a good job at hiding from the invasive paps!

  • vidstr1

    they look like a match. God Bless her.

  • millie

    they are so cute together

  • Hee Haw Y’ll

    I don’t care for them but at least she’s not out making horrible music or terrible movies.

  • J

    I love her but I swear all she does is hang out with Gomer Pile here

  • lj

    She probably is recording horrible music. She’s working on her country album now. Tony says it sounds good. That shows that they deserve each other. They are both idiots. And I don’t think that they are hiding out from the paps.