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Natalie Portman's City Stroll

Natalie Portman's City Stroll

Natalie Portman braves the chilly New York City temperatures on Saturday, strolling around Greenwich Village with a new mystery male.

Earlier this week, Nat made a guest appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman (watch here) and Late Night with Conan O’Brien (watch here).

According to box office estimates, her latest period drama, The Other Boleyn Girl, opened in third place this past Friday, pulling in $2.8 million.

Semi-Pro (Will Ferrell) opened in the top spot with $5.5 million, followed by Vantage Point (Matthew Fox, Dennis Quaid) with $3.7 million.

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  • sHAH

    COOL 1ST

  • NEL


  • fattie


  • Raven

    Nat is so COOL!!! :D

  • Story Morninglory

    Whoa. She looks veeeery different without her hair/ makeup done. And not in a good way. Yikes.

  • Logan

    What happened to her cute boyfriend, Nathan was it?

  • legs

    she gained weight

  • mileycyrus

    Natalie is so cool , she’s so much talented she rox

  • hottest couple ever

    Excellent actress!

  • Mattie

    Gained weight? Her legs look like toothpicks! No, she’s a skinny little thing. Pretty girl too. But, I don’t agree that she’s a good actress…..I’ve never found her believable in a role. Very overrated in my opinion. But good-looking, yes.

  • 008

    Definitely good looking.

  • Smiley

    I wouldnt Say shes gained weight, did you see her on letterman and conan? she was very thin, but shes still very pretty, i think shes a great actress too!

  • Rayt

    None of the galleries are working.

  • Irishdreams

    Natalie is very thin woman and she is not the kind of woman who lives for the camera she might prefer to be out and about w/o makeup gives her a more natural look many actress who have natural beauty don’t always run out to put on make up..I think she looks wonderful still..

    Nathan and she broke off a long time ago..back in like Oct..I think she isn’t looking to have a steady again right now..but I think she is an amazing actress I saw Boleyn and she and scarlett did wonderful and very believable..I also saw Goya and God Natalie is very talented..she played Crazy woman well..

  • http://noway no way

    I can’t believe Natalie is almost 30 and still looks good!

  • Helena

    #15, what are you on about? People over 30 aren’t good looking? Try telling that to Naomi Watts, Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett and many more!

  • Foxhunt

    Natalie is in no way overrated. She is one of the most talented actresses her age. I’m glad that she doesn’t always go for the big roles that might be a comercial success but have undeveloped characters. I’ve seen most of her movies and except for Star Wars, in which she was ok but as I said the role didn’t demand much from the actor, she was always good. Take Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, which clearly is a childrens movie, and not a very good one, but if you have actors like Natalie und Dustin Hoffman who have a certain presence on screen you can improve every movie.
    And if she gained weight it’s a good thing because she tended to be really skinny over the last year or so. i think she looks gorgeous in these pictures especially with less or no make-up.
    I hope that she has enough success to achieve another Academy Award nomination. even though she already has a long career she still has a long future and I hope that she keeps the good work going.

  • heena

    when did medocrity become talent?
    and her presence on camera is quite inspid.

  • http://noway no way

    I just can’t believe someone so old who is almost 30 still looks pretty good.

    Ok eww
    Naomi Watts, Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett and many more! are old,
    ugly and probably really loose and baggy. Usually girls are trash once
    they are over 23.

    Natalie is an exception though. She still looks good but I can’t begin to imagine what she will look like in 2 years time.

  • heena


  • Nicolas

    @ #14 What are you on about? She’s still with Nathan Bogle. There were pictures of them together in the daily “London Lite” just a week ago when she was in London. Plus, he followed her around like a little puppy dog on her Finca college lecture tour, with pictures to boot. They are most definitely still together.

  • Marta

    no way how old are you?5 ??I take your comment as a stupid joke.
    30 is not old!
    30 is still young!

  • http://noway no way

    30 IS old. 30 is probably young if you are like 65.
    If 30 is ‘young’ then I guess it’s ok for a young 30 year old to date a 15
    year old. A 30 yr old woman IS OLD and it is so over for her.

  • angie

    no way @ 03/02/2008 at 9:53 am

    30 IS old. 30 is probably young if you are like 65.
    If 30 is ‘young’ then I guess it’s ok for a young 30 year old to date a 15
    year old. A 30 yr old woman IS OLD and it is so over for her.
    Hahahahaha….that is about the stupidest thing I have ever read…thanks for the laugh! You HAVE to be 12…and so, SO going to remember these words you typed one day…and laugh your butt off, too.

    Natalie is great…it’s very refreshing to see a 20-something celeb that isn’t a train wreck or on her way to being a train wreck these days.

  • DD
  • ronnie

    mattie, i couldn’t agree with you more

  • lol

    Wow. How did this turn into an idiotic, ageist debate, when Natalie ISN’T CLOSE TO 30? And, by the way, I think Nicole Kidman, who is 40, is the hands-down most beautiful woman in Hollywood, along with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Helen Mirren. But I guess you think it’s “over for them”, #23.

    –read my blog at

  • israel

    natalie es una bellesa, la amo, me tiene loquito

  • goof

    Good for them. But I just saw him on “W ealthyR omance.c om . what happened to their marriage?

  • http://noway no way

    30 is old. Most 30+ year old guys want an 18 year old gf or 20 yr old
    NOT an old ugly 30 year old who has withered away.
    It must really suck to be 30 when all the kids are stealing your men.

  • SofiaRocket

    #19 no way,

    Don’t forget to $heet into your gun and shoot yourself when you turn 23 and start to look like trash!

  • can’t open a movie

    She can’t even open a movie, that is so sad.

  • BermudaJamaica

    yeh i agree she nothing special as an actress. its kinda sad cuz i think everybody “want” to like her cuz she’s not like the other starlets, nol slutty etc, but if you look at her movies and really just judge the perfromances i don’t think shes that talented, there are worse sure but shes definitely always very fake in her roles. and no im not just talking about star wars lol. goyas ghosts? i mean come one that was really bad and she even got very bad reviews for that. i also thought she was phony in garden state, cute but phoney and her british accents in movies, well come on we all know they dont cut it!

  • WC


  • WC


  • WC


  • kelli

    YOu idiots who think thirty is old and ugly have obviously never laid eyes on Jenifer Garner, Rachel McAdams, and Halle Berry who is actually 40!!!! Wow. What is wrong with this world. First thin actresses are sexy (not saying all aren’t, but most look like children) and now, thirty is OLD. Jesus.

  • kelli

    And btw, Natalie isn’t even THAT close to thirty. she’s just twenty six. Dang.

  • Saluyd

    Don’t freak out you guys, the poster who thinks 30 is old is obviously 12 or 13 or something. Most message board posters are frighteningly young and immature. I remember being a kid/teen and thinking that anybody over 25 was “ancient”; now I’m 28 and I know better!! Whoever said that person will remember what they said when they’re 30 themselves and laugh their @sses off is right!

  • Jon

    Caught TOBG the other night; she was great as Anne. Not how I would’ve written the character but Natalie played it great. She was so b*tchy, the audience couldn’t stop laughing.

    So now she’s added a B*tchy, Foolish English Queen to her ever-interesting list of characters. I’m so happy she’s made the choice to do character-driven pieces rather than go after all the bubblegum movies like Anne Hathaway or the other starlets who are going to find themselves in some serious career trouble in about five years.

    Heena, please don’t ask questions like “when did mediocrity become talent?”; it comes off as either terribly naive or ignorant, and I don’t get the feeling that’s what you were going for.

  • Sara

    The whole weekend gross is between 8-10 m. That’s actually really good for a February release; tickets sales between January and May are usually pretty low unless there’s some major event like Cloverfield. It’ll probably gross about $20 million.

    Who can open a film anymore? Reese WItherspoons films have been hit or miss at the box office. Actually, you can say that about all the so called box office heavyweights (Sam Jackson, Harrison Ford). No one can bring in 20 million just because they’re in the film; people aren’t going to just mindlessly for over their cash because of some actor.

    I wish people would stop trying to play the Industry Insider game, and then make ignorant comments. Geesh.

    Jon, b*tchy to say the least. When Mary was all “I love him” and Anne says “maybe you should stop”, it was soo…fantastically snarky. She really brought it. That film wasn’t all that good, in my opinion, but she was entertaining.

  • Heena

    you are the one who is naive and ignorant – you paid to see her film

    as another poster has already articulated she is popular because she is perceived to be different from the other starlets

    actors are hired due to their marketability with the public

    this does not equate with acting ability

  • Irishdreams


    If they are still dating he is never with her anymore and Nathan lives in London one report stated that they are good friends but nothing more right good chance he might have gone to her premier since she was there in london promoting it..

  • Jon

    Heena- please stop suggesting your personal opinion is a well-known fact. Movie Stars are often hired for their marketability, character actors are often pigeonholed into certain roles. So how do you decide who’s being hired for skill?

    Natalie Portman is liked because many people thought she was fantastic in Closer and V for Vendetta, thought she was so cute in Garden State, and was hilarious in that SNL short. The Wes Anderson short had the sh*t downloaded out of it. She’s liked because some of us think she’s talented. You don’t have to agree, and quite frankly, I doubt anyone really cares about your thoughts..

  • Jon

    Sara- regarding the box office heavyweight thing: You’re right, no one can really bring in that kind of cash anymore, regardless of their project. That’s why I wish they’d stop cutting actors these $40 million checks. No actor has really earned that kind of money.

  • McLovin

    Thanks for all of the awesome Natalie Portman pics! She’s a class act!

  • alberto fraga (manhobravo)

    She is not only but with her head on the earth. I follow her since I saw the Professional and I expected that she had more talented that Golden Gloves, she won, I expected in a near future she win a Oscar of Goya Ghost, or the Other Boylen Girls, I now that she was burn in 1981 and her birthday would be the 9 of June, she is 26, young sexy and she had a long to go in acting, I heard a comparison with Keira Knitley, she is superior to anythling, in actind her face and body is more fit, and she is no overweight, I desiere to have an Oscar that she deserve, that is my point of view, her name is Natalile Hershlag and she is not spoiled like most of celebreties, she has influence in other countries like Africa that she is gathering money for children victims of AID. for that purpose she has my respect, and llike an actress has a kif of future.

  • JiveTalker

    Alberto Fraga- It seems like English is not your first language and I’m not knocking you for that at all, but I think you should be aware that Africa is a CONTINENT, not a COUNTRY. Just wanted to point that out.

    On the topic of Natalie, I agree that she is low on talent and high on hype. But all the “starlets” today are, really. I have no problem with her or anything, but I always laugh when people talk about her in comparison to Streep or Hepburn. In her dreams!! She is just an enormously pretty, skinny girl who can effectively play dress up- she is not a woman who can truly inhabit a role.

  • disgusting

    No way is she straight. She must be gay, you can totally see the queerness.

  • lolz

    30 is not old. i know a couple of women in their 30s and they are very pretty. men who are 30 plus and prefer 18-20 year olds are gross, and not many 18-20 year old women would want to go out with a man who will want to ditch them once they turn 30. anywayz, a younger woman would only want to go out with a manwho is much older if they have a lot of money!! so i feel sorry for older men who prefer young girls, they are fools! i hope you’re rich, No Way!! by the way, natalie is beeaaautiful!!!