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Dave Annable's Mismatching Head of Hair

Dave Annable's Mismatching Head of Hair

Brothers & Sisters star Dave Annable, aka Justin Walker, shows off a mismatching head of hair at the Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Men of the Year event at NYC’s Cipriani on Monday.

Umm, too much hair dye?

Or is that natural?? Eep!

Two funny video clips of Dave are on the web–one where he’s kissing a dolphin and one where he’s kissing The Stanley Cup.

“The word’s out – I’m a kisser!” he tells Cosmo. “The Stanley Cup thing was funny. I may have gotten a little frisky with it. I feel like I should have bought it flowers or taken it out to dinner. But I’ve played hockey all my life, and so when the Stanley Cup was brought to the [Brothers and Sisters] set, it was really pretty rad. And the dolphin…who doesn’t want to kiss a dolphin, right? You have to try it once.”

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  • RC


  • goz


  • Matt

    it is natural, alot of men’s facial hair is different than there hair

  • maure


  • Honey

    Natural, I have 5 brothers and 3 of them have mismatch hair. One is blonde hair with dark brown/black beard and eyebrows, one is dark brown/black hair with reddish brown beard, and one with sandy blond with red beard. One has sandy brown on both and one doesn’t have his whiskers yet so we will have to wait and see. HaHa

  • a

    that’s hilarious

  • Orange Clockwork

    That scared the shit out of me, TBQH.

  • gia

    i’m guessing natural…just like honey (#5) said, i know guys who different colored facial hair than the hair on their head. one that strikes me in particular has dark brown hair, but his beard is the same color as dave annable’s.

    btw, does anyone see him as a young matthew fox?

  • Danz

    who cares? he’s hot regardless. gossip blogs pick up on the smallest things, it’s amazing.

  • prunes

    that’s mean. i liked that this website didn’t offer constant obnoxious criticisms and negativity. who cares what color hair he has. why fuel people’s sarcasm and negativity? he’s probably a very nice guy and is a fantastic actor. do we have to judge people based on the fact that their hair doesn’t look like what you view to be normal?

  • Sir-Cocks-alot

    Hate this guy he’s a bad actor and he talks out of the side of his mouth.

  • Dedicated Bitch

    Not everybody can pull off a David Beckham!

  • Anne

    He’s of Scottish ancestry, and having “ginger” facial” hair is kinda common.

    I was more struck at how grey he’s becoming on the sides.

    I miss when he was banging Kate Walsh at this time last year….

  • Amy

    yeah. it’s natural. It happens to my dad. He naturally has dark hair on his head, but when he grows out his facial hair it’s red

  • vanessahudgensfan

    wow.. i thought he was just trippin…
    i never knew having different hair colors in ur hair and face is but natural..
    its the first time i knew this info.. only here in justjared.

  • shabba

    why grow face fuzz if its ginger

  • tan

    He is cute! I have three brothers and the same is true for them- the hair on their heads is not the same color as that on their face. LOL

  • spot


  • San francisco queer

    He so dreamy, me gonna go choke the chicken !

  • Amy

    Some men with brown hair do grow red facial hair.

  • r

    he is hot. who cares what color his beard is!! i wanna now whats going on down there :) you know what im talking about!!

  • fresh

    it looks weird close up/in pix, maybe in person it looks better

  • abby

    He’s pretty :D

  • MEL

    My dad had black hair and his beard always grew in red

  • black

    Jared- you´re so strange sometimes.

  • Suzy q

    I’m with the poster named prunes…i love this site because you don’t criticize like so many of the other gossip blogs…he’s cute and frankly – duh that his facial hair is a different color – that’s quite normal…

  • lily

    what happened to him and i am not taking about his beard? he just looks very old and he is only 28.

  • Helena

    Who cares? James McAvoy has dark hair and a ginger beard!

  • Arab.Aquarius

    hahaha, what a weird look. but hey, its fun

  • André

    my hair is brown and my beard is kinda ginger.

  • steph

    He’s a cutie. Loved him ever since I saw him in Reunion (awesome show that wasn’t given a chance).

    He needs to shave though. lol

  • srn

    it’s called a ‘golden beard’ — it means he’s a prophet!

  • Sir-Cocks-alot

    Stop calling it ginger!!!

  • andrea

    he can kiss me anytime i wouldnt mind that :P

  • jb

    Just like my family! I am Irish on both sides and on both sides of my family several men have either black or dark brown hair with red facial hair.