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Kate Hudson & Ryder are Kickin' Back

Kate Hudson & Ryder are Kickin' Back

That’s your MOM?

Kate Hudson and son, Ryder, kick back and put their feet up at a pool in Miami, Florida on Monday.

Ryder, 4, sure looks comfortable!

Ryder enjoyed splashing around and playing in his water tube with his absolutely fit mom.

Kate, 28, is in Florida for the 2008 Annual Miami International Film Festival.

30+ pictures of Kate Hudson and Ryder kickin’ back…

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kate hudson ryder pool 01
kate hudson ryder pool 02
kate hudson ryder pool 03
kate hudson ryder pool 04
kate hudson ryder pool 05
kate hudson ryder pool 06
kate hudson ryder pool 07
kate hudson ryder pool 08
kate hudson ryder pool 09
kate hudson ryder pool 10
kate hudson ryder pool 11
kate hudson ryder pool 12
kate hudson ryder pool 13
kate hudson ryder pool 14
kate hudson ryder pool 15
kate hudson ryder pool 16
kate hudson ryder pool 17
kate hudson ryder pool 18
kate hudson ryder pool 19
kate hudson ryder pool 20
kate hudson ryder pool 21
kate hudson ryder pool 22
kate hudson ryder pool 23
kate hudson ryder pool 24
kate hudson ryder pool 25
kate hudson ryder pool 26
kate hudson ryder pool 27
kate hudson ryder pool 28
kate hudson ryder pool 29
kate hudson ryder pool 30
kate hudson ryder pool 31
kate hudson ryder pool 32
kate hudson ryder pool 33

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  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    that skinny ass thing is not hot.

  • http://vanashbrenique sam


  • shabba

    really hate her bathing suit

  • bam.

    sorry for screaming…i forgot caps were on… and i’m to lazy to re-type what i wrote. but like i said, i think she is beautiful! maybe not somuch in these pics because you can see her rib cage…but other photos and movies she’s pretty.

  • jo

    I don’t think the bathing suit works on her body.

  • kara

    She looks great! Her and her son are absolutely precious. She has such a sick body, you can really tell that she’s in shape but doesn’t starve herself. Nice to see a starlet who isn’t disgustingly thin!!


    she’s beautiful….
    and even though i don’t condone this most of the time, she could use some breast plants. her son looks like madonna’s kid

  • becky

    she looks nice. :]
    ryder’s so cute !!

    famous wat are you doing on a celebrity site when you obviously have no interst in any celebrites at all. wow talk about a sad life you live. ahah.

  • lol

    ugly and looks a lot older than 20 somethin

  • jo

    yeah I agree #3

  • ver

    She’s alright but I like that she hasn’t gotten implants because it shows that she’s secure about her body. More girls should be more comfortable with the way they’re built. Big boobs does not make someone sexy.

  • Angela

    Well, I guess that answer those pregnancy rumors.

  • legs

    she looks fine, i guess.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    lol @ bam.

    well, i’m sure you and i are from two different worlds. where i’m from… super flat chested girls with no ass aren’t hot. but, to each his own.

  • marina

    GOOD that she hasn’t gone for the implants!!! she can get work in HW without the pressure of having bigger boobs! :)

  • dotty

    She’s kinda gross…

  • ivermom

    I think she looks great and Ryder is a cutie :)

  • jonhythacarzymuthafukca

    damn she is hot, and doesnt look 28.

  • me

    sure put those pregger rumors to rest…lol

    i think she was having fun with it .. she knows theyre gonna talk…Might as well give em somethingg to talkkk about! ; )

  • PengyB

    Her son is too cute.

  • JackR

    I think she looks pregnant. Look closely at her midsection in the picutres where she’s facing forward and you see a roundness there that looks like a small baby bump. It’s not completely flat. My opinion – pregnant and flauting a good body with a small baby bump.

  • JackR

    Definitely, pictures 11 and 14 show the beginning of the bump. Either she’s bloated or preggers. This does not put the rumors to rest!!

  • brenda

    Is she wearing that bikini bottom backwards.

  • jami

    I am glad she doesn’t have implants too. she is obviously comfortable with her body and that is healthy.

    I have to say that she does seem to be flaunting her stuff around that pool. She knew they were taking photos of her and she is all sticking her butt in their face setting up for the money shots.


    she’s beautiful, talented ‘n hottie woman YEP!!

    adore Kate cutie Ryder ^^

  • remember da truth

    DAAYYYUMMM!!!!! Check out those abs!! Girl has a rock hard body.

    Glad she and Cameron haven’t gone for the implants. If you need boobs to be hot, well, that’s why Famous has an inflatable girlfriend. He likes ‘em plastic!


    PS* she seems soo brazilian woman I swear!!
    that a bootylicious wooow haha

  • umm…

    shouldn’t she have worn a bathing suit a little more appropriate around her son? her ass is falling out of that bottom!

  • OMG


  • L.J

    Did she want a daughter instead of a son? why doesn’t she cut that kids hair….that looks terrible

  • marina

    Goldie has always been thin, but she does not have a great waist. I think Kate is like her, not voluptuous or big chested, but bohemian and happy and secure with their bodies. Forgot, of course, also blondes.

  • Charlotte

    I feel like a perv or something …but damn, that ass is looking fine. & so are her legs & that flat chest is nothing but beautiful.

    Small boobs are pretty too!

  • tasha


  • raye

    I didnt know she is ugly! She looks so ordinary. Her body is good but she is flat chested. Definitely not pregnant, just having a typical gut belly for eating and drinking too much.

  • Waterlily

    Yo, famous, I don’t see no flat ass on Kate. I see a lovely round behind. As for her boobs, they are small, but she looks like a normal woman. If you are generally slender, you are not going to have a large chest.
    We have been so fooled by all the phony fake Hollywood silicone boobs, that we can’t appreciate what real women look like. Too bad.

  • Joe

    I didn’t realize she was one of the hottest hollywood women out there….until now, that is….Wow, that’s all I can say

  • jussthugss

    her b0dy looks sick i juss dun like how her arrms looks. but u cud see how much she works out her stomache n ass look SIK
    u haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lola

    She looks great- and cute kid.

    –read my blog at

  • cc

    can anyone id the swimsuit she’s wearing?

  • 008

    She’;s definitely in good shape.

  • 1967

    what a…..s l u t.
    fancy wearing a bikini with half her a r s e hanging out, in front of her son.
    dumb b*tch.

  • kathy

    cute lil booty… but why is she wearing a top? she have nothing to cover…absolutely nothing!

  • Milli

    She has no boobs, but she is not lacking in the butt dept. I saw few more shots of her in the same bathing suit(!!,if you can call that thing a bathing suit, although I want one ;-) )at and Oh Boy! She has a great ass. I try so hard to get my ass a little bigger, squats,deadlifts etc. I am not genetically blessed in that dept.
    Love her,she looks great.

  • sari


  • Disco

    I’m sorry but I just don’t think Ryder is cute. He’s got to be the ugliest kid in Hollywood…well, second to Tori Spelling’s son, Liam.

  • Nicole m

    She has no cellulite….not fair! Her legs look better than mine and she had a kid!

    People are so judgemental about her not having boobs. If she did get implants, people would still judge her for getting plastic surgery. She didn’t crack under the Hollywood pressure to make her body look better. Can’t she get credit for that?

  • kit

    That is one homely kid. Eeek.

  • hannah

    She looks amazing! I love her because I have the same body type as her and she’s helped me realize I dont need big boobs to be beautiful. Fake/plastic is so gross and over done. Its gross seeing every woman look the same now. It’s refreshing seeing a gorgeous woman like Kate.

  • palvasha

    she is lovely but shame abt that horrible bakini, her boobs look flat and her bottom bits lol look too in ur face, if u get wt i mean

    she has lovely smile n is ok actress

  • anom

    cut that boys hair it’s so over being trendy it’s just silly loooking