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Rihanna Only Has Eyes For Louis Vuitton

Rihanna Only Has Eyes For Louis Vuitton

Rihanna is dressed to the high fashion nines as she shops the Louis Vuitton, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Emanuel Ungaro boutiques in Paris on Saturday.

The 20-year-old Barbados babe wore stylin’ boots, shiny spandex pants and a leather jacket. Rough ‘n tough chick!

And check out the Louis Vuitton monogram reflecting in Rihanna‘s sunglasses. Cool pic!

25+ pictures inside of Rihanna‘s Louis Vuitton eyes…

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rihanna louis vuitton eyes 01
rihanna louis vuitton eyes 02
rihanna louis vuitton eyes 03
rihanna louis vuitton eyes 04
rihanna louis vuitton eyes 05
rihanna louis vuitton eyes 06
rihanna louis vuitton eyes 07
rihanna louis vuitton eyes 08
rihanna louis vuitton eyes 09
rihanna louis vuitton eyes 10
rihanna louis vuitton eyes 11
rihanna louis vuitton eyes 12
rihanna louis vuitton eyes 13
rihanna louis vuitton eyes 14
rihanna louis vuitton eyes 15
rihanna louis vuitton eyes 16
rihanna louis vuitton eyes 17
rihanna louis vuitton eyes 18
rihanna louis vuitton eyes 19
rihanna louis vuitton eyes 20
rihanna louis vuitton eyes 21
rihanna louis vuitton eyes 22
rihanna louis vuitton eyes 23
rihanna louis vuitton eyes 24
rihanna louis vuitton eyes 25

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  • Bliss

    She really does look like a guy in those photos. At least she covered up her zits.



  • atlantA boy

    She would make a hot guy!

  • kathy

    lucky girl… gorgeous lucky girl!!

  • lea

    She sleeps at the hotel ” MURANO ” where my brother works.

  • gwadastyle

    the new black victoria beckham??

  • Fizz

    more the new Michael Jackson

  • i heart my penis

    Those pants are too tight. I bet that hurts her penis :-(

  • i heart my penis

    ^ p-e-n-i-s


    thats the same necklace she wore at the Belfast concert last night!!
    i wonder who gave it to her!! ;)

    ..and as for her outfit. fair enough its not my style same with the hair but at least shes being who she wants to be and doing/ wearing what she wants (even if it is a stylist) & big shock shes wore the same outfit twice..WHO HASNT?!

    ..on a side note the leggings look exactly like the ones her back up singer wore last night!

  • Go Obama!

    Agree with those who say she has on too much makeup. Makes her look way older than 30. Why do chicks think wearing all that shit makes them hot?

  • http://justjared.buzznet.COM omar

    robyn rihanna fenty the sexiest female musician !

  • http://deleted Candy

    Love the look. She’s beautiful. I see you’re fug if you’re not Angelina or Vanessa around here.

  • Halli


  • Danz

    I don’t hate. I tell the truth. She looks like she is trying sooooo hard to be trendy. Seriously, nothing about this look is original. Although she is slim, her legs are relatively thick. Therefore, she should NEVER wear shiny leggings to draw attention to them. Under any circumstances. Also, I know she’s growing up but by wearing so much make up she looks harsh and older than her age. Take it down a notch Rihanna, please. Loving the leather jacket though, been trying to get one of those even before Hollywood caught onto them. Pity I’m broke lol.


    the same one beyonce stan is posting under different user names to say bad things about rihanna sick jealous people beyonce and her stans are jealous of rihanna

  • i wonder why

    okay she’s famous for shopping , spending money, being pretty, and doing what celebs do everyday…and?

  • deal with the real…or leave

    Wow.While the economy suffers,People lose their jobs and goes hungry. another celeb’s shopping for attention and throwing there wealth in your faces… in “paris”.wow very important.

  • Terrell

    i bet have of the idiots working there can’t even afford to shop there themselves.How fun is that?lmao… it’s a wonderful life.

  • Terrell

    s*** i meant half…

  • zzzzzzz

    She’s totally fug and boring….

  • jagerboms

    whats up with you people? she is prettier now than ever! she looks so fashionista like those runway models and models in fashion magazines! you can’t deny that! open up a magazine and youll see something like her..shes fly and I love her!

  • Djimon

    Rihanna looks like a ugly beast w/ too much red lipstick on

  • angelina_mmm

    she’s rocking that outfit

  • Lily

    If those pants get any tighter, they’ll burst. Rihanna sweetie, you do not have to dress like a hoe to look good.

  • Toxic

    omfg. what a she-male tranny!

  • She’s a buster

    Every time she’s photo’d on the street without the help of stylists, she looks busted. That outfit has to stand up by itself by now because she always has it on!!! WASH IT FOR CHRIST SAKE!!! NOTE TO RIHANNA’s PEOPLE: TAKE HER FAR, FAR AWAY!!! STOP FORCE-FEEDING UNTALENTED PEOPLE ON US. BRITNEY GET IT TOGETHER AND GET YOUR SPOT BACK!!!!

  • sena

    ohh so cutty ı love this girl she is my baby muwaaah <3

  • Man

    She hoards a lot of fake LV bags from Manila.