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Hayden Panettiere @ Larry King Live!

Hayden Panettiere @ Larry King Live!

Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere joins cyclist Lance Armstrong, musician Wyclef Jean, actress Rosario Dawson and singer Josh Groban to promote the importance of voting on Monday’s Larry King Live.

“I’m a newbie voter,” the 18-year-old said. “It felt very empowering… very empowering to have a voice and declare yourself.”

Hayden also is the official spokeswoman for voting campaign Declare Yourself.

“Declare Yourself speaks to young people,” she explains. “I’ve said to them, ask your candidates about problems, whether it be environmental or Lance with cancer or war. Ask them what their views are on it.

“Then let that weigh in on their decision.”

When asked by vidoeographers if given the choice between Democrat Barack Obama or Republican John McCain, Hayden said she would definitely choose Obama. However, Hayden still appeared undecided between Obama and rival Hillary Clinton as the Democratic presidential candidate. Momager Lesley (pictured below) was seen standing behind Hayden the whole time she was being asked questions and signing auotgraphs.

Watch Hayden Panettiere on Larry King Live here: Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV.

10+ pictures inside of Hayden Panettiere @ Larry King Live!

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  • Tomo

    hate her

  • chanti

    hayden is so cute!

  • dedaas

    she is so thick. not pretty at all.

  • Mary

    Whoa . She’s getting really fat.

  • sistahc

    She just dresses and acts way too old for her age. I’m not saying she should be like Lindsay (nobody should) but she needs to chill

  • kay

    she’s growing on me. at least she is doing something with her fame to influence young people. she may not dress her age, but at least she’s looking out for the young people of her country.


  • kay

    she’s growing on me. at least she is doing something with her fame to influence young people. she may not dress her age, but at least she’s looking out for the young people of her country.


  • Maria

    Still trying to look like a 30 year old woman with that skirt. Just really sad.

  • Face

    She seems to always wear a variation of the same type of outfit: pumps, and blouse tucked into a high-waisted pencil skirt. Cute but boring and predictable

  • gia

    i agree with #9…but hey at least it works for her. i’d rather see that than britney’s standard uniform of no underwear, ill fitting shirt, i’ll fitting skirt, and cheap looking brown leather boots.

  • jacqui

    to dedaas and mary above,,

    hayden is not fat, the girl has some curves and she looks great!
    jealousy is the only thing i smell here.

  • 008

    She’s cute.

  • erica

    I saw this yesterday it was nice. Everyone who can vote should definitely vote this year!!

  • troy

    I’m sorry but Hayden is really starting to irritate me. It’s great that she gets involved in causes like Save the Whales through protest and whatnot. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to lectured to by an 18-year-old. Again its great to hear of a young star using her time to change the world as opposed to closing nightclubs and puking in the street and doing God knows what else but what qualifies her to give speeches and lecture people?

  • lola

    awww she looks beautiful

    some of you guys are really idiots !!! what else should she wear ??? leggings and pigtails ???

  • Sarah

    I like Hayden and I think she looks nice. What else do you guys want her to wear? Jeans and a T-shirt – she’s going on Larry King – she looks professional – dressed up – she doesn’t look old or fat.

    And #14 maybe it’s because she’s the only one using her voice for good causes? Would you rather listen to someone else? It’s really sad that you think your being lectured – instead of listening to what she has to say and taking it to heart.

  • Ely

    Shes sucha cutie!

  • seriall

    I love her


  • eddie jones

    this girls short lived career is over. she continues to dress like she’s 40, she’s a complete idiot (as most hollywood celebs are) when it comes to politics. she believes in global warming, this girl is done. NEXT

  • Dedicated Bitch

    she looks like an adult dwarf!

  • Erica

    #19 You’re an idiot for not believing in global warming.

  • jess

    Hayden looks great she doesn’t look fat at all, anyway she isn’t saying who YOU should vote for, she is saying that all people who are able to vote , should vote but first listen to what the candidates have to say and then make your choice, Love you Hayden!

  • monkeyman476

    shes gotten a little chubby, but as i always say “more cushion for the pushin”

  • em

    I like how you can see the makeup (contour) done around her jaw line. LOL. That def needed to be more blended. She looks cute otherwise though.

  • Blackberry

    I dont believe that!!! Did i tell you theres a new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians March 9th on E! starting at 10 pm et/pt. The first season was good but this season i bet is going to be just crazy. Here are those links you wanted play the tushy game its great!!

  • lee

    publicity seeker. ha-ha.



  • kate

    whut’s ur problem?!?

    hayden is so beautiful!

    and she is NOT thick or fat !

    you’re only jealous,cuz she is such a pretty & cute girl !

    i love her,she’s so awesome!

  • Kirsten

    I think Hayden’s great! She uses her fame to promote good things, and not only partying and stuff like that, like many other celebs do.
    And you guys can say she’s fat, but I think she isn’t, she is just isn’t another anorxia-girl. I think that’s great.
    Her clothes aren’t really my style, but it looks good on her and I think she’s the one to decide what she’s wearing, and not the people here…

  • BexterzzNY

    i love her and all, but is she preggers with her 30 yr old bf??
    i mean, look at her stomach…..

    not trying to start a rumor here, just wondering…

  • akagirl

    #30 can’t you see her shirt it tucked in?? use common sense.

  • bibi

    i love you!!
    photo perfect!!

  • Francesca

    Granny Arms