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Liev Schreiber: Sabretooth's Claws Revealed!

Liev Schreiber: Sabretooth's Claws Revealed!

Here are the first pictures of the bulked up Liev Schreiber in Sydney, Australia and his new Sabretooth claws/nails for the latest X-Men spin-off film, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Liev was seen having his fingertips touched up by the prosthetics department.

Hugh Jackman, who reprises his role as Wolverine, was also seen looking like his jolly self on set.

Both Hugh, 39, and Liev, 40, were seen eating apples from craft services. An apple a day keeps the beast away!

40+ pictures inside of Liev Schrieber‘s Sabretooth claws…

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hugh jackman liev schreiber 01
hugh jackman liev schreiber 02
hugh jackman liev schreiber 03
hugh jackman liev schreiber 04
hugh jackman liev schreiber 05
hugh jackman liev schreiber 06
hugh jackman liev schreiber 07
hugh jackman liev schreiber 08
hugh jackman liev schreiber 09
hugh jackman liev schreiber 10
hugh jackman liev schreiber 11
hugh jackman liev schreiber 12
hugh jackman liev schreiber 13
hugh jackman liev schreiber 14
hugh jackman liev schreiber 15
hugh jackman liev schreiber 16
hugh jackman liev schreiber 17
hugh jackman liev schreiber 18
hugh jackman liev schreiber 19
hugh jackman liev schreiber 20
hugh jackman liev schreiber 21
hugh jackman liev schreiber 22
hugh jackman liev schreiber 23
hugh jackman liev schreiber 24
hugh jackman liev schreiber 25
hugh jackman liev schreiber 26
hugh jackman liev schreiber 27
hugh jackman liev schreiber 28
hugh jackman liev schreiber 29
hugh jackman liev schreiber 30
hugh jackman liev schreiber 31
hugh jackman liev schreiber 32
hugh jackman liev schreiber 33
hugh jackman liev schreiber 34
hugh jackman liev schreiber 35
hugh jackman liev schreiber 36
hugh jackman liev schreiber 37
hugh jackman liev schreiber 38
hugh jackman liev schreiber 39
hugh jackman liev schreiber 40
hugh jackman liev schreiber 41
hugh jackman liev schreiber 42
hugh jackman liev schreiber 43

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  • Julzz

    Oh Jared!
    Seems you are pretty much in love w/ Hugh?!? Huh?

  • rita

    umm shouldn’t liev be more cut for his role? yikes

  • Jackwoman


  • Joanna

    When will we get to see pics of Taylor Kitsch on/off set? I can’t wait! Thanks for the great work you do in keeping us up to date Jared!

  • Maytook

    Je rêvais de voir Hugh en Kaki, Dieu l’a fait !!! Hugh est trop seeeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy woooowwwww je l’aime trop ce type !!!!!

  • Serissa

    @ Maytook: Moi aussi! *gg*

  • Me

    love hugh ^^

  • Val

    He’s not bulked up , more like porked up!

  • hf

    AH! That Wolverine guy is such a cutie! No doubt that won’t be the case in the movie, though. I can hardly wait!

    Thanks for the shots, JJ.

  • Amy

    This also would probably be an early part of the movie, seeing as they’re in the military together. I’m sure we’ll be seeing him bigger later.

  • OMG


  • Jamal

    Those little pointy fingernails supposed to be a threat to Wolverine?
    I am not so sure where this production is going. The only good thing to come out so far, are two decent pix of Wolverine. But all the news and set pix has been pretty bad.

    First, with all the mutants being added it’s more like X-4 than a Wolverine movie. Why Gambit? Why Blob? This movie is supposed to take place pre-X-Men, many years ago. Now these mutants they are adding would be old by the time the X-Men forms. It doesn’t make sense. Why turn the entire X-Universe on it head?

    Then we get Liev Schrieber as Sabretooth?? Ok. That makes sense.
    How do they explain the size difference of Sabretooth from X-1 to this?

    What is up with Wolvie’s hair? Even in the press pix it looks lame.

    I’ll still go see it, but this is really making no sense.

  • mel

    Hugh is looking very much like his son Oscar in these pictrues IMO. Strange!! Must be the hair.

    Also reminds me of how Zahara looks so much like Angelina (hence like Shiloh particularly their pouty mouths that never closes!). Are people who adopt drawn to children who look a bit like them? I wonder.

  • RacerspeedJoe

    Ewwww…Liev looks too chunky!! Come on Liev, you need to call Hugh’s trainer. Luv you guy though!!

  • dumb

    jared. your site sucks. get your own shit.

  • kasjan

    This movie gonna suck. What to fu.. ?
    1.Logan taller than Creed
    2.Logan more muscle than Creed
    3.Where are Creed’s blond hair ???
    4.Gambit in 60′s, 70′s ???
    5. My laugh will not stop in cinema if that ‘s not gonna change

    the one way they gonna do this right is:
    1.Give Schrieber higher shoes
    2.Schrieber go to get more muscle, because I was laughing when saw this pics (big stomach)
    3. Make Schrieber’s hair blond
    4.Gambit in the end of movie in present day, cooperating with Sabretooth as Marauders
    I can’t imagine other way

  • kasjan

    How do they explain the size difference of Sabretooth from X-1 to this?

    there is only one way of explain it, Sabretooth of X1 is next step of Creed’s evolution, so in the end of ,,Wolverine” movie there should be Tyler Mane, another way can’t be

  • KW

    Both these guys look like they’re in bad shape.

  • janeway

    Thanks again Jared for your pics of Hugh. He is just sooo adorable, it is great to see him messing around on the set. I don’t know what everyone’s problem is it seems they just like to b***ch. Hugh and Liev seem like great guys and I am sure the movie will be fun. Will it be a carbon copy of the comics, probably not. It can’t be, this stuff doesn’t exist in real life. Just relax and enjoy the movie when it comes out.

  • Bandyt

    They’re in Military Uniform, and probably JUST going into the Weapon X program. Creed is still in minor-mutant form. This is obviously before Weapon X beefs him up big time.

  • Eve

    @ 16. Actually, Liev Schreiber is about one and a half inch taller than Hugh Jackman.

  • xmen fan

    its ony marvels fault because they gave up the rights xmen bu a far as the movie being made shit its fox’s fault and of coarse the crappy writters and crappy directors. Marvel took out a loan to try to perserve the integrety of thier cmic book characters. first one will be iron man then hulk and i believe captian america and the black panther

  • Eve

    @ 16 again. My bad. Liev Schreiber (6’3″ or 1,91 meter) is only one inch taller than Hugh Jackman (6’2″ or 1,88 meter).

    I think they needed a really good actor to play Victor Creed since now it’s an important role. Not that stupid/dumb thing from the first X-Men. I didn’t understand why Sabretooth looked, walked and talked like f*cking James Hefield from Metallica.

  • Blah

    Give the movie a chance. This isn’t X-Men 3 directed by Brett Ratner.

  • Conny

    Oh yeah Mr. Jackman, gimme more !!!
    This is the only Wolverine I want !!

  • Serissa

    @ KW (18): Maybe you take a look here and you’ll see, that one of the guys definitely i s in good shape…

  • tOM

    Creed? are you kidding me?
    Schrieber looks like stupid guy from army with big stomach

  • MarkQ

    hugh jackman looks like he’s carved from stone, and schreiber looks like a fat shlub… wtf. do a crunch. it looks like he’s been genetically altered to eat more cheetos. maybe they should’ve made him the blob- not kevin durand. alright, i’m done about it

  • sinbadthesailor

    How in the Hell did Liev Schreiber get cast with a body like that?
    I hope they’re in pre-pre-pre production and by the time they really start rolling he’ll have changed his physique. But damn, I thought actors were supposed to start training for action films as soon as they get cast. I can’t believe Gerard Butler lost the role to Liev and this is what we get! At least Butler would have worked his ass off to achieve the right look. Someone should tell Mr. Naomi Watts that this ain’t Shakespeare in the Park and to get his ass in a gym! Stat!

  • ****

    wow, Sabretooth’s got a pooch? Why should Hugh Jackman work out his body to the point of near-perfection and Liev can waddle around looking like a middle-aged suburban house-husband?

    Cheeses, look! He’s even got man-titties!

  • Alex

    Schreiber you’re loser not actor to play a character such as Creed

  • Me

    I’ll never get why people can’t wait for a movie to air before judging something. Shows how stupid humans can be… *rollseyes*

  • Alex

    Can’t wait? I see now how his stomach looks like and they are filming it, so what are you talking about? are they gonna change him in computer, what a stupid lost of money…

  • mike

    Logan to Creed: What’s so funny fatso?

  • Chuck

    Liev sure could use a crunch or two…YACK! I hope he doesn’t have to take his shirt off in the movie.

  • WTF?

    That guy needs some Jenny Craig and a Total Gym or something. What an idiot for taking this role and then eating himself into a fata$$

  • yayyay

    I think Liev is looking very hot in these pics. He’s obviously got a lot of muscle, just a bit of gut.

  • Michael

    Liev looks like he has man boobs!!! hes a descrace to the charecter of Sabertooth he should be nothing but MUSCLE!!!!!

  • http://... Dory

    (L)Hugh Jackman(L).szeressük!!:D

  • Lucy

    Give the movie a chance

  • rbCelebrity

    That guy needs Jenny Craig !

  • Trine

    Liev is HOT ! <3 Cute guy :)

  • rfstf

    Pelo amor de DEUS…
    Naum tinha nada pior para colocar como Dentes de Sabre naum???
    Tipo … uma almôndega!!!
    Fala sério né Gente.
    Alguem tem de por um fim nisso.
    Não podem ficar por ai destruíndo os ídolos das HQ`s.
    Dentes de Sabre é o cara véi. Naum podem fazer isso com ele naum.

  • RJ

    He’s hot. He kind of looks like a Twilight Zone of Russell Crowe in Weight Of A Man. There’s a bit of a look of Robbie Williams, but somewhat more towards future role cast possibility of Agent 007 or Jack The Ripper. Most likely, someone probably already gave him a gift of a Devil’s Claw pod. He’s becoming Devilishly handsome, as he matures.

  • lana de oliveira

    esse ator que faz o dente-de-sabre tá bem fora de forma.

  • bettyboop

    omg! wats up wit lievs body? like he has a cute face but hes in serious need of a diet or he should work out ! on the other hand hugh is a peach he makes a show of liev! haha

  • http://LievSchreiber Pam Tolliver

    Liev is a doll. He’s got it, a bit too much tummy notwithstanding. Jackman is OK but Schreiber is the cutest thing. He could be my “middle-aged househusband” any day.

  • Elsi

    Schreiber is so fucking hot as sabretooth! He could do me anytime!

  • gates9

    Hugh Jackman is a Huge Jackoff. He needs to tap dance his way back to broadway and leave my f***ing Wolverine alone. They ruined the X-men by completely diluting the story. Now they’re ruining the one character that ever made them COOL. Admittedly it is MOSTLY not the Aussies fault, but the franchise is dead. I don’t care how much money the movie makes. They’ve turned a very serious, epic, and BRUTAL saga into… well, a typical Hollywood crapfest. Odin Save Akira…

  • Sandy

    All I could think about when I watched Sabretooth was, “Awww, look at the kitty!” lol