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Reese Witherspoon Promotes Women's Empowerment Bracelet

Reese Witherspoon Promotes Women's Empowerment Bracelet

Oscar-winning actress and Avon Global Ambassador Reese Witherspoon unveils Avon’s first global fundraising product, the Women’s Empowerment Bracelet at the UN headquarters in NYC on Tuesday.

The bracelet, which is a United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) partnership with Avon, will sell for $3 each and all net profits will be donated to the Avon Empowerment Fund. These resources will bolster critical work to prevent and reduce the prevalence of violence against women.

“One out of every three women in the world is affected by domestic violence,” Reese said at the press conference. “I am proud to be a part of this summit and I support Avon and UNIFEM wholeheartedly in their efforts to put an end to this global epidemic.”

You purchase the Women’s Empowerment Bracelet just like Reese at

Also pictured: Chairman of the Board and CEO of Avon Andrea Jung

15+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon promoting the Women’s Empowerment Bracelet

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  • LINA


  • dani


  • babysis

    I love her!
    She’s such a great person and actress!

  • Kiki

    she’s so great!
    great role model and actress and person.

  • Vivian

    I would like to purchase one, but it doesnt send to the netherlands

  • rita

    I am not saying at all that this is a bad thing, or that celebs shouldn’t use their names to good cause, but everybody’s pimping out for orgs; i guess angelina started it all.

  • Holy Cuteness

    Reese rules!

  • sweetface


  • lily

    love her.

  • v

    Now that Drew Barrymore gave 1 million for a charity institution whos ehelp children in Kenia…Reese Witherspoon would like imitate her. Reese Witherspoon is authority to imitate or use the same dress of Kirten Dunst in Golden Globe and the same men too.
    UNO isn’t more a institution that we can believe. For 2 or 3 years ago it was necessery that the police of Somalia thow out the UN soldier because they abused of woman over there. They bought the woman and they payed for prostitution service food to them. It was a absurd!
    Come on! Reese Witherspoon can give more money that Drew Barrymore because you win more money of her in by Hollywood films. It would be better that to meet a boytoy and clean the garbage of neighbour . Do something in your life! <Be useful!


    She is doing a good thing and you need to put a cork in it. So long as there are still people going hungry, not being educated and being hurt there is a need for help. It will take more than a few hollywood actresses to turn things in this world around, but doing something on a public forum sure as Avon, will not only raise awareness about issues but it will also raise money for them. Reese signed on as the first Avon Ambassador over 6 months ago. She has been lending her voice to the Breast Cancer Walk Ads for months and this UN day and project was in the works long before Drew Barrymore turned up on Oprah. Either way, they are both doing something great and possitive.

  • Ivana

    Simply cute!!!!

  • reese = greedy bitch

    Reese is just another money hungry PR wh0re!

  • Ewwww…..

    I used to like her for a split second, but then I realized what a fake and a phony she is.

  • Pingy-ponga

    When did she become and ambassador?

  • Leah

    I ordered 6, great gift idea and great idea in general. In the age of rubber bracelets with words, why not? Whatever helps this crazy world we’re in, I’m there.

  • only good

    Reese Witherspoon has been named the first Global Ambassador for Avon Cosmetics. She will be the spokesperson for Avon as well as work with the Avon Foundation.

    The Avon Foundation is a public charity that focuses on breast cancer, domestic violence and emergency relief initiatives. Starting in 1955, the Avon Foundation has grown from a $400 scholarship to $500 million raised in 2006. The purchase of some designated products go to benefit this charity.

    References:, (Online), August 2, 2007., August 1, 2007 Press Release: Avon Signs Reese Witherspoon as First Ever Global Ambassador, (Online), August 2, 2007.

  • v

    The actress whose began to do charity was Audrey Hepburn. She abandon the career of actress later only to dedicate for UNICEF. (You can read in wikipedia)
    Nobody in the past gave attention for the people in Africa for example. She was in Somália and expose the hunger and how the people soffer over there. She was real aristocrat and spoke lot of languages: frensh, italian, English, holandish and spanish too that is why she travel all over the world to help the people because she could comunicate with them. After that it was lot of actresses and actors worked by UN. Peter Ustinov whose spoke lot of languages too…Liv Ulmann etc…
    Angelina isn’t the first. She is one of the last of this line.!

  • v

    Avon imitate the same thing taht Lance Armstrong did with bracelet called “Life Strong” too!

  • v

    Nowadays with bad films of Hollywood we loose our time a lot. Pehaps would be better to watch old films of Hollywood and discover that in the past there was better artist then at present. Peter Ustinov , Audrey Hepborn and Liv Ulmann are very good actors.

  • rita

    how educational, with all three replies.

  • KC

    She’s seems so fake and annoying.

  • sal

    actually reese was part of organizations before Angie.

    It’s good to see celebrities use their celebrity for good things. Reese is a true inspiration and a great role model.

  • ugly bracelet

    Ugly bracelet – just as expected from a redneck woman!


  • phony

    Reese is doing this for her own promotion and profit.

  • rat face

    Look at Reese’s smirking rat face!


  • sal

    phony. Oh please! How about MIss “Save the Whales”

    now that is someone doing it for their own promotion.

    The fact that people think she is doing it for promotion, that’s sad. She doesn’t need that to promote herself, she does that with her talent alone. She is using her celebrity for good things, which is amazing. Considering how most of hollywood acts today, I think this is great.

  • Kira

    Vivian@2:03 PM Netherlands.


    Thank you for posting the link to Avon….I’ve placed my order for several through my local Zip Code Representative!

  • bella

    stp copying Angelina Angie know awhat she is doing one like Angie…

  • sal

    Bella, Reese was involved with a different children organization before Angie started he stuff over seas. So, Reese isn’t copying! Learn your facts.

  • Rachel

    She is doing this for her own PR and promotion. She has too now that her 2nd movie has tanked at the box office. I can bet you she doesn’t even wear AVON makeup. She thinks she’s too good for it and buys and wears more expensive and exclusive brands. BITCH! Such a fake.

  • Sue

    Her arms are fat!!!

  • Women of the World


  • isabel

    God? Where is the green world?? I think Reese and avon cosmetics forget worlds future..

  • Lemon

    Good on Miss Witherspoon for continuing her charity work. What a worthy cause she’s a part of. I for one will be supporting Avon’s campaign and Witherspoon most certainly helps to raise awareness for women’s issues. She has done for as long as I can remember. A good women, with strong values and a sense of humility is a good thing last I checked. At least she is helping to raise awareness, that’s all it comes down to, regardless of reasons.

    and V…for someone who “likes” to be so Anti-Reese, you spend an awful lot of time following her life

  • v

    Audrey Hepborn abandon the career of actress to dedicate to UNICEF and keeping tabs what happened with money that the people was donate.
    I don’t believe in all these organizations and I don’t know what happened with the money the people give to them. I will give my money for the traditional charity institution like Red Cross etc!
    For 2 months the government of african country Chad arrested people of a frensh charity organization because they kidnaped children from Sudan, Chad etc to become extra money in adoptions in Europe and a spanish airplane company was involved in this crime.
    It is very easy to go to one party or meeting far from the hell where the people are living and show the “butt face” for the press…
    If the people would like to promottions of theirselves can do another kind of antics in another place not play with serious things!

  • Katie

    Why does anytime someone do anything good besides Angelina Jolie become negative? She’s doing a good thing, leave her alone. I think the bracelet is pretty, and shouldn’t it be more about what it’s supporting than what it looks like anyway? And if anyone is trying to get attention, dont you think its Drew Barrymore? She donated $1 million, awesome, but she also had to flaunt it on one of the most watched tv programs out there. and simotaneously joke about how she just got out of the shower with her boyfriend. thats tacky.

  • v


    Reese management and PR people scope the blogs daily on any negative comment of her.
    I would like to know how much money you received from management of Reese Witherspoon?

  • Bad Joke

    That uneducated, brainless, selfish fame w#ore is a charity worker ?!?

    God help us all!


  • Takahashi

    Actually, AVON asked Ms. Jolie first before signed Ms. Witherspoon on. Ms. Jolie politely turned the proposal down because she has already involved many other projects/programs, carrying a lot other responsibilities.

  • sal

    Uneducated? Brainless? Elfish?

    Wow, you must really not pay attention to hollywood these days. She seems very educated whenever I see her in interviews. She is not selfish, she involved in an organization for needy children, for children in Africa, and now for women who are victims of domestic violence.

    I don’t understand why everyone is being so negative. What are you all doing to help the world?

    I think it’s great.

    and to v…get a life. No one is paid to come on to blogs and say good things about Reese. I doubt she even knows about this website. She doesn’t have enough time to go on the internet and look at what some low-life, negative, unappreciative assholes have to say about the amazing work she is doing.

  • Ha!

    Um Rita dear, Angelina Jolie is BY FAR neither the first nor near the beginning of the trend of celebrities giving back. How old are you?

  • v

    Drew Barrymore give all this money with her heard. It was her money that she give for the charity institution not a promotion of a bracelet for another one buy.
    There is another actor whose gave fast all his money for “SOS kinderdorf ” and help Ethiopia. He is the son of a great conductor Kahl Böhm of Vienna Orquestra:
    Kahlheinz Böhm whose worked with director Scorcese etc…
    It is a bigt difference beteen if somebody give their won money and you go with “ass face” to convince the other people to buy a bracelet.
    What kind of help the Avon give for the people?

  • Lying bitch Reese

    I hate that pointy gremlin smile. Shudder.

  • Ha!

    Bad Joke – Comment # 39 – I’m curious what your definition of a brainless, uneducated selfish fame wh*re is, exactly. She is the daughter of a physician father and nurse mother (who went on to get her PhD), she graduated from a private, all-girls high school and was accepted and began studying at Stanford University before officially ending up in Hollywood. She is actively involved in charities and has spoken out against the Hollywood pieces of sh*t such as Paris and Lindsay because she does not want her daughter or other little girls being raised today having them as role models.

    Please, I’d like to hear the rationale behind your statement. Also, curious about the person who called her a redneck. It’s nice to see we have such open-minded people on here today.

  • Lemon


    I work 3 normal jobs so I can have my opinion too. If its a positive opinion that conflicts with yours, it means i’m getting paid for it?! When you’ve done as much philanthropy, THEN judge people like Jolie and Witherspoon. At least they’re trying to make a difference by raising more awareness and not just money. Africa’s issues are far deeper rooted than just poverty. Women’s issues need awareness, and thats what Miss. Witherspoon is trying to do. Since when was that a bad thing?

    and sal, thank you =]

  • Carrie

    Congratulations to Avon for having the wisdom to bring Reese Witherspoon on board! She’s been a compassionate volunteer for a very long time (before it became Hollywood fashionable).

    Love Reese Witherspoon….a young woman of empowerment, good actress, and a very loving and committed mother!

  • brainsick Witherspoon family

    Reese is a terrible, incompetent mother! Her own kids don’t like her.

    She is just too stupid and f0cked up – just like her sex offender brother.

  • v

    It is better that Reese Witherspoon and their bad friends. Here in Germany was Tom Cruise was filmed on Berlin street and I had avoid to go over there because there are very few actors and actresses that I like at present.
    Reese Witherspoon has only work when she practice estrategic sex in Hollywood studios or hoteis. She has lot of employee whose are woking for her. We can see because their small children thing that the lovers of their mother are another babysitter.
    I am writing only to show that I am not stupid. All these people of Hollywood treat their customers like mental retarded. They think that they are the cleverst people of world!.
    I don’t give my money for institution whose I don’t know. Finish without argument. There are lot of Mafias in the would.

  • sal

    How is she a terrible mother and you are a terrible person to say that her children don’t like her. What her brother did has nothing to do with her, you inconsiderate ass.

    V….shut up! You make no sense. Reese is doing great things and has been doing them longer than most in hollywood. This is the first I’ve heard of Drew Barrymore doing anything. Hayden, whatever her last name is, is saving the whales…I think that is one for publicity.

    Tell me, V, what have you done to help the wold today?