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Gerard Butler Has an Evil Twin

Gerard Butler Has an Evil Twin

Scottish stud muffin Gerard Butler has launched his very own production company called Evil Twins with his longtime manager, Alan Siegel.

“We’re thrilled at the opportunity that Gerry‘s career has given us to make our own films,” Siegel said.

Variety reports Gerard, 38, has his hands on a project already–a psychological thriller called Law Abiding Citizen.

Gerry will star as a successful assistant D.A. who finds himself at the center of a vigilante plot hatched by a traumatized victim of the legal system.

FYI: Mr. Butler is one smart cookie–he graduated from Glasgow University Law School.

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  • Kim


  • Flisbeth

    oh but I do love this stud muffin or smart cookie…I’ll take him any way :D

  • TiaBia


  • Maria (Shorty)


  • creepy

    It’s weird when someone from Scotland is successful in Hollywood like lol.

  • Grace

    Gerard can be my lawyer anytime. I would demand private close door meetings that would last about 6 hours every day. What a hot stud.

  • Jossie


  • justa mia

    he’s the love of my life. I’m so glad he is forming his own company so he will, hopefully, realize his great acting potential when he has all the control. I want his to make lots of great movies so I’ll have lots of great times watching my hunky Scottie. Yo Phantom. Love ya’ !!

  • Sebastian


  • GBscdngal

    Congratulations Gerry – you’ll definitely leave your mark on the world now!

  • Jenanne

    I wish Gerry the best, but there is already a film production company named Evil Twins Productions, so where does that leave him???

  • why me?

    #12 – looking for a new name for his company.

  • C

    What a handsome fellow.

  • Jailbird

    Oh jesus. he can stick those fingers wherever he wants to. Hold on Gerry babe, I’m-a-coming.

  • yily

    he’s cool! i like him. 300 is still the best damn movie ever!

  • pool

    uh-oh trademark infringement lawsuit here we come. good job he’s a lawyer.

  • MEL


  • jujubee

    Yum ……I love this guy!!

  • Anon

    I once saw him in a small Scottish movie called Dear Frankie, about a little deaf boy. Gerry plays this stranger who pretends to be the kid’s father and falls in love with his single mother, Emily Mortimer. It was a sweet, really good movie. And Gerry is really a very good actor. I can’t wait for Nim’s Island. I’m glad he is going to start his own company. He will be able to do better work when he is not so dependent on Hollywood crap. I think he has a bigger circle of connections now that he is doing all these movies.

  • sabrina

    hes so god damn hot!the hottest 6-pack body 4 male ever!love u gerry

  • The rage

    mmm mmm

  • Postwatcher

    There is already an Evil Twin Productions.

    He may be cute, but I am not buying into all that lawyer flim flam.

    The production company idea is not novel everyone in hollywood does it.

  • operaghost

    Yup, he was most definitely president of the law society at Glasgow University. And he most definitely is a very gorgeous individual. Yummy.

  • Bakleeta aketch

    he is so handsome and HOT!
    Wow, law school graduate??
    HOT HOT HOT!!!

  • Postwatcher

    Okay, why is everyone impressed that he went to law school? He isn’t practicing and he basically never made it as a lawyer.

    He says stupid things like he never reads contracts ….

    Finally, has anyone ever seen pictures of Gerry when he was young? NOt that cute…I am convinced he has had some major work done on his face. Jared, you should put a before and after pictures up. He definitely has had his teeth capped and probably a jaw impant because his earlier photos show a weaker chin/jaw.

  • Tracy

    Postwatcher, what is you problem with him, if I didn’t know better I would assume you are jealous of him or something, and the other production company is called “Evil Twin productions, not “The Evil Twins production company, I have a copy of a picture of him when he was younger and I think he was handsome even then, I think he was about 13 or 14 years old, put you are right about one thing postwatcher, lots of people in hollywood do production companys, but NOT all of them are good at it. you don’t seem to know that on alot of the movies Gerard has already done , he was also involved behind the scenes as well, he will be great at this and at anything else he goes for, he was born to be successful, so lighten up a little and stop stomping on everyones dreams!

  • suz

    Well Postwatcher – we all know that YOU never made it to law school LOL if you had you’d see that Gerry’s Production Company is Evil Twins and not Evil Twin as you stated. He never represented the idea as unique – as far as I can tell he’s made no statement about it all… he has people for that sort of thing. I just love reading all the passive aggressive crapola that the under-endowed throw out trying to rip this guy down.
    Gerry’s gorgeous even with his expensive choppers! Gerry you can bite me with those pearly whites any time!

  • Janene

    Gerard Butler has made some wonderful movies and in my opinion is a great actor. I’m happy he has launched his own production company with his longtime manager Alan Siegel ~ I wish him nothing but the best !!

  • postwatcher

    Hey #28

    So adding the “s” to Twin makes the name different? Gee I feel so stupid.

    I guess I should start a new denim jean company and call it
    Levis Strauss or a new cola and call it Coca Colas or let’s see Burger Kings or a computer company called Apples …..

    You are a freakin’ genius…did you go to law school too?

  • postwatcher

    Hey #29, see above

  • crazy4u

    postwatcher— so he had his teeth fixed. so did half of hollywood actors. and how young are you talking that he was not cute? every movie I’ve seen him in, he has been hot, hot, hot. there is at least one of you on every board about him that I’ve been on. you can be jelous of him–we love him

  • Tracy

    Actually, Postwatcher, some do consider me, a genius, but besides that The “s” is just one difference, you have to have TWO different types of business licenses, for those two businesses,” Productions ‘ on the end of it is different from “Production Company”, that requires a different type of contract, (Didn’t someone say you went to law school?) or did you just flunk out! sorry to bust your chops, so to speak, but , Leave the man alone, he’s not doing anything to you, He is a brilliant man and has amazing talent and you should be so lucky, to have half of what his talents are!

  • Lonewolf

    Postwatcher, what has Gerry done to you? It is apparent that you know him enough to say what you do, or is it that you DONT and because you cant achieve for whatever the reason your goals/ambitions, you down grade Gerry and those like him. Tell him to his face and not the chicken sh** way out on this site, where there are others who see him for what he is. A human being who has ambitions like the rest of us, and has a right to pursue those dreams, and though not all of us have gotten to meet him, we are here to support him anyway we can-letters, cards etc., and that it also includes standing by him when **** like you, who is down on themselves because they dont have the “salt” to stake their own claim say what they do. True, you have a right to your opinion, but dont judge or put down til you look hard at yourself and your actions. I did 13 years in the Marine Corps, got a problem with that?

  • postwatcher


    I had friends that served in Desert Storm. Just a bunch of kids. I clearly remember the content in the picturess one of the guys brought back, like vacation photos from hell..

    Fast forward 17 years…..

    I am close to a marine that has already served in Iraq at Al Asad airbase, he was supposed to be sent to Afghanistan last month, but since he had already served a long tour of duty, they decided to send those who hadn’t.

    I really don’t understand the comparison between gossiping about an actor and serving in the military.

    I have the highest respect for those serving the military. ESPECIALLY the marines.

  • Lonewolf

    Because it is all the same, everyone whether it be an actor, Marine, or anyone else has a right to go about their goals and ambitions, without judgement calls. Respect them because they do have the drive and what it takes to better themselves, and if you feel you can do it better then make your comments, until then unless you know Gerry or whoever, personally and what you are saying is the truth keep in mind as you put them down, you are also hurting those close to them,say family, friends and even fans.
    Gerry has a fan address write him, and put in your 2 cents that way.
    Thanks for the respect of our Military, it is great to know there are those who do respect the Military. Keep the faith, Semper Fi. LW

  • Alaz


  • Jackdaw

    He’s always been a handsome person. I have seen photos of him when he was about 11 years old, and he looks lovely, I suspect he looks like his dad.
    Good luck to Gerard in all that he does, he deserves it. I am behind him 100%.

  • a

    Oh. He, deifinitely, won the gene pull in my opinion. Apparently others on this site agree. Congrats on starting your production company, Gerry. I’m sure you’ll produce quality films. It’s amazing how a poor boy, raised (with two other siblings) by a single parent in Glasgow, Scotland grew up to be a success and still be the humble, down-to-earth person he is. He may not be a household name. But, he’s getting close. I love rags to riches stories. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

  • Christine

    Gerry…you inspire me. Postwatcher…go watch something else.

  • Gerry fan

    Has anyone noticed that Postwatcher seems to be desperate to bash Gerry? What’s with the obsession? Jelous much? Or do you just enjoy stirring the pot?

  • Galway girl

    P.S. I Love You

  • lavender1960

    Don’t worry Postwatcher, the state of California, where I assume this company was incorporated, has to approve the name of any new proposed company. They have no problem with the name neither should you.

  • Kristin


    Thanks Postwatcher! I’m actually one of the Evil Twins…we may not have gone to law school, but we were smart enough to get a trademark on our name. ; )

    And next time you feel compelled to put our website up on a message board (checks in the mail!) we’re now at : )

  • Kristin


    APPLES…I love it! Why didn’t we think of that! Well done Postwatcher! Well done. : )

    For those who think it’s ok to just put an “s” at the end of a trademarked name, the handsome and talented Gerard and his loyal partner in crime Alan, once they discovered the name Evil Twin was not only taken but trademarked by a production company in the same field, are now conjuring up an equally cool new name for their soon to be super successful production company. We truly wish them well. :)

  • Resveratrol Secrets

    Well, I don’t go along on a point or two although the remaining appears professional.