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Kate Winslet is The Reader

Kate Winslet is The Reader

Kate Winslet confers with director Stephen Daldry on the set of their new period drama The Reader in Sasony, Germany on Tuesday.

The Reader is based on the best-selling post-WWII novel by German author Bernhard Schlink, in which a young man obsessed with an older woman is forced to face the awful truth at a war crimes trial. Kate, 32, and Ralph Fiennes, 45, star in the lead roles.

This is the film that Winslet originally turned down the offer due to a scheduling conflict with her other film Revolutionary Road. Nicole Kidman then accepted the role but later backed out because of her pregnancy. Winslet‘s schedule cleared up again and then agreed to to replace Kidman. As it turns out, Daldry got his first choice!

The Reader tentatively will open Dec. 12, 2008.

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  • nililah

    waow happy that Kate got this film:)
    love kate!!

  • sheryl

    I love Kate…she’s so great.



  • Helena

    Surprised Kidman dropped considering she has a non existent bump!

  • Alice

    Yay Kate the great!!! I’m very happy to see her on another set!
    gooo KATE >__<

  • og

    She is seen on S e e k i n gR i c h .c o m..Is her s ingle now?

  • bear

    yay I would much rather watch the beautiful and talented Kate Winslet then Nicole Kidman who can’t even move her face at this point. She was the first choice anyway. This is great for Kate. She has this coming out and Revolutionary Road with Leo. It’s going to be her year. If anyone’s seen her on Extras she did the hilarious skit about how if you do a film about the Holocaust, you are guaranteed an Oscar. Wouldn’t it be ironic if this film is the one she finally does win her Oscar for? ha ha ha. That Extras clip will come back to haunt her then. Anyway she looks so adorable and I can’t wait to see this film and RR. She is such a brilliant and radiant actress.

  • Helena

    #8, I noticed the irony in that, too!


    Wow! I actually read the book. It was very enjoyable, I remember. Wish I had kept the book in which case I’d go back and read it again.

  • Isis

    Love Kate, hope that she wins the Oscar in 2009! She deserves it so much! After been nominated for 5 (!?) times!

  • Anna

    Aehm…… is actually called SAXONY, not sasony.
    Just because.
    Thank you.

  • halle

    she is so ugly, the most ugly in Hollywood, really guys!

  • louise

    no matter what people say, the role was perfect on Nicole.i read the book and i’m not imagine Kate fits in, but let’s see…

  • wendy

    Louise, i totally agree with you. both Kidman and Winslet are brave and talented actress, but i imagine Nicole fitting better in this role than Kate. i hope i’m wrong because i love Daldry and i hop he has sucess with this!

  • helder

    she is a fine actor but so ugly…God!

  • jami

    I love Kate! She is the epitomy of class and a wonderful actress. More celebrities should be like her.

  • vince

    in my humble opinion no one in Hollywood can make that icy-bitch role as Nicole. she was divine in GC and To Die For. this character from what i have been reading is an example of that, so i would prefer Nic.

  • ginger

    Nicole and Kate are my favorite actress at the moment, so i was happy before and now i’m also happy! lucky girl i am!

  • louise

    vince, don’t forget Margot at the Weeding, she was great in it too..i still can’t believe why she wasn’t nominated for an oscar…unbelievable…

  • hmmm

    kate looks like she would be the older one.

  • Anne

    I love the book and I coudn’t imagine Kidman playing the role of Hanna Schmitz. Does someone know who is playing the role of the young Michael Berg, later played by Ralph Fiennes?

  • Alice

    OMG …… Kate is ugly??????? she’s only the most naturally, elegant and beautiful actress in a sky full of botox and plastic stars…!

  • Ali

    ^I agree. She is not ugly! Are you blind!?

  • anna

    Anne, the young Michael is played by German actor David Kross.

    I think it’s funny so many people here think Nicole would have been the better choice. I read the book, too, and I think Kate is perfect! :)

  • zoe

    #12, 15 both needs to take a good look at themself in the mirror. kate is one of the most beautiful woman in hollywood. those photos did not do justice for her.
    i think both nicole and kate would’ve done a great job, they’re both great actresses!

  • jenny

    aaaaaa….i was forced to read that book in school!!
    will be interesting how they depict the relationship between a sixteen year old boy and a woman in her late thirties on screen :P

  • Lorelai

    just jared it´s called Saxony not Sasony… and she´s doing this in the city called Goerlitz.

  • bear

    Kate is a much better fit than Nicole. THis character is supposed to be strong and sexual. Kate projects strength and sexuality better than stiff Kidman. And you peopel say she is ugly are dumb and just look at an unflattering picture where she is pulling an EXPRESSION where her face is scrunched up and think that is what she looks like. No it’s just a scrunched up face she’s pulling. Kate is beautiful. And Nicole is an overrated actress in my opinion. Kate is much stronger and a better fit for this book. ANd Nicole can’t express any emotion on her face. Kate can.

  • bear

    and Kate can play icy characters and passionate characters she has better range of emotion than Nicole. She can fit to any character. And if you read the book the character is controlling. Nicole comes off as passive while Kate is more of a strong womn on screen. That’s why she fits the role better than Nicole and that’s why the director preferred Kate for the role instead of Nicole in the first place. I don’t get the fuss over Nicole. She has never wowed me in a role. She won an Oscar for the Hours but I thought she was the weakest part of the movie, and that Julianne Moore gave the best performance.

  • ender

    I believe the area in Germany is Saxony —- not Sasony . Thank you.

  • Eckhard rainer

    Wonder full Kate in Görlitz

  • diane

    The Reader will most likely be a big hit now that kidman is not in it

  • Kelly

    Kate is so much better actress than Nicole. I can’t wait to see this!

  • shmail

    I think that kate winslet is the best and most beautiful actress in hollywood. Every movie I see of her just wows me to tears. Nicole has never done that for me. I am kate winslet #1 fan and I know that this movie is ganna be a great movie and that she is going to win an ocar for 2009 for eather the Reader or Revolutionary Road…and I’m not even saying that my self movie critics have already said that she is going to win this year for the latter. And I just can’t wait I’m ganna cry when she wins! =D

  • ludovic

    i’m waiting THE READER since the first day i knew it will be release !!!! i’m sure she will win an Oscar for this part ! i believe a lot in her play ! love you kate ! (F) (L) !

  • fahimeh

    oh i think she is not ugly . she is prfect on her role and art . can u remember TITANIC without her ?

  • fahimeh

    i think kate is sound great . sh is not ugly . she is perfect . can u remember TITANIC without her ?

  • lin

    Just come back from seeing this film and it is brilliant. Kate is so beautiful – no way could Nicole Kidman have pulled this off she has not got enough expression in her face.

  • Mezzzzzzzzzo

    Wow!! I love t Kate , is there a book either , People can someone tell me breifly what the film about ..

    YAY !! AGAIN
    Big fan mm

  • amour

    she is butiful wat we can imagine

  • sepideh

    I think kidman never can play like beutiful kate.